~ Collective Nouns ~

     We know that a group of birds is called a flock, and a group of kittens is a litter, so for a bit of fun, put on your creative cap and come up with some original, clever or humorous ‘collective nouns’ of your own. Don’t use the standard ones – we want you to use your imagination!

     Dayna, a friend of mine on Facebook suggested this, and I thought it was a clever idea. We’ll announce the best ones in the next issue, from all of the submissions we receive. Submit as many as you like – there’s no limit.

     Here are some examples to get those creative juices flowing:

  • An imagination of fiction writers;
  • A blaze of fire-fighters;
  • A timber of lumberjacks;
  • A scatter of children;
  • A migraine of mothers;
  • A tune-up of instruments;
  • A silence of librarians;
  • A temptation of sinners;
  • A passion of pastors;
  • A bruise of boxers;
  • An aggravation of politicians;
  • A pi of mathematicians;
  • A polygon of geometrists;
  • A squadron of wasps;
  • An uncertainty of voters;
  • A fire of Samsung 7s;
  • A flock of tweets;
  • A string of puppets;
  • A butt of baboons;
  • A pretentiousness of actors; and
  • A trembling of seismologists

Submission date now extended to 30 April 2018. Email your suggestions on the form below or submit via email:


Have fun!