Prayer for Our Countries Leaders

Dear God

Prayer for Our Country’s Leaders

     (Proverbs has some great insight for the leaders in our country, and these daily prayer suggestions are based on many of them.)

Our Father in Heaven,

     Thank you for the freedoms that we have in our country. We pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ who are persecuted for their faith, that the leaders in their country will develop compassion, integrity and wisdom and please create in them, a desire to make their country better for its people, including those who have a different faith to them.

Day 1: Grow decency and purity in their heart

     Grow our leaders in decency, sincerity, humility and purity, for it is from the heart that good and noble things arise. Urge them be quick to forgive and slow to anger, swift to correct problems and wisely turn away from sin and selfishness. Let them be leaders who heed counsel, act on wise instruction, and are keen to grow in wisdom, decency, purity and humility.

     Be a beacon for our leaders, so that their hearts, minds and souls are stirred to strive towards what is right, and encourage them to search their hearts and minds to ensure that their motives and actions are good and trustworthy.

Day 2: Guard their tongue

     Encourage our leaders to speak always with a truthful tongue. Remind them with a guilty conscience if they attempt to twist or distort the truth, and let those who act dishonestly be quickly found out. Let the leaders in our country stand out from many others across the world, and let their words demonstrate a compassionate and caring heart.

Day 3: Steer them towards integrity and guide their goals

     We know that wise guidance is necessary for the good of our nation. Encourage our leaders to turn their eyes towards what is good, right and noble. Open their minds and hearts to the truth of Your gospel, and encourage them to fix their minds on what is good and holy.

     Help them to set clear and honourable goals for the good of our country and its people, rather than seeking to line their own pockets or to boost their status. Help them to recognise that wealth and celebrity and other worldly aims may promise happiness and fulfilment, but they’re empty and will ultimately leave them devoid of contentment. Encourage them to stay on the straight and narrow path and not to be tempted to leave the safety of your road, for those who live rightly lean towards justice and are a good guide for those who follow.

Day 4: Encourage them to aim towards gaining wisdom

     Let our leaders desire to grow in wisdom and help them to understand that living and guiding wisely can lead to a satisfied life. Let their good judgment and insight be a beacon for those who follow. I pray that You will bring joy to those who delight in wisdom, particularly wisdom found in Your Word. Let those who follow be filled with a desire to light the way for truthfulness, honesty and decency within politics.

Day 5: Grow in compassionate wisdom

     Let the wisdom of our leaders bring healing to rifts and problems within our country and to those people who have been harmed. Encourage our leaders to be kind to all who are struggling whether due to limited finances or physical and/or mental or other challenges. Let the kindness of their leadership bring about a change in attitudes and hearts within our communities, and particularly that systems and finances are set up which will benefit those in need.

Day 6: Create a thirst for truth and godly understanding

     Cultivate a hunger within our leaders to make our country great and to live in a way that honours You. Help them to turn away from paths that lead away from You. I pray that our political system will change so that it winnows out the dishonourable, indecent and selfish, rather than encouraging those kinds of people into its ranks, which has been the way for many years now. Bring about a change so that the upright and those who trust in You, will not only find a place within our political system, but also shine Your light to guide others along the right path for leadership in our country.

Day 7: Let our country’s leaders become a shining example

     Let our leaders become known for their wisdom and knowledge. May their example encourage other leaders across the world to desire that for themselves. Let us become great, not because of our wealth, but because of our wisdom, compassion, honesty and decency. Encourage others to recognise that their country too can be great, particularly if they live according to God’s instructions and right-living.


Prayer for Your Church

Our Father in Heaven,

   Thank you for all of the things you do in my life and the lives of your people. I pray that we may be able to share the blessings that you give us with others in our church and our community.

Day 1: Leadership

I pray for our shepherds and the people you have in leadership. We know that they are there for a reason and a purpose and that You have called them into these positions. We pray for spiritual and physical safety for them and their families, and that their connection with You will grow stronger. Please grow them in compassion and wisdom.

Day 2: Congregation – Unity

Please help our church family to be strong and united. I pray for protection from spiritual forces that would seek to divide us. Help us to be aware when our own pride might stand in the way of that unity, and grow each of us individually so that we may be able to reach out to others within our church, and to love them through You.

Day 3: Church Services and Bible Study Groups

May our leaders be led well by Your Holy Spirit, and that they will be able to breathe the breath of God into the congregation through their words and actions. I pray that our Bible Studies will be an incredible source of strength and spiritual growth, and that our groups and our church family will be unified in its desire to grow more Christ-like.

Day 4: Youth and Children’s Ministries

I pray for the leaders in our youth and children’s ministries, that You will continue to develop and grow them in their walk with You. I pray that many of these younger ones will be inspired and encouraged to want to know You, because of the example set by these leaders. Help these groups to grow not just in numbers, but develop a hunger in the hearts of these children to want to know you more. We pray for those whose families don’t regularly attend our church, that they may be encouraged to do so through their children and the ministry leaders.

Day 5: Newcomers

Please let newcomers to our church feel warmly welcomed. Encourage them to want to establish a firm foundation within our spiritual family. I pray that each of us will ensure that our welcome is more than lukewarm. Encourage us not to be content to be friendly only with others that are like us, but to reach out to people from all walks of life and be open to them.

Day 6: Sick and/or Elderly Members

I pray for those who are sick, particularly those with long-term illness, pain and physical restrictions, that their faith will remain strong, even during ongoing difficult trials, pain and suffering. Show us how to be Your heart and hands to them and find ways in which we can be a source of encouragement, love, compassion and companionship to those who may not be able to attend church or Bible study.

Day 7: Outreach

Please show us ways in which we can reach out into our community with the love of God. As Jesus spent time with sinners and those who were lost, show us how to open our hearts and minds in compassion towards others, being a light for You in this world, without being judgemental or critical.