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*Welcome to SPAG Magazine

*Welcome to SPAG Magazine
Welcome in wood
Thanks for dropping by!
Are you a Christian? Do you love God?
SPAG Magazine is a FREE quarterly, digital magazine for Christian adults with a focus on singles. Our purpose is to encourage, challenge and inspire Christian adults in their walk and to honour and exalt God. We believe that the Bible is God’s inerrant Word. (Link to our Statement of Faith)
**While we occasionally receive some well-needed donations to go towards covering our costs, during the past 5 years, we have never been able to cover the yearly ongoing costs to provide this magazine to you for free, and those costs have been coming out of the pocket of our Editor, Vicki Nunn, who often struggles on a pension. Recently we received an amazing donation which along with some earlier donations means that we have for the first time, covered our running costs for the current financial year. Here’s a big shout-out and thank you to Mr L, the latest donor, along with much appreciated donations from the two others. We really love your assistance, and heave a sight of relief! 
Imagine that if you and 10 other people could donate just $3 a week, we could cover our running costs for the year. Donating just $1 more a week ($4), could help us to maintain and replace much needed equipment such as our computer, monitor, scanner/printer and other items. That’s less than $20 a month. Contact our Editor Vicki Nunn via our email address, spagmag1 at, for details about how you can help.

The June/August issue is now available:

It’s our sixth birthday, and our quarter century issue!
Articles in this issue include:
• Is it God’s fault I’m single? 
• Following God’s commands in the chaos; 
• How Jesus changed the west; 
• The cockroach:  nature’s garbage men;
• Loving diversity exactly as it comes;  
• Rule of Life part 3: God’s presence 
…and more!
Links to the current issue:
  • • link to pdf downloadable format: link
  • • link to online ‘flippable’ version below:
The previous issue no. 24 is still available until 31 July
Articles include:
• Feature: 10 years since the Great East Japanese Tsunami – What can we learn from such disasters?
• God Sees Us;
• Dear Girl, a Good Man Will Still Want You;
• Rule of Life: the Wheel;
• Church, It’s Time To Give Up “The Bachelor;”
• Mother’s Day Reflections on God’s Plan
and LOTS more with around 80 pages.
Links to previous issue no. 24 – March to May 2021:
  • link to pdf downloadable format: link
  • link to online ‘flippable’ version below:
SPAG Magazine Issue 24 Mar-May 2021
If you’re not on our subscription list (free subscription), then if you provide your email address to us, we’ll add you to our list, and you’ll be one of the first to receive it 🙂 Here is our email address:


Check out our News Snippets page to keep you up-to-date on what’s happening around the world on Christian and ethical topics, on what’s happening in Israel and with the Jewish people, as well as other relevant social and cultural issues. This will be updated at least once a month, but we’ll endeavour to update it weekly if possible.
Here’s the link

AND FOR YOU: a FREE devotional booklet for one month:
We hope this booklet will bring you into a closer relationship with God through praise, prayer and worship.
Here’s the link to the downloadable pdf (link here)
OR view the online ‘flippable version:
Praise To God Devotional Booklet No. 1

(Note: there may be some advertising on this third party website.)
You can help us by submitting the following for our consideration:
  • your own article;
  • your natural scenery photograph for our back page;
  • your short story or poem with a Christian theme;
  • your comments in response to an article or other item; and/or
  • your suggestion for a topic for us to consider.
NOTE: we’re having issues with our online shops, so items such as our gorgeous “Reflections” e-book are presently not available. Reflections contains over 120 pages of beautiful photos and includes inspiring quotes and Bible verses to lift your spirits as well as to challenge you in your walk. Here’s the link to buy this lovely e-book through our shop. (At present it’s only available in flippable format to view on a third party website.)
Your purchase will help to support this ministry. Thank you for your kind consideration.
Join our Prayer Network Team
One of the most important things you can do for SPAG Magazine is pray for us. We need prayer to not only increase our readership, but to enable God to reach out to Christians and Christian leaders across the world, with articles which will encourage, inspire and challenge, and to bring our brothers and sisters closer to God.
We also need your prayers for enough finances to keep SPAG Magazine going.
If you’re interested in joining our prayer network, you can become a member on Facebook on this link.

If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
Warm regards
Vicki Nunn
SPAG Magazine

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Letters to our Counsellor Lou

Letters to our Counsellor Lou

Click here for the link to our Counsellor Lou’s response to letters and questions shared in previous issues of SPAG Magazine.

Please note that depending on the number of letters we receive,  we may not be able to respond to your letter. If you have an urgent or important issue, may we encourage you to seek help from a qualified counsellor or Pastor.

Submit your personal issue or question to Lou in the form below: