Do you have an interest in photography?

Frog photographerThe final page of SPAG Magazine has been set aside to feature wonderful places that you love (outside of the home of course), and there’s also a special page where we take an up close and personal look at Australian wildlife.

Would you like to have your photo showcased on SPAG Magazine?

What Are We Looking For?

We’re looking for good quality scenic photographs of beautiful or unusual places – at this time we’re focusing on natural images rather than ones of the city or suburbs, as well as good quality photographs of Australian animals, birds, insects and even spiders. Because of personality rights, we cannot accept photographs of people, crowds or groups.

You don’t need any special qualifications, just a good eye and a reasonable camera that produces clear, good quality photographs.

Who Can Send Us Submissions?

Unfortunately, due to people sending SPAM and emails with suspicious attachments, we can no longer accept photographs sent directly via email. Additionally, to protect ourselves from litigation, we have to be sure that the photograph is your own and not copied from elsewhere.

Therefore, we would suggest that you set up an account on a reliable photography site such as flickr, and email us with information on the photograph and the web address of the photograph.


Unfortunately we can’t offer any remuneration at this time, but you’ll have the opportunity to show off your amazing photograph!

Your photograph must be your own and not taken from another person, book, website etc. It cannot be a copyrighted image and must be exclusively your own product. By submitting your photograph, you are claiming that the photograph is your own and all of the rights to it belong to you alone. You accept that you are waiving your rights and allowing SPAG Magazine to use your photograph, free of charge, and that you will accept all legal responsibilities that arise should SPAG Magazine decide to use your photograph.


As the magazine page is in vertical format, the image must therefore be vertical rather than horizontal with a minimum 1000 pixels on the shortest side. It is preferable that the image not be any larger than 4Mb.


When you submit your photograph, please include your name, address, phone number and details of the photo, including its location. For the final scenery ge, it will need to be in vertical format,

How can you find out more?

Send us an email:SPAG Magazines Email Address2