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News Snippets
News Snippets

Keeping you up to date on what’s happening around the world. Topics include items connected to Christianity and that impact on practising our faith, news on ethical issues, also news on countries who are anti-Christian, and topics that affect our culture, additionally ones that impact upon Israel and Jewish people, and those which may possibly be a reflection of end times and associated prophecies.


1st: puberty blocker drugs surge at Brisbane kids’ gender clinic: the trend for children and teenagers in Queensland to seek to transgender has increased by 330% over five years. (The Australian) [link 1]

1st: stalemate in Iraq as deadline to pick new PM looms: political factions hold crisis talks after Iraqi president says he will name a premier unilaterally if they don’t agree on a candidate by Saturday. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

1st: Egypt weighs death sentences for 37 Islamic State jihadists: among those who could be executed are Hisham el-Ashmawi, a former army officer who became a prominent leader in the extremist group. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

1st: WHO calls on countries to ready for ‘domestic outbreak control’ as virus spreads: Death toll in China from coronavirus hits 259; Beijing slams US travel restrictions on foreigners who recently visited there. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

1st: Senate rejects witnesses in Trump impeachment trial, all but ensuring acquittal, US: Republicans outvote Democrats 51-49 against allowing new testimony following Bolton revelations tying president directly to charges; final vote to take place Wednesday. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

1st: Britain leaves the European Union, leaps into the unknown: Mournful vigils and celebrations take place in UK as it departs EU, marking a historic blow to bloc; negotiations, tension to continue as 11-month ‘transition period’ begins. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

1st: savaging Trump plan, Abbas says Palestinians cutting all ties with Israel, US: ‘I will not have it recorded in my history that I sold Jerusalem,’ PA leader tells emergency meeting of Arab League; offers to present alternative proposal. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

2nd: virus death toll shoots past 300 as countries close off borders: Over 14,000 people have been infected with Wuhan coronavirus, Chinese authorities say. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

2nd: Israel rejects Trump’s idea of redrawing borders, moving Arab towns to Palestine: Netanyahu officials tell TV news the proposal in US peace plan is not viable; right-wing ministers said vowing to oppose any mention of Palestinian state in cabinet vote on deal. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

2nd: Russia doubts viability of Trump peace plan, EU stresses commitment to 2 states: Kremlin spokesman says US proposal ‘not in compliance’ with UN Security Council resolutions; Europe’s foreign policy chief warns that it ‘challenges’ agreed-upon parameters. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

2nd: China apologizes after envoy says Israel’s travel ban reminiscent of Holocaust: embassy expresses regret after ambassador recalls Jews who escaped to China during WWII, urges Jerusalem not to slam its doors to his countrymen amid fears over coronavirus. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

3rd: Taylor Swift Rips Politician Campaigning on Biblical Marriage in New Documentary: ‘I’m a Christian. That’s Not What We Stand For’: Swift has chosen to step into the political arena and made a number of related comments in her recent film during the making of her latest album. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

3rd: Pan-Islamic Organisation of Islamic Cooperation rejects Trump’s peace plan: body calls on its 57 member states not to cooperate with US proposal, saying it ‘does not meet the minimum aspirations and legitimate rights of the Palestinian people.’ (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

3rd: virus death toll in mainland China spikes, overtakes SARS: 57 people die in most fatal day since outbreak of new coronavirus, bringing China’s toll to 361; 1,000-bed hospital set to open Monday after just 10 days of construction. (The Times of Israel) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

3rd: London attacker who stabbed 2 was recently freed from jail for terror offenses: Suspect named as Sudesh Amman; reportedly released week ago after serving half sentence for distributing terror materials; said to disparage Jews, Yazidi women in online chats. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

3rd: Islamic State claims responsibility for London stabbing attack: Jihadist terror group says Sudesh Amman was one of its fighters, carried out assault in response to call for attacks on countries belonging to anti-IS coalition. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

3rd: Ukraine: Recordings show Iran immediately knew plane was hit by a missile: ‘It is the light of missile,’ a pilot told a controller just after January 8 incident; Tehran says transcript is authentic, but now we don’t ‘want to give them any more evidence.’ (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

3rd: three Christians granted early release from prison, Iran: the three Christians have been conditionally released as long as they don’t repeat their ‘offences,’ for practicing their faith. (Article 18) [link 1] [link 2]

4th: superintendent stands up to atheist group, says school is not ‘a religion-free zone’:’ after an atheist organisat called for an investigation after high school football players were baptized at the stadium, the superintendent says they followed the law. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

4th: Christian, Muslim Parents Join Together to Protest State-Mandated LGBT Curriculum in New Jersey: both Muslim and Christian parents protested the LGBT curriculum being taught to their children in New Jersey public schools. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

4th: Church of England Apologizes for Saying Sex Is Only for Married Heterosexual Couples: after making a statement that sex should be between heterosexual married couples, the church apologised and explained their decision further. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

4th: human rights groups call for action on China’s AI-enabled religious repression: the AI Organization claims that the Chinese Communist Party is a threat to the world because of artificial intelligence and 5G agendas which will give them extreme control over its citizens and officials. (ChinaAid) [link 1] [link 2]

5th: after Trump plan, Khamenei to fund Palestinian terror groups ‘as much as we can’: Iranian leader says ‘stupid’ American peace proposal negotiates with ‘Zionists over what belongs to the Palestinians,’ and it will ‘die’ before Trump does (source) [link 1]

5th: Palestinians float UN resolution against Trump peace plan: PA leader Mahmoud Abbas set to attend Security Council vote next Tuesday; draft expected to get broad support but will be blocked by US veto. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

5th: bucking EU position, Hungary expresses support for Trump peace plan: After meeting Kushner, FM Peter Szijjarto says efforts to resolve conflict need ‘new impetus,’ and US offer ‘is suitable for creating peace and stability in the region’. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

5th: Trump acquitted of all charges in US Senate impeachment trial: US president cleared of both abuse of power and obstruction of Congress; Mitt Romney the sole Republican to break ranks and vote for conviction. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

5th: singer Chynna Phillips Says Jesus Is the ‘Way, the Truth and the Light’: formerly one of the group Wilson Phillips, says that both Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin can “help pave the way for other young people to see it (Christianity) in a new light.” (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

6th: ‘No right to privacy from the opposite sex’: 13yo girl takes school trans inclusion rules to UK High Court: the 13 year old girl says that British schools, in an attempt to accommodate trans students, now means they go against girls’ desire for privacy, safety and dignity. (RT Question More) [link 1] [link 2]

6th: UK anti-Semitism soars to record high, up 7% since 2018, says watchdog: Britain’s Community Security Trust records 1,805 anti-Semitic hate incidents, including 158 violent assaults, nationwide in 2019. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

6th: ten justice denied to protect euthanasia law, Australia: the doctors in Belgium who were charged with an unlawful death by euthanasia, have been found not guilty. (Hope) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

6th: President Trump Acquitted on Both Articles of Impeachment: despite the Democrats’ attempt to remove Trump from office, he was completely acquitted of both articles of impeachment by the Senate. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

6th: animated video glorifying Palestinian terror attacks posted to TikTok: Palestinian Media Watch says clip on social media site popular with children is latest in a string of ‘similar animations urging Palestinians to murder Israelis’. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

6th: has China’s biggest online news site revealed ‘real’ coronavirus death figures? Screen grabs showing 24,589 death toll that sparked wild conspiracy theories ‘could have been digitally altered’: conspiracy theories have surfaced that China has been covering up the large numbers of deaths due to the virus. (Daily Mail, UK) [link 1] [link 2]

6th: major Christian group pledges $50M to re-elect Trump: the Faith & Freedom Coalition launched its campaign in its grassroots campaign to high what the President has achieved since he came into office. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

6th: the Bible could become Tennessee’s ‘official state book’ under new bill, US: although the bill had been rejected four years earlier, State rep Jerry Sexton has filed the bill again. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

6th: Christians in China courageously share gospel in coronavirus crisis zone: in the epicentre of the coronavirusu outbreak, Christians are boldly sharing the gospel in the streets. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

7th: more euthanasia safeguards under attack in Victoria, Australia: concerns increase as a further safeguard in the legislation is requested, which presently requires doctors to sign off on a person’s request for euthanasia (Hope) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

7th: Los Angeles passes legislation to prevent hate crimes: Bill requires police to establish hotline for prevention, protect houses of worship; measure comes days after LAPD reported spike in anti-Semitic attacks last year. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

7th: ‘watered-down’ gospel is major concern for 72% of Pastors, US: among Protestant pastors some of the major concerns they believe effect churches is watering down of the gospel, cultural shifts, poor discipleship moderns, biblical integrity and more (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

7th: Starbucks Partners with organisation that promotes sex-changes for minors: Starbucks launched a commercial which is transgender-friendly and released its campaign that will aid a British charity that supports reducing age limits for children to access cross-sex hormones. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

7th: United Methodist group enlists Ministers to perform LGBTQ marriages, US: the new United Methodists’ group Marriage Rites, is seeking ministers who will volunteer their services to stand in “faithful defiance against the unjust and hurtful discriminatory bans on marriages of LGBTQ couples,” which is currently against the rules of the United Methodist church. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

8th: Khamenei says Iran ‘does not pose threat to any country,’ but must get stronge. nation’s leader says it must become strong enough to ward off enemy threats and prevent war; asserts US sanctions may be opportunity to end oil dependence. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

9th: African leaders reject Trump’s Mideast peace plan: African Union chairman says White House proposal violates multiple UN resolutions, was prepared without international coordination and ‘tramples on rights of Palestinians.’ (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

9th: soldier kills 26 in bloodiest shooting spree in Thailand: hundreds rescued from mall by security forces, who eventually take out gunman after several-hour standoff; dozens hurt. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

9th: Iran starts countdown for satellite launch ‘within hours’: Zafar satellite will take photos of Earth, telecom minister says; US says Iranian space program helps Tehran develop ballistic missiles. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

10th: 99 year old has read through Bible 60 times: ‘might as well make it 61,’ Tennessee, US: the 99 year old church member said that “God shows me something new every time,” and has commenced reading the Bible for the 61st time. (source) [link 1] [link 2]

10th: official announces that coronavirus is airborne, China: the official say that the virus can be inhaled even while an infected person is not there. (Behold Israel) [link 1]

11th: county must pay atheists for blocking ‘secular invocations,’ Florida, US: after 2 federal courts determined that the county’s prohibition of ‘secular invocations’ was unconstitutional, Brevard County will have to pay a $490,000 legal bill. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

11th: Deputy Sheriff’s son pleads guilty to setting fire to black churches, Louisiana, US: Holden Matthews pleaded guilty in federal court to three counts of intentional damage, a hate crime and felony. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

11th: Democratic presidential candidate calls abortion a ‘tragedy’ and activists urge him to get out of the race for presidency, US: Andrew Yang is now facing backlash due to his views on abortion. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

11th: anti-semitism on campuses may force school to choose either free speech or bigotry, US: After universities fail to address Jewish students’ complaints, Trump issues EO to end discrimination — but even victims have second thoughts about how it might be enforced. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

11th: priest bans legislators who support abortion from taking communion, Rhode Island, US: Rev Richard Bucci said that those legislators who voted for the abortion bill violated the teachings of the Catholic Church. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

12th: confirmed – Mary Mohammadi is in a Qarchak Prison, Iran: a vocal Christian Fatemeh (Mary) Mohammadi was arrested during protests last month and is being held in the country’s worst prison. (Article 18) [link 1] [link 2]

12th: Okloahoma House passes bill revoking medical licenses of abortion doctors, US: the bill passed from the House of Representatives and will proceed to the Senate and would result in a doctor losing their license should they perform an abortion. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

12h: meet the African-American Jewish mom who fights gun violence with prayer: Documentary ‘They Ain’t Ready for Me’ chronicles student rabbi Tamar Manasseh, pioneer of a Chicago campaign providing poor families with a much-needed oasis. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

12th: Dutch euthanasia requests rapidly rising: during the last year there has been a 22% rise in euthanasia requests. (Hope) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

12th: UC Berkeley student gov’t won’t condemn display featuring Palestinian terrorists, US: University committee vetoes 4-1 resolution to condemn exhibition celebrating three women convicted of terror attacks against Israelis. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

12th: ‘Brazil belongs to God:’ country’s president professions his faith at Christian worship event: President Jair Bolsonaro made an unexpected visit at the worship event in Sao Paula and shared that he believes in Jesus as his savior and that Brazil belongs to God.” (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

12th: Democrats walk out of House meeting after Pastor prays for rights of the unborn and Biblical marriage, US: after the Pastor prayed, the Democrats walked out of the Virginia House of Delegates. (Christian Headlines) [link 1]

13th: Lord of the Rings star says the world owes Christianity ‘the greatest debt of thanks:’ although John Rhys-Davies calls himself a skeptic and a rationalist, his declaration at the recent Movieguide Awards said “I f find myself constantly defending Christians and Christianity… we seem to forget that Christian civilization has made the world a better place than it ever was… [such as] abolition of slavery, for instance.”(Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

13th: 215 House Democrats back bill that would overturn hundreds of pro-life state laws, US: the bill would guarantee the right to abortion and over-ride current state restrictions. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

13th: Jewish Harvard students form anti-Zionist organization, US: Harvard Jewish Coalition for Peace to focus on Palestinian solidarity work, including support for BDS, fighting anti-Semitism and creating Jewish events outside of Hillel. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

13th: Syria’s parliament recognizes Armenian genocide: Tensions between Damascus and Ankara have been running high after deadly clashes in northwest Syria. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

13th: a veneer of consultation – euthanasia advocates are rushing extreme euthanasia laws, Tasmania, Australia: while inviting community feedback, the legislation isi yet to be presented for proper scrutiny by parliament. (Hope) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

13th: churches destroyed twice in one month, Sudan: even though the incidences were reported to the police, they would not investigate. (Open Doors) [link 1]

13th: airline drops Christian chocolate supplier, Switzerland: despite supplying the airline with chocolates for ten years, Läderach will be dropped as a supplier because of their core beliefs. (Vision Radio) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

13th: 15,000 new coronavirus cases, China: 14,840 new cases were reported, will takes the number of confirmed cases to 50,000 with 1,300 deaths. (Fox News) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

13th: Democrats strike down bill protecting abies born following failed abortions, Colorado, US: two bills that would have protected babies born alive after abortions and punished the doctors who would not provide care for them, were voted down by the Democrats in Colorado (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

13th: China raids churches for ‘illegal’ bibles, threatens fines up to $1,400: Bibles have been confiscated from churches in the last few months, by Government officials as they crack-down on Christianity. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

13th: Kentucky must pay atheist $150,000 for rejecting ‘IM GOD’ license plate, US: a federal judge ordered that the atheist be paid $150,000 in fees after he was denied his application for a license plate which read “IM GOD.” (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

13th: defence official: Hamas agreed to halt rockets, balloons; Israel ends sanctions: Following weeks of unrest on the Gaza border, fresh ceasefire deal appears to have been struck, following intervention by Egypt, UN. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

13th: Iran Guards commander threatens to hit Israel, US if ‘slightest error’ made: Threat comes in response to Times of Israel report Defense Minister Bennett said US agreed to counter Iran in Iraq, while Israel fights it in Syria. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

13th: US Senate votes to restrain Trump’s military powers against Iran: Democratic sponsor of measure, which picks up support of 8 Republicans, says it is aimed at reasserting Congress’ authority to declare war; House can take up bill later this month. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

13th: defying radical cleric, Iraqi women protesters take to streets: Hundreds of women demonstrate in Baghdad, southern Iraq after Muqtada al-Sadr’s call for gender-segregated rallies. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

13th: Google, Target, Facebook rank high for commitment to religious inclusion, report shows, US: the report from January shows that a number of large companies are working towards promoting religious freedom. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

13th: the Tweed declared natural disaster area, Australia: continuing rain and flooding has led to the Council declaring it a natural disaster area. (Tweed Daily News) [link 1]

13th: Pakistan court validates forced conversion, marriage of Christian girl: the court over-ruled the family’s petition that the child is underage and was forced against her will to be married to her abductor, who also forced her to became a muslim. They claimed that the man also violated her body. (Eternity News) [link 1]

14th: primary school to host adult drag queens, NSW, Australia: as part of a ‘Say No to Bullying’ event, a school is featuring several drag queens and adult entertainers. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

14th: SBC Pastors threaten to boycott conference over planned spoken word performance by female pastor, US: some churches may boycott a Southern Baptist Convention’s Pastor’s Conference simply because one speaker was from a female spoken word artist. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

14th: Christian risks life, walks ‘many hours’ to be baptised, North Korea: Open Doors shared the story of a Christian woman who walked many hours to be baptised, in one of the Open Doors safe houses, despite the danger. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

14th: HGTV’s ‘House Hunters’ celebrates polyamorous ‘throuple’ family, US: the popular ‘House Hunters’ TV series aired a program with a ‘throuple’ of one man and two women who are in a relationship, as they search for a new home. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

14th: Jewish women’s group leads US push to pass national bill protecting abortions: National Council of Jewish Women spearheads letter from 50 faith-based organizations calling on Congress to safeguard medical procedures. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

14th: Attorney General holds mass funeral for remains of 2,411 aborted babies, Indiana, US: the remains of the 2,411 unborn babies discovered in a former abortionist’s garage and car after his death, were laid to rest. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

16th: China virus deaths pass 1,500; US plans to evacuate citizens from cruise ship: Embassy says some 400 Americans will be extracted from quarantined Diamond Princess in Japan; Tokyo this week rejected similar request from Israel. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

15th: son of Israeli on cruise ship: Release of Americans shows quarantine ineffective: Israeli passengers expected to disembark in coming days if they test negative for coronavirus; American passengers gripe over 2nd quarantine after they are repatriated from ship. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

15th: female athlete sues to block transgender athletes, Connecticut, US: three families of high school runners had submitted a federal lawsuit to block transgender athletes from taking part in girl’s sports. (Seven News) [link 1]

16th: New Zealand Prime Minister and Abortion Committee are supporting abortion till birth for downs syndrome babies: despite her promises to the disability community, Prime Minister Ardern has now agreed to abortion up until birth for downs syndrome babies. (Don’t Screen Us Out) [link 1] [link 2]

16th: Third Israeli contracts coronavirus on cruise ship off Japan: health Ministry working to extract remaining Israelis from Diamond Princess; Jerusalem chief rabbi to enter self-quarantine after Singapore visit, as Israel toughens rules. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

16th: mass prayer held at Western Wall amid coronavirus crisis, Israel: Nearly a thousand people participate in event, including dozens of Chinese citizens, family members of Israelis quarantined on cruise ship. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

17th: Foreign Ministry said fearing diplomatic ‘revenge’ by East Asian countries: After taking far-reaching steps to contain virus relating to travelers from Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong and Macau, officials say Cathay Pacific set to suspend flights to Israel. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

17th: protecting gospel workers – an anti-bullying group is open for business: The Gospel Workers Advocacy Group has been set up to assist workers who are bullied, abused or lose their jobs unfairly. (Eternity News) [link 1]

18th: Jesus ‘found me in my dirt and pulled me out,’ Justin Beiber says: in an interview, Bieber claims that it was his faith and his Christian friends who saved him from self-destruction. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2

18th: Franklin Graham says the gospel ‘is what is really being banned’ in Britain: after having venues at many centres cancelled for their UK tour, Franklin Graham said that those who banned him were ‘truthophobic.’ (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

19th: 14 parents sue school district over policy allowing children to change name, gender identity at school without parental consent, Wisconsin, US: without the knowledge or approval of parents, teachers in one school district now ask children what is their preferred name and pronoun. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

19th: mass revival breaks out across Tennessee – ‘the Holy Spirit came and took control,’ US: over one thousand churches have joined together for a 30 day prayer event for one month – ‘Awaken Tennessee.’ (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

19th: Iran reports its first 2 cases of the new coronavirus: health ministry official says infected people discovered in the central province of Qom, declines to say how many more are suspected of having the disease. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

19th: Germany to tighten screws on online hate speech: Draft law calls for pressuring social networks like Facebook and Twitter to quickly remove offending content. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

19th: Egypt begins building concrete wall along Gaza border: Egyptian military declines to comment on barrier, which runs along the path of older structure that includes underground fortifications meant to thwart smuggling tunnels. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

19th: authorities target churches, Ukraine in many regions of the Ukraine, authorities are blocking churches from accessing water and electricity and also require them to register, and other issues. (Open Doors) [link 1]

19th: Christian Professor must use student’s transgender pronouns, judge rules, US: the federal judge ruled that the Ohio university had acted appropriate when a Christian professor had earlier refused to call a biological male student as ‘Miss’ and ‘she.’ (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

19th: Utah Senate seeks to decriminalise polygamy, US: the Senate’s Judiciary, Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Committee voted to decriminalise polygamy and will now go to full Senate for final approval. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

20th: famine looms as exodus like plague of locusts wreaks havoc across East Africa: the plagues of locusts, now spreading across East Africa is causing fear that it may lead to a large scale famine. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

20th: breaking with colleagues, 6 settler mayors meet with US envoy to talk peace plan: West Bank municipality heads who opposed Yesha Council’s lashing out against Trump proposal thank David Friedman for Washington’s willingness to okay annexation. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

20th: Chinese churches ‘must support’ communist leaders and Gov’t, new law says: the new regulations require that all religious organisations be ‘examined and approved’ before they can legally worship, and requires all to ‘support the leadership’ of the community party. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

20th: court rejects atheist suit, says 79 year old public cross is constitutional, Florida, US: the 34′ cross in Pensacola which was erected in WWII will remain, despite two atheist organisations suing to have it removed. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

20th: Pete Buttigieg believes supporting Trump is incompatible with Christianity: Buttigieg, a Democratic presidential candidate claims that Scriptural teaching are contradictory with President Trump. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

20th: after endorsing same-sex marriages, a US Orthodox rabbi performs his first: Avram Mlotek says ceremony joining two men ‘in sacred, covenantal relationship’ was ‘joyous, Jewish, spiritual, full of love,’ similar to other events he has officiated at. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

20th: two elderly cruise ship passengers die of virus as 4th Israeli confirmed infected: Japan health ministry officials says the deceased had existing chronic diseases before they caught coronavirus; Israeli to be taken to Japanese hospital for isolation and treatment. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

20th: one-on-one with Reuven Rivlin: Israeli President Reuven Rivlin has spoken exclusively to The AJN about the ‘true friendship’ between Israel and Australia ahead of his first official visit Down Under this week. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

21st: Hillsong raises over $1m in response to Australian bushfire disaster: More than $1M has been raised by the Hillsong Church who said that the “…outpouring of love, care and concern and generosity from people from all walks of life both here and overseas, has been staggering and humbling.” (Christian Today) [link 1]

21st: children are too young for sex change treatment, former transgender patient warns: Keira Bell, a former transgender person is supporting legal action towards the NHS to ensure that young people and teenagers stop being given hormone blockers and cross-sex hormones, Australia. (Christian Today) [link 1]

21st: China appoints official who persecuted Christians to key Hong Kong post: Xia Balong who previously brought about the removal of hundreds of crosses in China has now been appointed to a position which will give him the power to persecute Christians even further. (Christian Today) [link 1]

21st: most evangelical Christians live outside of North America and Europe, new study finds: researcher Sebastian Fath discovered that most evangelical Christians live in Asia, Africa and Latin America. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

21st: in vigils across Germany after shooting, calls of ‘Never again’ and ‘Nazis out’: thousands rally in cities throughout country amid shock over far-right attack in Hanau that claimed lives of nine people. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

21st: Germany says security threat from far-right extremism, anti-Semitism ‘very high’: interior minister says police presence will be raised across the country alongside increased surveillance at sensitive locations to counter danger. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

21st: white supremacists increasingly collaborating across borders, experts say: extremists forming alliances, working together, inspiring each other in growing international movement similar to jihadism; many blame Jews for facilitating immigration. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

21st: Israel confirms first coronavirus case as cruise ship returnee diagnosed: one of 11 Israelis who arrived in the morning following quarantine aboard Diamond Princess ship tests positive, after entering 14-day isolation at Sheba Medical Center. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

21st: Ukrainians riot to block China virus evacuees, including Israeli, from area: planeload of people who had been in and around Wuhan to be quarantined in village near Kharkiv, but locals protest plan, clashing with police and throwing stones at buses. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

21st: US ‘troubled’ by report Iranians want to raze tomb of Mordechai and Esther: militant student group in Hamadan proposes turning Purim heroes’ tomb into Palestinian consulate in response to Trump plan; local official says site protected. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

21st: voting underway in Iran parliamentary election amid rising public apathy: conservatives set to dominate vote, after thousands of candidates banned; experts expect low turnout amid internal and diplomatic crises. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

21st: UK Islamic State supporter pleads guilty to St. Paul’s Cathedral bomb plot: Safiyya Amira Shaikh admits to preparing terrorist acts after saying she wanted to target London church or ‘historical’ site on Christmas or Easter to ‘kill more.’ (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

22nd: Iran reports fifth coronavirus death, the highest tally outside Far East: as global infection numbers rise to 78,000, Tehran says some 28 in country have been confirmed as sick, amid national parliamentary elections. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

22nd: 9 South Koreans test positive for coronavirus after returning from Israel: Israeli Health Ministry publishes list of places the group visited, including Jerusalem, on February 8-15 trip, warns anyone who was in close contact with them to self-quarantine. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]


1st: Trump warns Iran of ‘big price’ for attacks, sends 750 more troops to Mideast: US president says Tehran directly responsible for protesters storming US Embassy compound in Iraq and vows they will be held accountable. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

1st: Iraq – on 2nd day of riots, US troops fire tear gas at protesters outside embassy: pro-Iran demonstrators set fires and scribble anti-American graffiti in response to airstrikes that killed 25 fighters over the weekend. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

1st: Kim – North Korea ending nuclear test moratorium, will show off new weapon soon: Comments come after Pyongyang gives US New Year’s deadline to offer fresh concessions amid stalled negotiations. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

2nd: Trump responds swiftly after Pro-Iranian protestors attack US Embassy, Iraq: after hundreds attempted to storm the Iraq embassy and destroyed windows and the reception area, marines were ordered to handle the situation. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

2nd: ‘I forgive him:’ daughter of church shooting victim says she forgives the man who killed her father, Texas, US: : the shooter began firing in the church as more than 240 parishioners were gathered in the church near Fort Worth, killing two. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

2nd: new Church of England Archbishop believes Christian views on sexuality should be adapted to ‘fit culture:’ in 2017 Stephen Cottrell made a number of controversial comments including incorporating more modern views on sexuality and that the Bible legitimises homophobia. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

2nd: Christianity Today Editor-in-Chief who authored the controversial Op-Ed will retire this week: after stating that President Trump’s actions were ‘profoundly immoral,’ Mark Galli followed with the demand for Trump to be removed from office. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

3rd: United Methodist Church announces plan to split over same-sex marriage, LGBT ordination, US: a new denomination for more traditional churches will be formed as the UMC incorporates LGBT ordination and same-sex marriage in its more modernised church following on from its year-long debate on the subject. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 3]

3rd: more than 42 million abortions performed in 2019 making it leading cause of death globally: Worldometers compiled statistics demonstrating the enormous numbers of abortions worldwide. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

3rd: US kills powerful Iranian general Qassem Soleimani in Baghdad airstrike: leader of IRGC’s elite Quds force, blamed for attacks on Israel, killed in American bombing at airport; head of Iran-backed militia also slain. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

3rd: Iran supreme leader vows ‘severe revenge’ after US kills top general Soleimani: Khamenei calls slain Quds Force chief ‘international face of resistance;’ state TV says deadly Baghdad strike is Washington’s ‘greatest miscalculation’ since World War II. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

3rd: Netanyahu lauds Trump for killing of Iran’s Soleimani, says Israel stands by US, Israel: as Tehran vows revenge for hit on top general, PM says US president ‘worthy of full appreciation’ for actions; Gantz: Killing tells global terrorists – on your own heads be it. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

3rd: France, Russia and China condemn slaying of Soleimani as a destabilizing act: Britain and France urge deescalation after US strike on Iranian general; Moscow blasts ‘adventurist step,’ praises Quds Force chief’s ‘devotion’ to Iran’s national interests. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

4th: Washington confirms Trump ordered deadly strike on Iran’s Soleimani: Pentagon says strike carried out to protect troops in Iraq; IRGC also confirms powerful Quds force leader killed; Trump tweets picture of American flag with no explanation. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

4th: US citizens told to ‘depart Iraq immediately’ after strike on Iranian general: with Iran expected to seek revenge for killing of top commander Soleimani, State Department says Baghdad mission is closed with all consular services suspended. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

4th: Iraq anti-government protesters sing, dance after Soleimani death: Pompeo shares video on Twitter of Iraqis celebrating Iranian Quds Force commander’s death, ‘thankful that General Soleimani is no more.’ (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

4th: US said seeing signs Iran prepping ballistic missiles as Tehran vows revenge: officials tell CNN there are intense efforts to assess when Tehran will attempt to retaliate for killing of top general – with estimates ranging between days and weeks. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

4th: protesters in US rally against prospect of war with Iran: organizers say demonstrations held in some 70 US cities as prospects of major conflagration grow in wake of killing of top Iranian general. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

4th: chanting ‘Death to America, Israel,’ thousands join Soleimani funeral procession: top dignitaries attend mourning ceremony in Baghdad’s Green Zone; Iranian general to be buried Tuesday in his hometown of Kerman; Iranian newspapers warn of coming revenge. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

4th: Australian PM calls up 3,000 reservists as fire threats escalate: Morrison says 23 deaths confirmed so far this summer; danger increases as temperatures rise to record levels, surpassing 43 degrees Celsius (109 Fahrenheit) in Canberra. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

5th: after general killed, Iran says it will take larger step back from nuclear deal: Tehran spokesman doesn’t specify what measure will be, as Tehran continues to retreat from 2015 accord despite pleas from remaining parties. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

5th: crowds throng Iran city to mourn Soleimani, vow revenge, as body is flown back: tens of thousands attend ceremony in Ahvaz; remains to be taken to Tehran, other cities before burial in Kerman on Tuesday; Trump: US will respond to any attack without hesitation. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

5th: Trump threatens to hit 52 Iranian sites if Tehran attempts reprisal: US president cautions Iran against taking revenge for Soleimani killing, saying targets will be hit ‘very fast and very hard,’ as tensions soar amid fears of all-out war. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

5th: Iran pushes back after US threatens to target dozens of sites: army says US military lacks ‘courage,’ and Tehran’s top diplomat protests that hitting cultural sites is prohibited; Iran MPs chant ‘Death to America’ after Soleimani killing. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

5th: top Iran official says revenge will be against military site, not seeking war: Qassem Soleimani’s daughter says Hezbollah will avenge her slain father; minister calls Trump a terrorist in a suit. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

5th: we’re not bound by nuke deal, won’t limit enrichment, after Soleimani hit, Iran: Tehran says it will not observe curbs on uranium enrichment, stockpiles, research and development, but cooperation with UN watchdog will continue. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

5th: key US allies push to deescalate crisis with Iran after top general killed: French president urges Tehran to avoid ‘military escalation that could aggravate instability in the region’ following death of Soleimani. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

5th: Iraq’s parliament calls for expulsion of US troops: but even if the government approves the bill, canceling the US-Iraq agreement requires giving Americans a year’s notice for withdrawal. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

5th: Hezbollah chief urges attacks, including suicide bombings, on US bases in region: Nasrallah says Israel asked Americans to kill Quds Force commander Soleimani, predicts US will leave the Middle East ‘in coffins,’ followed by ‘Zionists.’ (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

6th: Kayne West’s song ‘Jesus Is King’ reaches no. 1 on Top Christian Albums Chart, Billboard 200 Chart, US: the Christian-based album was West’s 9th album in a row to debut at no. 1 on Billboard 200 and has the most records to hit the top of the charts in a tie with Eminem. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

6th: Iranians threaten US, Israel as ‘millions’ at funeral bring Tehran to standstill: daughter of Soleimani tells ceremony that ”Trump is a symbol of stupidity, a toy in Zionists’ hands’; mourners carry mock coffins with pictures of Netanyahu, Trump. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

6th: Iran general replacing Soleimani vows ‘to get rid of America from the region:’ Esmail Ghaani promises to avenge the US killing of his Quds Force predecessor. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

6th: security chiefs said to reassure ministers Iran unlikely to strike Israel: US embassy sends out security warning, telling citizens in Israel and West Bank to stay vigilant, after US drone strike kills top Iranian general last week. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

6th: Johnson says Britain will not lament death of Soleimani: British PM says he has spoken to Trump, calls slain Iranian general ‘a threat to all our interests’; London imam urges crowd to aspire to be like Soleimani. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

6th: amid tensions, Philippines readies to evacuate citizens from Israel, Iraq, Iran: other Asian nations with large populations of expatriate labor may face similar decisions amid the rapidly escalating tensions between US and Iran. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

6th: Trump doubles down on threat to strike cultural sites in Iran, US: President also warns Iraq of punishing sanctions if it expels US troops; says American forces won’t leave until Baghdad pays back cost of billion dollar airbase. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

6th: confusion as US military says it’ll ‘move out’ of Iraq, but Esper denies pullout: after Baghdad MPs call to oust American soldiers, head of US task force tells Iraqi commander troops will be ‘repositioned,’ but then defense secretary says no decision made. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

6th: a first: Jesus film in sign language will reach 70 million with gospel: crowd-funding by Deaf Missions and the Jesus Film Project is working to provide the Jesus film to deaf people around the world, by recreating it in their language, hopefully within the next several years. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

6th: killing Trump wouldn’t be revenge enough for Soleimani, says top Iran general: Revolutionary Guards aerospace commander says rockets at American bases also not enough; only the total removal of US forces from Middle East will suffice. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

6th: US embassy in Israel warns of rocket attacks after Soleimani slaying: in security alert, mission cautions that attacks ‘often take place without warning,’ advises citizens to remain vigilant. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

6th: Trump administration urges Supreme Court to uphold pro-life law, citing Gosnel ‘atrocities:’ the Louisiana pro-life law will be heard in early March and is based on admitting privileges at local hospitals for abortion doctors, and pro-choice groups fear that the Roe v. Wade law may be changed and force abortion clinics to close. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

7th: Iran vows to ‘set ablaze place America loves’; crowds shout: ‘Death to Israel:’: Revolutionary Guard leader Salami issues threat as burial ceremony for Qassem Soleimani gets underway in slain general’s hometown of Kerman. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

7th: US prepares for possible Iranian reprisal after Soleimani drone strike: official says Washington anticipating a ‘major’ attack of some kind, possibly targeting an American commander in a tit-for-tat move within the next day or two. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

7th: the nation’s first non-binary person regrets switch, legally changes back, US: in 2016 a man won a court ruling to enable him to become the first non-binary person in the USA, but now wants to change it back as he regrets his earlier decision. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

7th: Planned Parenthood reports a record 345,672 abortions – ‘abortion is its mission:’ with almost 350,000 abortions performed in the last fiscal year, a new record and increased by almost 13,000 since the previous year. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

7th: new law requires Chinese Christians fully submit to communist party: all religious people of any faith must now not only submit to the Chinese communist party but are required to evangelise for them, as ‘faith in the Chinese Community party,’ is the only faith allowed. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

7th: prayer saved thousands in Mallacoota, Australia: the former atheist David Jeffrey was one of a large group forced onto the beach as devastating fires reached their homes, and after prayer, the wind changed direction and saved them. (Eternity News) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

8th: Trump insists ‘All is well!’ after Iran missile attack; Tehran claims 80 dead: US president says initial outlook after series of Iranian strikes on Iraqi bases housing US troops is, ‘So far, so good!’ (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

8th: atheist group demands removal of 9/11 cross painting from city property, Illinois, US: the group claims the mural is unconstitutional and inappropriate because it’s on a public building, even though the large cross with it is on private land. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

8th: televangelist Jim Bakker claims President Trump is a test to prove if you are truly saved, US: Bakker claimed that “Only saved people can love Trump,” and commented on Trump’s positive actions towards Israel, receiving much backlash for his comments. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

8th: on Spotify, hate streams unchecked as playlists praise Hitler, call to gas Jews: users on music service can register themselves as Nazi leader, post swastikas or name a playlist ‘Auschwitz Train Sing Along’; company says it conforms to German government standards. (The Times of Israel) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

8th: stepping back from brink, Trump says Iran appears to be standing down: : US president says immediate sanctions to be imposed on Islamic Republic, vows Tehran will never be allowed nuclear weapons, claims IRGC missiles ‘paid for’ by Obama administration. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

8th: Trump, full text: The days of tolerating Iran’s destructive behavior are over: US president says Soleimani’s hands were ‘drenched in both American and Iranian blood’; urges P5+1 to ‘break away’ from ‘defective’ Iran nuke deal and work for a better one. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

8th: Pastor freed from prison, Tajikistan: after spending three years in jail for “singing extremist songs in church and so inciting religious hatred,” Pastor Bahrom Kholmatov was released, but religious affairs officials claim that it wasn’t due to a prejudice against Christians. (Open Doors) [link 1]

8th: Pastor freed from prison, Tajikistan: after three years in jail for worshipping in his church, Pastor Bahrom Kholmatov was released. (Open Doors) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

9th: Abby Johnson Launches New Pro-Life Pregnancy Resource Helpline: the advocate for pro-life causes, Johnson recognised the need for pregnant women to find assistance, so set up the new website ministry called ‘LoveLine.’ (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

9th: Justin Bieber reveals Lyme disease diagnosis, US: the pop singer and Christian shares about his ongoing health issues with Lyme disease in an upcoming docuseries on YouTube. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

9th: Iran sends mixed signals as tensions with US seem to ease: Rouhani warns of ‘very dangerous response’ if US makes another ‘mistake,’ while senior military leaders strike more defiant tone, say further ‘revenge’ will come. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

9th: a judge rules Netflix must remove comedy depicting Jesus as gay, Brazil: the ‘comedy’ special created international outrage for making several blasphemous suggestions including that Jesus was gay, and Mary slept around. An online petition has garnered many thousands of signatures to stop it being aired. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3] [link 4]

9th: Trump says new Iran sanctions have come into effect: ‘It’s already been done. We’ve increased them. They were very severe, but now it’s increased substantially,’ Trump says, without offering any specifics. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

10th: Trump envoy calls on social media companies to target anti-Semitism: Elon Carr tells religious freedom commission that Facebook, Twitter can shut down anti-Semitic content by enforcing their own terms of use. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

10th: US House to vote on preventing Trump from starting war with Iran: Pelosi says move prompted by ‘insufficient’ briefing that shows administration has no ‘coherent strategy’; Republican Sen. Mike Lee calls it ‘worst’ briefing he’s received. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

10th: photographer captures jaw-dropping image of ‘devil horns’ rising out of the Persian Gulf: the photographer Elias Chasiotis had been set to take photos of a solar eclipse when he snapped the startling ‘devil horns,’ the result of a phenomenon called ‘fata morgana,’ and also set to appear this month is the ‘full wolf moon’ eclipse, leading to much speculation. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

10th: Iran denies its forces shot down passenger jet, calls on West to share data: ‘We can say with certainty that no missile hit the plane,’ head of national aviation department says, as world leaders assert intelligence shows otherwise. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

10th: as Iran and US take step back from the brink, Canada grieves plane crash victims: victims of Ukrainian Airlines crash were students, newlyweds, doctors and parents. ‘Community is overwhelmed with mourning and sadness,’ prominent Iranian-Canadian says. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

10th: Florida guard accused of threatening to kill Trump to avenge Soleimani: Chauncy Lump says 7-minute video in which he brandishes a rifle while dressed in a shower curtain was made as a joke. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

10th: Students Can Be Forced to Watch Indigenous ‘Cleansing’ Ceremonies, Court Rules, Canada: a court ruled that several school events when local indigenous elders performed some of their own religious performances, didn’t infringe upon the religious rights of the students, even though (it was claimed) that some were ‘forced’ to participate and even to pray their prayer. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

10th: Nebraska Governor Declares ‘Day of Prayer’ to End Abortion on Roe Anniversary: the governor of Nebraska has issued a proclamation urging citizens to “pray for an end to abortion” on the anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision on 22 January. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

11th: ‘disastrous mistake’: Iran admits it mistakenly downed Ukraine plane, killed 176: after denying responsibility, Tehran says its military targeted the plane, blames ‘human error’; crash came hours after Iranian missile attack on US forces in Iraq. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

11th: EU aviation agency warns against flying over Iran ‘until further notice:’ the European Aviation Safety Agency says it has re-evaluated dangers to commercial airline operations in light of Tehran’s admission that it accidentally shot down passenger jet. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

11th: UK ambassador arrested at Iran rally as thousands said to protest against regime: local media reports envoy freed hours later; London outraged by arrest ‘without grounds or explanation,’ says Tehran ‘at a crossroads’; unconfirmed reports of internet shutdown.(The Times of Israel) [link 1]

12th: Israeli intel helped US carry out strike that killed Iran’s Soleimani – report: : information provided by Jewish state confirmed that Quds Force leader was at Baghdad airport before missile strike, NBC News reports. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

12th: as protests restart in Iran, demonstrators refuse to trample US, Israeli flags: social media posts show hundreds at fresh gatherings against leadership; pro-regime rally outside UK embassy demands its closure over arrest of ambassador. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

12th: Iran deploys riot police as it braces for further protests over plane shootdown: Tehran fears mass demonstrations after its Revolutionary Guard belatedly admits it accidentally shot down passenger jet. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

12th: Trump warns Iran against ‘another massacre’ as protests flare over downed jet: US president calls for transparency, says he backs demonstrators, as memorial for those killed in Ukrainian plane crash turns to anger against regime. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

12th: ‘Jeopardy’ causes online furor over location of Church of Nativity: clip showing contestant’s ‘Palestine’ answer being ruled wrong on US game show angers activists. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

12th: Hezbollah’s Nasrallah threatens US troops, vows retaliation against Israel: Terror chief says American soldiers will leave the Middle East in ‘coffins,’ claims no country could have acted as transparently as Iran after shooting down Ukrainian plane. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

13th: Iran denies it tried to ‘cover up’ downing of Ukrainian airliner: Despite claiming for days that plane crashed due to technical failure before admitting it was a missile, Tehran says officials were acting on ‘existing information at the time.’ (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

13th: Virginia Couple Threatened with Eviction for Hosting Bible Study Reaches Settlement with Apartment Complex: a couple in Virginia were issued with a notice from their senior living community because they held Bible studies in the community room or their apartment, and came to an agreement before the case reached court. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

13th: ‘A Terrible Toll’ – 61 Million Abortions Since Roe, New Analysis Says: the last year has brought the total number of abortions in the USA to 61 millions since it was legalised. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

13th: New Video Attacks Pro-Trump Religious Leaders: The Lincoln Project’s new video showed clips of Trump’s poor ‘Christian’ behaviours and hopes to encourage Christian supporters to remove their support of him. (source) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

13th: Incredible moment Iranian students refuse to step on US and Israeli flags amid anti-government marches as Trump warns the country’s leaders not to kill its protesters: on the weekend, the crowd deliberately chose NOT to walk over the flags as a form of respect though Ali Khamenei’s regime wanted to show disrespect by expecting people to walk on it, but their attempt failed, amidst ongoing protests against the government and its leader. (Daily Mail UK) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

14th: thousands of ‘tradies’ join group to help bushfire-affected communities rebuild: Australia: up to 9,000 tradespeople signed up to help those in communities affected by the recent fires and through a Facebook group page set up for that purpose. (7 News Australia) [link 1]

14th: 9,000 people flood the streets of Chicago during March for Life to protest abortion: despite near freezing conditions, on 11 January the group marched then listened to various speakers, which occurred a few days before the US National March for Life (one of many pro-life demonstrations seeing record attendance around the world in recent years.) (LifeSiteNews) [link 1]

14th: Three-Self Church is shut down again, China: while the Three-Self Church is the only ‘approved’ Christian church, the government places high restrictions upon them, but even then, the authorities try as much as they can to close even these down. (China Aid) [link 1]

14th: Disney Launches New TV Show Featuring Demons and Witches: the main character is a human teenage girl whose aim is to be like her aunt, a powerful witch, and the program’s emphasis on demons and witchcraft has parents concerned (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

14th: Rockets fired at Iraqi base housing US troops: No reported casualties in latest attack on facility hosting American forces amid tensions in Iraq between Iran, United States. (Christian Headlines) [link 1]

14th: Rockets fired at Iraqi base housing US troops: No reported casualties in latest attack on Camp Taji facility, amid tensions in Iraq between Iran and United States. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

14th: Massive Christian Event Sells out in Minutes after Kanye West Announces He Will Be Performing: the annual event which has been running for 20 years will be held at the Super Bowl, and tickets sold out in minutes after the announcement of West’s performance, even causing the website to crash. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

15th: Transgender Mother Can Be Listed as Father on Birth Certificate, Illinois Rules, US: after giving birth in December, a biological woman who identifies as a male, has won the right to list herself as the father on the birth certificate. (source) [link 1] [link 2]

15th: Feminist Group Claims Responsibility for Spate of Shocking Attacks on Pro-Lifers, German Churches: the radical group set fire to a minibus after spray-paining a church, after admitting to vandalising a car belonging to a pro-lifer and vandalized another church later in Berlin. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

15th: Qatar seeks to mediate amid tensions after US strike in Iraq: Foreign Minister al-Thani visits Baghdad, says his country has made international contacts and consultations with ‘brotherly and sisterly countries.’ (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

15th: Slovenian court voids executed Nazi collaborator’s 1946 treason conviction: Local Jewish community, Simon Wiesenthal Center condemn decision to nullify trial of Leon Rupnik, Germany’s wartime puppet ruler for the country (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

15th: Mac Powell credits ‘miracle,’ prayers for wife’s recovery from aneurysm: Aimee Powell, wife of Christian singer Mac Powell was taken to hospital in November for a brain bleed, and after thousands of Christians around the world prayed for her recovery, she has now returned home. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

15th: Iran threatens European troops, as FM Zarif admits officials lied about plane: Rouhani says soldiers could be in danger after triggering of nuclear accord’s dispute mechanism; Zarif says Iranians were lied to about Ukrainian airliner shootdown. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

15th: UK envoy to Israel warns Iran has ‘last opportunity’ to comply with nuclear deal: Neil Wigan says Tehran ‘has a key decision to make about what path it wants to go down’ after European states dispute its violations of accord (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

15th: Netanyahu urges immediate return of international sanctions on Iran: PM says ‘We know exactly what’s going on in the Iranian nuclear program’ after EU triggers dispute mechanism in nuclear accord over Tehran’s violations. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

15th: Iranian video depicts killing of Trump, Netanyahu in assault on White House: Clip aired by country’s Fars news agency dramatizes officials’ decision to take revenge against US and Israel for killing of Qassem Soleimani. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

15th: Bureaucracy and brutality: New evidence exposes Islamic State hierarchy: Trove of documents compiled by a US-based Syrian rights group could be used in international prosecutions of jihadists. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

15th: ‘We thought we were basically done’: US troops recall Iranian missile attack: Though US forces had advance warning and most sheltered in bunkers during barrage, drone pilots remained to control army’s eyes in the sky — and then their connection was lost. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

15th: Tony Evans Shares that His Wife Saw ‘A Glimpse of Heaven’ before She Died: Pastor Evans shared that his wife both saw and heard glimpses of heaven before she passed away from biliary cancer, including seeing both her deceased mother and father at different times. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

15th: Villagers give to Australia, Papua New Guinea: after the recent bushfire disaster in Australia, thousands of those living in Chimbu Provincial have give from their own small finances to help. (Post Courier Papua New Guinea) [link 1]

15th: Gospel artist Carman asks for prayers as cancer returns, US: after going into remission from incurable myeloma cancer in 2013, he has undergone more advanced medicine and chemo to tackle the resurgence of the cancer. (Christian Today) [link 1] [link 2]

16th: Tennessee To Pass Bill Allowing Faith-Based Adoption Agencies to Refuse Same-Sex Couples: the new controversial bill was passed which will allow faith-based adoption agencies to refuse assistance to same-sex couples. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

16th: Iran crown prince predicts regime collapse as protesters ‘smell opportunity’: Exiled Reza Pahlavi, son of deposed Shah, says Iranians becoming more fearless in demonstrating against government, expect the world to show more than ‘just moral support’ (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

16th: ADL tells Congress to curb online hate speech if social media giants won’t: Appearing before House committee, Jonathan Greenblatt says Silicon Valley firms should have tackled anti-Semitism proliferating on their platforms long ago. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

16th: drought-ravaged farmers furious at Chinese company being allowed to take 100 MILLION litres of water from their region, Australia: despite residents in the Southern Downs having to truck in 50 loads of water every day and severely limiting their water usage, the local council has approved the sale of the groundwater to a Chinese company. (Daily Mail, Australia) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

16th: Pro-aborts hold “emergency” art exhibition titled “Abortion Is Normal”: a pro-abortion exhibition is being held in a New York art gallery in an attempt to ‘dismantle the stigma’ connected to the brutal abortion of babies in the womb (the Caldron Pool) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

16th: Japanese military experts join Australia’s fight against bushfire: arriving in Sydney, the 80 Japanese civilian and military disaster experts will work with Australian leaders to assist with fighting the bushfires. (9 News) [link 1]

date: title: text (source) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

17th: State under fire for choosing China over Australian Maleny Dairies: Ross Hopper of Maleny Dairies were greatly disappointed they missed it on obtaining the contract for hospitals in Queensland even though the reason given by the State Government is incorrect, and the contract has gone to French and Chinese owned companies that source milk in Australia. (91.1 Hot) [link 1]

17th: ‘Teacher of the Year’ Kneels in Protest during National Anthem at Championship Football Game Attended By Trump: at a football game, Kelly Holstine an esteemed teacher chose to kneel during the national anthem as a form of protest againt President Trump (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

17th: Anti-Semitic ‘Jew pig’ sculpture at center of German court battle: Jewish activist wants 700-year-old relief on Wittenberg’s church removed; parish agrees it’s an ‘insulting’ piece of history but contends it is part of its inheritance. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

17th: FBI arrests 3 neo-Nazis ahead of Virginia pro-gun rally, Maryland, US: Members of violent white supremacist group The Base planned to attend event; Virginian governor declared state of emergency and banned weapons from demonstration. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

17th: Iran says it’s been banned from hosting international soccer: Iranian soccer federation doesn’t specify whether ban, handed down by Asian Football Confederation, is linked to shoot down of passenger plane.t (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

17th: Planned Parenthood announces plan to spend $45 million on pro-abortion candidates in 2020 election: the ‘We Decide 2020’ campaign will target large-sacle programs, digital, TV, radio, mail and grassroots programs. (source) [link 1]

17th: UK adds entire Hezbollah movement to terror blacklist and freezes its assets. Israel and US welcome move and call on other nations to blacklist the Iran-backed Lebanese terror group; step follows British government decision last March. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

17th: Hezbollah warns of ‘chaos’ if Lebanon government further delayed: Plan to appoint a new cabinet again stalls amid a crippling financial crisis and ongoing mass protests against the ruling elite; UK adds all of Hezbollah to terror list. (The Times of Israel) []

17th: Dershowitz to defend Trump at impeachment to protect ‘integrity of constitution:’ Harvard law professor says he will present oral arguments during Senate trial; Whitewater investigator Ken Starr and ex-Florida AG Pam Bondi also part of the team. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

17th: Indictment papers for Hubei Christians released, China: three women who collected the church offering during a service, were arrested by the government for fraud. (China Aid) [link 1]

17th: public schools begin teaching LGBT history to children, Nw Jersey, US: the law will require all schools to participate in the program, and several have begun it early. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

17th: ;We will uphold religious liberty,’ Trump safeguards prayer in schools with new guidance, US: the Trump administration threatened loss of government funding should they not follow the guidelines to protect prayer in schools. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

18th: Lebanese demonstrators block roads as protests enter fourth month: Dozens close thoroughfares, hundreds gather near parliament and central bank, the target of renewed anger amid worst economic crisis country has experienced since civil war. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

18th: Iran to US: Don’t test us; missile attack on base in Iraq was just a ‘warning:’ Defense minister says Tehran prepared to respond forcefully to US ‘adventurism’ following drone strike that killed Soleimani. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

19th: ‘Arson is not caused by climate change’: Row breaks out over real cause of Australia’s bushfires after it emerges more than 180 people have been arrested over blazes in the past year: while some political leaders are claiming the bushfires were caused by climate change, there are others pointing out the ‘unprecedented’ number of people who actually set them in the first place. (Daily Mail Australia) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

20th: lawmakers introduce bill outlawing gender reassignment procedures on minors, South Dakota, US: the bill seeks to criminalise doctors who perform surgeries which attempt to affirm or change “the minor’s perception of the minor’s sex, if that perception is inconsistent with the minor’s sex.” (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

20th: over 20,000 orthodox Christians flocked to the Jordan River to be baptized: they celebrated the Feast of the Epiphany and were baptisted at the spot where it is said that John the Baptist baptized Jesus and is also the same places where the Israelites crossed into the Promised Land. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

20th: Jack Van Impe, a popular televangelist dies: while popular, Van Impe was also controversial, and fell out with a Christian TV network. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

21st: pro-life group pledges $52 million to re-elect Trump, the ‘most pro-life president’ in history, US: the Susan B. Anthony List and its partner Women Speak Out is also seeking to elect pro-life candidates (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

22nd: We need you – you need us, Aboriginal leaders tells Christians, Sydney, Australia: Aunty Jean Phillips told the congregation at St Andrew’s Anglican Cathedral to “come on a journey with Aboriginal people … we’re going to change this nation.” (Eternity News) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

22nd: pastor executed by Boko Haram, Nigeria: on 20 January, Reverend Lawan Andimi, a respected pastor and father was executed by Islamic terrorists of Boko Haram, which he had earlier said might happen to him and “…don’t worry, but thank God for everything.” (Eternity News) [link 1]

22nd: TobyMac’s son Truett Foster McKeehan died from accidental overdose, US: the 21 year old musician suffered a cardiac arrest from overdosing on amphetamines and fentanyl. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3] [link 4]

22nd: drag queen warns parents not to involve their children in ‘filthy’ drag scene, US: Kitty demure issued the warning after parents sought to involve their children in the drag-queen scene. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

22nd: Vice President Mike Pence under fire for attending ‘homophobic’ bible-based sermon, US: after attending a church where the minister raised concerns about anything that harms the foundation of marriage, such as homosexuality, Pence received backlash. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

23rd: Trump will become the 1st President to attend the March for Life, US: while earlier leaders had spoken to the crowd via phone, none had ever appeared live at the rally. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

23rd: government to regulate all church activity, China: the new laws will increase monitoring and restrictions of all religious activity and begin on 1 February (Open Doors) [link 1

23rd: Scott Morrison pays tribute to his father’s faith and service, Australia: the Prime Minister shared on social media that his wonderful father John had passed away the night before, and shared more about his father’s faith. (Eternity News) [link 1]

23rd: ‘lives worth protecting’ – Trump administration backs Ohio Down syndrome abortion ban, US: the Department of Justice is placing pressure on an appeals court to ban abortions simply because the unborn child has Down syndrome. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

23rd: Trump plan said to give Israel sovereignty throughout Jerusalem, all settlements: TV report: Palestinian state only if PA accepts Israel as Jewish state and Hamas is disarmed; no big refugee influx; if Abbas rejects plan, Israel can start annexing. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

23rd: Missouri lawmaker introduces bill to shield kids from drag queen story hours, US: in an effort to protect children at public libraries (that receive state funding) from being exposed to “age-inappropriate material.” (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

23rd: victory to the people re unisex toilets in schools, Australia: in 2019 a Queensland school was planning to make all toilets unisex. This situation has led to health issues for girls, and embarrassment and bullying towards girls, and many parents and other residents raised their serious concerns and the Premier of the state has now scrapped the gender neutral toilets. (Binary) [link 1]

23rd: church says they did not tell older members to leave to make room for new young people, Minnesota, US: the church leaders have denied the allegations that they asked their older parishioners to leave so they could make room for younger Christians. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3] [link 4]

23rd: Prince Charles meets president, survivors on first-ever official visit to Israel: Rivlin welcomes future king, recalling his youth during the British Mandate period; royal plants tree as ‘symbol of hope.’ (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

23rd: government to regulate all church activity, China: the government’s plan will include increased monitoring and tighter restrictions of all religious activity. (Open Doors) [link 1]

24th: Virginia passes series of pro-LGBT laws, introduces bans on conversion therapy, US: the senate has voted to ban conversion therapy by counsellors, psychologists and professionals to anyone under the age of 18. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

24th: Swastikas painted on synagogue in New Zealand: Swastikas painted on synagogue in New Zealand. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

24th: Powerful quake rocks eastern Turkey, killing 21; tremors felt in Israel: Turkish authorities say 6.8 magnitude tremblor in eastern province of Elazig causes buildings to collapse; no reports of injuries or damage in Israel. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

24/01/20: President Trump’s historic 2020 March for Life speech, US: the first US President who has ever attended the annual March for Life – text of his message (source) [link 1]

25th: Turkey earthquake: 20 dead, hundreds injured after 6.8-magnitude earthquake: the quake struck nearby Sivrice, a town in the eastern Elazig province and shocks were felt around 1,300km away in Israel (NBC News) [link 1] [link 2]

25th: US moves to restrict entry for pregnant women on ‘birth tourism’: New visa rules aim to minimize number of foreigners who take advantage of American ‘birthright citizenship,’ a particular area of chagrin for Trump. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

26th: Netanyahu en route to Trump meeting: ‘Together we’ll make history,’ Israel: Taking off for Washington, PM contrasts the Iran nuclear deal championed by Barack Obama with the Deal of the Century to be released by ‘huge friend’ of Israel, Donald Trump (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

26th: Gantz heads to Washington for lightning peace plan talks with Trump, Israel: Blue and White leader says he’ll ‘exchange views’ with US president but will keep content of conversation behind closed doors (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

Jan 2020: Trump declares Jan. 22 ‘National Sanctity of Human Life Day:’ Trump declared that date for both 2018 and 2019 and also said that the US “must remain steadfastly dedicated to the profound truth that all life is a gift from God, who endows every person with immeasurable worth and potential.” (Catholic News Agency) [link 1]

26th: Germany warns of ‘mass exit’ of Jews if anti-Semitism persists: Insults and attacks against Jews — both physical and online — have become ‘a daily occurrence,’ says Berlin’s foreign minister, calling for tougher action across Europe [link 1]

26th: Trump rejects Iran talks opening as enriched uranium stockpile swells: US president rebuffs overture for negotiations if sanctions lifted; nuclear official says Tehran has almost three times as much enriched material as allowed under nuke deal. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

26th: Prince Charles says he wants to visit Iran, be ‘peacemaker’ in Middle East: Heir to British throne praises Islamic Republic’s people as ‘remarkable’ as relations have deteriorated; says he prays for peace between Israel and the Palestinians [link 1]

26th: Savaging Trump peace plan, Palestinians again threaten to dissolve PA: text (source) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

26th: Savaging Trump peace plan, Palestinians again threaten to dissolve PA: As Netanyahu and Gantz head to Washington to meet with US president about deal, activists call for ‘day of rage’ against its announcement. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

26th: France reports 27% increase in anti-Semitic acts: With hate crimes on the rise against many minorities, interior ministry establishes network of special investigators to tackle the problem. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

27th: Jordanian king expresses reservations over Trump peace plan: US said yet to receive response from Arab nations invited to take part in release of president’s plan, amid reports deal will give Israel go ahead to annex West Bank settlements. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

27th: Survivors return to Auschwitz 75 years after liberation: Organizers of Monday event, the Auschwitz-Birkenau state memorial museum and the World Jewish Congress, say they want to keep the spotlight on those who went through the Holocaust. [link 1]

27th: bushfires: rebuilding residents hit with thousands in council fees, Australia: at least one council in New South Wales has hit victims in the recent fires, with thousands of dollars in applications fees so they can rebuild. (ABC radio) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

27th: Iranian general warns of retaliation against Israel if US threats continue: Revolutionary Guard chief Hossein Salami says America, Israel ‘will definitely regret it’ if Washington continues menacing Iran’s top military leaders. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

27th: Trump to tell Israelis they have 6 weeks to get peace plan moving — report: US official tells Reuters that proposal won’t be released ahead of US president’s meetings with Gantz and Netanyahu to ensure he has their support before details announced. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

27th: Abbas said to refuse to take phone call from Trump, Palestine: PA president reportedly turned down multiple requests over last few days as US prepares to roll out peace plan already rejected by Ramallah. (The Times of Israel) [link] [link 1]

27th: Palestinian Authority PM calls on world to boycott Trump peace plan: Mohammad Shtayyeh says upcoming offer contravenes international law, is aimed at protecting US president from impeachment and Netanyahu from indictment. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

27th: Islamic State announces ‘new phase’ of attacks: Mainly targeting Israel: Audio message from spokesman says focus is now on ‘fighting the Jews and reclaiming what they have stolen from the Muslims’; urges sabotage of Trump peace plan. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

28th: Trump unveils plan for ‘realistic 2-state’ deal, ‘undivided’ Israeli Jerusalem: Proposal sets conditions for Palestinian state that won’t threaten Israel, with capital ‘in eastern Jerusalem,’ president says; Netanyahu, Gantz okayed plan as basis for talks (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

28th: British Arena Boots Franklin Graham over ‘Homophobic’ Biblical Views: after scheduling Franklin Graham to preach in eight cities in the UK later this year, one venue has chosen to cancel the booking because of Graham’s bible views on LGBTQ (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3] [link 4]

28th: Thousands of Gazans protest Trump peace plan hours before its release: Demonstrators in Gaza City and elsewhere burn pictures of Trump and Netanyahu, but show rare support for Abbas ahead of rare joint meeting; protests also reported near Israel fence. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

28th: IDF sends more troops to Jordan Valley ahead of Trump plan release, Israel: No other reinforcements posted to West Bank, but military says it is conducting constant assessments amid fears of violence in response to so-called Deal of the Century. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

28th: On Remembrance Day, US House overwhelmingly passes Holocaust education bill: The Never Again Education Act would allocate $10m over five years to helping teachers across the country increase awareness of the Nazi genocide. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

28th: LISTEN: Israeli tech brings clean water and electricity to African villages: Innovation Africa, whose Israeli-made solar panels power schools, clinics and water pumps in 10 African countries, has changed the lives of 1.7 million people. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

28th: Well, that didn’t take long – euthanasia, Australia: the state of Victoria new euthanasia laws have only been in place for 7 months and now there are calls to remove the safeguards and doctors are being advised on how to get around the safeguards. (Hope) [link 1] [link 2]

28th: ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’ Moves into Public Schools: ‘The 1st Graders Loved It,’ US: public schools are now embracing ‘drag Queen story hours’ for young students. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

28th: Trump unveils plan for ‘realistic 2-state’ deal, ‘undivided’ Israeli Jerusalem: Proposal sets conditions for Palestinian state that won’t threaten Israel, with capital ‘in eastern Jerusalem,’ president says; Netanyahu, Gantz okayed plan as basis for talks. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

29th: Christian aid workers go missing, Iraq: the four aid workers from Iraq and France disappeared in Baghdad although no group has taken responsibility for their kidnapping. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

29th: Tennis Players Petition for Sports Arena to Be Renamed over Margaret Court’s Christian Views: Martina Navratilova and John McEnroe unfurled a banner in protest of Margaret Court’s name being on the arena that hosts Australian tennis Open matches due to Rev Court’s stance on same-sex marriage. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

29th: ‘persecuted even after death’ Christian funerals banned, China: at Christian funerals, authorities have been stopping ceremonies part of the way through and even arresting family members. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

30th: extremists take life of Pastor, Nigeria: Pastor Lawan Andimi was kidnapped by extremists in his village of Michika in early January and executed him in late January (Open Doors) [link 1] [link 2]

30th: Fearing riots, police to beef up presence on Temple Mount during Friday prayers: Move comes amid tensions following Trump peace plan, and after officers arrest two armed men on suspicion they were planning a stabbing attack at the holy site. (Christian Headlines) [link 1]

30th: Catholic school teacher fired for getting pregnant out of wedlock can proceed with discrimination case, US: the former English teacher has been given approval to continue with her discrimination lawsuit against her former employer (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

30th: churches closed as laws target non-Muslim worship, Algeria: churches may be closed by authorities who may enforce their laws which control non-Islamic religious worship. (Eternity News) [link 1] [link 2]

30th: Israel Folau signs to new team that forbids him from talking about his faith, Australia: after the controversy surrounding his earlier comments about same-sex relationships, Folau has now signed with a new team agreeing not to speak about his Christian beliefs on homosexuality. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

30th: South Dakota’s House of Representatives passed landmark bill banning transgender treatment on children, US: one of the first states aiming to outlaw sex-change of children (source) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

31st: over half of churches use armed security teams after recent shootings, US: security teams have been put in place and their parishioners are allowed to carry weapons due to increasing shootings. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

31st: Sesame Street to feature actor Billy Porter wearing a dress: Sesame Street advised that the Porter will appear on the show wearing a dress, though it’s not known if the outfit will be mentioned in the episode. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

31st: Trump limits immigration from 6 countries in election-year push: US president to impose new visa restrictions on citizens of Kyrgyzstan, Myanmar, Eritrea, Nigeria, Sudan and Tanzania, but stops short of total travel ban. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]


1st: former Yazidi sex slave faints while confronting her IS rapist on Iraqi TV: Ashwaq Haji Hamid was 14 when the terror group seized her hometown, killing the males and abducting the girls. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

1st: two IS supporters planned Independence Day terror attacks in Jerusalem: the men, both residents of East Jerusalem neighborhood of Jabel Mukaber, attempted to join jihadist group’s Sinai branch earlier this year. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

2nd: 3rd century Golan synagogue mosaics show shift in Jewish life post-Temple: colorful decorations in Roman-era synagogue record transition from study hall to public ‘mini-Temple’ prayer hall. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

2nd: belief in Trump as chosen by God part of growing evangelical power movement: Rick Perry and other influential conservatives are part of a movement seeking to change society by placing believers in critical social, commercial and governmental posts. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

2nd: President Trump pledges to donate his 3rd quarter salary to fight the opioid crisis, US: the $100,000 will go towards the “…the ongoing fight against the opioid crisis,” and has already given away earlier payments to other causes because of his own wealth. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

2nd: falsely accused of killing Hindu leader in India, five Christians ordered to be freed, New Delhi, India: the five Christians had already spent 11 years in jail and have been granted bail. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

2nd: Kim Kardashian has resolved to dress more modestly in the new year, US: infamous for showing off her body in scantily-clad outfits, Kim has possibly been influenced by her husband Kanye West, she had a kind of ‘awakening’ after returning to her homeland in Armenia earlier in the year to be baptised in one of the oldest churches in the world. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

2nd: another attack in Burkina Faso kills 14 Christians: ‘The attacks have shattered the lives of our people:’ the Protestant church in Hantoukoura was stormed by armed men where they killed the pastor and 13 others including 5 children. (Open Doors) [link 1] [link 2]

2nd: Third Day singer Mac Powell asks for prayer for his wife after she’s admitted into hospital suffering a brain bleed, US: on his Instragram page, Powell shared that Aimee had been taken to hospital for a headache where a CT scan discovering bleeding in her brain possibly caused by an aneurysm. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3] [link 3]

3rd: a win on religious freedom, Australia: many hundreds of concerned citizens, church and other leaders expressed their concern about the proposed Religious Discrimination Bill and Prime Minister Morrison has agreed to delay tabling the bill until it offers greater protection for people of all faiths. (Australian Christian Lobby) [link 1]

3rd: doctors bring a dead heart ‘back to life,’ UK: the medics pumped the heart full of electrolytes, blood and oxygen and the heart began beating again, which may lead to a procedure to save the lives of many waiting for organ transplants. (Daily Mail) [link 1] [link 2]

3rd: atheist group claims that a football coach’s prayer is a ‘serious violation’ of the Constitution, Ohio, US: the letter from the Freedom from Religion Foundation alleges that the high school football coach’s prayer with the team during football games is unconstitutional because it promotes their own religion. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

3rd: Florida church pays off $1.62 million in outstanding medical debt, Florida, US: the medical debts incurred by 1,300 residents in Lakeland were paid by Access Church who have also paid towards local needs as well as fixing and/or building houses, orphanages and churches in third world countries. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

3rd: Israel to UN: Jews forced out of Arab, Muslim lands should be seen as refugees: Danny Danon to introduce General Assembly resolution on behalf of 850,000 ‘forgotten’ Jews who fled Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Morocco, to counter one-sided focus on Palestinian refugees. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

3rd: Kanye West releases new ‘Closed on Sunday’ music video featuring his family, US: West’s pro-family song/video from his album ‘Jesus is King,’ begins with Kanye and Kim holding their four children and his lyrics are pro-family. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3] [link 4]

3rd: brutal attack on Burkina Faso church leaves 14 dead, west Africa: while the church was celebrating mass, the gunmen broke in and sprayed them with bullets, killing the pastor and others, including children. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

3rd: swastikas, anti-Semitic slurs carved in door of Washington’s Sixth & I synagogue, US: ‘It is no small irony that it was our doors, symbols of welcoming and inclusivity, onto which someone spewed hatred and bigotry,’ rabbis tells congregants in email. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

3rd: for first time, Iran acknowledges killing ‘rioters’ during fuel price protests: admission marks first time Tehran provides accounting of violence used to quash recent unrest, in which over 200 reported killed. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

3rd: Trump slams Iran over ‘big numbers’ killed in protest crackdown: as reported death toll in recent unrest rises above 200, US president says Iranians being killed ‘for the mere fact that they’re protesting.’ (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

3rd: Italian professor to be disciplined for tweeting Hitler praise: Education minister announces measures to be taken against Emanuele Castrucci, who hailed Nazi leader for having ‘fought against the true monsters.’ (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

4th: Canadian firefighters give up Christmas to help battle Australian bushfires: ‘absolute legends:’ at least 21 trained fire-fighters have shosen to leave their families during Christmas to help Australia through a dangerous bushfire season. (Australian News Today) [link 1]

4th: Justin Bieber shares guided prayers on Instagram: ‘they have really been helping me,’ US: Beiber shared the 4-6 minute videos with his 122 million Instagram followers who he encouraged to find “a quiet moment get into a comfortable position and listen.” (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

4th: Democrats release impeachment report, Republicans respond, US: the 300 page impeachment report was released by House Democrats on 3rd December and alleged that the US President misused his power by bribing a foreign leader to interfere in the presidential election and had obstructed impeachment hearings. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3] [link 4]

4th: LBGT activists protest Canadian Chick-fil-A saying changes are not enough, Canada: despite recent changes Chick-fil-A has made to their giving strategy, LGBT activists protesters held up signs which read things such as “Chick-fil-A hates LGBTQ+ people,” outside the Windsor City Hall. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

4th: US Christians build field hospital in Gaza, deepening rift between PA and Hamas: PLO official claims project, funded by pro-Israel evangelical donors, serving ‘military, intelligence and security’ purposes, but terror group brushes off concerns. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

4th: US warship seizes suspected Iran missile parts set for Yemen: officials say ‘significant cache’ of weapons, which contravene UN Security Council resolutions on Yemen conflict, showcase Tehran’s backing of Houthi rebels in the country. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

4th: former Red Sox all-star Manny Ramirez finds God and enrols in seminary, US: the former star of the Red Sox team told his fans about the change in his life since becoming a Christian, including regret for his selfishness and taking drugs. (The Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

4th: Hallmark Channel is ‘open’ to making movies with same-sex couples, CEO says, US: with their growing diversity in recent years the CEO Bill Abbott said “we’re open to really any type of movie of any type of relationship.” (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

4th: Democrat presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg invoked Matthew 25 in his latest campaign ad, US: the gay candidate’s aim was to reach potential voters in South Carolina, and to encourage discussion before polls in February. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

4th: children’s breasts and penises get the chop under Palaszczuk “conversion therapy” laws, Australia: Lyle Shelton stated that the next phase of the radical LGBTIQ+ political movement will include taxpayers funding to go towards mastectomies for minors who are gender confused and pushing for compulsory gender fluid teaching in all state high schools, while removing parents rights and punishing doctors who resist. (Lyle Shelton) [link 1] [link 2]

5th: precaution and prayer, as Samoa fights measles epidemic: on 15 November, the Samoan government declared a state of emergency, and to date more than 60 deaths have occurred with children under five mostly affected. On 5th December the government shut its doors to assist with mass vaccinations. (Eternity News) [link 1]

5th: defiant Iran declares it will not halt ballistic missile development: rejecting complaint from France, Britain and Germany, the Islamic Republic says it is ‘determined to resolutely continue its activities.’ (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

5th: US Army orders group to stop stamping Bible verses on dog tags, US: while Shields of Strength printed Bible verses on dog tags for 20 years, just one complaint based on ‘separation of church and state’ led to the military demanding the organisation to cease. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

5th: China’s communist party censors phone owners that use ‘sensitive words’ like ‘almighty God,’ China: the party has now put on a block on words that are ‘sensitive to the state’ and even deactivates phones of users that add such words or phrases. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

5th: France passes a resolution that classifies hatred of Israel as anti-Semitism, France: the resolution passed 154-72 in the lower house of the National Assembly, which was tabled as a response to rising anti-Semitism. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

5th: Iran said exploiting Iraqi unrest to place missiles that could hit Israel: NY Times quotes US officials saying the missiles also threaten Saudi Arabia and American troops stationed in area, and are part of Tehran’s efforts to project power in Middle East. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

5th: UK, Germany and France slam Iran for working on nuclear-capable missiles: in UN letter, Tehran also accused of proliferating ballistic missile technology in the region; Iran insists all its missile activities are legal and not nuclear-related. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

5th: Israel said hoping for breakthrough in ties with Morocco in next few days: with US Secretary of State Pompeo heading to Rabat to push for normalization with Jerusalem; report says Netanyahu hoping to use achievement to boost his political fortunes. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

5th: Philippine  churches accused of communist ties: the Defence Secretary of the Philippines issued a security briefing claiming that Christian churches and Christian organisations are fronts for communists, as a means of encouraging rebellions and negative actions towards Christians and this is just one of government’s actions to rid their country of this faith. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

6th: in surprise change, 13 countries vote against pro-Palestine UN resolution: states led by Germany change their voting pattern in favor of Israel, opposing Division of Palestinian Rights, although motion still passes by wide margin. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

6th: Pastor arrested at Drag Queen Story Hour wins in court, US: Pastor Afshin Yaghtin was observing protests at a Drag Queen Story Hour being held at a public library in Spokane, and was arrested when he refused to join the protesters in an area which the police had cordoned off for them. The judge dismissed the case. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

6th: Joel Osteen, Kanye West to host massive evangelical event at Yankee Stadium, US: this will be the second event hosted by both Osteen and West, though the event will be much larger as the stadium can hold up to 55,000 people. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

6th: : US slaps sanctions on 3 Iran-linked Iraqi militia heads over protest abuses: the three officials are part of the Popular Mobilization Forces, a Shiite militia movement close to Tehran. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

6th: Kayne West’s song ‘Jesus Is King’ reaches no. 1 on Top Christian Albums Chart, Billboard 200 Chart, US: the Christian-based album was West’s 9th album in a row to debut at no. 1 on Billboard 200 and has the most records to hit the top of the charts in a tie with Eminem. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

6th: trans activist rejected by gynaecologist, claims discrimination, Canada: Jessica Yaniv, a trans-woman who took 15 complaints about beauticians to court because they refused to give her/him a Brazilian as he/she was still male, and the judge found Yaniv Yaniv “engaged in improper conduct” and was “disingenuous.” Yaniv is now claiming that an OBGYN has discriminated against her/him for refusing to treat him, even though Yaniv is still physically a male. (Binary) [link 1] [link 2]

7th: Iran boasts it will soon unveil new nuclear centrifuges, power plant: assistant head of country’s Atomic Energy Organization says ’50 new achievements’ will be revealed next year. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

7th: Saudi gunman reportedly called US a ‘nation of evil,’ decried support of Israel: officials said to name attacker who killed 3 as Mohammed al-Shamrani, a Saudi Air Force officer training at Florida airbase who quoted bin Laden in a tweet prior to Friday shooting. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

7th: 15 killed in Baghdad as unidentified assailants open fire on demonstrators: attack comes as anti-government activists occupy parts of Iraqi capital near seat of government and a day after series of suspicious stabbings targeting protesters. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

9th: UN rights chief: Iranian forces were ‘shooting to kill’ protesters: Michelle Bachelet puts death toll in recent unrest at 208, says demonstrators were shot ‘directly in the face and vital organs.’ (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

9th: US says Iran may have killed over 1,000 protesters in government crackdown: charge comes as Pentagon said mulling sending up to 7,000 troops to region; Washington calls Iranian demonstrations ‘worst political crisis’ ever faced by regime. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

9th: : pro-Iran demonstrators stream into Iraqi anti-government protest camp: protesters demanding end to corruption are rattled by incursion in Baghdad, which hints at new effort to delegitimize or intimidate them. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

9th: Iran nuclear deal signatories to meet as accord nears collapse: meeting comes as European parties to pact weigh triggering mechanism that could lead to reimposition of sanctions over Iranian violations. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

9th: amid Iran tensions, US may send thousands more troops to Mideast: Pentagon mulling deployment as violence spreads in Islamic Republic and intelligence points to a growing threat from regime. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

9th: Attorney-General must explain pro-abortion SALRI report, Australia: the South Australian Law Reform Institute’s report indicates that they are backing weaker abortion laws which include abortion to birth. (Australian Christian Lobby) [link 1]

9th: anti-religion group asks Alabama Sheriff to stop referencing prayer after tragedies, US: Sheriff Nic Smith has been sharing or requesting prayer on the Sheriff office’s Facebook page, particularly after tragedies, to which the Associate Counsel for the Freedom from Religion Foundation has taken offence. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3] [link 4]

9th: pro-life win – High Court upholds the law requiring ultrasounds before abortions, US: the US Supreme Court also refused to hear an appeal against the Kentucky law which requires a pregnant woman to hear information about the child during the scan and to hear its heartbeat. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3] [link 4]

10th: Bill much improved, but little certainty for future Folaus, Australia: the Religious Discrimination Bill has been redrafted after major concerns about the protections for organisations and individuals, including non-religious workplaces and schools etc, but while it’s been improved, it still needs more work and more protections. (Australian Christian Lobby) [link 1]

10th: new draft of religious discrimination bill plugs holes, Australia: federal Attorney-General Christian Porter announced the changes to the updated draft bill including the definition of the term ‘vilify.’ (Eternity News) [link 1]

10th: Israeli student in Paris says he was beaten unconscious for speaking Hebrew: victim describes being assaulted on city’s metro after unidentified suspects heard him talking on phone; Jewish MP calls for investigation. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

10th: ti23,000 Cambodians hear the gospel, more than 1,300 give their lives to Christ at Franklin Graham festival tle: while Cambodia is a Buddhist nation, thousands heard Graham’s message and over 1,300 responded during the two day festival. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

10th: Christian doctor wins, won’t lose job after praying with patient, UK: the three month investigation cleared the doctor of any charges of wrong-doing even though the complaint was anonymous. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

11th: Trump to sign executive order against anti-Semitism, US: because of rises in anti-Semitism, Trump has issued an executive order which defines Judaism as a nationality and not just a religion to help protect Jews in the USA. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3] [link 4]

11th: Democrats reveal 2 official articles of impeachment – abuse of power, and obstruction of Congress, US: the documentation may lead to a House vote in the coming weeks. (Christian Headlines) [link 1]

11th: answers sought as authorities shy from declaring Jersey City attack anti-Semitic: footage emerges of gunmen parking outside kosher supermarket, opening fire and making a beeline for the store; 3rd victim of attack identified as Miguel Jason Rodriguez. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

11th: US hits Iran with new sanctions, but hopes for prisoner dialogue: new penalties target Iran’s state shipping line and a China-based company involved in delivering missile parts to Tehran. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

11th: German ‘Nazi grandma’ denied early prison release: though prisoners commonly released after serving two-thirds of their sentence, court decides not to free Holocaust-denying Ursula Haverbeck, 91. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

11th: after 100 years, Germany to reinstate military rabbis: German defense minister says move shows commitment to Jewish life in country; 300 Jews estimated to be in army. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

11th: it’s not ‘persecution’ but these Christians got a raw deal, Australia: discrimination is on the rise in Australia with various cases demonstrating the power of LGBTQ and the lengths that some people will go to force Christians to stop sharing about their faith, or to force them to leave or change. (Eternity News) [link 1]

11th: suspected Jersey City shooters named, said to have railed against Jews online: officials refuse to publicly elaborate on targeting of kosher market, but report identifies one gunman as former member of extremist Black Hebrew Israelites. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

11th: US embassy gets approval for Jerusalem building plans: State Department officials agree on outline for permanent structure with Mayor Moshe Lion; construction expected to start within a year. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

11th: thousands rally around threatened Holocaust survivor in Milan: Liliana Segre, under police protection due to anti-Semitic threats, speaks to hundreds of Italian mayors under banner reading ‘Hatred has no future.’ (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

11th: female athletes draw a line in the sand, Australia: a team manager and female athletes have spoken up to defend their rights as biological women, with the Australian Handball team rejecting a biological male from becoming a member of the team. (Binary) [link 1] [link 2]

11th: a newly published scientific paper tears global warming and the IPCC to shreds: recently released from the University of Karachi, Pakistan, the scientific paper “An Overview of Scientific Debate of Global Warming and Climate Change” concludes that any warming trends are being used by those with political and environmental agendas and information has been deliberately manipulated. (Electroverse) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

12th: Egypt family attacked by extremist: a man attacked the family next to him and severely injured one of them with a knife, and the other two required stiches, but police claim it was only a ‘normal quarrel.’ (Open Doors) [link 1]

12th: you could almost set your watch to it, Tasmania, Australia: after euthanasia was legalised in Western Australia, an Independent Tasmanian MLC has advised he will table a bill in the hopes of legalising euthanasia and assisted suicide in that state. (HOPE) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

12th: the Bible is banned as China continues to threaten Christians and close churches: Christianity is booming in China despite the communist governments continuing actions against Christians and churches with the new demand that they cannot read their Bible and at least one church has been warned about banning of the Bible. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

12th: anti-religion group forces elementary school to cancel live Nativity, US: as part of its yearly Christmas production, a school in Oklahoma has been forced to omit performing a live nativity, after the Freedom From Religion Foundation claimed it breached the constitution. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3] [link 4]

12th: Nickelodeon star Kel Mitchell shares that he is now a youth Pastor, US: known for his parts in the sitcom “Kenan & Kel,” the show “All That,” and the movie “Good Burger,” as his roles petered out, he spiralled into depression, then drifted into drugs and alcohol abuse and eventually divorced, but eventually realised he needed God. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

12th: Krispy Kreme owner gives 5 million euros to Holocaust survivors over Nazi links, Berlin, Germany: claims Conference says donation from Reimann family, which used forced labor during WWII, ‘will have a huge impact on the lives of the poorest Holocaust survivors around the world.’ (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

12th: Reinhard Bonnke, the ‘Billy Graham of Africa,’ dies: drawing millions to his rallies, the Pentecostal evangelist and faith healer died, aged 79. (Eternity News) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3] [link 4]

12th: euthanasia law ‘the most dangerous in the world,’ Australia: the West Australian parliament has passed its euthanasia legislation this week, which Australian Christian Lobby charges is the “most dangerous and unsafe in the world.” (Eternity News) [link 1]

12th: how a foreign corporate giant is snapping up 89 billion litres of Australia’s waters as the country suffers its worst drought ever, Australia: despite being crippled by one of the worst droughts on record, billions of litres of Australia’s fresh water is being sold by a food company in Singapore. (Daily Mail) [link 1]

12th: Queensland school runs out of water as commercial bottlers harvest local supplies, Australia: while water has run out at the Mt Tamborine school, their parents were advised to keep the children home. (The Guardian) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

12th: euthanasia law ‘the most dangerous in the world,’ Australia: the euthanasia legislation which was passed in West Australia has been denounced by the Australian Christian Lobby particularly mentioning that it has less protections than in the State of Victoria. (Eternity News) [link 1]

13th: Austrian parliament sets stage for overwhelming condemnation of BDS: all five parties represented in National Council co-sponsor resolution saying anti-Israel boycott movement ’employs anti-Semitic patterns.’ (Times of Israel) [link 1]

13th: Concern at anti-Semitism extended beyond Jews, played a key role in Corbyn loss, UK: huge victory for Johnson unmistakably boosted by racism charges against Labour, but Cobyn’s legacy will be hard to shake, with several anti-Zionist Labour (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

13th: Jersey City mayor: Gunmen wanted to target next door yeshiva with 50 kids inside: if police hadn’t managed to trap shooters in kosher store where 3 killed, result would have been ‘much worse,’ says Steven Fulop; attack viewed as domestic terrorism. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

13th: Polish far-right leader arrested for inciting anti-Semitism: authorities plan to charge Jacek Miedlar over manifesto accusing Jews of betraying the country when it regained independence in 1918. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

13th: House panel approves Trump charges, setting up impeachment vote, US: White House spokeswoman slams committee’s approval of articles against US president as a ‘shameful end’ to a ‘desperate charade’; Democratic chair: ‘Today is a solemn and sad day.’ (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

13th: Evangelicals call upon Governors to continue refugee resettlement amid executive order, US: a large number of evangelical have requested that their governors seek to organise for refugees to be resettle in their home state. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

13th: CBS’ “Evil” TV series can spark conversations about God, producers say, US: : the series is based on two main characters including David who is training as a priest and the character who plays the forensic psychologist Kristen, who investigate unexplained mysteries within the Catholic Church. While today many viewers wouldnl’t be interested in a show about religion, Christianity and God, it appeals of fans of the supernatural and horror. (Christian Headlines) [link 1]

14th: Hamas official threatens Israel, urges Palestinian reconciliation at mass rally: speaking at demonstration attended by tens of thousands in Gaza City to mark terror group’s 32nd anniversary, Osama al-Mazini vows to obtain freedom of Palestinian prisoners. (Times of Israel) [link 1]

14th: more than one million people sign petition in protest at Netflix Christmas film depicting Jesus as gay, Brazil: the satire depict Jesus in a gay relationship and result in almost 1.5 million people signing a petition for the satire ‘comedy’ to be axed. (Daily Mail) [link 1]

15th: US Army and Navy probing ‘white power’ hand signals at football game: cadets seen making gesture during broadcast of nationally televised game attended by Trump. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

15th: Pappinbarra dairy farming couple pours 4,000L of milk down the drain after NSW bushfires cut electricity, Australia: after their property was left without electricity for four days, the dairy farm owners had to pour out almost 4,000L of milk. (ABC News) [link 1]

15th: worship leader defends meeting Donald Trump at the White House: Eddie James was one of a group of ministers and church leaders who met with the President, and on his Instagram account addressed criticism of the group’s meeting. (Christian Today) [link 1]

16th: : 2019 saw attacks on houses of worship with alarming frequency worldwide: from Christchurch to Colombo to Poway and beyond, worshipers were the targets of some of the most deadly violence seen in years. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

16th: dozens hurt as violent clashes between police, protesters engulf Beirut: Lebanese security forces fire rubber bullets for first time since protests began in October, injuring at least 46 people in some of the worst violence in recent months. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

16th: tens of thousands evacuated in Italy as WWII bomb defused: over half the residents of Brindisi ousted from their homes during tricky operation, the biggest of its kind in the country. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

16th: Trump sees incumbent Johnson’s UK win as ‘harbinger of what’s to come’ in US: Joe Biden also draws parallel between British vote and 2020 presidential race, says takeaway is ‘look what happens when the Labour Party moves so, so far to the left.’ (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

16th: ‘Your land or your blood’: over 1,000 Christians estimated killed in Nigeria in 2019tle: murdered by Fulani extremists, the aggressive attacks will likely continue as they attack villages, murder the people or force them to leave, then take the land for themselves. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

16th: ex-Labour MP who got rats on doorstep says now’s time to tackle anti-Semitism: Joan Ryan quit parliament after receiving death threats for defending Israel. Now, following Corbyn’s defeat, the party must reassert its character and its values, she urges. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

16th: school broke law by banning Fellowship of Christian Athletes over marriage definition, ADF says, US: the Alliance Defending Freedom wrote to Bozeman High School, Montana and threatened to sue as they had practiced religious discrimination by revoking the athletes group from existing because they believed in traditional marriage, which was against both state and Federal laws. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

16th: crackdown on Christianity in China ramps up: more officials have now been empowered to close churches and other threats may block Chritians from jobs, bank loans and schools with harsh measures increase against Christians. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

17th: : school changes ‘Lord Jesus’ to ‘Baby Jesus’ in rendition of ‘Away in a Manager,’ US: so as not to offend non-Christian families the London school replaced the word “Lord” from the original Away in a Manger’ song, with “baby,” leading to shock amongst Christian parents. (Christian Headlines) [link 1]

17th: Congress nixes Trump’s $175m peace plan fund, gives $150m aid to Palestinians: $1.4 trillion spending bill leaves out White House-requested Diplomatic Progress Fund to boost peace efforts, inserts funding for Palestinian security and humanitarian assistance. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

17th: New York School district reverses its decision against Christian Club, US: the students are now allowed to organise the club. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

17th: more than 1,000 Christians slaughtered this year by Islamic militants in Nigeria: a Humanitarian Aid Relife Trust report revealed the details at the International Organisation for Peace and Social Justice crisis conference in London in November. (The Caldron Pool) [link 1] [link 2]

18th: Ukraine restores diplomat who blamed Jews for WWII, posed with ‘Mein Kampf’ cake: Jewish community furious after court ruling to reinstate ‘anti-Semitic’ emissary Vasyl Maruschynets; Israel’s ambassador to Ukraine says Jerusalem ‘confused.’ (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

18th: Cyprus adopts international anti-Semitism definition, earning praise from Israel: Jerusalem hails shift as an ‘important step’ in combating hatred of Jews; definition allows for criticism of Israeli policies. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

18th: in blow to Turkey, US Congress ends decades-old arms embargo on Cyprus: senators who spearheaded bill say they hope move will foster cooperation between the Mediterranean island nation, Greece and Israel. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

18th: ‘positively Instagrammable’ suicide machine: Philip Nitschke is launching a 3D printable suicide machine that is also a coffin, and is being enthusiastically embraced by some. (HOPE) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

18th: atheists pressure Iowa town to remove nativity from Courthouse lawn, US: although a large percentage of the people at the council meeting spoke out to keep the nativity scene, the council still chose to remove it. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

18th: Texas judge sues state after being reprimanded for refusing to marry same-sex couples, US: earlier in the year the Texas judge was warned because she wouldn’t perform same-sex marriage because of her faith, even though there was another person available to do it, and she’s now suing the state. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

18th: Florida Education Department ‘deeply troubled’ by prayer ban, US: the department’s concerns arose from the Florida High School Athletic Association’s denial for prayer through a loudspeaker before a football game, a denial which the Commissioner of Education is also concerned about because of the Association’s limits to religious freedom. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

19th: ‘Jew coup’: The anti-Semitic conspiracy theories surrounding Trump’s impeachment: Jewish leaders worry over a backlash, as anti-Semites spread notion that a cabal of Jews is trying to oust the US president. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

19th: stone slab unearthed near Jerusalem suggests connection to Ark of the Covenant: archaeologists said to find rock table in 3,100-year-old temple in Beit Shemesh that echoes Biblical description of ark’s resting place. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

19th: US denounces Iran rights abuses, imposes sanctions on judges: Pompeo slams Tehran’s violent crackdown on recent protests, says ‘appeasement of the regime simply will not work.’ (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

19th: 35 child psychologists leave gender identity clinic over concerns of ‘over-diagnosing’ gender dysphoria, UK: the 35 psychologists left during past three years after concerns about the ease in which young people were being diagnosed with gender dysphoria, and weren’t able to accurately assess patients due to the fear they might be termed as ‘transphobic.’ (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

19th: President Trump becomes 3rd U.S. President to be impeached: one claim is that Trump solicited the interference of a foreign government, but it’s unlikely he’ll be removed from office. (Christian Headlines) [link 1]

19th: hasten slowly when radically changing laws, Australia: rather than choosing to improve palliative care, the states of Western Australia and Victoria have opted instead to legalise euthanasia, and the state of Queensland looks set to follow. (HOPE) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

19th: 11 Christians die in attack, Kenya: the Islamic extremist group al-Shabaab stopped a bus on the country’s border and separated the Muslims from the non-Muslims and shot the eleven Christians who included a medical practitioner, teachers and several security officer. Their president stated that security forces are pursing the criminals. (Open Doors) [link 1]

20th: computer glitch causes thousands of patients to receive wrong medical dosage: Maccabi Healthcare Services working to reach out to some 3,000 Israelis whose prescriptions were not filled properly. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

20th: ‘I am God’: comedian jokes her abortion made her feel like God, US: during her Netflix special urged viewers to “Get one! See how you feel!” and “You can feel any way that you want after an abortion.” (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

20th: Court: employee can be fired for tweeting, ‘male people are not women,’ UK: after tweeting comments several times about transgenderism, Maya Forstater was fired from her job and when the case reached the court, the judge dismissed her complaint claiming that “That belief is not worthy of respect in a democratic society. It is incompatible with the human rights of others…” (Christian Headlines) [link 1]

20th: Omnibus Budget to fund U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom for three more years, US: USCIRF will continue watching for violations of religious freedom throughout the world. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

20th: Trump should go, says Billy Graham’s magazine, US: the editorial claimed that “The President of the United States attempted to use his political power to coerce a foreign leader to harass and discredit one of the president’s political opponents.” (Eternity News) [link 1]

21st: Trump blasts Christian evangelical magazine that called for his removal: evangelical leaders rally to US president’s side after Christianity Today says he has a ‘blackened moral record,’ signaling his support with community remains sky-high. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

21st: mystery man who used narwhal tusk to subdue London Bridge terrorist identified: Darryn Frost says he instinctively grabbed the rare object off the wall when Usman Khan began stabbing people in deadly attack last month. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

21st: US military academies say students didn’t make racist hand gestures on TV: West Point and US Naval Academy say trainees were playing an ‘innocent game’ when they flashed signal used by white nationalists at nationally televised football game. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

21st: bushfire crisis: millions brace for ‘catastrophic’ weekend with warnings across several states, Australia: as the fire danger continues with catastrophic fires hitting the states, the high temperatures and gusty conditions will increase the threat, and travellers have been advised to delay travelling. (Nine News) [link 1]

22nd: Trump signs $1.4 trillion spending bill, avoiding shutdown: government secures funding as US enters election year, avoiding repeat of last year’s impasse caused by showdown over border wall funds. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

22nd: tens of thousands of civilians flee renewed Syria violence: fighting flares as Syrian regime and ally Russia bombard Idlib region, fueling humanitarian crisis and killing over 80. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

22nd: Syria says three oil and gas facilities hit in possible drone attacks: no claim of responsibility for near-simultaneous strikes in Homs region, but war monitor says IS likely behind attacks; Syrian oil ministry says some ‘production units’ damaged. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

22nd: UN experts slam Iran over reported torture of detained protesters: experts believe thousands still being held after deadly crackdown on mass protests, say Iranian security forces ‘were aiming to kill or at least cause serious injury.’ (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

22nd: death toll in India citizenship law protests reaches 17: 3 peopled killed during clashes in Uttar Pradesh state, where police chief says ‘the number of fatalities may increase.’ (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

22nd: Cyprus rallies Israel, other neighbors to counter Turkey-Libya maritime deal: Netanyahu backs joint diplomatic effort after Erdogan claims economic rights over large swath of eastern Mediterranean, threatening Israeli gas pipeline. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

22nd: Facebook says investigating data exposure of 267 million users: database of user names and phone numbers made available for download last week on online hacker forum apparently run by crime group. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

22nd: UK PM Boris Johnson pledges to move forward with anti-BDS law: newly reelected premier says measure will stop local councils developing ‘their own pseudo-foreign policy against a country which with nauseating frequency turns out to be Israel.’ (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

22nd: New York State allocates $10 million to protect religious institutions: ‘with anti-Semitism and hate crimes on the rise,’ Governor Cuomo vows administration will ‘do all we can to protect our communities.’ (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

22nd: ‘Jew coup’: The anti-Semitic conspiracy theories surrounding Trump’s impeachment: Jewish leaders worry over a backlash, as anti-Semites spread notion that a cabal of Jews is trying to oust the US president. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

22nd: US congressman: Trump treated worse than Jesus before crucifixion: Barry Loudermilk says president not given opportunity to face his accusers; Democrats note he was offered opportunity to testify and declined. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

22nd: Putin: Trump’s impeachment far-fetched, Senate will acquit: Russian leader, in annual news conference, claims ‘party that lost 2016 election is continuing the fight by other means.’ (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

22nd: US President Donald Trump impeached by House on two charges: he becomes only third American president to be formally charged and will now go to Republican-controlled Senate for trial where he is likely to be acquitted. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

22nd: national security adviser talks Iran at White House with US counterpart: Robert O’Brien tells Meir Ben-Shabbat that ‘common interests between Israel and Arab states… have made new regional partnerships possible to counter Iran.’ (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

22nd: Greek prosecutor urges acquittal of neo-Nazis in murder trial: attorney claims it has not been proven that Golden Dawn leader, other senior figures ordered the murder of anti-fascist rapper Pavlos Fyssas. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

23rd: thousands rally in Iraq against Iran’s political influence: ahead of deadline for choosing new PM, protesters rail against candidacy of Qusay al-Suhail, who officials say is Tehran’s preferred pick. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

23rd: tuberculosis vaccine could help prevent Alzheimer’s, Israeli study shows: Hebrew University researchers say the BCG vaccine, also used to treat bladder cancer, may fight the sustained inflammation that is a feature of Alzheimer’s disease. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

23rd: State Department cites religious freedom violators, US: the list includes where religious freedom is being seriously violated around the world. (Christian Headlines) [link 1]

24th: 50 churches in Myanmar reopened after ‘extreme’ accusations: after 100 churches in eastern Myanmar (Burma) were closed by rebels in 2018, 51 Baptist churches have been allowed to reopen, though 10 church buildings were destroyed. (Eternity News) [link 1]

24th: Netanyahu sends Christmas greeting to Christians: ‘We have no better friends:’: on eve of holiday, PM says Jewish state wouldn’t have been established if not for ‘avid support’ of Christians through the years. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

25th: King in waiting pleads for persecuted Christians as Queen pleads for reconciliation, UK: the Queen’s annual address included references to the example of Jesus “overcome long-held differences,” while Prince Charles asked us to remember “all those who suffer persecution for their Christian faith.” (Eternity News) [link 1]

25th: : IDF chief warns Israelis: The next war will hit our home front extremely hard: top military commander vows Israel will block Iranian threats ‘even at risk of war,’ laments IDF is alone in fight against Tehran. (The Times of Israel) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

25th: Iran to hold joint, four-day navy drill with Russia and China: maneuvers in the Indian Ocean seen as response to recent US exercise with Saudi Arabia in which Chinese navy also participated. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

26th: Iowa man sentenced to 16 years in prison for burning Church’s LGBT pride flag, US: Mr Martinez stole the flag from the Ames United Church of Christ and later burned it, and was charged with committing a hate crime, third-degree harassment, reckless use of fire and violation of individual rights. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

26th: over 370,000 pro-lifers sign petition to ban dismemberment abortion in Michigan, US: : the petition was submitted to the government, and if successful, the House and Senate must consider a bill to stop dismemberment abortion. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

26th: hobby lobby declares Christ is Lord in full-page newspaper ads, US: the advertisement also encouraged interested readers to learn more about Jesus Christ on a website. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

27th: worker sues Nike for $1.1M over use of wrong pronouns, US: the ‘transmasculine’ worker claims that they suffered harassment because of the use of wrong pronoun. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

27th: do not lose hope, Pope Francis says at Christmas vigil: God loves you no matter what, Vatican City: : the Pope reminded Catholics of the redeeming power of grace, that God loved them and to take courage. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

27th: Russia says it is first nation with operational new hypersonic nuclear weapons: Avangard hypersonic glide vehicle can travel 27 times the speed of sound and zig-zag through atmosphere en route to target, making it almost impossible to intercept. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

27th: nearly 200 faith leaders sign open letter rebuking controversial Christian Today Op-Ed, US: after the negative article in Christian Today’s editorial which demanded Trump be removed from office, the faith leaders claim that it was offensive to those Christians who believed in the President, particularly because it questioned their support of Trump. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

27th: Japan sending ship, planes to protect Middle East waterways: destroyer and patrol aircraft will not join US-led coalition or patrol Strait of Hormuz, but seek to protect oil shipments in Gulf of Oman and elsewhere. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

29th: five people hurt in mass stabbing attack at rabbi’s home in New York, US: man storms Hanukkah lighting ceremony in Monsey; two victims in critical condition; suspect arrested; New York leaders vow to fight anti-Semitism. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

30th: Justin Bieber says ‘God has me right where He wants me,’ on cusp of new album release, US: the announced 2020 album will be his first in five years, as Bieber becomes more open about his faith and often shares on Instagram about his experiences with God. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

30th: actor Tom Selleck credits God for guiding him throughout life, US: he also shared that his success was due to his Christian faith, adding that while life as an actor has been good, “that’s not what life is about… Life is about more important things.” (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

31st: Islamic State claims execution of 11 Christians in Nigeria: Jihadist group calls slayings ‘a message to Christians all over the world,’ says they are revenge for death of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

31st: Notre Dame rector says 50% chance cathedral cannot be salvaged: scaffolding installed before devastating fire could collapse onto vaults, threatening structural integrity of monumental Gothic building, according to church official. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

31st: Chinese pastor sentenced to 9 years in prison for preaching gospel, China: Pastor Wang Yi was the pastor of an unregistered church known as Early Rain Covenant Church and was taken by police in 2018 along with his wife and many parishioners, and the Pastor has now been sentenced for “inciting subversion of state power” and “illegal business operations. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

31st: Christmas celebrations mark progress of religious freedom in Sudan, Kenya: for the first time in 8 years, the government announced that Christmas would be a public holiday and Nasr al-Din Mufreh, the new minister of religious affairs attended a Christmas church service, in contrast to previous government officials. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

31st: ISIS-affiliated group executes 11 Nigerian Christians, West Africa: the killings were claimed by a group connected to the Islamic State and released a video of the shooting and beheading. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]


1st: Germany to tighten hate speech, gun laws following synagogue attack: Interior minister says legislation is needed because ‘the threat from far-right extremism and far-right terrorism, and with them anti-Semitism, is high.’ (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

1st: man tries to break into Jewish school while shouting anti-Semitic slurs, France: security guard praised for confronting intruder, sounding alarm that allowed students and faculty to evacuate; suspect arrested. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

1st: University of Oregon accused of not reporting anti-Semitic incidents, US: complaint alleges at least 30 incidents on campus that were not included in annual summary. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

1st: company that makes water out of thin air signs deal with Uzbekistan: dry, landlocked Central Asian nation to buy thousands of Watergen atmospheric water generators in deal likely worth several million dollars. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

1st: ministry offers free Bibles to Kany fans after release of new album caused “Jesus” to trend on Google, US: Wests’ new album has encouraged new interest in Christianity and the American Bible Society has chosen to offer free Bibles to his fans. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3] [link 4]

1st: a Christian family has narrowly escaped a brutal attack by Boko Haram, Nigeria: after hiding her children in the village’s graveyard, a mother struggled to keep hidden as the militants went through their village, slaughtering its inhabitants. (Christian Headlines) [link 1]

1st: US extends nuclear waivers, puts new sanctions on Iran: nuclear deal critics slam decision to continue allowing foreign companies to work at Iranian civil nuclear facilities without penalties. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

1st: Iran said working to keep embattled Iraqi PM in power amid growing protests: secret meeting between Revolutionary Guards’ chief and Baghdad lawmakers seen as a sign of Tehran’s growing influence in region. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

1st: board fires Florida principal who said couldn’t confirm Holocaust was ‘factual: official reason for William Latson’s termination is his failure to return messages from district officials in the days after his comments became public. (source) [link 1]

1st: Christian print shop wins case, won’t be forced to create a gay pride shirt, US: after declining an order from the Gay and Lesbian Services Organization to create t-shirts to promote the Lexington gay pride festival, because of their Christian faith, they were sued, but the owner Blaine Adamson won the case both in the lower court and the appeals court. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

1st: one year ahead of elections, Christian leaders cross divides to call for respect, US: an initiative from various Christian leaders have begun the “Golden Rule 2020: a Call for Dignity and Respect in Politics,” initiative to discourage the poor behaviours seen during the lead-up to the previous election and to encourage respect and dignity. (Christian Headlines) [link 1]

1st: lawyers concerned about transgender treatments for kids: a new article published in the Journal of Law and Medicine by medical negligence lawyer Bill Madden and professor of obstetrics and gynaecology Mike O’Connor, shares concerns about the effects of puberty blocks on children’s cognitive functions and long-term physical impacts. (Binary) [link 1] [link 2]

2nd: Hamas may want calm, but at least one Islamic Jihad leader has different plans: Friday’s rocket fire suggests the Iran-backed terror group’s Baha Abu al-Ata has his own agenda, and is willing to set area ablaze to achieve it. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

2nd: Iran unveils new anti-US murals at former embassy: revolutionary Guards chief attends ceremony to introduce the paintings, which include a Star of David in the Great Seal of the United States. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

2nd: hundreds protest outside prison where children of Filipina workers held, Tel-Aviv, Israel: Gena Antigo, 13, and Ralph Harel, 10, facing deportation along with their mothers after being detained in Tel Aviv. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

4th: Iran announces fresh violations of nuclear deal with extra, advanced centrifuges: Tehran’s nuclear chief says domestically made centrifuge in development is 50 times faster than those allowed under 2015 accord. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

4th: Israel slams Iran for ‘murderous’ intervention in Iraq protests: FM Katz backs growing anti-government rallies, praises Iraqis’ ‘long & glorious history.’ (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

4th: 3 Iraqis shot dead during protest outside Iran consulate: health officials in Karbala say security forces used live ammunition to disperse angry demonstrators who attempted to torch Tehran’s diplomatic mission in Iraqi holy city. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

4th: ‘Death to America! Death to Israel!’ Iran marks 1979 takeover of US Embassy: demonstrators gather in front of the former US mission in downtown Tehran as tensions remain high over the country’s collapsing nuclear deal with world powers. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

4th: EU condemns rocket fire from Gaza: ‘Unacceptable and must stop immediately:’ Bloc says attacks on Israeli civilians must stop ‘unconditionally’ after 10 rockets were launched toward the south on Friday. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

4th: Twitter suspends Hamas- and Hezbollah-affiliated handles: Al-Manar TV accuses the social network of giving into ‘political pressure’; IDF spokesman welcomes decision. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

4th: Trump HHS rule will overturn Obama-era rule, protect Christian adoption Agencies in LGBT disputes, US: the proposed rule should over-ride a rule put in place during the final days of the former president’s administration which forced faith-based foster care agencies and adoption organisations to place children in same-sex homes. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

4th: White supremacist charged with planning to blow up Colorado synagogue, US: Richard Holzer also intended to poison water at Temple Emanuel in Pueblo; said he wished Holocaust had happened. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

4th: men dressed as Jews hand out Holocaust denial fliers at Colorado mall, US: group wearing yarmulkes and fringed prayer shawls distribute leaflets proclaiming that ‘Marxist Jews’ dominate academia and Jewish people run the porn industry. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

4th: over 1,000 accept Christ at Kanye West’s Sunday Service – it’s a ‘new wave of revival,’ Pastor says, US: after the release of Kany’s Jesus is King album in October since he became a Christian, West announced that he has rejected worldly music and will be making Christian music. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

5th: Hasidic Jews chased and punched in series of attacks in Brooklyn’s Borough Park, US: assaults come amid an uptick in anti-Semitic hate crimes in New York City, with at least 163 so far this year. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

5th: elderly man was beaten on a New York subway for preaching the Gospel, US: the man was holding a Bible and quietly sharing his faith, when a trans-gender woman stood up, screaming at him, took off her stiletto shoe and attacked him with it, seriously injuring the older man. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

5th: as Iran expands enrichment, Netanyahu vows it will never have nukes: Iran seeks to ‘envelop and destroy Israel,’ PM warns after Rouhani announces latest violation of 2015 nuclear deal and restart of processing uranium at underground complex. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

5th: Richard Spencer slurs Jews, blacks in expletive-laden rant put online, US: in 2017 recording, white supremacist leader praises his ancestors for slavery, says Jews ‘get ruled by people like me.’ (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

5th: Patricia Heaton encourages Kayne West to maintain his faith despite ridicule, US: the actress encourages West to stand strong as he’ll have to cope with intense scrutiny and criticism, and says she’s praying for him. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

5th: Harvest Bible Chapel says former Pastor James MacDonald is ‘biblically disqualified’ from ministry, US: the church founder has been removed from ministry because he didn’t meet the spiritual standards of the church due to sinful behaviours. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

5th: “I excommunicated myself” for living in ‘unrepentant sin,’ says Joshua Harris about why he renounced Christianity, US: the author and former church leader says that when he realised he was living in unrepentant sin, he could not continue in his role any longer. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

5th: former US President Jimmy Carter is confident about life after death, US: after many years of doubt about life after death, Carter has gained confidence about the promise after many health issues including inoperable cancer when he asked God to change his outlook. (Eternity News) [link 1]

5th: Anne Graham Lotz: Trump Removing Troops from Syria Could Lead to ‘Last of the Last Days:’ daughter of Rev Billy Graham says that the US President’s decision to pull out of Syria may be part of God’s plan for the “last of the Last Days.” (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

5th: push to bar puberty-blocking drugs, medical gender-transitioning of children widens to 3 states, US: there has been an outcry about pushing drugs onto young children after a Texan mother sought to medically transition her 7 year old son into a girl, and Republicans in three states have announced new bills to restrict or even criminalise medically altering children. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

6th: Iran injects uranium gas into Fordo centrifuges, in worst breach of nuke deal: IAEA inspectors on hand for latest pullback from JCPOA, as Fordo is converted from research center back into active nuclear facility with enrichment capabilities (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

6th: macron: with new centrifuge operation, Iran is withdrawing from nuclear deal: French president urges easing sanctions while pressuring Iranians to negotiate a return; Russia calls on Tehran to uphold commitments to 2015 deal, blames US for situation. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

6th: US accuses Iran of ‘nuclear extortion’ as Tehran expands enrichment at key plant: State Dept.: Iran’s move will ‘deepen its political, economic isolation’; Tehran brags of heavy water sales contravening sanctions; bans cooperation with outlawed UK cultural body. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

6th: attacker stabs 8, including foreigners, at popular tourist site, Jordan: 4 tourists, local tour guide and 3 others injured in knifing, with the most seriously wounded taken to the hospital; assailant arrested. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

6th: UAE said readying to open doors to Israeli tourists, starting with 2020 Expo: reportedly ongoing to enable visitors from Israel to continue coming after Dubai world fair, as tacit ties continue to warm. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

6th: protests in Iraq reveal long-simmering anger at Iran: anti-government demonstrations are mainly directed at Iraq’s own political leaders, but they have also exposed resentment at Iranian influence in the country. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

6th: 11,000 scientists worldwide warn of ‘untold suffering due to climate crisis:’ day after US announces formal withdrawal from Paris accord, researchers say there must be ‘bold and drastic transformations regarding economic and population policies.’ (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

6th: Colorado synagogue to add surveillance cameras after alleged bomb plot, US: security at second oldest synagogue in the state to be upgraded further after locked doors and armed guard added in wake of 2018 Pittsburgh attack. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

6th: 2 Iranians accused of spying on Jewish, Israeli targets in US plead guilty: as part of plea, Ahmadreza Mohammadi-Doostdar admits to travelling to America to relay instructions to Majid Ghorbani on behalf of Tehran. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

6th: abortion is loving and selfless, says controversial pro-choice campaign, US: a pro-choice organisation’s latest campaign “Abortion Actually,” encourages women to believe that abortion is an act of selflessness, of love, of healing and of compassion and is currently being actively promoted. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

6th: an update on the Syrian conflict: the agreement on 22 October create a 30km safety zone between Syria and Turkey and required Kurds to withdraw from that area, but as at 6th November, the requirements had not been met – prayers are encouraged. (Open Doors) [link 1]

6th: ABC finds religious discrimination is real, Australia: a study of 55,000 found that 70% of religious people in the group had faced discrimination occasionally or often, but the study found too that most non-Christian people didn’t want to know about it. (Eternity News) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

6th: Erdogan to meet Trump in Washington next week as tensions flare, Turkey: relations between the two leaders have rapidly deteriorated since Washington gave Ankara the green light to invade Syria in October. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

6th: anti-Semitic flyers plastered across Arizona State University campus, US: ASU and local police are investigating the incident as university administration decries ‘hateful rhetoric.’ (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

6th: AG Barr says that America was founded on Christian values and progressive group calls the statement ‘toxic Christian nationalism:’ the attorney has received criticism from the group Faithful America who claim that his speech doesn’t reflect all of the faiths of the USA. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

7th: 200 online attacks a day: Auschwitz survivor is symbol of anti-Semitism in Italy: battle over Senator Liliana Segre’s call for committee to combat racism highlights politicians’ role in what observers say is growing boldness in anti-Semitic attitudes. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

7th: ‘praying for gay celibacy’ could be banned, Australia: an inquiry into ‘conversion practices’ is looking at options for new legislation in Victoria which will ban current practices including Bible reading, fasting, prayer and spiritual healing and deliverance. (Eternity News) [link 1] [link 2]

7th: Christian comedian John Crist accused of sexual misconduct, apologises, US: various women have accused the popular comedian of inappropriate sexual behaviours, and Crist has acknowledged that he acted recklessly in some cases and apologised for his sinfulness, though saying that some claims were false. (Eternity News) [link 1] [link 2]

7th: Netanyahu: Europe ‘must stop stalling,’ confront Iran over its nuclear program, Israel: PM accuses Islamic Republic of lying about alleged atomic facility in Tehran; Gantz calls resumption of work at Fordo a ‘wake-up call for the world.’ (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

7th: holocaust survivor in Italy gets police guard due to threats: Israeli envoy to Rome says assignment of security detail to Senator Liliana Segre underlines ‘the danger that the Jewish communities in Europe still are facing.’ (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

7th: Jordan said to reject extending lease on border lands, but offer compensation: report says Jordanian FM told Israel’s national security adviser that Naharayim, Tzofor will return to Amman’s control; local official says access to end Sunday. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

7th: drag queens mock pro-life activists in a fundraiser for Planned Parenthood, US: the fundraiser raised money by auctioning off cardboard figures of local Christians commenting that the group is “focused on the hateful actions and rhetoric of the Church at Planned Parenthood and their affiliates.” (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

7th: warns Iran could be positioning for ‘rapid nuclear breakout:’ Pompeo urges international community to step up pressure after Tehran resumes enrichment; EU expresses ‘deep concern’ over cancellation of IAEA inspector’s accreditation. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

7th: police probing sex offender rabbi who told cancer patient to refuse treatment, Israel: Eliezer Berland, who has a cult of devout and often violent supporters, accused of manslaughter by lawyer for victim’s mother. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

7th: Shin Bet thwarted over 450 terror attacks in 2019, chief says, Israel: head of the security service credits advanced technology with helping prevent attacks and allowing Israelis to live ‘full, comfortable lives.’ (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

7th: Israeli official: Jerusalem providing aid to Kurds since US pullout in Syria: : ‘We are proud of our taking a stand alongside the Kurdish people,’ says Deputy FM Tzipi Hotovely, adding the Kurds provide a bulwark against spread of Iranian influence in area. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

7th: US: Saudis recruited Twitter workers to spy on thousands of users: accounts included those of a popular journalist with more than 1 million followers and other prominent government critics; one suspect fled to Saudi Arabia. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

8th: descendants of Nazis organize global marches against contemporary anti-Semitism, New York, US: an Evangelical group dedicated to apologizing to Holocaust survivors and their offspring is speaking up in the wake of anti-Semitic attacks in Germany and the US. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

8th: Rocket barrage hits Iraq base housing US troops: no immediate word on casualties in attack near Mosul, where American soldiers are helping Iraqi forces battle remnants of Islamic State. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

8th: Florida high school denies pro-life club but allows LGBTQ group, US: a religious liberty group claims that the high school is violating both the Constitution and federal law by preventing a pro-life club from existing, despite allow many other clubs including an LGBTQ group. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

8th: far-left French leader says Jews promote ‘violent sectarianism,’ France: Jean-Luc Melenchon falsely claims ‘ridiculous’ Jewish umbrella group CRIF urged rally-goers to attack him at memorial for slain Holocaust survivor. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

8th: judge fines Trump $2 million for misusing charity foundation, US: President to donate money to US Holocaust Museum, other organizations as part of settlement after admitting to using charity money to pay legal fees, campaign. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

8th: DC museum unveils rare 1,000-year-old Hebrew Bible, Washington, US: manuscript dating from 10th or 11th century is one of the most ‘well-preserved texts’ from that era, says Museum of the Bible. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

8th: Senator challenges drag queen story time, Perth, Australia: a Facebook post, Senator Matt O’Sullivan shared the letter he wrote to the Perth Council, saying that adult entertainers are not appropriate to be involved in a children’s event, and our children are being over-sexualised. (Binary) [link 1] [link 2]

8th: descendants of Nazis organize global marches against contemporary anti-Semitism, New York, US: an Evangelical group dedicated to apologizing to Holocaust survivors and their offspring is speaking up in the wake of anti-Semitic attacks in Germany and the US. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

8th: Florida Sherif rebuffs atheists, and won’t remove ‘In God We Trust’ stickers from patrol cars, US: Sheriff Wayne Ivey said “if we, as strong patriotic Americans, don’t stand for the principles of our great nation, we are going to lose the America we all know and love!” (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

8th: Francis Chan announces shock move to Asia as a missionary, US: after talking with people in slums in Myanmar, and seeing their eagerness to know more about God, Francis explained that both he and his wife felt God’s call to become full-time missionaries. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

8th: National Abortion Federation appoints a lesbian Episcopal Priest as President and CEO, US: the Very Reverend Katherine Hancock Ragsdale has been outspoken about LGBTQ equality and abortion rights and has preached that abortion was a ‘blessing.’ (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

9th: hours before border lands go back to Jordan, Israeli farmers await final word: local leader says tenants haven’t been updated on what will happen after sites are returned to Hashemite kingdom on Sunday; hundreds of tourists visit Naharayim for farewell tours. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

9th: UN human rights delegates overwhelmingly applaud Iran for its record: at a periodic review of Iranian civil liberties, 85% of United Nations representatives lavish praise on Tehran; US says it ‘flagrantly violates’ its citizens’ freedoms. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

9th: UNESCO to vote on cutting ties with Belgian carnival where Jews were mocked: vote next month on parade in Aalst marks first time a place or event faces removal of UN’s cultural agency credentials; floats have drawn accusations of anti-Semitism. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

10th: Pompeo slams Iran’s ‘intimidation’ of IAEA inspector as ‘outrageous:’ US secretary of state calls blocking of UN official from nuclear site an ‘unwarranted act of intimidation,’ says alarmed by Tehran’s ‘lack of adequate cooperation.’ (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

10th: on Berlin Wall anniversary, Merkel urges Europe to defend ‘democracy, freedom,’ Germany: at ceremony to mark 1989 fall of the wall, German chancellor says values of human rights and tolerance ‘must be defended anew’ and cannot be taken for granted. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

10th: in blow to Moscow, top court green-lights extradition of Russian hacker to US: High Court of Justice shoots down petition by Aleksey Burkov, whose fate has been linked to that of Israeli woman jailed in Russia on drug charges. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

10th: 80 gravestones vandalized at Denmark Jewish cemetery: olice say tombstones daubed with green paint, overturned in western town of Randers. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

10th: Iran’s goal is to unseat Donald Trump: the recent spate of attacks was meant to draw the US into a military confrontation that would be unpopular with American voters. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

10th: Iran begins building 2nd nuclear power reactor at Bushehr: in presence of journalists, authorities pour concrete for the base of Russian-funded facility. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

10th: Jordan king says rule over border enclaves restored as Israeli lease expires: to standing ovation, Abdullah II tells cabinet the kingdom has extended sovereignty over ‘every inch,’ yet Israeli farmers still allowed to enter, harvest crops at 1 of the 2 sites. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

10th: teen arrested in connection with series of anti-Semitic attacks in Brooklyn, US: juvenile charged with two counts of aggravated harassment after at least 3 separate assaults on Jews in Borough Park neighbourhood. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

10th: top US military official says 500-600 troops to remain in Syria: despite Trump’s announcement of complete withdrawal, General Mark Milley says American forces need to stay in region to prevent resurgence of Islamic State. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

10th: top US general in the Middle East visits Israel to meet with IDF: in second-ever visit by the head of the US Central Command, Gen. Kenneth McKenzie lands amid ongoing tensions over American withdrawal from the region. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

11th: US urges early Iraq elections as rights group warns of ‘bloodbath:’ hundreds already dead in crackdown against growing protests over rampant corruption and clientelism; UN calls for ‘maximum restraint,’ including no use of live ammunition. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

11th: on Kristallnacht anniversary, yellow stars placed at Jewish sites in Scandinavia: stickers found on homes of Jews, a synagogue, gravestones and a café in Sweden and Denmark; authorities investigating incidents as hate crimes. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

11th: Trump to confront Turkey about buying Russian S-400 defense system: Ankara likely to face sanctions unless it gives up air defense system which US says could endanger F-35 fighters and give sensitive information to Russians. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

11th: Iran downgrades new oil find to just 2.2 billion accessible barrels: a day after Rouhani announces discovery of 53 billion barrel field in southwestern province, oil minister says only a small portion can be extracted. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

11th: Iran enriching 12 times as much uranium now Fordo restarted, nuclear head says: Salehi says production of low-enriched uranium soaring after operations at underground site resumed; Rouhani: Saving nuke deal could open up international arms sales. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

11th: Netanyahu: There was never a ‘real reconciliation’ between Israel and Jordan, Israel: PM says peace with Arab states based on strength and deterrence; reveals how in 2012 he got Egypt’s Morsi to withdraw tanks he had sent into Sinai in breach of peace deal. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

11th: Hezbollah chief: Chance of US-Iran war down by 99%, Trump’s strategy failed: Hassan Nasrallah also claims he doesn’t need Iranian arms: ‘We have so many missiles, we don’t know where to put them.’ (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

11th: atheist group demands football coach stop praying with players, says it’s ‘unconstitutional,’ US: the group claims that the coach praying with his players is unconstitutional and illegal and demands the Missouri school district investigate. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

11th: fifty accept Christ in theatre after watching the faith-based film ‘Overcomer,’ US: while the movie has remained in the top five for three weeks and grossed over $34 million, it’s director says that the face that lives are changed is more worthy of celebration. (Christian Headlines) [link 1]

11th: how speaking up for parents’ rights cost this Labour MP his job, UK: because of his stance on radical gender education in schools, MP Roger Godsiff has been told that he can’t receontest his seat as a candidate in the Labour Party. (Binary) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3] [link 4]

12th: Trump tells Iran return of missing FBI agent would be ‘very positive step:’: US president appears to link information on Robert A. Levinson to nuclear issue, also warning Tehran in tweet against further uranium enrichment. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

12th: Supreme Court to hear oral arguments on Trump’s decision to end DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals), US: the program protects children from deportation who arrived in the US before they were 16 and lived there from 2007 onwards, and at the time of his decision, the President acknowledged it was a difficult subject. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3] [link 4]

12th: former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley says top Aides tried to undermine Trump, wanted her to join them, US: in her new book, Haley claims that two top aides resisted carrying out Trump’s policies in order to ‘save the country.’ (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

12th: : over 200 rockets launched at Israel since killing of Islamic Jihad commander: sporadic fire from Strip continues as IDF hits rocket launching cells; 10 Gazans said killed in strikes; schools can reopen Wednesday in Tel Aviv area, will be closed in south. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

12th: IDF girds for several days of fighting, Israel: after 6 hours of attacks by Palestinian Islamic Jihad in response to killing of terror chief, army launches air campaign targeting terror tunnel, naval commando compound. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

12th: PM: terror chief was ‘ticking time bomb’; IDF head says braced for escalation, Israel: Netanyahu stresses Israel not seeking further conflict with Gaza after killing Baha Abu al-Ata; strike was okayed 10 days ago, with ministers telling IDF to choose the time. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

12th: European Union condemns ‘utterly unacceptable’ Gaza rocket fire on Israeli civilians: ‘Terrorists are very likely to try to carry out attacks,’ UK Foreign Office says in updated travel advisory; Dutch embassy in Tel Aviv remains closed. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

12th: Israel kills powerful Islamic Jihad commander Abu al-Ata in targeted Gaza strike: IDF kills Baha Abu al-Ata, says he was planning ‘imminent’ attacks; rocket sirens sound in south as schools closed and army prepares for fresh round of fighting. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

12th: Jordan says it thwarted terror plot against US, Israeli diplomats: two followers of Islamic State accused of planning to use cars, guns and knives in attacks on embassy staff and service personnel stationed in Jafr. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

12th: Trump says Baghdadi successor being pursued by US: marking Veterans’ Day, US president declares that after killing IS leader and his second in command, ‘we have our eyes on number three.’ (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

12th: National Council of Churches of Australia calls for a unified national leadership regarding climate change: the NCCA has called upon Prime Minister Morrison to draw civil leaders together to work to prevent a further rise in global temperatures. (NCCA Media Release) [no link found]

12th: Iran accuses Israel of committing ‘terrorist attack’ against Gaza: Tehran, which financially supports Palestinian Islamic Jihad, condemns Israeli targeted killing of terror chief. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

12th: Egypt, UN push for ceasefire as Gaza terror groups warn of imminent escalation: ‘The coming hours will speak for themselves,’ says Palestinian Islamic Jihad official after arch-terrorist killed in Israeli strike; 200 rockets fired at Israel through Tuesday. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

12th: US ambassadors back Israel, lash ‘barbaric attacks’ from Gaza: Jordanian government condemns Jerusalem for targeted killing of Islamic Jihad terror chief that led to 200 rockets fired at Israel. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

12th: father demands policy change after school gives 2nd-grader flyer promoting free condoms, US: the flyer also provided information about other services including free birth control such as IUDs, pills and condoms, and the father is demanding to know how the school could think that was appropriate. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

12th: 6 girls, 2 adults who had been abducted from Christian high school are returned home, Nigeria: taken at gunpoint by Muslim Fulani herdsmen, a ransom was demanded for their release, and after much prayer the former governor of Kaduna were able to help them. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3] [link 4]

date: title: text (source) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

12th: a record 10.2% of TV characters are LGBT, new report shows, US: increasing from 8.8% in 2018, the television stations are being pressured to increase that to 20% by 2025. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

12th: 1500 New Zealand doctors have signed an open letter against euthanasia: over 1,500 doctors have signed an open letters appealing to MPS not to legalise assisted suicide and euthanasia, because “killing is not caring,” and requires doctors to abandon medical ethics. (HOPE) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

13th: rocket barrage, IDF airstrikes and ceasefire reports cap day of Gaza fighting, Israel: source says ‘quiet will be met with quiet’ after terror group lays out demands; death toll in Gaza up to 26; at least 360 rockets fired out of Strip in two days of violence. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

13th: Franklin Graham asks Americans to pray for Trump as impeachment hearings begin, US: Graham commented, “… politics in this country has hit a new low. Nancy Pelosi and her followers in Congress have weaponized the impeachment process. After two years of the Russia collusion hoax, now they’ve turned to this.” (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3] [link 4]

13th: rocket barrage, IDF airstrikes and ceasefire reports cap day of Gaza fighting, Israel: Israeli source says ‘quiet will be met with quiet’ after terror group lays out demands; death toll in Gaza up to 26; at least 360 rockets fired out of Strip in two days of violence. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

13th: IDF: Israeli forces are ‘walking a tightrope’ to prevent Hamas joining fray: army spokesman says Islamic Jihad is continuing its attacks but ‘in a measured way’ so as to allow option of restoring calm; rocket count at Israel hits 250 by midday. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

13th: Islamic Jihad says it doesn’t want a ceasefire yet: spokesman for terror group says that only after it completes its response to Israel’s elimination of its commander will it be possible to discuss efforts to restore calm. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

13th: Pell granted leave to appeal to High Court, US: after being convicted for historical sexual abuse offences, the High Court has granted special leave for former Cardinal George Pell after witnesses and other evidence suggests the possibility that there is reasonable doubt of Pell’s guilt. (Eternity News) [link 1]

13th: hundreds commit lives to Jesus at Youth Alive, Melbourne, Australia: 10% of the youth requested Bibles at the event where about 5,000 youth attended, and of those around 800 gave their lives to Jesus. (Eternity News) [link 1]

13th: Wisconsin Governor changes ‘Christmas tree’ to ‘holiday tree,’ Legislature pushes back, US: despite the Democratic governor named the evergreen tree at the Capital rotunda a ‘holiday tree,’ the Wisconsin Assembly which is controlled by The Republicans, passed a resolution to ensure it was called a ‘Chritmas tree.’ (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

13th: Islamic Jihad posts video showing off missiles, bashing Israel: amid ongoing rocket fire at Israel, terror group posts footage of hidden launchers and mortars, slams ‘wanton aggression’ by Israel. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

13th: Jordanian TV host calls to ‘gouge out eyes of the Zionists:’ praising return of border lands to Jordan, Rana Hmouz calls to ‘trample the peace accord underfoot.’ (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

13th: FBI: Jews were victims of most religion-based hate crimes in 2018, US: despite Pittsburgh synagogue shooting, bureau records drop in the overall number of anti-Semitic incidents in America from 2017. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

13th: damning evidence of neglect and abuse in aged care homes, Australia: the interim report of the Royal Commission into Aged Care provides some disturbing examples of abuse and neglect in aged care homes with 39% of online complaints referring to loss of dignity, and the issues are more widespread than expected. (HOPE) [link 1] [link 2]

13th: SA Parliament rejects pro-pimp prostitution model – ACL calls for pro-women Nordic model, Australia: the recent attempt to reform prostitution laws including legalising it (in South Australia) were rejected, the 13th attempt to change it in 25 years. (Australian Christian Lobby) [link 1]

13th: 80 LGBTIQ+ activists win in US elections: eight radicals who were supported through the Victory Fund, have won various political positions in state politics, as Mayors and as judges and will use their authority to push their own agendas. (Binary) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

14th: as fighting fades, Islamic Jihad’s losses seen as less than catastrophic: former IDF official says terror group suffered a significant, but not fatal, setback, while Gazan analyst contends Israel caused only limited damage. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

14th: Jewish leaders call on German auction house to nix Hitler memorabilia sale: Rabbi concerned items will be ‘bought by those who glorify and seek to justify the actions’ of Nazi leader; 147 Third Reich-era objects to be on block. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

14th: 5 takeaways from day one of the impeachment hearings against President Trump, US: the first public hearings have begun after weeks of sequestered testimony. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

14th: South braces for possibility of renewed fighting after day of truce violations, Israel: with rockets targeting Israeli communities throughout the day despite Islamic Jihad’s pledge to hold fire, it remained unclear whether the IDF planned to respond – and if so, how. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

14th: Aboriginal leader Brooke Prentis becomes Common Grace CEO, Australia: Common Grace is “an online Australian Christian movement for justice.” (Eternity News) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

14th: 200 million Bibles printed in China: Amity Printing Company in China has gained a world record for printing Bibles, 100 million printed in 25 years followed by faster printing which enabled them to print the next 100 million in just 7 years. (Eternity News) [link 1]

14th: anti-slavery laws get buried by NSW Government, Australia: despite updated slavery laws being passed by the Upper and Lowers Houses (Parrliament) last year, they were somehow lost and didn’t receive full approval, and therefore didn’t ensure Australian companies were acting appropriately. (Eternity News) [link 1]

14th: tenuous calm holds after Israel-Gaza ceasefire initially broken by rocket fire: IDF: 450 rockets fired at Israel in 48 hours; Hamas: Gaza death toll 34; Israel: Most were terrorists; conflict in which IDF eliminated terror commanders named Operation Black Belt. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

14th: UN envoy urges ‘maximum restraint’ as shaky Gaza ceasefire takes hold: Mladenov says coming hours ‘critical’ in maintaining truce designed to prevent all-out war between Israel and Iran-backed Islamic Jihad terror group; 450 rockets fired at Israel. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

14th: Trump says US to leave some troops in Syria ‘only for the oil:’ US president contradicts his own aides, GOP leadership, who insist remaining American soldiers will continue fight against Islamic State. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

14th: Ellie Goulding demands Salvation Army make Pro-LGBT pledge in NFL halftime show spat, US: Goulding, is pressuring the Salvation Army to make a donation or a pledge to the LGBTQ community or she will withdraw from performing. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

14th: Christian affiliated college denies pro-life student group’s request to display crosses for aborted babies, US: the college claims that the gesture would be divisive and Dean Nason says that the school must “draw the line at public displays of divisive topics.” (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

15th: Appeals Court overturns ban on prayer before Florida high school football games, US: after being banned from praying with the team in 2015 by the Florida High School Athletic Association, the Cambridge Christian School launched a lawsuit against them which over-ruled the district court’s earlier decision. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

15th: Evangelical Alliance plans to strengthen and expand network for spiritual awakening: the worldwide event’s purpose was to create a renewed vision for the next decade of leadership, making disciples and to focus on relevant issues. (New Life Magazine) [link 1]

15th: more than 900 Northern Irish medical professionals have refused to perform abortions after laws were changed, Ireland: as a result of the legalisation of abortion last month, it has caused considerable moral challenges for many medical professionals and resulted in this action. (New Life Magazine) [link 1]

15th: terrorised Christians fleeing ‘soft ethnic cleansing,’ North East Syria: despite Turkey President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s promise that his forces wouldn’t persecute those of religious minorities, Christians have been refused access to their land to harvest their cotton. (New Life Magazine) [link 1]

15th: the US Commission on International Religious Freedom points out Algeria’s treatment of Christians and closure of churches: at least 12 churches have closed in the past two years and as a matter of course usually demands strict requirements and results in denials of applications to open churches. (New Life Magazine) [link 1]

15th: students stage walkout to protest the restaurant Chick-fil-A at football games, because it makes them ‘feel unsafe,’ Oregon, US: as Chick-fil-A is owned by a Christian and supports Christian organisations, the students state they won’t stand for “hate crimes and harassment” anymore. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

15th: ‘Not anti-Semitic’: Khamenei defines Iran’s goal of ‘wiping out Israel:’ belying Tehran’s relentless threats to ensure ‘nothing left’ of Jewish state, ‘raze’ Tel Aviv and Haifa, leader says aim is to abolish ‘regime,’ get rid of ‘thugs’ like Netanyahu. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

15th: Rouhani warns Muslim countries against ‘friendship’ with Israel, Iran: Iranian president calls cooperation with Jewish state a ‘strategic mistake,’ proclaims bond with Saudi Arabia, UAE. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

15th: UK notables say they can’t vote Labour because of anti-Semitism: John le Carré, Jimmy Wales among signatories of open letter saying backing opposition party over Brexit sends signal that ‘anti-Jewish prejudice is a price worth paying.’ (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

15th: local councils in southern Israel announce return to normal after hours of calm: Israelis living near Gaza had awoken to uncertainty after rockets violated ceasefire throughout Thursday and IDF retaliated with air strikes; schools in region shut Friday. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

15th: Netflix to change Holocaust documentary after Poland complains: streaming service to add text to maps in ‘The Devil Next Door’ to clarify that concentration camps were built by Nazi Germany, and not part of modern-day Polish state. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

15th: far-right German lawmaker ousted from committee for comments deemed anti-Semitic: Stephan Brandner of AfD party removed from parliament’s Legal Affairs Committee for saying a singer received a ‘Judas award’ for taking a stand against his party. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

15th: : face and fingerprint scanning installed in churches as China increases surveillance: the surveillance is being installed in the ‘approved’ Three-Self churches to check who attends and church members must submit to the scans or they cannot enter. (Christian Post) [link 1] [link 2]

15th: no, hurricanes are not bigger, stronger and more dangerous: a recent paper published by a team from the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences which claims that hurricanes have increased by 330% per century conflicts with research by the US National Climate Assessment as well as the World Meteological Organization. (Forbes) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3][link 4]

15th: Police officer shot in the chest says Bible in his pocket saved his life, Bolivia: during civil unrest during the removal of the former president, the officer was shot in the chest, and was saved by the Bible he had in his left chest pocket. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

15th: Salvation Army confirms Ellie Goulding will still perform at NFL halftime show: ‘We’re committed to serving anyone in need,’ US: Goulding said she wouldn’t perform at the show unless the Salvatio Army made a pledge to the LGBTQ community, but later said she would still perform. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

15th: launches $100m ad campaign targeting Trump, US: ‘This is an all-hands-on-deck moment. We’re taking the fight to Trump directly,’ the former New York mayor tweets; focus on Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

15th: public fights to stop school chaplain ban in ACT, Australia: hundreds of submissions have been sent to the ACT Government in support of school chaplaincy as the deadline to banish them from public schools looms. (Eternity) [link 1] [link 2]

16th: Almost 1 in 10 US Christians have heard their clergy speak negatively about Jews, US: pew survey also finds 81% of Jews say religion declining in American life, and most Jews think religion has too much influence over American politics. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

17th: IDF official admits post alleging strike targeted terrorist may be ‘imprecise,’ Israel: Avichai Adraee, the army’s Arabic-language spokesman, says information he was not previously aware of has raised ‘suspicions about the credibility’ of his original claim. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

17th: Prime Minister denies promises were made to Islamic Jihad for ceasefire, Israel: at opening of cabinet meeting, Netanyahu pushes back against terror group’s claim that last week’s truce was based on series of conditions. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

17th: Operation Kristallnacht: Neo-Nazi accused of running US synagogue vandalism ring, US: Court documents say Richard Tobin, 18, of southern New Jersey, planned many more attacks, almost carried out stabbing rampage against black people at mall. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

17th: Faroe Islands to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital: Archipelago’s FM says he hopes diplomatic mission will open in city next fall; move seen as litmus test after Denmark gives islands more freedom on foreign policy. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

18th: Chick-fil-A fans outraged after company caves, halts donations to FCA, Salvation Army, US: because Chick-fil-A regularly made donations to Christians to Christian organisations and charities such as the Salvation Army and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, LGBT groups were outraged so Chick-fil-A has withdrawn from making donations to these organisations. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

18th: ‘the only superstar is Jesus,’ Kanye West says during testimony at Joel Osteen’s church, US: on Sunday Kanye said “God’s been calling me for a long time, and the devil has been distracting me for a long time,” West said. “When I was in my lowest point, God was there with me and sending me visions and inspiring me.” (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

18th: teacher defends drag queen makeup class: parents ‘don’t know what’s best’ for their children, US: after the school allowed a drag queen to teach makeup to a cosmetology high school class, the Texas school district came under fire from parents who weren’t aware it had occurred until after the event, and concerned parents were unhappy than an adult exotic dancer for men with a fake name was allowed to even enter the school. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

18th: US cancels Iran nuclear cooperation waiver after Fordo restart: Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says Tehran has no reason to restart enrichment at once-secret Fordo facility, but critics note allowances had given rare window into site (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

18th: UN says Iran amassing heavy water in fresh breach of nuclear deal: in leaked report, IAEA says Tehran informed it this week that its stock of heavy water had exceeded 130 metric tons. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

18th: ideological war – religion vs gender theory, US: there are at least three cases against teachers in the US where there is a conflict between students with a transgender identity and religious beliefs after issues with incorrect use of names and pronouns in schools. (Binary) [link 1] [link 2]

19th: Kanye West surprises Texas inmates with performance: ‘this is a mission, not a show,’ Texas, US: the jail inmates were surprised by the event with West performing for both the women and the men, and several hundred attended. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

19th: Chaplains and churches put lives on hold to care for bushfire victims, Australia: the largest ever deployment of Disaster Recovery Chaplains has been sent out to recovery and evacuation centres along the north coast of NSW, bringing victims comfort and helping those impacted by the bushfires. (Eternity) [link 1]

19th: Sydney’s westies rally for religious freedom, Australia: local Christian and non-Christians met on 18th for the ‘Free2BMe’ rally, recognising that our religious freedom is under threat. (Eternity News) [link 1]

19th: Pope Francis invites the poor to live in Vatican palace, Vatican City: a four storey ‘palace for the poor’ that was previously occupied by a congregation of religious sisters, was organised through Pope Francis who personally asked for a place for the poor and the homeless of Rome. (Eternity News) [link 1] [link 2]

19th: Iran Christian exiled to Pakistan border for sharing gospel: after being convicted of conducting evangelistic activities, he has been exiled for two years to a remote area on the border of Pakistan, where he will be exposed to isolation and danger. (Eternity News) [link 1] [link 2]

19th: amnesty: at least 106 killed as Iran forces get ‘green light to crush’ protests: rights group warns real death toll could be closer to 200 with video showing snipers firing into crowds; UN urges Tehran to stop using live ammunition against demonstrators. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

19th: Hezbollah calls US settlement policy shift ‘invalid and illegal:’ Lebanese terror group says Pompeo’s announcement ‘won’t change the reality that the Israeli entity is an occupier.’ (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

19th: 3 Iranian security forces said killed by protesters: assailants wielding knives and machetes ambush a Revolutionary Guard and two members of the Basij militia west of Tehran. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

19th: Coca-Cola brand Sprite endorses chest binding, Argentina: an ad for Sprite has released an ad that encourages cross-dressing, transitioning and chest-binding which is aimed at both teenagers and children, despite concrete evidence that chest binding alone is a health risk. (Binary) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

20th: amendments do little to protect patients, Australia: the West Australian government may be admitting that their euthanasia bill is not perfect and has agreed to a further six amendments to the bill. (HOPE) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3] [link 4]

20th: whatever you do, don’t tell them the truth, New Zealand: New Zealand parliament has decided to put the legalisation of euthanasia to referendum next year and will abide by the citizens’ decision, even though around 40,000 submissions were received by residents with more than 90% opposed to it, but most New Zealanders don’t know or necessarily understand what choices are available. (HOPE) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3] [link 4]

20th: a Montana school is under fire for telling a Christian Club to change it views on marriage, US: after 4 female students complained about the club on it position regarding homosexual relationships, the school demanded the club change its name and align with their policy on inclusion or disassociate itself entirely from the school and become an unofficial club. The club will be retaining legal representation to ensure their freedoms are protected. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

20th: Kanye West announces launch of Biblical opera about King Nebuchadnezzar, US: the opera will debut on 24 November at the Hollywood Bowl with music by Sunday Service Choir. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

20th: British climate activist leader engulfed in row after downplaying Holocaust, UK: Extinction Rebellion founder Roger Hallam says murders of 6 million Jews ‘just another fuckery in human history.’ (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

20th: Israel at UN says Europe’s ‘automatic’ support for Palestinians harming peace: 14 other UN Security Council members rebuke US on settlements decision, Palestinians scoff at Washington’s stance as undermining ‘what is left of US credibility.’ (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

20th: Russia: Israeli airstrikes on Iranian targets in Syria a ‘wrong move:’ Moscow, which is allied with Assad regime, says reprisal attack after rockets launched at Israel is in ‘stark contrast’ with international law; IDF said it coordinated with Kremlin. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

20th: ‘You aren’t immune’: Defense minister threatens Iran leaders after Syria strikes: ‘Wherever you send your octopus tentacles, we will hack them off,’ Bennett warns, after Quds Force targets hit overnight; ex-intel chief slams ‘unnecessary’ bellicose rhetoric. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

date: title: text (source) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

20th: in sudden switch, Canada backs pro-Palestine UN resolution: after decade of voting no, Ottawa now wants to reiterate commitment to two-state solution and ‘equal rights and self-determination of all peoples’; Israel ‘very disappointed.’ (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

20th: as campus anti-Semitism morphs, bullied Jewish students counter-organize, Canada: a 42% drop in classic acts of bigotry at universities in 2018 is offset by a 70% rise in anti-Israel related harassment; a flurry of recent events highlight insidiousness of issue. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

20th: white supremacist manifesto reportedly shared at Syracuse University, NY, US: document appears to be copy of text linked to suspect in deadly shooting at New Zealand mosque; Department of Public Safety says there appears to be no direct threat to students. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

20th: US believes Iran will seek new fighter jets, tanks as 2020 arms embargo lifts: intel report says Tehran committed to becoming dominant power in Middle East, warns it is making rapid progress developing attack drones and other missile systems. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

21st: school district gives transgender students unrestricted access to locker rooms, US: transgender students will be given unrestricted access to locker rooms as a result of a successful lawsuit in which a transgender woman felt discriminated against because there were lockers room set aside for transgenders. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

21st: ADL survey: 25% of Europeans anti-Semitic, East European bigotry rises sharply: a global poll of 9,000 adults in 18 countries shows significant numbers believe age-old tropes about Jews, including that they seek world domination. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

21st: over 100,000 sign petitions to urge Chick-fil-A to reverse their earlier decision about donating to Christian charities, US: signatories were concerned that the organisation was abandoning its Christian values and suggesting that Christians are haters of homosexuals and LGBTQ people. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3] [link 4]

21st: ADL survey: 25% of Europeans anti-Semitic, East European bigotry rises sharply: a global poll of 9,000 adults in 18 countries shows significant numbers believe age-old tropes about Jews, including that they seek world domination. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

21st: Israelis should prepare for 50-degree Celsius summer days, climate expert says: James Salinger, a lead author on a Nobel Peace Prize-winning UN report on climate change, warns that the Middle East and North Africa are likely to suffer most from global warming. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

21st: Netherlands cuts aid to Palestinian Authority over terrorist salaries: Dutch government, which gives several millions of dollars a year to PA, says talks to end wages to those who carried out attacks on Israelis ‘did not lead to the desired outcome.” (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

21st: Jewish Democratic Council ad calls Trump the ‘biggest threat’ to Jews: 2020 campaign video highlights president’s response to Charlottesville white supremacists rally, Pittsburgh shooting and questions about Jewish loyalty. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

21st: nine Christians imprisoned for their faith, Iran: the nine men accused of “acting against national security,” after raids on house churches, and were sentenced to five years in prison. (Open Doors) [link 1]

21st: Mississippi teenager says God led her to missing elderly man: ‘It was all God:’ when the teenager read about the missing man, she couldn’t sleep until the man was found, so dressed warmly and went out to help find him and felt led towards a particular house where the found the man laying on his side. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

21st: the Australian Press Council bows to PC pressure: the APC’s new 11 page guidelines now cover the topics of reporting on ‘gender diverse’ people and has been strongly influenced by gender activist organisations. (Binary) [link 1] [link 2]

21st: Iran Christians imprisoned for their faith: the nine Christians men were sentenced to five years in prison for “acting against national security,” after security officials raided several house churches. (Open Doors) [link 1]

22nd: Planned Parenthood Action Fund says abortion is ‘moral’ and ‘health care,’ US: the non-profit advocacy group tweeted that abortion is ‘health care’ and also that it’s ‘moral’ after the Planned Parenthood Medical Director Dr Colleen McNocholas testified at the US House Committee meeting. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

22nd: an atheist groups claims that Kanye West’s jail house performance violated the Constitution, US: in the recent concert, West shared songs from his latest album “Jesus is King,” and the atheist group claims it violates the law which requires separation of church and state. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

22nd: Church of England report admits Christian anti-Semitism helped lead to Holocaust: Work acknowledges ‘fertile seed-bed for murderous anti-Semitism in the modern era’; in afterword to 105-page document, chief rabbi slams evangelical attempts to convert Jews. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

22nd: King Abdullah: Israeli-Jordanian relations are at ‘an all-time low,’ Jordan: Jordan’s monarch says problems in relationship partially due to Israel’s domestic issues; says there can be no Israel-Palestinian peace without active US involvement. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

22nd: Russian bank sends client promotional code containing phrase ‘kill Jews:’ former Amnesty International consultant from Moscow posts screenshot of bigoted password, which he received as a text from Sberbank. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

23rd: mountain of impeachment evidence against Trump beyond dispute, US: testimonies paint portrait of a president willing to leverage his powerful office to push for personal political help – but Trump’s wall of support in GOP seems formidable. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

23rd: impeachment witness casts anti-Soros narrative as modern ‘Protocols,’ US: former White House official Fiona Hill tells Congress attacks on Jewish philanthropist are new version of anti-Semitic ‘Elders of Zion’ libel. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

23rd: Iran’s internet blackout the first to effectively isolate a whole nation: shutdown of web by authorities during recent protests marks a milestone in efforts by authoritarian governments to censor online communications. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

23rd: Muslim woman intervenes to stop anti-Semitic abuse on London Underground: UK police looking for man who unleashed tirade at Jewish family with small children, threatened to assault passengers who tried to intervene. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

25th: 4 protesters killed in Baghdad, raising toll in Iraq clashes since October to 340: Iraqi security forces gun down anti-government demonstrators near city’s Green Zone; country’s top cleric calls for reforms. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

25th: Israel strikes ‘dozens’ of targets in Syria over rockets fired by Iranian force: army says it attacked Iranian and regime sites in the country, blames Tehran’s Quds force for launches at Israel; footage shows night-time blasts over Damascus. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

25th: Pompeo urges Arab states to abandon boycotts of Israel: US secretary of state advocates engagement with Jerusalem and says proponents of regional peace ‘shouldn’t face retribution,’ cautions that divisions only cause instability. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

25th: Columbia College Student Council to hold campus-wide Israel boycott poll, US: non-binding referendum to ask whether university should divest from companies that profit or engage in Israel’s ‘inhumane acts against Palestinians.’ (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

25th: Christian photographer fights law that could force her to promote same-sex weddings, US: Chelsey Nelson has filed a suit through Alliance Defending Freedom against an ordinance in Lousville, Kentucky which would force her to photograph same-sex weddings or even to post on her website about her beliefs. (Christian Headlines) [link 1]]

25th: Democrat claims the case against Trump is ‘ironclad’ but says impeachment is still undecided, US: while House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, D-Calif., said that the impeachment case against trump is ‘ironclad,’ he would not answer if the impeachment would proceed. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

25th: Franklin Graham says that ‘demonic power’ may be behind the opposition to Trump, US: current impeachment proceedings and ongoing political divide may be the result of ‘demonic power,’ and a ‘spiritual battle.’ (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3] [link 4]

26th: Jeremy Corbyn declines to apologize to Jews over Labour anti-Semitism, UK: pressed repeatedly in BBC interview, UK opposition leader won’t express regret, says chief rabbi is wrong and he is ‘determined that our society be safe for people of all faiths.’ (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

26th: five abortion workers quit, 738 unborn babies saved during 40 Days for Life, US: the annual campaign invites Christians to fast and fast outside abortion clinics where they hold peaceful vigils, has resulted in 5 abortion workers quitting and the saving of 738 babies. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3] [link 4]

26th: new fossil suggests snakes once had legs helps to explain God’s curse on serpents in Genesis: the Science Advances journal demonstrated that snakes may have had legs, which Faithwire suggests may provide evidence to support the Genesis story of Adam and Eve. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

26th: Democrat representative says she doesn’t ‘see the value’ in moving forward with impeachment proceedings, US: in an interview, Democrat Rep Brenda Lawrence, Michigan says of President Trump, “I don’t see the value of taking him out of office, but I do see the value of putting down a marker saying his behavior is not acceptable.” (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

26th: Palestinians clash with IDF during ‘day of rage’ over US settlement change: thousands attend rallies across West Bank protesting shift in longstanding American policy, death of cancer-stricken Fatah fighter in Israeli jail; 77 said lightly hurt. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

26th: Israeli team uses silicon chip to deliver Alzheimer’s-busting protein to brain: in Technion, Bar-Ilan trials, nanochip ferries ‘neural growth factor’ – which combats neurodegenerative diseases – and releases it where needed, overcoming blood-brain barrier. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

26th: Film depicts complicated clean slate given to neo-Nazis living ‘post-hate:’ documentary ‘Healing From Hate’ dives into the trenches with ex-skinheads as they make amends the only way they know how: recruiting others to leave the white nationalist movement. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

26th: New York state legislates teaching police to recognize hate crimes, US: Gov. Andrew Cuomo signs bill sponsored by Jewish lawmakers that comes as anti-Semitic incidents in particular are on the rise in NYC. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

26th: Donald Trump was ‘ordained by God’ to be President, Rick Perry says, US: Perry, Outgoing Energy Secretary said that God used ‘imperfect people’ throughout history, and has ordained Trump for His purposes. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

27th: 2020 Democratic presidential candidates are more radically pro-abortion than ever before, NYT: the candidates are focussing on even more radical abortion rights and support funding from taxpayers, a fundamental change for the Democratic Party. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

27th: Iranian lawmaker says over 7,000 people arrested in protests, Iran: Interior minister claims demonstrators intend to take over state TV, without offering proof. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

27th: Man shouts ‘Heil Hitler’ at rabbis discussing anti-Semitism at Geneva convention: Synagogue security blocks offender from entering property and asks rabbis to go inside. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

27th: Christian singer Lauren Daigle takes home American Music Award for favourite artist (contemporary/inspirational), US: Daigle’s song “You Say” broke a Billboard record and gained her fourth straight music Award in the Favorite Artist – Contemporary Inspirational” category. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

27th: Jewish candidate for UK Labour Party bombarded with anti-Semitic death threats: Ruth Smeeth says she is afraid to leave home, won’t go out alone due to abuse from both far-left and far-right. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

27th: 12-year-old boy founds non-profit to help fight global homelessness, US: Symond Boschetto was eight when he saw a homeless man needing help and told his father of his desire to help all the homeless, not just one and with his dad’s assistance, he founded Share Hope USA which aims to help “bring hope, compassion and kindness to our Homeless friends.” (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

27th: Folau files new $14m suit against Rugby Australia: the former rugby star who was fired from the Australian team for his strong Christian comments has filed an updated claim against Rugby Australia for $14m in damages. (MSN) [link 1]

27th: Aussies increasingly concerned about China buying Australian assets: Australians are very concerned about Chinese companies and institutions buying up Australian assets, land and companies. (2GB Podcast) [link 1]

28th: I’m a Nazi girl: Argentina students film video with singing Nazis; teacher fired, Argentina: parody of song ‘Barbie Girl’ by Aqua has students singing ‘I’m a Nazi girl in a Nazi world,’ with lines like ‘Come on Jews let’s go (to the) camp’ and ‘let’s make soap.’ (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

28th: after Iran quashes riots, top general threatens to destroy Israel and US: Revolutionary Guards head Hossein Salami accuses West of stoking protests sparked by a hike in fuel prices in which over 100 said killed, says Tehran has been patient until now. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

28th: thousands of Iranians rally against ‘American-Israeli riots:’ regime supporters gather in Tehran after security forces quell days of demonstrations over gasoline price hikes. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

28th: in possible climate breakthrough, Israel scientists engineer bacteria to eat CO₂: decade-long research at Weizmann Institute could pave way for low-emissions production of carbon for use in biofuels, food, and help remove excess global warming CO₂ from air. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

28th: alleged sex abuse victims file suit against the Catholic Church, claim they were forced to take unfair settlement, Mississippi, US: the two cousins claims there were forced to accept lesser settlements for their childhood abuse from men within the church. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

28th: more than 40 Iraqi protesters dead in 24 hours in bloody crackdown: death toll rises amid tensions in Nasiriyah and Najaf, day after anti-government demonstrators burn down Iranian consulate. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

29th: after more than 400 killed in 2 months of protests, Iraqi PM says he will resign, Iraq: Adel Abdel-Mahdi to ask parliament to allow him to step down, following sermon by top Shiite cleric calling for lawmakers to withdraw their support. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

29th: woman who had breasts cut off, took hormones to live as ‘male’ now regrets ‘huge mistake,’ UK: after 17 years trying to live as a male, having hormone injections and going through the transition to become a man, now feels ‘completely mutilated’ and ‘trapped.’ She’s now begun to transitioning back to being a woman. (LifeSite News) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

30th: Melbourne preschool cancels Christmas pageant over ‘cultural sensitivitiesm’ Australia: the pageant was called off because a parent of a different faith complained. (News Today) [link 1]

30th: Margaret Court’s family issues emotional response to Tennis Australia letter: : children of the former tennis star sent an open letter to Tennis Australia in response to the negativity and nastiness Margaret Court has experienced because of her vocal support of Christian values that some claim are bigoted. ( [link 1]


1st: trial begins for German neo-Nazi group accused of plotting attacks, Germany: members of so-called Revolution Chemnitz face charges of forming a right-wing terror organization following deadly stabbing by migrant that sparked far-right protests. (The Times of Israel) [link]

1st: Pennsylvania Bill will allow schools to display ‘In God We Trust,’ US: if the submitted House Bill 1602 is passed, it will allow all schools in Pennsylvania to display the words “In God We Trust,” connecting to the US’s Christian heritage. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

1st: Iran sentences man to death for allegedly spying for US: Iranian courts also hand down prison sentences to two others accused of spying for America and a third man charged with spying for the UK. (The Times of Israel) [link]

1st: after failed launch, 3 more space satellites planned, Iran: state TV quotes official saying orbital craft will be used to send data for civilian purposes; US alleges the launches violate UN ban on testing nuclear-capable ballistic missiles. (The Times of Israel) [link]

1st: Arab Israeli students walk out of school to protest wave of violence, Israel: in ongoing demonstrations, Umm al-Fahm pupils demand police action after over 60 murdered in Arab community since start of 2019. (The Times of Israel) [link]

1st: Scottish kilt helped Tintin come out as more PC comic hero, says expert: despite this ‘stylistic and ideological change,’ works featuring fictional boy detective often contained anti-Semitic tropes, pro-Nazi viewpoint, researcher says. (The Times of Israel) [link]

1st: an attempt was made to ban information which helps parents protect their rights, Victoria, Australia: the state government is secretly pushing mandatory LGBTQ agenda onto young children through school curriculum, and the state of Queensland may follow, also in secret. (Binary) [link]

1st: Report: Trump, Rouhani agreed to a French detente plan before Iran leader bolted: Paris officials say proposal would have seen Washington roll back all re-imposed sanctions and Tehran recommit to 2015 accord. (The Times of Israel) [link]

1st: Pope Francis meets with priest to discuss LGBTQ Catholics, Vatican City: “It was amazing and very consoling,” American Jesuit priest James Martin said after the meeting, but wouldn’t reveal any more about their conversation.(Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

1st: a man wearing a dress wins ‘Homecoming Queen’ at high school, US: the gender fluid craze has taken off in high-schools and has led to favouring men pretending to be women and vice-versa, and White Station High School announced a new non-gender title, awarding a man in a dress the ‘Homecoming Royalty’ award. (Binary) [link 1] [link 2]

2nd: US citizen accused of spying on behalf of Chinese government: Federal prosecutor says charges against Xuehua Edward Peng of California ‘provide a rare glimpse into the secret efforts’ of China to obtain classified info from US. (The Times of Israel) [link]

2nd: Khamenei: We’ll further breach nuke deal until we get ‘desired results,’ Iran: Iranian supreme leader doesn’t specify what additional steps Tehran may take to violate accord, says US ‘maximum pressure’ campaign has failed. (The Times of Israel) [link]

2nd: Putin says ‘no evidence’ Iran carried out attack on Saudi oil facilities: in comments at Moscow energy conference, Russian president defends Donald Trump, says ‘nothing compromising’ in US president’s call with Ukraine’s Zelensky. (The Times of Israel) [link]

2nd: Zuckerberg says he will ‘go to the mat’ to fight breakup of Facebook, US: In leaked internal audio, CEO blasts plan by presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren, threatens ‘major lawsuit’ if government moves to split social media giant. (The Times of Israel) [link]

2nd: Christian teacher fired for not using transgender student’s correct pronoun, sues school board, US: Peter Vlaming a teacher of French was fired late last year after a female student ‘transitioned into a male’ and told the school to use ‘his’ preferred pronoun, and during one class when that student was in danger of bumping into a wall, the teacher shouted out to protect them and said ‘her,’ instead of ‘him,’ for which he was fired because he was ‘discriminatory’ and ‘creating a hostile environment.’ (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3] [link 4]

2nd: I pray for the President all the time,” says Nancy Pelosi, House Speaker, US: Ms Pelosi shared with MSNBC that “I pray for the president all the time. I pray for the safety of his family… I also pray that God will illuminate him to see right from wrong. It’s very problematic.” (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3] [link 4]

2nd: Kanye West quits secular music: ‘Only gospel from here on out,’ US: after his latest release, West advises that he’ll no longer making secular music, and his wife, Kim Kardashian West said that ‘his conversion to Christianity has made a lasting impact on him.” (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3] [link 4]

2nd: thousands of students prepare for ‘Bring Your Bible to School Day’ on October 3, US: Focus on the Family who sponsor the event encourage students to bring their Bible, to share it and to live by the Bible. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3] [link 4]

2nd: Boko Haram executes two Christian aid workers, Nigeria: xlast week Boko Haram released a video in which they executed 2 Christian aid workers. (Eternity News) [link]

2nd: psychological association ditches parental rights, Australia: moves are underway to completely exclude parents from decisions of their ‘transgender’ children, and a concerned paediatrician said, “(Young) people are making life-changing decisions about their bodies before their brains and cognitive function have fully matured.” (Binary) [link 1] [link 2]

3rd: Iraq death toll rises to 18 as protests spread across south: defying curfew, demonstrators gather in Baghdad’s Tahrir Square; major network operators intentionally shut off internet access as protesters rally against unemployment, corruption. (The Times of Israel) [link]

3rd: satellite images show activity around Iranian-flagged tanker off Syria: photos indicate Adrian Darya possibly preparing to unload oil, despite Tehran’s assurances to UK it would not deliver cargo. (The Times of Israel) [link]

3rd: Iran says it foiled ‘Israel-Arab’ plot to assassinate top military commander: three arrested in plan that allegedly involved blowing up Qassem Soleimani during a memorial service for his father. (The Times of Israel) [link]

3rd: senior member of terror group allegedly behind deadly Dolev bombing arrested, Israel: Palestinian media report Israeli forces detained Walid Muhammad Hanatsheh outside Ramallah; riots break out nearby. (The Times of Israel) [link]

3rd: terror suspects charged with August slaying of teen student, Israel: IDF prosecutors accuse 5 Palestinian men of forming Hamas cell to kill Dvir Sorek, carry out other attacks against Israelis. (The Times of Israel) [link]

3rd: Planned Parenthood announces ‘mega’ abortion clinic for Illinois, US: the new facility will offer surgical and medication-induced abortions despite Planned Parenthood receiving little or no funding since pro-life Protect Life rule was implemented by President Trump. (The Christian Post) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

3rd: Trump earmarks $25m fund for the protection of religious freedom, US: the US President called a meeting on 30 September at UN headquarters to discuss freedom of religion in countries across the world, the first such meeting organised at the UN, and has promised funding to protect religious sites. (Christian Today) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

3rd: call for solidarity with the people of West Papua: mid August, a group of nationalists from Indonesia began taunting students from West Papuan studying in Surabaya. The Indonesian police arrived and threw tear gas into the dormitory before arresting 43 students. This resulted in demonstrations against racism across West Papua, and Indonesia responded with thousands of soldiers and police entering West Papua and violently attacking them and killing people. (National Council of Churches in Australia [link]

3rd: 20,000 join rally as Arab Israelis strike to protest deadly crime wave: schools and businesses close, Arab MKs skip Knesset swearing-in ceremony as community leaders demand police action to stem violence and killings. (The Times of Israel) [link]

3rd: thousands protest for third day as death toll tops 30, Iraq: demonstrators clash with police defying curfews, tear gas and live fire amid an internet blackout, as they rage against corruption and unemployment. (The Times of Israel) [link]

3rd: holocaust denial not a human right, European court rules, Germany: judges rule against German neo-Nazi politician Udo Pastoers, say his statements run counter to European Convention on Human Rights itself. (The Times of Israel) [link]

3rd: actress/singer Demi Lovato is baptized in the Jordan River: Lovato said that it ‘filled the God-sized hole in my heart,’ US: of Jewish ancestry, Lovato was raised as a Christian and during a trip to Israel said she felt a “connection to God” and believed it was what she’d “been missing for a few years now.” (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]  [link 4]

3rd: Title X protect life rule reallocates millions of dollars from Planned Parenthood to other providers, US: Planned Parenthood’s funding will be allocated to 50 other groups, the Department of Health and Human Services announced. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

3rd: the government is encouraging men to have pap smears, Canada: men who claim they are women, are now being encouraged by the Canadian Cancer Society to be checked for cervical cancer, even though they don’t even have a cervix. (Binary) [link 1] [link 2]

4th: Australian Jewish boy forced to kiss Muslim classmate’s shoes, drawing outcry: photo of incident widely condemned; in separate case, 5-year-old boy in Melbourne called a ‘Jewish cockroach’; both students leave schools after anti-Semitic bullying. (The Times of Israel) [link 1] [link 2]

4th: Victoria’s Education Minister James Merlino calls for urgent review after anti-Semitism incident in school, Australia: Merlino: ‘I have asked for an immediate review into how both schools have handled these matters, to ensure they were dealt with appropriately’. (The Times of Israel) [link]

4th: Russian journalist arrested in Tehran on suspicion of spying for Israel, Iran: Yulia Yuzik could face 10 years in prison if found guilty of working for Israeli intelligence agencies. (The Times of Israel) [link]

4th: Iraqi PM addresses the nation, urges protesters to go home; death toll at 33: thousands of anti-government demonstrators have clashed with riot police in mass rallies across the country. (The Times of Israel) [link]

4th: Republican lawmakers push new bill requiring states report all babies born alive after failed abortions, US: to date politicians have refused to debate the bill 70 times, claiming “…abortion attempts are rarely unsuccessful.” Two Senators Joni Ernst and Tom Cotton have sponsored the Act, and Senator Cotton recently tweeted, “Only a few states report cases where babies are born alive during abortions. We know about dozens of cases already. How many don’t we know about?” (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

4th: atheist group: Judge committed ethics violation by giving Bible to Amber Guyger, US: the group made the complaint against Judge Tammy Kemp because she told her that God “has a plan” for her life and gave her a Bible. The group claims the judge’s actions violated “a vital constitutional principle for a sitting judge to promote personal religious beliefs while acting in her official capacity.” (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

4th: Palestinian said killed in border riot as 6,000 join Gaza protests: rioters throw explosive devices and rocks at troops who respond with tear gas and occasional live fire. (The Times of Israel) [link]

4th: India issues terror alert for Jewish, Israeli targets on Yom Kippur: Jerusalem said to be working with Indian counterparts to thwart any potential attack; security increased at embassy, synagogues and other sites. (The Times of Israel) [link]

4th: judge upholds transgender ideology over religious beliefs, UK: a UK tribunal is ruling in favour of radical gender ideology over religious beliefs which stated that “A lack of belief in transgenderism and conscientious objection to trans-genderism in our judgment are incompatible with human dignity and conflict with the fundamental rights of others,” and has led to deep and increasing concerns for many about freedom of religion and freedom of speech in the UK. (Binary) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

5th: Paris police killer had ‘radical vision of Islam,’ French officials say, France: Mickael Harpon, who stabbed four colleagues to death, had been in contact with members of the Salafist movement, believed in rightness of atrocities committed in its name. (The Times of Israel) [link]

6th: Iranian hackers reportedly targeted Trump 2020 presidential campaign: Microsoft says attackers breached 4 of its customers’ accounts, went after US government officials, journalists, dissidents. (The Times of Israel) [link]

6th: in apparent swap, Iran frees Australian travel bloggers charged with spying: simultaneous with return of Jolie King and Mark Firkin, Iranian state TV reports release of scientist detained by Australia for buying defense system from US. (The Times of Israel) [link]

6th: curfew lifted in Baghdad after nearly 100 killed in protests, Iraq: shoppers begin returning to the streets of Iraqi capital but tensions linger; firebrand cleric calls for government to resign. (The Times of Israel) [link]

6th: as Arab leaders slam police ‘neglect,’ officers report fear for their own safety, Israel: while political leaders blame each other for failure to rein in deadly violence in Arab Israeli towns, law enforcement agencies call for more manpower, harsher prosecution. (The Times of Israel) [link]

6th: anti-Semitic hate crimes in NYC have risen significantly in 2019, US: NYPD reports 163 offenses against Jews since start of year, including several incidents during Rosh Hashanah holiday. (The Times of Israel) [link]

6th: Wikipedia page on Warsaw death camp where 200,000 were killed was 15-year fake: Haaretz shows online encyclopedia since 2004 hosted false entry on Nazi camp complete with gas chambers where Poles were murdered; untrue claims made way onto other Wikipedia pages. (The Times of Israel) [link]

6th: PM condemns violence in Arab Israeli community, pledges resources to fight it, Israel: Netanyahu calls on minority to cooperate with law enforcement amid protests over police inaction; Joint List leaders blame premier for failure to stem crime. (The Times of Israel) [link]

7th: Supreme Court to hear major abortion case that could ‘Gut Roe v. Wade,’ US: those in the pro-life movement hope that this case will reverse the 1973 landmark decision, which will be heard next year, and analysts along with pro-choice advocates believe it will be reversed.  (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

7th: as American troops withdraw in Syria, Trump says Kurds are on their own, US: in the US, Republicans and Democrats have warned that allowing Turkish attack could lead to a massacre of the Kurds and send a troubling message to allies across the globe. (The Times of Israel) [link]

7th: US troops begin Syria pullout as Turkey readies offensive, alarming Kurds, Syria: American-allied Kurdish fighters say withdrawal will undo achievements against Islamic State, accuse Washington of failing to honor commitments. (The Times of Israel) [link]

7th: UN ‘preparing for the worst’ from Turkey’s Syria operation: despite fears its threatened offensive against a Kurdish militia could bolster jihadists, Turkey says it won’t allow IS to return to area. (The Times of Israel) [link]

7th: police minister called racist after blaming Arab culture for violence, Israel: ‘It’s a very, very violent society,’ Gilad Erdan claims amid protests over lack of police action, drawing accusations of victim-blaming. (The Times of Israel) [link]

7th: Trump ally: US pullout from Syria will put Israel at risk: Republican Senator Lindsey Graham says decision would allow Iran to get a greater foothold in region and become ‘a nightmare’ for the Jewish state. (The Times of Israel) [link]

7th: Lauren Daigle’s ‘You Say’ breaks billboard record, becomes biggest Christian song of all time, US: Daigle’s song stayed at no. 1 for 62 weeks surpassing Hillson United’s “Oceans.” (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

7th: Star Wars Children’s series features a gay couple, and the Producer says “We’re proud of that:’ while not in the iconic live-action movies, the producer and director of Star Wars Resistance, Justin Ridge told media that its alien characters Flix and Orka are a gay couple, and Disney is facing criticism with some saying they’re “sacrificing children’s innocence.” (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

7th: Christian florist sued for turning down same-sex couple appeals case to U.S. Supreme Court: After Arlene’s Flowers owner, Barronelle Stutzman advised a long-term customer that she couldn’t arrange flowers for his marriage to his partner as it conflicted with her religious convictions, so he took her to court and won. She appealed to the Supreme Court who pushed it back to the state courts, and Stutzman is trying the Supreme Court again. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3] [link 4]

8th: Welfare Ministry says calls to abuse hotline rose 160% in five years, Israel: 682 women and 1,011 children were treated in 13 shelters for victims of sexual violence over the course of 2018. (The Times of Israel) [link]

8th: France admits ‘failings’ over Paris police attacker’s Islamic radicalization: Mickael Harpon, who stabbed four colleagues to death last Thursday, had previously raised red flags by justifying terror attacks. (The Times of Israel) [link]

8th: Iran unveils kit to convert artillery rockets into guided missiles: new weapon system a sign of increasing Iranian ‘self-confidence’ in its design prowess, says Israeli missile defense pioneer. (The Times of Israel) [link]

8th: Ellen DeGeneres faced backlash then applause for sitting with George W. Bush, urges Americans to ‘be kind to everyone,’ US: DeGeneres was criticized for talking and laughing with the former president at an NFL game in Dallas, and later explained on Twitter “I was aware that I was going to be surrounded with people from very different views and beliefs” and added that we should “be kind to everyone.” (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

8th: some 68,000 secular and religious Israelis to pray together on Yom Kippur: special non-synagogue services organized by Tzohar will take place in 350 venues. (The Times of Israel) [link]

8th: faced with fierce criticism, Trump defends decision to abandon Kurdish allies, US: US president says he’s fulfilling a campaign promise to withdraw from ‘endless war’ in the Middle East. (The Times of Israel) [link]

8th: Trump says despite pullout plan US has not ‘abandoned the Kurds,’ US: President again warns Turkey over incursion and says US continues to give money and arms to the Kurds, ‘special people and wonderful fighters.’ (The Times of Israel) [link]

8th: how Pittsburgh changed the way American Jews think about security, US: synagogues and federations are investing in security, stepping up cooperation with local authorities and other minority groups who have also been targeted by white supremacists. (The Times of Israel) [link]

8th: synagogue targeted with swastikas and anti-Jewish symbols, Canada: security footage shows 4 teens drawing chalk images near building in Hamilton; police hate crimes unit investigating. (The Times of Israel) [link]

8th: in first, Israeli company grows meat in space: experiment on International Space Station part of effort to create lab-grown ‘slaughter free’ meat; aims to show it can be done without access to Earth’s resources. (The Times of Israel) [link]

8th: Trump says “biggest Pastors” believe his feud with Democrats, media is fueling a great revival, US: at Friday’s press conference, the US President shared in a televised broadcast about his belief that a revival was coming to the USA, and pastors are agreeing. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

8th: Supreme Court to hear oral arguments that could redefine ‘sex’ as ‘gender identity,’ US: this is a result of a court case in which a funeral home fired a biological male employee after he chose to wear a female uniform which the business says violated their sex-specific dress code. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3] [link 4]

8th: charitable foundation for detransitioners, UK: with increasing numbers of people detransitioning, radical gender activists are finding it more difficult to deny their existence, and that many are happier returning to their birth sex. (Binary) [link 1] [link 2]

9th: tickets sell out in minutes as Iran lets women into soccer for 1st time in years: after threat of suspension by sport’s governing body, Tehran relents on decades-old ban for Thursday’s World Cup qualifier against Cambodia. (The Times of Israel) [link]

9th: Supreme Court to consider reviewing case of high schooler who was forced to recite Islamic conversion prayer, US: the petition will be put before the Supreme Court for consideration to decide if they’ll take on the case, of Caleigh Wood, a Christian student who was forced by her high school to write the Islamic creed for an assignment, and was given a low grade for her refusal. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3] [link 4]

9th: In-N-Out owner continues adding Bible verses to their packaging: It’s ‘a family touch,’ US: the owner and president Lynsi Snyder embraces the tradition of the former president Rich Snyder who began adding Bible references on their packaging.

9th: Israel shuts down for Yom Kippur: airports, public transport cease operations, radio and television broadcasts go quiet and roads empty ahead of 25- hour Day of Atonement; IDF imposes closure on West Bank, Gaza. (The Times of Israel) [link]

9th: Europeans fear IS comeback after Trump pullback from Syria: Bloc warns Turkish offensive would lead to the ‘massive displacement’ of refugees and risks ‘severely undermining’ political efforts to end civil war. (The Times of Israel) [link]

9th: two shot dead, several injured as synagogue targeted in Yom Kippur attack, Germany: assailants try to enter Halle synagogue during prayers on holiest day; Turkish restaurant may also have been target; 2 victims in serious condition; 1 suspect held, others sought. (The Times of Israel) [link]

9th: synagogue shooter livestreamed deadly attack, including anti-Semitic rant, Germany: Twitch platform says suspect uploaded video of attack; media reports assailant is 27-year-old German man ‘Stephan B’; interior minister confirms motive of Jew hatred. (The Times of Israel) [link]

9th: Trump defends Syria move: For us, ‘the stupid, endless Mideast wars are ending!’ US: ‘USA should never have been in Middle East’ president tweets, amid scathing bipartisan criticism for withdrawing forces, and mounting concern in Israel. (The Times of Israel) [link]

9th: Turkey begins assault on Kurdish fighters in Syria, after US forces step aside, Syria: as his warplanes attack targets near border, Erdogan says they’re eradicating ‘threat of terror’; Kurdish spokesman says civilian areas hit, causing ‘huge panic.’ (The Times of Israel) [link]

9th: EU demands Turkey halt Syria operation as NATO chief urges ‘restraint:’ EU chief says political solution is only way to end the Syrian conflict; NATO calls for Turkey to avoid actions that may further destabilize the region. (The Times of Israel) [link]

9th: Trump’s new actions, inactions on Kurds, Syria, Iran have Israel deeply worried: former Israeli ambassador to the US says he no longer thinks Israel can ‘bank on’ the US intervening if a serious war broke out. (The Times of Israel) [link]

9th: aging Holocaust survivors hope to sue in US courts over Nazi-era insurance: up to $25 billion could be at stake; survivors group optimistic that recent Senate Judiciary Committee hearing may finally yield the legislation they need. (The Times of Israel) [link]

9th: three win Chemistry Nobel for lithium-ion batteries, vital to phones, cleaner fuel, Israel: John Goodenough, 97, oldest ever laureate, is past winner of Israel’s Samson Prize; his father was expert on Judaism in the Hellenistic period. (The Times of Israel) [link]

9th: despite doomsday predictions, US Jewish community grew 10% in last seven years: new survey shows America’s estimated 7.5 million Jews are older, whiter and more liberal than country as a whole, and US has larger Jewish population than Israel. (The Times of Israel) [link]

9th: Romania approves Holocaust museum aimed at shedding light on its WWII role: panel headed by late Elie Weisel found 280,000 Romanian Jews and 380,000 Ukrainian Jews died in Romanian territory in Nazi era, along with 11,000 Roma. (The Times of Israel) [link]

9th: as Turkey launches ground invasion, Shaked calls for Kurdish state: former justice minister reiterates support for an independent Kurdistan; Blue and White’s Hauser says murder of Kurds will lead to wave of refugees, increase regional instability. (The Times of Israel) [link]

9th: Kentucky school must remove ‘prayer lockers’ after group says it’s unconstitutional, US: Fellowship of Christian Athletes had sponsored a sign on the  lockers at Pike Central High School which encouraged students to submit their prayer requests, and an attorney for a public school board has had his request to remove the sign approved. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

9th: Christian filmmakers brought back to court over refusal to film gay couple’s wedding, US: after Carl and Angel Larsen won a three year court battle defending their freedom of speech, the Attorney General as well as Human Rights Commissioner announced that they’ll be taking the Larsens back to court. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3] [link 4]

9th: Supreme Court to consider reviewing case of Christian high schooler forced to recite Islamic conversion prayer, US: in 2014/2015 a teacher from La Plata High School required their students to complete an assignment, a portion of which included writing the Islamic conversion creed, which says “There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.” (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3] [link 4]

9th: Unisex school toilets pose health risks for girls, UK: doctors and politicians are calling on schools to stop providing unisex toilets to protect their female students, as many of the girls are refusing to use them and drinking less water so they don’t have to urinate, which can lead to serious medical issues. (Binary) [link 1] [link 2]

10th: Halle synagogue shooter appears in federal court after release from hospital, Germany: gunman charged with two counts of murder and nine counts of attempted murder for what prosecutors have described as far-right ‘terror attack.’ (The Times of Israel) [link]

10th: latest shooting indication of increasing anti-Semitism worldwide, Germany: Jewish leaders warn of growing and ‘lethal’ Jew hatred from the far-right and Islamic extremists. (The Times of Israel) [link]

10th: Netanyahu condemns Turkish invasion of Syrian Kurdistan, offers aid, Israel: Prime minister warns against ‘ethnic cleansing’ of minority in northern Syria, does not mention decision by US president that paved way for offensive. (The Times of Israel) [link]

10th: World calls for restraint, warns of resurgent IS as Turkey begins Syria assault: concern of regional destabilization mounts after Ankara launches ground offensive on Kurdish forces following US troop withdrawal from area. (The Times of Israel) [link]

10th: Anti-Semitic posters, graffiti found at NY Holocaust memorial on Yom Kippur eve, US: police step up patrols; governor condemns ‘heinous act.’ [link]

10th: Iran said to release Russian journalist said suspected of spying for Israel: family members had said Yulia Yuzik was accused of espionage, but Tehran later said she was detained over an issue with her visa. (The Times of Israel) [link]

10th: NFL player Demario Davis wins appeal, does not have to pay fine for wearing ‘Man of God’ headband, US: the New Orleans Saints football player won an appeal against the fine of over US$7,000 by the NFL, and took the opportunity to fundraise for a local hospital. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

10th: Halle synagogue shooter brought to federal court, faces murder charges, Germany: security official says Stephan Balliet was caught 90 minutes after assault started, having wounded two others in another town; was not on authorities’ radar prior to attack. (The Times of Israel) [link]

10th: Turkey’s Syria offensive could displace over a million Kurds, top analyst warns: Jonathan Spyer says Erdogan’s army indiscriminately shelling civilian areas, though unlikely to carry out massacres; believes Kurds will reject Israeli offer of humanitarian aid. (The Times of Israel) [link]

10th: Turkey hits back at Netanyahu for condemning its onslaught against Kurds: Erdogan spokesman calls PM’s rebuke of offensive ’empty words of a disgraced politician facing years in prison’; claims Kurds are under Turkish protection. (The Times of Israel) [link]

10th: farmers stripped of drought support, Queensland, Australia: as Australia’s severest drought on record continues, the Government has denied assistance funds to around 200 farmers, and Shadow Minister for Agriculture Joel Fitzgibbon said that it may force them off of their land, “…while this drought is still ongoing, (it) is a callous act.” (4BC 1116 radio) [link]

11th: as vigils held, Halle Jewish leader says he’s now ‘not sure Germany is our home,’ Germany: memorials in several cities after gunmen kills 2 when attempting Yom Kippur massacre; officials vow to boost security for Jews amid criticism of absence of cops outside synagogue. (The Times of Israel) [link]

11th: explosion on Iranian oil tanker allegedly hit by missiles near Saudi Arabia: ship’s owner says blast caused leak into Red Sea; crew unharmed and vessel ‘stable.’ (The Times of Israel) [link]

11th: Jewish boy forced to kiss Muslim classmate’s shoes gets threats, Australia: reports say 12-year-old boy warned he’ll be slaughtered and asked if he wants to ‘talk about suicide.’ (The Times of Israel) [link]

11th: Navy Bible: the Senior Service gets a new version of the old, old story, Australia: Senior Chaplain Paul Stuart who works in the Royal Australian Navy hosted the launch of the new Navy New Testament by Bible Society Australia, with the New Living Translation version’s cover in a camouflage design. (Eternity News) [link]

11th: Germany: 12,000 far-right extremists with ‘a very high affinity for firearms’: interior minister warns of ‘elevated’ risk of violent attacks after near-massacre on Yom Kippur at Halle synagogue in which 2 killed; plans to ban six small far-right groups. (The Times of Israel) [link]

11th: Stephan Balliet confesses to German synagogue attack, admits anti-Semitic motive: lawyer says his client, who killed 2 people in Yom Kippur shooting, stands by his actions: ‘He blames others for his own misery and that’s what ultimately triggered his action.’ (The Times of Israel) [link]

11th: Synagogue attacker reportedly admits to receiving anonymous funding online, Germany: German media says Stephan Balliet was sent some $800 in Bitcoin from an unknown person with whom he communicated on the internet. (The Times of Israel) [link]

11th: US deploying 3,000 more troops to Saudi Arabia to boost air defences: buildup includes Patriot batteries, THAAD ballistic missile interception system and two fighter squadrons following attack on oil plant blamed on Iran. (The Times of Israel) [link]

11th: Palestinians riot on Gaza border; 49 said wounded: 4,000 Palestinians take part in weekly demonstrations, with hundreds throwing rocks and explosives at IDF troops.(The Times of Israel) [link]

11th: O’Rourke: churches opposed to same-sex marriage should lose tax-exempt status, US: Beto O’Rourke, a Democratic presidential candidate said that if he is elected, he will end the tax-exemption of religious organisations and churches for those who oppose same-sex marriage, a necessity as part of human rights. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

11th: Christian volunteers in Hong Kong stand between police and protesters, hope to end the violence, China: protests continue unabated in Hong Kong, and to keep protesters safe, Christian volunteers are placing themselves between the police and the protestors, in an attempt to stop the violence. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

11th: Trans-women deny women’s rights at rally, US: trans-women in a rally outside of the US Supreme Court shouted down women who were trying to speak, including a lesbian speaker, calling them homophobes, denying the women speakers the right to freedom of speech. (Binary) [link 1] [link 2]

11th: Greens’ constitution pushes trans agenda, Victoria, Australia: the Australian Greens in Victoria has announced their updated agenda which now ensures that gender diverse people will be given equal opportunities and requires their official documents includes gender-neutral pronouns and language, but omitted any protections for women’s rights which may now be placed as of lesser importance than gender diverse people. (Binary) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

12th: Kurds urge US to assume ‘moral obligations,’ say they’re being left to slaughter: SDF chief said to accuse Washington of immoral behavior: ‘You are not willing to protect the people, but do not want another force to come and protect us.’ (The Times of Israel) [link]

12th: France, Germany halt arms exports to Turkey as Arab League demands UN action: thousands throughout Europe protest Turkish assault on Syria’s Kurds, while Ankara remains defiant. (The Times of Israel) [link]

12th: Turkey’s takeover of northern Syria all but certain, but will come at a price: Erdogan’s forces face formidable opponent in Kurds, who are fighting in their own territory on their own terms, drawing blood that will test support at home for Turkish president. (The Times of Israel) [link]

12th: PM condemns swastika vandalism of Commonwealth military cemetery in Haifa, Israel: Netanyahu says Israel owes ‘historical debt’ to fallen soldiers whose tombstones were desecrated, vows to do everything possible to bring those responsible to justice. (The Times of Israel) [link]

12th: ‘My walk with Christ’: Pompeo gives contentious speech on being Christian leader, US: Jewish Democratic activist calls secretary’s address at State Department event ‘an affront to our separation of church and state.’ (The Times of Israel) [link]

12th: Turkish forces claim to capture center of key Syrian border town; Kurds deny it: war monitor group also says Erdogan’s troops enter heart of Ras al-Ayn, marking most significant gain since invasion began; Kurdish Syrian Democratic Forces say they’re still there. (The Times of Israel) [link]

12th: US troops come under fire as Turkish forces advance in Syria: no American soldiers injured in Turkish artillery strike near small outpost, as casualties mount, international criticism intensifies and 100,000 flee violence in Syrian Kurdistan. (The Times of Israel) [link]

12th: Turkey vows Syria onslaught ‘won’t stop’ as US threatens sanctions: Washington warns ‘we can shut down the Turkish economy if we need to,’ as UN says over 100,000 displaced since launch of offensive against Kurds. (The Times of Israel) [link]

12th: British military cemetery vandalized with swastikas in Haifa, Israel: dozens of tombstones of fallen soldiers defaced in what police are investigating as a hate crime; in separate incident, 35 graves damaged in northern town of Nof Hagalil. (The Times of Israel) [link]

12th: California establishes fund to protect nonprofits from hate crimes, US: grants to provide up to $200,000 for security guards, reinforced doors, alarm systems and other measures to better shield ‘high risk’ organizations. (The Times of Israel) [link]

13th: Kurds announce deal with Syria on troop deployment to confront Turkey, Lebanon: abandoned by the US and facing possible ‘genocide,’ Kurdish fighters will move towards a compromise involving Assad and Russia, leader says. (The Times of Israel) [link]

13th: starting where Nazis burned books, 10,000 march in Berlin against anti-Semitism, Germany: thousands more rally elsewhere in Germany four days after neo-Nazi attempted to massacre Jews in Halle on Yom Kippur, failed to enter synagogue, killed 2 bystanders. (The Times of Israel) [link]

13th: Khamenei urges Revolutionary Guards to build more ‘advanced and modern weapons,’ Iran: Iranian leader says America’s hostile actions have ‘increased the greatness of the IRGC’ but its armed forces must become more self-sufficient. (The Times of Israel) [link]

13th: hit-man found guilty in murder of Jewish law professor in Florida, US: prosecutors say gunman was hired to kill Dan Markel by members of his ex-wife’s family after their ‘contentious’ divorce. (The Times of Israel) [link]

13th: Putin says Russia seeking free trade area with Egypt and Israel:  deal would remove trade barriers between nations; Russian leader says Moscow can play key role in Mideast peace due to its good relations with region’s countries. (The Times of Israel) [link]

13th: Kurdish politician, other civilians ‘executed’ by Turkey-backed group: Hevrin Khalaf, her driver and seven others killed by fighters allied with Ankara on road outside Tel Abyad in northern Syria, monitor says. (The Times of Israel) [link]

13th: Israelis, Europeans take to streets to protest Turkish assault on Kurds: several hundred demonstrate in Jerusalem; tens of thousands hold protests in Paris and elsewhere, accusing Erdogan of terrorism. (The Times of Israel) [link]

13th: hundreds of Islamic State supporters escape Syria displacement camp: Turkish bombardments near Ain Issa send many fleeing; camp is home to 1,000 wives and children of jihadists. (The Times of Israel) [link]

13th: Mattis warns of IS resurgence as Trump insists Middle East a hopeless case, US: former US defense secretary, French leader say jihadists will regroup if US pulls troops out and Turkey is allowed to advance offensive. (The Times of Israel) [link]

13th: UN: Turkey assault has displaced 130,000 and number could triple: humanitarian agency says it’s preparing for scenario in which up to 400,000 flee Kurdish areas. (The Times of Israel) [link]

13th: as climate rallies spread, Israelis to bring protest to sukkahs: following Europe’s lead, several Extinction Rebellion events planned for upcoming Jewish holiday. (The Times of Israel) [link]

13th: as climate rallies spread, Israelis to bring protest to sukkahs: following Europe’s lead, several Extinction Rebellion events planned for upcoming Jewish holiday. (The Times of Israel) [link]

14th: Israeli farmers sweat as land they worked for decades to be given back to Jordan: Jerusalem will soon have to cede control of two parcels of land after Amman refused to extend lease outlined in peace accord; tenants say the government has failed them. (The Times of Israel) [link]

14th: winners of this year’s Nobel prizes follow Jesus: this year two Christians have won awards including the creator of the lithium battery John B. Goodenough  who won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, and Abiy Ahmed, the Prime Minister of Ethiopia who won the Nobel Peace Prize. (Eternity News) [link]

14th: ‘Please leave us,’ Anglican Archbishop tells people who want to change doctrine, Sydney, Australia: as a result of ongoing disagreements within the Anglican church relating to same sex blessings, Archbishop Glenn Davis asks that parishioners move onto another church and allow the church to put its time and efforts into evangelising rather than arguing. (Eternity News) [link]

14th: German ‘Graffiti Grandma’ fined on Yom Kippur for painting over neo-Nazi slogans: Irmela Mensah-Schramm, who has spent 30 years removing racist slurs, to appeal $330 fine handed down on same day as Halle synagogue attack: ‘I did not do anything wrong.’ (The Times of Israel) [link]

14th: Trump announces sanctions against Turkey over Syria invasion, US: as US troops begin pullout, president rejects responsibility for region, says he’s fine with anyone helping protect Kurds ‘whether it is Russia, China, or Napoleon Bonaparte.’ (The Times of Israel) [link]

14th: in one fell swoop, Trump throws US goals in Syria into disarray: one expert says troop pullout will impact US credibility for years to come; another believes president’s stock in Mideast has plummeted while Putin’s is skyrocketing. (The Times of Israel) [link]

14th: US moves toward a rapid, complete withdrawal of its military forces from Syria: Defense Secretary Esper says Trump has ordered all 1,000 troops in country’s north to pull out as quickly as possible; only other presence is small contingent near Jordan border. (The Times of Israel) [link]

14th: Trump claims Kurds may be freeing IS prisoners to keep US engaged in Syria, US: Turkey accuses Kurdish fighters of ’emptying’ prison holding jihadists before arrival of its troops in the area. (The Times of Israel) [link]

14th: Syrian army moves to confront Turkish forces as US withdraws: regime troops move toward border after reaching deal with Kurds to help counter Turkish military offensive; Erdogan signals imminent assault on Manbij. (The Times of Israel) [link]

14th: Poland’s conservative ruling party declares victory in divided nation: critics fear nationalist Law and Justice could reverse country’s recent democratic achievements, including by hampering judiciary and marginalizing minorities. (The Times of Israel) [link]

14th: UK experts in Iran to upgrade heavy water reactor: as Iranians breach nuclear deal in protest of US sanctions, British embassy says ‘we are upholding our obligations to cooperate’ with Tehran on modernizing Arak facility. (The Times of Israel) [link]

14th: Iran releases photos from alleged attack on its tanker off Saudi coast: images from national tanker company show hull of ship purportedly hit by explosions, punctured in two places above the waterline. (The Times of Israel) [link]

14th: Jewish man slapped and called ‘dirty Jew’ in Brooklyn, US: incident in Crown Heights neighborhood being investigated as a hate crime; eggs thrown at Jews in Borough Park. (The Times of Israel) [link]

14th: Anti-Semitic fliers left on cars in New Jersey town, US: leaflets in Evesham Township tie Jewish Hollywood producers to pedophilia, make racist statements about Israel. (The Times of Israel) [link]

14th: 5 detained over deadly knife attack at Paris police HQ, France: source says one of those being held is Salafist imam who preached at mosque where assailant Mickael Harpon prayed. (The Times of Israel) [link]

15th: Christians caught in escalating conflict, Syria: 40,000 to 50,000 Christians have been caught in escalating conflicts in northern Syria, some suffering injuries and resulting in damages to schools, shops and homes, and many are unsure whether to flee or to remain despite the dangers. (Open Doors) [link]

15th: hate crimes against Jews in England and Wales doubled in past year, UK: government figures also show increase in targeting of individuals based on their sexual orientation. (The Times of Israel) [link]

15th: hundreds demonstrate against violence in Arab cities, decry police inaction: protest takes place in Ramle, where prominent imam shot days earlier; Joint List MK says police would be acting swiftly if ‘weapons were aimed at Jews.’ (The Times of Israel) [link]

15th: England soccer game in Sofia halted twice as Bulgaria fans make Nazi salutes: black players Raheem Sterling, Marcus Rashford, Tyrone Mings targeted with monkey chants; English FA calls for ‘very stringent’ action; England wins European qualifier 6-0. (The Times of Israel) [link]

15th: Turkey vows to pursue Syria offensive ‘with or without world support:’ Ankara defies mounting pressure by Europe, NATO and Washington, says military operation against Kurdish fighters designed to eradicate regional ‘terror groups.’ (The Times of Israel) [link]

15th: US said considering plan to remove nukes from Turkish base near Syrian border: American military believed to keep some 50 tactical nuclear bombs at Incirlik in southern Turkey; official says bombs effectively hostage to Erdogan. (The Times of Israel) [link]

15th: Syrian Kurds defend key border town as Turkey continues onslaught: despite much of border being seized by Ankara in week-long operation, SDF fighters still putting up a fight in Ras al-Ain as Erdogan ignores US pressure. (The Times of Israel) [link]

15th: 77-year-old UK rabbi arrested at London climate protest, UK: ‘We are in a period of enormous catastrophic breakdown,’ says Rabbi Jeffrey Newman, of the Finchley Reform Synagogue, who is taking part in Extinction Rebellion. (The Times of Israel) [link]

15th: Elizabeth Warren says she’s ‘open’ to decriminalizing sex work, US: theElizabeth Warren, a Democratic presidential candidate spoke at an LGBTQ forum and said that she was ‘open’ to decriminalising ‘sex work,’ including prostitution, pimping and brothels. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3] [link 4]

15th: watchdog finds major increase in TV profanity and violence, says Congress should act, US: with increasing vulgarity and coarseness on TV each year, a study by Parents Television Council showed demonstrated a 44% increase in profanity and 28% increase in violence during the past ten years, and called on Congress to put together a hearing with mental health experts, child and family advocates and paediatricians. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

16th: Psychiatrist Association calls for enquiry, Australia: the National Association of Practising Psychiatrists has called for a broad inquiry into treatments for children who wish to be transgender, after a petition signed by 257 paediatricians asking that the Health Minister request a Parliamentary inquiry. (Binary) [link 1] [link 2]

16th: a chorus of voices oppose drastic gender treatments, UK: the mother of an autistic, gender-confused girl has crowd-funded to help protect her daughter from being treated in the Tavistock youth gender clinic. (Binary) [link 1] [link 2]

16th: teacher sacked after allegedly ‘joking’ about sending children to ‘gas chambers,’ Australia: Radlett-based Newberries Primary School dismiss supply teacher over reports of racist comment. (The Times of Israel) [link 1] [link 2]

16th: US conducted cyberattack on Iran following strike on Saudi oil – report: offensive said to have taken aim at Tehran’s propaganda capabilities, seen as a more limited response than military strike that could escalate into war. (The Times of Israel) [link]

16th: Iran blames alleged tanker attack on Israel, US and Saudis: senior MP says Tehran will present UN with ‘abundant documents’ showing ‘certain governments’ were behind last week’s explosions on ship in Red Sea. (The Times of Israel) [link]

16th: US warns Chinese against using untraceable ships to hide Iran oil shipments: sources say administration concerned China shipping companies are turning off tracking beacons on vessels to conceal sanction-busting crude cargoes. (The Times of Israel) [link]

16th: Tunisia’s new president regards any ties with Israel as ‘high treason:’ Kais Saied, a political newcomer who scored a landslide election victory this week, says Jews without Israeli passports are welcome in his country. (The Times of Israel) [link]

16th: filling the void, Russia seeks to cement its role as power broker in Syria: desperate for a new protector, the Kurds struck a deal with Russia-backed Assad, whose forces have now begun moving into Kurdish-administered areas to shield them against Turkey. (The Times of Israel) [link]

16th: Syria troops fighting Turkish forces alongside Kurds, says monitor: Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reports government troops in town of Ain Issa; Russian envoy says Ankara and Damascus officials in contact to avoid ‘unacceptable’ clashes. (The Times of Israel) [link]

16th: North Korea’s Kim rides white horse, says nay to US sanctions: state media publish propaganda footage that in the past preceded significant policy decisions by the leader. (The Times of Israel) [link]

16th: Biden, Warren pledge to ‘codify’ Roe v. Wade into Federal law, US: US Senator Elizabeth Warren and former Vice President Joe Biden, two Democratic presidential candidates have vowed to legalise abortion into Federal law if elected. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

17th: Turkey and Kurds agree to Syria truce; Trump: ‘A great day for civilization:’ deal, which will see US remove sanctions from Ankara, appears to give Erdogan all he sought to achieve with offensive. (The Times of Israel) [link]

17th: US, Israel ‘appalled’ as Venezuela wins seat on UN Human Rights Council: American ambassador decries vote as ‘an embarrassment and a tragedy’; Israeli envoy: Council ‘now in the business of protecting dictators and war crimes.’ (The Times of Israel) [link]

17th: Bloody effigy of Ukrainian-Jewish oligarch found outside synagogue: unidentified assailants place life-size puppet doused with red paint depicting Igor Kolomoisky at entrance of Kyiv shul. (The Times of Israel) [link]

17th: thousands of pro-Israel marchers from dozens of countries gather in Jerusalem, Israel: crowds of participants, many of them evangelical Christians, take part in 64th annual parade through capital’s streets. (The Times of Israel) [link]

17th: decline of Christianity in America continuing at rapid pace, poll finds, US: new Pew survey finds self-identified US Christians dropped 12% in a decade, as number of those claiming no religious affiliation surged. (The Times of Israel) [link]

17th: ex-Nazi concentration camp guard, 93, tells German court ‘sorry for what he did:’ Bruno Dey, a former SS private charged with 5,230 counts of accessory to murder, says he knew Jews were being gassed at Stutthof, ‘did not see himself in a position to free them.’ (The Times of Israel) [link]

17th: Kurdish politician urges Israeli diplomatic intervention to stop Turkish assault, Syria: speaking to Israeli radio, lawmaker calls for action ‘to save the Kurdish people,’ as authorities ask for humanitarian corridor, accuse Ankara of using banned weapons in Syria. (The Times of Israel) [link]

17th: concern in Gulf Arab states after US pullout from Syria: despite housing thousands of US troops, traditional American allies in the Mideast now re-calibrating how far to trust Trump in case frictions with Iran boil over. (The Times of Israel) [link]

17th: Johnson announces Brexit deal with EU, but parliaments still need to agree, UK: agreement still needs to be ratified by British lawmakers and the bloc; European Commission’s Juncker says deal is ‘fair and balanced.’ (The Times of Israel) [link]

17th: 7 arrested as hundreds of ultra-Orthodox riot in Jerusalem, Israel: some rioters said to seek out Arab vehicles to attack; most of those involved reportedly from sect led by convicted sex offender rabbi Eliezer Berland. (The Times of Israel) [link]

17th: ‘I stopped cross-dressing when I found God,’ UK: Pete Benjamin began cross-dressing as a child, and later suffering from gender confusion was encouraged to dress as a woman and take female hormones, then later went through gender reassignment surgery, but found he was still depressed and suicidal, until he became a Christian. (Christian Concern) [link 1] [link 2]

17th: school administrator suspended for questioning why school introduced LGBT agenda, UK: after questioning the introduction of ‘Pride Month’ to the school calendar and the addition of LGBT books to their school library, without consulting parents, Maureen Griffth who has worked at the school in London since the 1990s, was told she was homophobic and then suspended. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

17th: San Francisco blacklists 22 pro-life states – banning travel and business, US: the Board of Supervisors has passed an ordinance to ban business and travel to any US state that is pro-life, to demonstrate their “commitment to women, trans men, and nonbinary people in San Francisco and across the country.” (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

17th: archaeologists uncover Babylonian destruction of Jerusalem just how Bible describes it: the accuracy of the Bible regarding the Babylonian siege of Jerusalem as described in 2 Kings chapter 25, has been affirmed by archaeologists from the University of North Carolina who have found evidence to support the Biblical description. (The Bridgehead) [link 1] [link 2

18th: Hobart Councillor cautioned for Nazi slur, Tasmania, Australia: Cr Holly Ewin was found to have breached several sections of the city council’s code of conduct when she compared a women’s rights group to Nazi’s and said they were a ‘hate group’ and ‘transphobes,’ and Ewin later said she wouldn’t apologise for her comments. (Binary) [link 1] [link 2]

18th: as US withdraws, Jerusalem spooked by Moscow’s growing control over Middle East: Russia is becoming the last global power militarily engaged in the region. Many analysts warn of great dangers for Israel, though one also sees opportunities. (The Times of Israel) [link]

18th: Eternity News celebrates 10 years, Australia: the newspaper also published its 100th newspaper earlier in 2019 and began with no funding. (Eternity News) [link]

18th: Hillsong UNITED wins Worship Album of the Year: the album ‘People,’ produced by Joel Houston and Michael Guy Chislett, received the Dove Award. (Eternity News) [link]

18th: Lebanese PM gives gov’t 72-hour ultimatum as riots bring country to standstill: sparked by austerity plans and proposed tax on WhatsApp, anti-government protests escalate, spread to Hezbollah areas; 83 demonstrators and police injured. (The Times of Israel) [link]

18th: blast at Afghan mosque kills 62 during Friday prayers: no claim of responsibility for attack in region where both the Taliban and the Islamic State group are active; UN warns of soaring civilian casualties in conflict. (The Times of Israel) [link]

18th: Sacha Baron Cohen makes Nazi analogy to slam Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook policy, US: actor says Facebook CEO’s free speech argument is disingenuous and he should kick anti-Semites and neo-Nazis off his platform. (The Times of Israel) [link]

18th: deadly Turkish airstrikes shatter deal to pause Syria offensive: Kurdish forces accuse Turkey of attacking its fighters and civilians despite US-brokered agreement with Erdogan for halt in operation to allow Kurds to withdraw. (The Times of Israel) [link]

18th: Amnesty International accuses Turkey of war crimes in Syria: rights group alleges that Turkish military and allied rebels have carried out ‘summary killings and unlawful attacks’ in Kurdish areas. (The Times of Israel) [link]

18th: Zuckerberg says Facebook stands for free speech, takes no questions from press, US: reporters sidelined, media filming barred as CEO hails his platform’s role in ensuring ‘free expression,’ defends its refusal to take down some problematic political content. (The Times of Israel) [link]

18th: Algeria intensifies persecution of churches – pastor, church members beaten, Africa: one of Algeria’s largest churches was forcibly closed by the police on 16 October, and two others were closed the following day as persecution intensifies in this mostly Sunni Muslim country. (Open Doors) [link 1]

18th: new bill seeks to introduce Bible classes across Florida public schools, US: Kim Daniels, a Florida Democrat, evangelist and Jacksonville politician put forward his Bill to include Bible classes in state schools as an elective subject. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2

18th: Lt. Gov.’s prayer for atheist group was unconstitutional, atheist group says, US: Lt. Governor Will Ainsworth of Alabama posted a faith based message of support for Blount Country Sheriff who had received criticism from Freedom From Religion Foundation for hosting and promoting a prayer vigil, and threatened legal action. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

19th: hospital threw our miscarried baby in the bin, Australia: what was a terrible tragedy for a couple who lost their baby in a miscarriage, resulted in a terribly cruel act by the hospital who threw the infant into a rubbish bin, and the mother wants the law to be changed. (Courier Mail) [link]

19th: Syrian Kurdish forces and Turkey exchange blame for continued fighting: clashes reported in key border town of Ras al-Ayn as Turkish interior minister says 41 suspected jihadists who fled detention camp have been recaptured. (The Times of Israel) [link]

19th: ‘Tremendous success’: Trump touts Syria truce as scattered fighting continue: US president says ‘big progress being made’ as Erdogan threatens to resume offensive and at least 14 civilians killed Friday in airstrikes by Turkey. (The Times of Israel) [link]

19th: ‘Only God is with us’: A Syrian family feels betrayed by the US: as 160,000 flee Turkish invasion, transforming a quiet corner of Syria into a war zone, displaced residents blame Trump for abandoning them. (The Times of Israel) [link]

19th: Germany rethinks security for Jewish community after synagogue shooting: while some have called to post police outside Jewish institutions after Halle attack, others favor technological measures that won’t undercut sense of normalcy like in France. (The Times of Israel) [link]

19th: ‘Dirty Jew’ spray-painted on Judaica shop in France: owners of store in Lyon reportedly considering cutting short their vacation in Israel to return to file police complaint. (The Times of Israel) [link]

19th: Bulgaria soccer coach quits after racist chants, Nazi salutes at England match: Krasimir Balakov says abuse directed at English players by Bulgarian fans at game in Sofia was ‘the final straw.’ (The Times of Israel) [link]

19th: Ukraine’s chief rabbi sounds alarm over Jewish tycoon’s effigy: Moshe Reuvan Azman urges authorities to quickly find and punish men who perpetrated anti-Semitic stunt at Kyiv’s main synagogue during Sukkot. (The Times of Israel) [link]

19th: Iraqi cleric’s backers chant against Israel as Shiites make Arbaeen pilgrimage: in what is considered the world’s largest public gathering, millions march to Iraqi city of Karbala for commemoration of Shiite saint. (The Times of Israel) [link]

20th: Syrian Kurdish military official calls on Israel to take action against Turkey: invoking past persecution of Jews, member of Syrian Democratic Forces expresses confidence the Jewish people will not neglect Syrian Kurds’ plight. (The Times of Israel) [link]

20th: hundreds of thousands in Lebanon’s biggest protest for years; PM promises reform: in 4th day of demonstrations over crumbling economy, protesters call for ‘the fall of the regime’; Druze party leader threatens to quit cabinet if reforms not enacted. (The Times of Israel) [link]

20th: former student arrested over swastika graffiti at California school, US: Logan Stone to be charged with felony vandalism and hate crimes after anti-Semitic, racist drawings found on high school near San Francisco. (The Times of Israel) [link]

22nd: a male rapist who is caught by police, can choose to be recorded as a female, UK: some women’s groups are outraged and the Director of Fair Play for Woman, Nicola Williams said, that it would be “highly offensive to a woman who was raped to have it written down that her attacker was a female when clearly that was a male with a penis.” (Binary) [link 1] [link 2]

22nd: Israeli develops piston engine that runs on water, alcohol – no gas: MayMaan LLC has developed the system using a traditional style piston engine which mixes 30% ethanol (or other alcohol) with 70% water and saves 50% of fuel costs , is up to 60% more efficient and has fewer emissions than diesel or petrol. (Jerusalem Post) [link 1]

23rd: 9 out of 10 US Jews worry about anti-Semitism, and most think it’s getting worse, US: overwhelming majority in AJC poll among over 1,200 Jewish respondents across political and religious lines see Jew-hatred as a problem. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

24th: IDF chief warns ‘precarious’ security situation could lead to conflict in north, Israel: Lt. Gen. Kohavi says Iran behind main threats facing Israel, identifies Syria and Lebanon as primary areas of concern. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

24th: bone density concerns raised for transgender youth: doctors around the world have been vocal in their concerns about the safety of puberty blockers for youth which have not been adequately tested. (Binary) [link 1] [link 2]

24th: the China Government tightens their controls, China: as the country celebrates 70th anniversary of the People’s Republic’s founding, threats against minority groups such as Christians continue to increase and include arrests and fines of church leaders and raids on churches, but Christianity is growing. (Open Doors) []

25th: a strike on Israel by an emboldened Iran looms, but may not be imminent: IDF seems to have scaled back its operations against Tehran in Syria and Iraq during the Jewish High Holidays, but with their end, the threat of Iranian retaliation returns. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

27th: President Macron says final defeat of IS the ‘priority’ after Baghdadi’s death, France: President calls death of jihadist leader in US raid a ‘hard blow’ for the terror group, vows fight will continue until it is ‘definitively defeated.’ (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

27th: Islamic State leader’s death is important, but not a game changer: killing of Abu Bakr al-Bahgdadi by US special forces is symbolic blow, but doesn’t mean end of Islamic terrorism or portend significant change in how IS operates. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

27th: Lebanon protesters successfully form 170-kilometer human chain, says organizer: tens of thousands participate, linking north and south of country in demonstration rejecting sectarian affiliation and calling for unity. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

27th: Seattle Holocaust center vandalized with white supremacist graffiti, US: ‘obscure’ symbols discovered on building as teachers’ seminar was taking place inside. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

28th: ‘The ABC (TV station) are heavily invested in alarmism’ over climate change, Australia: Chris Kenny, Sky News host also went on to say that the ABC had deceived its viewers about the climate and that if they “really believed in climate science, they would quote it…report it and discuss it,” but instead are “twisting the facts.” (Sky News) [link 1]

28th: Jewish mom gets nod as first female prime minister, Belgium: though she hasn’t highlighted her Jewish roots, PM Sophie Wilmes said to recently see Judaism as ‘a more important factor’ in her life, according to one Jewish community member. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

28th: Supreme Court rejects case of Christian student forced to write Islamic prayer, US: a Christian high school student claims her rights were violated after she was required to write “There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah” as part of an assignment, has had her case rejected by the Supreme Court. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

28th: Islamic State still poses threat after death of al-Baghdadi: killing of terror group’s leader leaves it without an obvious figurehead and is a major setback, but IS remains dangerous, officials and analysts say. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

28th: the government medical policy that’s killing us – CT v MRI, Australia: with one of the highest cancer rates in the world, the ongoing use of CT scans in Australia may be one of the major contributing factors because of the high doses of radiation involved which increases the risk by 24%. (The New Daily) [link 1]

28th: benevolent teenager raises over $12,000 for local food pantry, US: for the past four years, Joshua LeRette a thirteen year old, has saved money for the local food pantry and was able to give them over $12,000 this year. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

29th: Lebanon Prime Minister Saad Hariri announces resignation over protests: Premier says he will meet president to bring down government, after nearly two weeks of intense demonstrations. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

29th: 18 protesters killed as pressure on government mounts, Iraq: more than 800 wounded when security forces open fire on crowds in Karbala in one of worst attacks since demonstrators began anti-government rallies. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

29th: Egypt officials: 1 policeman, 13 jihadists killed in Sinai incidents, Egypt: : attack in the town of Sheikh Zuweid also wounds three cops. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

29th: Israeli embassies said to ramp up security amid fears of Iranian attack: heightened security measures come amid growing concern in Jerusalem that Tehran is plotting strikes in retaliation for raids on its regional proxies. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

29th: a vote on prostitution is imminent, South Australia: a debate is resuming in South Australia’s Lower House on 30 October to consider decriminalising prostitution but 55% of people in South Australia want limits put on prostitution instead. (Australian Christian Lobby) [link 1]

29th: American pastor arrested and detained in India: Pastor Bryan Nerren was targeted, arrested and detained following an accusation that he violated their “Foreign Exchange Management Acts” after he told the customs agents that he was a Christian. (International Christian Concern) [link 1] [link 2]

29th: biological male runner named the Big Sky Conference’s female ‘athlete of the week,’ US: the biological male runner was running last year as Jonathan in men’s competitions and is still listed as a former member of the men’s team and now also as a member of the women’s team. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

29th: ‘My only mission is to spread the Gospel: Kanye West opens up about pornography addiction, music and faith, US: during an interview with Apple Music’s Beat 1’s Zane Lowe, West spoke about his struggles before turning to God, and that he’s leaving his future and his decisions with God. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

29th: Labor National Party to scrap transgender studies, Australia: Deb Freckington, LNP leader has promised to scrap transgender studies which are currently compulsory studies for children in Queensland, while the state’s Labor party has increased its transgender political agenda on children without the consent of their parents. (Binary) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3] [link 4]

30th: Nazi flag seen hanging in California parole office, US: Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation removes hate symbol, says it often comes ‘into contact with items that may be considered objectionable.’ (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

30th: controversial sex education discussing gender identity, orientation approved in Austin, Texas, US: the Austin School District will introduce the controversial new curriculum for sex education possibly by May 2020 and will include teaching children in year seven about how to use condoms, and many parents are concerned. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

30th: university students warned of ‘dangerous cult,’ Australia: students are being targeted and recruited to a “dangerous pseudo-Christian cult known as Shincheonji,” which at first sounds like it’s based on the Bible, but has been twisted, and students attend three intensive ‘Bible classes’ where they’re told not to talk to anyone about what they’re learning, and can be quickly duped. (Eternity News) [link 1]

30th: UK terror suspect plotted to kill 2 rabbis, target sites in Mumbai-style attack: Usman Khan, 28, was convicted in 2012 of grave terror charges, served less than half of his prison term before being released early. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

30th: Islamic State says London Bridge terror attack carried out ‘in its name:’ terror group says suspect Usman Khan, 28, a convicted terrorist out on parole who killed two in stabbing rampage, was acting on its behalf. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

30th: London attacker ID’d as ex-terror convict, reportedly had Islamic extremist ties: Usman Khan, who killed 2 in terror stabbing spree, was released from prison last year after serving six years for terrorism offenses; one victim still in critical condition. (The Times of Israel) [link 1

30th: hundreds rally for climate action in Tel Aviv as protests held around the world: international demonstrations see activists demand their governments take steps to tackle threat of global warming. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

30th: Belgian officials boycott trade delegation to Israel: : representatives of local governments pull out of business trip, citing alleged Israeli violations of international law. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

30th: Norwegian mayor asks church to take down Star of David decoration, Norway: head of Strand in southern Norway says symbol, used as Christmas holiday ornament, is too associated with Jews, Israel. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

30th: Sudan overturns Shariah-inspired moral policing law, disbands ex-ruling party: the Public Order Act criminalized revealing clothing, drinking alcohol; rights groups say it targeted women. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

31st: Hart shares how God gave him perspective following a major car accident, US: the comedian posted a video in which he thanked God and how he came to understand that he wasn’t in control, and now sees things differently. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

31st: push to get wellbeing counsellors into schools as mental health bill costs billions, Australia: the proposal has pointed out long-term issues in the current system including insufficient funding for prevention programs and enormous gaps in service for those needing assistance, and one major recommendation is that counsellors should be placed into schools. (ABC News) [link 1]

31st: kidnapped Nigerian priest released unharmed, Nigeria: earlier this week, a priest was kidnapped as he walked out of the Queen of Apostles Seminary in Enugu, the third attack in recent times as violence against clergy increases. Father Arinze Madu was released unharmed on Monday. (Eternity News) [link 1]

31st: the World Medical Association re-affirms its opposition to euthanasia: representing physicians around the world, the WMA has re-examined their stance on euthanasia and has re-affirmed their opposition to physician assisted suicide and euthanasia, despite pressure from Dutch and Canadian medical associations to change their stance. (HOPE) [link 1]

31st: doctors across Australia reject euthanasia ‘fake news:’ over 770 medical professionals who are involved in treatment of those with serious illness and end of life care have challenged ‘misinformation’ from euthanasia advocates in a letter to the West Australian Legislative Council as pressure increases to pass euthanasia laws in that state. (HOPE) [link 1]

31st: ‘Cold, calculated, institutionalized child abuse’: Experts comment on gender ‘transitions’ for kids, US: children’s rights activists and experts have warned that forcing children into transgenderism will have serious consequences, and that this is not scientific advance. (LifeSite News) [link 1] [link 2]

31st: former NBA player Lamar Odom is ‘walking with the Lord’ after surviving a near-death drug overdose, US: after the near death experience in 2015, Odom shared how he was saved through Pastor R.A. Vernon who helped him to understand the salvation available in Christ. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

31st: US envoy: Iran has spent $16 billion on militias in Iraq, Syria: remarks by Brian Hook come amid growing concern in Israel over potential attack by Tehran in retaliation for efforts to thwart arming of Iranian proxies. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

31st: Turkey, Russia begin joint patrols in northern Syria: troops, armored vehicles and drones deployed along a 110-kilometer route where Syrian Kurdish fighters were forced to withdraw following Ankara incursion. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

31st: IS confirms Baghdadi death and names successor, calls Trump ‘crazy old man:’ terror group says its new leader is Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Quraishi and issues stark threat to US. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]

31st: faith leaders pray over President Trump amid persistent push for impeachment, US: 25 Christian leaders prayed with the President at their meeting after the ongoing push that he face impeachment. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

31st: U.S. House passes rules of impeachment with 232-196 vote: approval has been reached in the US House of Representatives for the rules of impeachment to proceed against the President. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

31st: all air defense systems on alert amid Iran attack fears – general, Israel: Air Force chief says challenge of intercepting missiles becoming more complicated, days after Netanyahu accused Iran of seeking to target Israel with cruise missiles from Yemen. (The Times of Israel) [link 1]


1st: In first, UN panel calls on Palestinians to halt hate speech against Israelis: United Nations anti-racism committee urges ‘State of Palestine’ to combat anti-Semitism, end incitement and better protect journalists, dissidents. (The Times of Israel) [link]

1st: Hamas and ISIS hate Israel – and each other: years-long conflict between terror groups resurfaces as 3 Hamas policemen in Gaza killed this week in suicide attack blamed on Islamic State. (The Times of Israel) [link]

1st: Youths tell Hungarian cantor, wife ‘they belong in the gas chamber,’ Hungary: Daniel Rosenfeld says 5 young men called him and his wife ‘filthy Jews,’ shouted Nazi salute as they were returning from synagogue. (The Times of Israel) [link]

1st: Iranian FM: US must honor nuclear deal if it wants talks: after Trump signals willingness to meet with Tehran’s leaders, Zarif says Washington first needs to end ‘economic war’ and ‘economic terrorism.’ (The Times of Israel) [link]

1st: Israel asks UK to designate Iran’s Revolutionary Guards a terror organization, Israel: meeting with top British diplomat after IDF struck in Syria to thwart drone attack allegedly ordered by IRGC head, Foreign Minister Katz cites group’s damaging activities in region. (The Times of Israel) [link]

1st: Nauru, world’s ‘least-visited country,’ recognizes Jerusalem as Israel’s capital: Foreign Minister Katz praises move by tiny Pacific island nation, expresses hope more countries will follow suit. (The Times of Israel) [link]

1st: Jewish teacher fired for screening Israeli film ‘Waltz with Bashir,’ Scotland: Court rejects Jonathan Guetta’s claims dismissal was anti-Semitic after he was removed for showing graphic scenes of Sabra and Shatila massacre from R-rated movie to 12-year-olds. (The Times of Israel) [link]

1st: Hezbollah fires anti-tank missiles at military jeep, IDF base; none hurt, Lebanon: tense calm restored; PM: Nobody even ‘scratched’; Israel returns fire with 100 shells, hits team that launched missiles, other targets in S. Lebanon; Hezbollah takes responsibility. (The Times of Israel) [link]

1st: Germany asks for Poland’s forgiveness 80 years after WWII outbreak: ‘We want to remember and we will remember,’ says Germany’s President Frank-Walter Steinmeier in Polish city of Wielun, where first World War II bombs fell 80 years ago. (The Times of Israel) [link]

1st: Iran praises Hezbollah missile attack on IDF targets: deputy head of Lebanese terror group claims strike forced ‘new rules of engagement’ on Israel; UNIFIL says it violated UN resolution. (The Times of Israel) [link]

1st: US ‘concerned’ by northern tensions, backs Jerusalem’s right to self-defense: State Department and White House special envoy issue statements blaming Iran-backed Hezbollah for latest escalation. (The Times of Israel) [link]

2nd: IDF chief to UNIFIL: Stop Hezbollah’s missile program, or we will: meeting head of UN peacekeeping force, Kohavi says Israel will not tolerate terror group’s attacks on its soldiers and civilians, nor let it build precision missiles. (The Times of Israel) [link]

2nd: trial date set for five 9/11 plotters at Guantanamo; they face death penalty, US: NY Times reports alleged mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, four others to go on trial in 2021, almost two decades after the Al-Qaeda attacks that killed 3,000. (The Times of Israel) [link]

3rd: vegan takes neighbours to court over barbecue smell, Perth, Western Australia: the woman is taking her neighbours to the Supreme Court, demanding they stop cooking barbecues in their backyard, because she can smell it. She’s also complaining about their smoking and the kids bouncing balls. (The Sydney Morning Herald) [link]

3rd: Children can’t become Christians until they’re eighteen, China: authorities are intensifying enforcement of laws against converting to Christianity, with laws ruling children can’t convert until the age of 18. As existing laws require no proselytizing of anyone under the age of 18, the Government hopes that this will stop upcoming generations from converting. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

3rd: university faculty members have demanded that Chick-fil-A be removed from campus because it makes students feel less ‘safe,’ Kansas, US: while the restaurant has been there for 15 years, the group of staff claim that Chick-fil-A is a “bastion of bigotry,” simply because it’s owned by a Christian, is pro traditional marriage and has other Christian ethics. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

3rd: Iran said to be building large military base on Iraq-Syria border: a new military facility seen in Israeli satellite images features five weapons storerooms and will be able to house thousands of soldiers. (The Times of Israel) [link]

3rd: Israel sends group to help Brazil battle Amazon fires: eleven-member team of fire-fighters and rescuers to assist local authorities with search-and-rescue operations as Bolsonaro feuds with Europe on environmental issues. (The Times of Israel) [link]

3rd: Justin Bieber credits God for saving him from Severe depression and addiction: he shared his testimony on Instagram, saying that Christ’s redeeming power saved him. In his raw heartfelt message he shared some of his ongoing challenges including dreading facing each day. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

3rd: a skydiver who survived a 60m fall, says that his life was saved by Jesus, US: Korey Fisher turned to God in 2011 after which he took up sky-diving. The recent mishap happened when two instructors collided in mid-air and both fell to the ground, and the two survived. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

3rd: authorities sealed a church shut after Christians had earlier prevented its closure, Tizi-Ouzou, Algeria: the group had met with provincial authorities and put forward their case why the church shouldn’t be closed, and nothing further was heard nor discussed with the group, until the police’s surprise arrival to seal the building. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

3rd: rape crisis centre trashed by trans activists, Canada: in addition to  the crude and nasty words left on the outside of the building, dead animals were also nailed up outside their door and even pushed through the mail-slot by trans-activists because men are not allowed there. The crisis centre exists to aid women who have been raped by men, and their children are also allowed to stay, hence the exclusion of men, no matter what sex they believe or claim they are. (Binary) [link 1] [link 2]

3rd: tax-funded Triple J radio, specifically aimed at youth, celebrated pornography for one week, Australia: producers and hosts of Triple J ignored increasing global evidence that clearly demonstrate the serious harm of pornography to young people. Melinda Tankard Reist of Collective Shout is calling for ABC Triple J Hack to be held accountable for indoctrinating its largely youth audiences. (You’re Teaching Our Children What?) [link 1] [link 2]

4th: US slaps sanctions on Iran space agency over suspected missile work: Washington accuses Tehran’s space program of developing ballistic missiles under the cover of a civilian-led effort to launch satellites into orbit. (The Times of Israel) [link]

4th: France seeks $15b letter of credit for Iran to keep nuclear deal alive: Iranian delegation in Paris for talks as Tehran spokesperson says ‘our views have come closer together.’ (The Times of Israel) [link]

4th: Iran’s Rouhani says no intention of holding bilateral talks with US, Iran: President tells lawmakers offers have been made over the years, but he never responds to them, threatens to further reduce commitment to 2015 nuclear deal in coming days. (The Times of Israel) [link]

4th: Israeli envoy to UN warns Hezbollah actions could ‘bring disaster to Lebanon:’ in letter to Security Council, Danny Danon accuses Lebanese leaders of not only turning a blind eye to terror group’s missile program but even helping to conceal it. (The Times of Israel) [link]

4th: Hurricane Dorian kills 5 in Bahamas amid ‘unprecedented devastation:’ US Coast Guard airlifts 21 injured people as rising water levels leave residents trapped in attics and winds reach up to 220 mph. (The Times of Israel) [link]

4th: Iran threatens to take ‘strong step’ away from nuke deal if no new agreement: Tehran sets Thursday deadline; unclear whether it will restart advanced centrifuges prohibited by pact or further bump up uranium enrichment. (The Times of Israel) [link]

4th: Lebanese PM: We’re not responsible for Hezbollah; it’s a ‘regional problem:’ Saad Harari’s remarks come as Israel stresses it won’t distinguish between Beirut and the Lebanon-based terror group in future conflict. (The Times of Israel) [link]

4th: IDF said still on high alert in north amid prospect of further Hezbollah attack: additional Patriot air defense batteries reportedly deployed to prevent drone strikes; terror group said seeking to avenge Beirut assault blamed on Israel. (The Times of Israel) [link]

4th: a judge has thrown out the ‘Baby Roe’ case that was filed by a father of an aborted baby, Alabama, US: the father had filed a wrongful death suit against a clinic which aborted his girlfriend’s baby, but the case was thrown out as the abortion had taken place before recent legislative changes. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

5th: house-church leader beaten and harassed, Laos: while trying to arrange a Christian burial for a relative of a member of his church, other non-Christian villagers arrived and beat the believers there. (Open Doors) [link]

6th: Iran to unveil details on cuts to nuclear commitments on 8 September: Tehran poised to accelerate uranium enrichment as 2015 accord continues to unravel and a last-minute French proposal for a line of credit seems increasingly unlikely. (The Times of Israel) [link]

6th: EU urges Iran to ‘reverse’ its violation of limits on nuclear activity: European Commission spokesman says Tehran’s steps ‘undermine’ 2015 nuclear deal as European powers seek ways to keep it alive. (The Times of Israel) [link]

6th: President Erdogan says they should have nuclear weapons like Israel, Turkey: Turkish leader says fact his country is barred from having atomic bombs is unacceptable, says Israel is untouchable due to nuclear deterrent. (The Times of Israel) [link]

6th: politician under investigation for sharing scripture opposing gay rights, Finland: Päivi Räsänenis a Christian politician is being investigated by police for “ethnic agitation” after she posted scripture opposing the Evangelical Lutheran Church’s participating in the Helsinki Pride events. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

6th: government funded website condones schools’ disregard for parental rights, Australia: Education Services Australia has material for students on their website that encourage them to embrace the concept of gender transition and affirmation and advises them that they can undergo transgender treatment without informing their parents, which removes the rights of the parents to properly care for the mental and physical health of their children, and hands that authority over to the government and the medical profession. (Binary) [link 1] [link 2]

8th: StemExpress CEO admits under oath to harvesting ‘intact’ aborted children, US: the infants were removed intact because the ‘researchers’ needed a body that wasn’t affected by poisons or dismembering the child, and in some cases the baby could still have survived outside of the womb. (Live Action) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

8th: rocket fired at southern Israel from Gaza as Egypt seeks to calm tensions: projectile apparently lands inside Strip; sirens sound in open fields in Eshkol region, but not inside communities. (The Times of Israel) [link]

8th: Israelis brutally beaten in club, attackers said to scream ‘f**k Israel,’ Poland: brother of one of the victims says group of ‘Arabic speakers’ asked men if they were from Israel before assaulting them. (The Times of Israel) [link]

9th: Egyptian delegation hastens to Gaza to mediate as tensions increase with Israel: Military officials from Egypt aim to dial down the friction amid weekend of cross-border violence in which armed drone and rocket attacks by Palestinians drew Israeli airstrikes. (The Times of Israel) [link]

9th: salt study unravels ancient mystery around well-preserved Dead Sea Scroll: researchers say the Temple Scroll, which has survived in better condition than other texts, was modified using previously unknown technology with minerals not local to the region. (The Times of Israel) [link]

9th: UN nuclear watchdog head in Iran for talks as atomic accord unravels: International Atomic Energy Agency says Cornel Feruta’s visit is part of its ‘ongoing interaction’ with Tehran and to monitor compliance with endangered 2015 nuclear pact. (The Times of Israel) [link]

9th: France condemns Iran for nuclear steps but says dialogue channels ‘still open:’ Paris criticizes Tehran for announcing new enrichment enhancement, saying it ‘must give up’ such actions to save nuclear deal. (The Times of Israel) [link]

9th: Iran blames Europe as it rolls back nuclear commitments: head of Iranian atomic agency accuses EU of having ‘failed to act on their promises’ after US pullout from nuclear deal. (The Times of Israel) [link]

9th: Outrage as neo-Nazi elected town council leader, Germany: ‘We do not cooperate with Nazis!’ says leader of rival party after Stefan Jagsch of the extremist National Democratic Party was unanimously elected in Altenstadt. (The Times of Israel) [link]

9th: Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg claims that the Bible says that life begins with breath, US: during the radio interview his comments on abortion suggested that he believes it’s acceptable that unborn babies can be aborted until they take their first breath, which has garnered him much criticism. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

9th: illegally detained Christian tortured to death in custody, Lahore, Pakistan: after detaining Amir Masih on 28 August on a false charge of theft, police tortured him for four days to make him ‘confess’ to the charge. His family took him from the police station barely conscious and rushed him to hospital where he died on 2 September. Reports say that the officers had mocked his Christian faith as they urinated on him. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

9th: pro-lifers and Christians speak out against Bernie Sanders’ possible support of abortion for population control, US: Sander’s comments last week suggested that abortion could be used in poorer countries to control population. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

9th: Trump says he can solve Iran’s problems ‘in 24 hours’ if Tehran is willing, US: hours after Netanyahu reveals secret Iranian nuke site, US president reiterates readiness to meet with Rouhani; Tehran says it won’t hold talks with US without sanctions relief. (The Times of Israel) [link]

9th: StemExpress CEO admits to trafficking baby body parts, including intact heads, beating hearts, US: recorded information on trafficking revealed as part of interviews on Planned Parenthood and other organisations by two undercover reporters who have been charged with criminal felony for eavesdropping and of conspiracy. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

9th: Chinese missionary who led 1,000 North Koreans to Christ was killed by assassins of the Pyongyang government: Pastor Han Chung-Ryeol told many North Korean defectors about his faith, and his story is available on a Voice of the Martyrs video. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

9th: ‘Young writers’ win 2019 prestigious ARPA Gutenberg Award, Australia: the prestigious 2019 ARPA (Australasian Religious Press Association) Gutenberg was awarded to the young writer ministry ‘Press Service International’ (in conjunction with Christian Today Australia) in Christchurch at an awards presentation on Saturday evening, and is one of the ministries of Well-Being Australia (WBA) with a specialist role and focus on providing articles for the Christian press. (Christian Today) [link]

9th: Undeceptions – Ep 1: Old papers: thousands of scraps of paper of original writings of the New Testament, being made available for comparison to modern day Bible. (Eternity News) [link 1] [link 2]

10th: US joins Israel in accusing Iran of covert nuclear activity: Pompeo says Tehran’s ‘lack of full cooperation’ with UN atomic agency raises questions about its commitment to 2015 deal, after Netanyahu unveils alleged nuke development site. (The Times of Israel) [link]

10th: Melissa Joan Hart travels to Zambia to bring aid to, and pray with local villagers, Africa: the actress travelled to Zambia with her family as part of World Vision’s child sponsorship program to visit thee children that they are sponsoring. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

10th: country duo Florida Georgia Line invited renowned worship leader, Chris Tomlin, on stage at one of their concerts, Atlanta, US: between songs, the brothers invited Tomlin on stage, surprising their audience. Tyler Hubbard introduced him with “…a lot of those songs were written by this guy we’re about to bring out for you guys tonight.” (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

10th: Planned Parenthood closes 2 clinics due to Trump Pro-life Rule, Ohio, US: rather than abiding by the new rule which prevents family planning clinics from receiving money for promoting or referring for abortion, the Planned Parenthood Federation has chosen to opt out of the program altogether and to close the clinics. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3] [link 4

10th: two churches forced to close, Indonesia: after threats by Islamic extremist groups, authorities forced the two churches to close in one month, despite the Constitution which guarantees religious freedom. (Open Doors) [link]

10th: two churches forced to close, Indonesia: in the past month, authorities have forced the closure of two churches after they received threats from Islamic extremist groups. (Open Doors) [link]

11th: museum defends exhibition on Nazi design, denies glorifying Nazis, Holland: a museum in Den Bosch has banned photography at ‘Design of the Third Reich’ exhibit and the exhibition has been met with protests, even though the museum itself says it’s aimed at  showing the “contribution of design to the development of the evil Nazi ideology.” (The Times of Israel) [link]

11th: Demonstrators hang plaque honoring Nazi collaborator, Lithuania: Vilnius municipality had earlier removed a memorial to Jonas Noreika, who is believed to have personally overseen the murder of Jews when the Nazis controlled Lithuania. (The Times of Israel) [link]

11th: Anti-Semitic and racist graffiti discovered at historic park, Massachusetts, US: dozens of local residents, joined by clergy, gather to protest vandalism that includes swastikas, messages advocating violence against Jews, and slogan ‘Hitler 2020.’ (The Times of Israel) [link]

11th: Scarlett Johansson unveils Nazi comedy, US: ‘Jojo Rabbit’ is a satirical tale of a young boy during World War II whose imaginary friend is a make-believe version of Adolf Hitler. (The Times of Israel) [link]

11th: new energy minister says country wants to enrich uranium, Saudi Arabia: after Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman announces plans, US deputy energy secretary urges kingdom to sign pledge to not pursue such processing. (The Times of Israel) [link]

11th: Dutch Christian Zionists donate massive menorah to Sderot: ‘This is our way of saying you are not alone, we are behind you,’ philanthropist says after giving 36-foot-high object, once Europe’s largest, to town battered by rockets. (The Times of Israel) [link]

11th: Pastor and mental health advocate Jarrid Wilson dies by suicide, California, US: the megachurch pastor had been struggling with depression for quite some time, and cofounded ‘Anthem of Hope,’ a non-profit Christian mental health organisation dedicated to help those struggling with depression, addiction, self-harm, anxiety, and suicide etc. (The Mighty) [link]

11th: Pastor lends a listening ear and prayer to bushfire evacuees, Australia: with hundreds in evacuation centres in Queensland’s Sunshine coast, Hillsong’s Noosa Pastor Jamie Coyle has made “The J Theatre” available as an evacuation centre. (Eternity News) [link 1] [link 2]

11th: changing a teenage girl’s story: ‘I am more than enough,’ Australia: ministry for teenage girls to help with self-image and self-worth. (Eternity News) [link 1] [link 2]

11th: citizens sue San Antonio over Chick-fil-A Ban, claim city targeted Christian beliefs, US: Five citizen filed suiti claiming that the city is discriminating Chick-afil-A for its owners’ Christian beliefs. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

11th: two cities outlaw abortion and become ‘Sanctuary for the Unborn,’ Texas, US: Naples and Omaha have passed ordinances to make it a criminal offence for aboritions at any stage of pregnancy. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

11th: Christian couple in imprisoned for home-schooling their children, Cuba: the couple are now in jail for refusing to send their children to a government-run school after their daughter was bullied, and also for leading an unregistered church. Other Christian parents look likely to have been imprisoned for home-schooling their children as well. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

11th: family attacked by relatives and kills wife, and husband believes they intended to kill him and his daughter, India: the attack took place after he married outside of his tribe and became a Christian. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

11th: Trump warns Iran on uranium enrichment, but open to lifting sanctions, US: President says he believes Tehran wants a new deal as economic pressure is ‘getting tougher and tougher’; Rouhani tells Macron talks ‘meaningless’ unless sanctions eased. (The Times of Israel) [link]

11th: In 9/11 speech, al-Qaeda chief calls for attacks on Israel, West, Cairo, Egypt: Ayman al-Zawahiri says Palestinians should launch suicide bombings against Israelis for Trump’s recognition of the Golan Heights as Israeli territory. (The Times of Israel) [link]

11th: US-Israeli Christian leader discusses peace process with Saudi crown prince, Saudi Arabia: Jerusalem resident Joel C. Rosenberg leads second-ever Evangelical delegation to the Muslim kingdom, is hosted in Jeddah’s royal palace. (The Times of Israel) [link]

11th: “Genderbread person” rears his head in Queensland schools, Australia: although it was banned 3 years earlier in NSW, Queensland Health has decided to ignore this and is sending into Brisbane high schools. (Binary) [link]

11th: the fastest growing church has no buildings, no central leadership, and is mostly led by women, Iran: the underground church in Iran is growing rapidly as a result of Iranian people awakening to God’s truth as laid out in the Bible, and leaving Islam in droves, according to a documentary about the revival taking place there. (GOD Reports) [link 1] [video link]

12th: ‘We cannot forget’ – 18 years since 9/11 attacks with sombre ceremonies, US: as anniversary begins, rocket explodes at the US embassy in Afghanistan, where Washington’s invasion has become America’s longest war. (The Times of Israel) [link]

12th: protesters accuse Jews of ‘taking over the world,’ London, UK: Britain experiencing a precipitous rise in anti-Semitism in 2019, with 892 incidents during first half of year. (The Times of Israel) [link]

12th: Lebanese Shiites mark Ashura in show of anti-Israel defiance: at Hezbollah stronghold in Beirut, supporters of terror group say high turnout at religious event shows Israel ‘the great power of the resistance.’ (The Times of Israel) [link]

12th: bringing the church’s ideas to life, Australia: Salvation Army’s innovation Manager Greig Whittaker says that “…everything that’s required for our communities to rise up and live in the wholeness and health of God’s design is already present; it’s just not collaborated and coordinated,” and “Ideas Platform” available from 16 September for those who need help in improving/creating ministries. (Eternity News) [link 1] [link 2]

12th: Christmas for kids, with a bit of anarchy thrown in, Australia: the new picture book telling kids the reality of Jesus’ birth. (Eternity news) [link]

12th: Government bullies MPs to rush euthanasia bill, Western Australia: despite trying to rush  its euthanasia bill before Christmas, Members of Parliament continuing questioning worrying parts of the bill, and are being threatened with more ‘all-night’ sittings for wanting more information. (Hope) [link 1] [link 2]  

12th: Kirk Cameron has created a new TV series that features faith-based conversations with celebrity friends, US: ‘One on One,’ on the TBN network hopes the unique format will help his guests feel relaxed and able to openly talk about their faith. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

12th: British schoolchildren being taught there are 100-plus genders in new video series, UK: the new BBC video school resource aimed at children aged 9-12 teaches that there are over 100 gender identities and that anyone who criticizes transgender ideology does so because they “don’t know any better yet.” (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

12th: thousands are implanting microchips into their hands – is it a sign of the antichrist, Sweden: over 4,000 people have chosen to have the chip inserted to replace cash and credit cards, which will also monitor heath of the individuals and provide access into buildings, and is part of a growing movement. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

13th: prosperity gospel has ‘damaged a lot of people,’ Benny Hinn says, US: in the interview, he said he changed his views on the prosperity gospel several years earlier and was troubled by its negative impact on people. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

13th: Trump says he doesn’t believe report of Israel spying on White House, US: Politico claimed FBI blames Israel for placing surveillance equipment at sensitive DC locations; ex-Israeli intel official says special ties and Pollard fallout undermine report. (The Times of Israel) [link]

13th: Netanyahu: War in Gaza could break out ‘before the elections,’ Israel: PM, who was ridiculed for being rushed off-stage during rocket attack from enclave, takes tough stance on Hamas ahead of national vote. (The Times of Israel) [link]

13th: judge called Jews a ‘despicable, filthy nation’ in online forum, Poland: District court judge admits to posting comment in 2015 but is not charged due to his immunity. (The Times of Israel) [link]

13th: Lebanese-American to be prosecuted for dealing with Israel, Beirut: Amer Fakhoury said to have worked in a prison run by the Israel-backed South Lebanon Army before the IDF withdrawal in 2000. (The Times of Israel) [link]

13th: Israel cuts medical permits for Gazans to halt migration to West Bank: state prosecutors tell High Court the government is working to stem flow of ‘illegal aliens’ from Hamas-run coastal enclave to PA-controlled territory. (The Times of Israel) [link]

13th: US said to reassure Israel: Iran sanctions will stay even if Trump, Rouhani meet: US president’s recent comments heighten concerns in Jerusalem that he aims to arrange a summit with his counterpart at the upcoming UN General Assembly. (The Times of Israel) [link]

13th: when ID doesn’t identify anyone anymore…, UK:  a biological woman wants to be noted as the ‘father’ on the birth certificate of her child, after giving birth. (Binary) [link 1] [link 2]

13th: Chick-fil-A on campus promotes inclusion and freedom, Purdue tells upset faculty, US: some students and faculty members are opposed to Chick-fil-A on their campus because the company is owned by a Christian family who the LGBT groups criticize and people claim are bigoted, with one faculty member claiming that people will be ‘hurt’ if Chick-fil-A is allowed to open on their campus. Yet a petition was signed by over 3,500 people who want them. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3] [link 4]

13th: Doctor acquitted of charges for euthanizing dementia patient despite clear resistance, Holland: a woman with dementia was held down and euthanized by the doctor against her will in 2016, and was recently acquitted by the Judges who said that it was the patient’s will to be euthanized before the onset of her dementia. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

13th: a simple guide to the religious discrimination bill, Australia: the proposed bill follows the structure of other anti-discrimination acts in Australia. (Eternity News) [link]

13th: scientist says we have to get over our ‘taboo’ about cannibalism and eat human flesh to combat climate change: a behavioural scientist from Sweden, Magnus Soderland declared that eating people would combat climate change, “in the name of sustainability,” and others have suggested burning the bodies of aborted foetuses for energy or to eat them to reduce the impact of producing food on the environment. (LifeSiteNews) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3] [link 4]

14th: Trump says Iranian leadership ‘wants to meet,’ US: President’s comments increase expectations he is trying to arrange a summit with his counterpart at the upcoming UN General Assembly. (The Times of Israel) [link]

14th: Guatemalan asylum seeker is being sheltered in a Washington state synagogue, US: Temple Beth Hatfiloh is providing sanctuary to Maria Pablo Matias and her son to protect them from arrest and deportation; ICE won’t enter house of worship without permission. (The Times of Israel) [link]

14th: Swastikas among hateful graffiti painted on San Francisco-area high school, US: days after hate speech discovered, hundreds of students come to Burlingame High School wearing red T-shirts with slogan ‘unity against hate.’ (The Times of Israel) [link]

14th: cutting-edge rehab center takes root in Negev Desert oasis for the disabled, Israel: the facility will meet the needs of residents of southern Israel who currently must head north for care after accidents, injuries, strokes or terror attacks. (The Times of Israel) [link]

14th: Israeli families commemorate loved ones lost on 9/11, Israel: Jerusalem ceremony at Living Memorial Monument attended by airline pilots, police, and US ambassador to Israel David Friedman. (The Times of Israel) [link]

14th: Ex-chief scientist: Bid to cut emissions regulations could endanger lives, Israel: Dr. Sinaia Netanyahu, formerly of the Environmental Protection Ministry, slams apparent attempts by Prime Minister’s Office to inject economic considerations into ecological policy. (The Times of Israel) [link]

14th: Trump says he talked Mutual Defense Pact with Netanyahu, will pick up after vote, US: in tweet seen as aiming to boost PM’s reelection bid, US president says he looks forward ‘to continuing those discussions after the Israeli Elections when we meet at the UN.’ (The Times of Israel) [link]

14th: over 2,200 bodies of aborted babies discovered in home of a deceased doctor, Illinois, US:  after failing to report performing an abortion on a pre-teen girl in 2015, Dr. Ulrich Klopfer had his medical licence revoked. He passed away on 3 September. (Washington Examiner) [link]

15th: Netanyahu says he is planning on annexing parts of Hebron, Israel: PM says the small community located in the heart of the Palestinian city will become an official part of the Jewish state. (The Times of Israel) [link]

15th: Organization of Islamic Cooperation ‘totally rejects’ Netanyahu’s annexation vow: 57-member pan-Islamic body says PM’s pledge to extend sovereignty to Jordan Valley, settlements, is ‘a dangerous escalation’ that undermines the two-state solution. (The Times of Israel) [link]

15th: Annexing the Jordan Valley threatens regional security, Israel: the strip along the Jordan River’s west bank has little military value, but it does offer opportunities to cooperate toward peace. (The Times of Israel) [link]

15th: Abortion rally told ‘Choose Life!,’ Australia: xthousands of people attending the rally at Syndey’s Hyde Park, protesting the new law being debated which will decriminalise abortion in New South Wales. (Eternity News) [link]

16th: British unions reaffirm backing for boycotting Israel, UK: group leaders pass nonbinding motion calling to prioritize ‘Palestinian rights to justice and equality’ in all UK trade with Israel; say Israel ‘destroying prospects for peace.’ (The Times of Israel) [link]

16th: Baptist Church makes history, calls transgender Pastor, Ohio, US: the Peace Community Church is one of a small number of Baptist congregations being led by a minister who identifies as a different gender than that given to them at birth. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

16th: Duke University’s student government rejects ‘Young Life’ group over LGBTQ policies, US: the Christian organisation Young Life is no longer to be recognised as a student group on campus due to its policy on sexuality which clash with the university’s non-discrimination policies. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

16th: hundreds marched in Orlando to celebrate Jesus delivering them from LGBT lifestyle, US: the Freedom March featured women and men that say Jesus has delivered them from the LGBT lifestyle, and people from local ministries and churches also were out supporting the march. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

16th: Catholics say Australia can pioneer eradicating slavery: human slavery and forced labour can be eradicated within one generation with Australia leading the way, says Sydney QC John McCarthy. (Eternity News) [link]

17th: breakthrough on SA prostitution, Australia: Mr Malinauskas, the South Australian Labor Leader of the Opposition has spoken out against the prostitution decriminalisation Bill put forward by the Attorney General. (Australian Christian Lobby) [link 1]

17th: Cardinal Pell lodges High Court appeal, Australia: after being convicted for sexually abusing boys, claims that he vehemently denies, Cardinal George Pell wants to challenge those convictions and has lodged a special leave application with the High Court. (The Australian) [link]

17th: university posts hooked-nose gesture for ‘Jew’ in sign language video, Belgium: European Jewish Association demands University of Ghent remove ‘racist and demeaning’ clips from Flemish online dictionary. (The Times of Israel) [link]

17th: activists accused of anti-Semitism leave prominent anti-Trump group, US: criticism of Women’s March unlikely to abate after co-chairs Linda Sarsour, Tamika Mallory and Bob Bland depart, as group chooses new board member who tweeted support for Hamas. (The Times of Israel) [link]

17th: ‘God Won:’ school OKs prayer at football games, despite atheist complaints, Georgia, US: after a complaint demanding that the district end prayers at school-sponsored events, the county’s board of education has now enacted a new policy where students can present anything they desire such as a song, a poem or a prayer. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

17th: California Senate passes resolution calling all Californians to embrace LGBTQ lifestyles, US: xwhile the bill was meant to target ‘conversion therapy,’ there is concerns amongst religious leaders that the language used could infringe upon people’s freedom of religion. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3] [link 4]

17th: terrorism hits record highs, Germany: during the last four years, there have been over 2,200 Islamic terrorist actions, although criminal statistics from the police don’t match, and during 2018 alone there were over 1,200. (TU, The Unshackled) [link]

17th: propaganda video accuses Christians of being ‘spies,’ North Korea: Voice of the Martyrs has a video from North Korean authorities claiming that Christians are really South Korean spies and religious fanatics who are fooling naïve North Koreans. (Christian Today) [link]

17th: Vice-President Pence announces U.S. and Turkey have agreed to ceasefire in Syria, US: Pence announced that a ceasefire agreement was put forward by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey. (CBS News) [link]

18th: UK Labour Party denounced over anti-Semitism conference scheduled for Shabbat: Jewish Labour Movement says party excluding religious Jews from debate. (The Times of Israel) [link]

18th: Chick-fil-A’s sales have doubled since LGBT boycott began in 2012, US: since 2012 when controversy arose after the CEO comments about same-sex marriage, while liberal and LGBT groups called for boycotts, their sales increased, and today are more than double what they were in 2012, and in the USA they’ve become the third largest restaurant, and since 2012 have opened up 700 new restaurants. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

18th: coffee shop employee tells a customer to leave due to Biblical views on homosexuality, Nebraska, US: it began when Marilyn Synek of Nebraska Family Alliance mentioned that she was a regular customer at a particular coffee shop, and while she never discussed her beliefs with staff or other customers there, a staff member approached her, and in front of customers she swore at her, called her a bigot and demanded that she leave. The staff member was later fired and management apologised to Synek and said she was welcome there. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

18th: Dallas megachurch hosts mass wedding for cohabitating couples to honor marriage, Texas, US: 24 couples committed to marriage in the fourth yearly “Grand Wedding” as Pastor Bryan Carter encouraged couples to move out or get married. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

18th: Saudi Arabia to unveil ‘evidence’ linking Iran to attacks, as US weighs response: crown prince says strike on the heart of the kingdom’s oil industry was a ‘real test’ of global will, urges international community to take a ‘firm stance.’ (The Times of Israel) [link]

18th: Iran warns US of response to any action over attack on Saudi Arabia: state-run media says Tehran’s retaliation won’t be limited to the source of the threat, without elaborating; Rouhani, Zarif may skip UN meeting since US hasn’t issued visas. (The Times of Israel) [link]

18th: Members of Parliament debate medical care for babies born alive from abortions, Australia: as MPs in NSW debate about decriminalising abortion, they’re also debating Niall Blair’s amendment which requires that babies who are born alive, should be given proper medical care and treatment. They are also debating other connected issues. (Eternity News) [link 1] [link 2]

18th: fewer full-timers heading to ministry study, Australia: there’s a continuing decrease in the number of people studying full-time degrees for ministry, although there’s been a relaed increase in online, part-time study. (Eternity news) [link]

19th: Trump’s outgoing peace envoy heads to Jerusalem; will meet Netanyahu, Gantz: Jason Greenblatt says ‘too soon to tell’ if White House will release peace plan during or after coalition negotiations. (The Times of Israel) [link]

19th: top diplomat warns of ‘all-out war’ if hit for Saudi attack, Iran: Zarif tells CNN his country won’t ‘blink to defend’ its territory, warning of consequences if there is retaliation for assault on Abqaiq oil facilities. (The Times of Israel) [link]

19th: Yemen rebel claim over Saudi oil attacks ‘lacks credibility,’ France: French FM Le Drian cautions that it is best to wait for the results of international investigation, urges de-escalation. (The Times of Israel) [link]

19th: authorities seize religious schools, Eritrea: authorities have targeted secondary schools operated by religious minorities, including Christians, demanding that they give control back to government authorities. (Open Doors) [link]

19th: doctors and nurses say they’ll quit if forced to violate beliefs, US: a majority of medical professionals have recently indicated in a survey that they’d choose their conscience over their jobs, with 91% of medical professionals with a faith saying they’d leave if forced to violate their beliefs. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

19th: Doctors’ rights to object to abortion the focus of debate, Australia: the Legislative Council in NSW is debating whether doctors and other medical workers can refuse to perform abortions or be involved in abortions, if it’s against their conscience. (Eternity News) [link]

19th: Australian Religious Press Association 2019 Awards for excellence: the NCCA congratulates the winners of the annual awards for excellence in media. (National Council of Churches in Australia) [link]

19th: NZ PM Jacinda Ardern’s Bill to introduce abortion up to birth for children with Down’s syndrome – parents speak out, New Zealand: Down’s syndrome advocacy groups and parents of children with Down’s syndrome, have shared their concerns with the New Zealand Government’s abortion bill which will allow abortion up till birth for babies with the condition. (Right to Life) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

19th: Catholic hospital declines to do hysterectomy on trans man, court rules they may have violated the law, California, US: while the hospital had referred the patient elsewhere, still their refusal may have violated anti-discrimination laws. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

19th: US abortion rates hit all-time low: researchers claim that the decline is for various reasons but definitely not because of the recent wave of more restrictive abortion laws, as it’s based on data from before the new laws were enacted. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

20th: the National Council of Churches in Australia (NCCA) Safer Churches 9 Conference was held 17 to 18 September: experts in child safeguarding shared churches how to work at protecting children and help the victims of abuse. (National Council of Churches in Australia) [link]

20th: Chicago bans Wheaton College students from evangelizing in park, students sue, US: the four students who have been sharing the gospel in public parks claim that security personnel have prevented them from evangelizing there, so a religious freedom law firm has filed a motion in federal court on their behalf. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

20th: Nasrallah warns Iran will ‘destroy’ Saudi Arabia if it attacks: Hezbollah chief also says group’s claimed downing of Israeli drone has curbed IDF violations of Lebanese airspace. (The Times of Israel) [link]

20th: Suspected US neo-Nazis compiling names of Jews on Telegram app: list said to include both prominent and lesser known Jewish people who have criticized white supremacism, misogyny. (The Times of Israel) [link]

20th: Orphan of victims killed in attack on Mumbai Chabad House celebrates bar mitzvah, US: Moshe Holtzberg, whose parents were murdered in 2008 by Pakistani terrorists, dons tefillin for first time at ceremony in New York state. (The Times of Israel) [link]

20th: United Methodists Float Plans to Split Denomination after LGBTQ Vote, US: with the LGBTQ issues that have divided the church for over forty years, the deadline to submit petitions in response to this issue for the United Methodist Church has closed in preparation for its next global meeting. (Christian Headlines) [link]

21st: In Germany, Jewish funds help keep Mediterranean migrant rescue missions afloat: as thousands flee Africa on flimsy boats, just one ship operates in the area between Libya and Italy. A Jewish aid group is partnering up with others to help its operators. (The Times of Israel) [link]

22nd: infarewell essay, Trump envoy ‘hopeful’ for peace plan, encourages compromise: Jason Greenblatt writes that he is proud to ‘protect the Jewish State,’ castigates Gaza-based terror groups for ‘destroying the lives of 2 million Palestinians.’ (The Times of Israel) [link]

22nd: Iran warns any country that attacks it will become the ‘main battlefield:’ as US blames Tehran for attack on Saudi oil facilities, Revolutionary Guards commander says his forces are ready for ‘any type of scenario.’ (The Times of Israel) [link]

22nd: Iran denies successful cyber attack on oil sector: organization that tracks internet outages says activity detected consistent with a cyber attack, though the cause is unclear and impact limited. (The Times of Israel) [link]

22nd: US to send troops to Saudi Arabia, hold off on striking Iran: officials say Washington likely to send hundreds of personnel, defensive equipment; Trump: restraint ‘shows far more strength’ than launching strikes. (The Times of Israel) [link]

22nd: Rare anti-Sissi protests break out in Egypt: numerous arrests made as police quickly disperse small demonstrations in Cairo, other cities calling for removal of president. (The Times of Israel) [link]

22nd: Virginia man facing weapons charges is a neo-Nazi, FBI says, US: Feds say Andrew Thomasberg called Pittsburgh synagogue shooter a ‘saint,’ wished Poway attack had killed more Jews. (The Times of Israel) [link]

22nd: Millions protest in youth-led global climate strike: masses of children skip school hoping for a ‘social tipping point’ that will push world leaders to act against impending environmental disaster. (The Times of Israel) [link]

22nd: Arab Israeli lawmaker: Election results a ‘slap in the face’ for Trump: MK Ahmad Tibi accuses US president of backing Netanyahu’s ‘racism’ and ‘atrocities,’ urges him to shelve his ‘anti-Palestinian’ peace plan. (The Times of Israel) [link]

23rd: Labour overwhelmingly backs anti-Israel agenda should Corbyn take power, UK: as Palestinian flags fly and ‘Free Palestine’ is chanted, Labour abandons longtime opposition to BDS, appears to back ‘right of return’; Labour Friends of Israel: Another dark day. (The Times of Israel) [link]

23rd: Confident that Jews will fill pews, Hungary’s Chabad opens 2 synagogues in a day, Hungary: in an event that hasn’t happened since WWII, hundreds celebrate Sunday’s dedication of two houses of worship — and a couple of newly written Torah scrolls. (The Times of Israel) [link]

23rd: Trump announces $25 million to protect religious freedom: ‘America stands with believers,’ US: President Trump announced a new initiative “Coalition of US businesses for the protection of religious freedom,” and also announced that $25 million in funding will go towards protecting religious freedom as well as global religious sites, and he asked that governments join together to stop the persecution of religious people. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

23rd: US tells United Nations: ‘there is no international right to an abortion:’ 19 countries including the US have urged the United Nations to cease using terms such as “Sexual and reproductive health” in their documentation, because – “there is no international right to an abortion and these terms should not be used to promote pro-abortion policies and measures.” There were also other requests about sex education including the family as a core healthy part of life. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

23rd: Facebook CEO admits to ‘clear bias’ in blocking pro-life videos, US: Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s CEO admitted that it was wrong to censor pro-life videos from groups such as ‘Live Action,’ but did not apologise for that, nor for telling thousands of Live Action’s followers that the group was sharing “false news.” (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3] [link 4]

23rd: church ‘re-baptizes’ a ‘trans toddler,’ UK: since the age of three the boy wanted to be a girl, and was given his wish at the age of seven, officially changing his name to Luna and dressing as a girl and the Church of England has now instigated a new ceremony for cases such as this. (The Bridgehead) [link 1] [link 2]

23rd: in 2018, 150 babies were born alive after abortions and left to die, Canada: abortions in Canada are allowed up till birth and shocking statistics and stories continue to arise, while pro-abortion supporters continue pretending that live births don’t occur. (The Bridgehead) [link]

23rd: doctors call for ‘gender inquiry,’ Australia: the medical professionals are requesting a Parliamentary Inquiry into the “rapid rise of childhood gender dysphoria in Australia and the lack of scientific basis for current medical treatment.” (You’re Teaching Our Children What?) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3] [link 4] [link 5]

24th: Franklin Graham says Trump critics should ‘give it a rest’ following new calls for impeachment, US: the Christian supporter has urged Trump’s detractors to “give it a rest,” after allegations that the President pressured Ukrainian officials with foreign aid funding. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

24th: students around the world set to pray together for ‘See You at the Pole’ event: around one million students around the globe will participate in the ‘See You at the Pole’ event where they will gather around flag poles at their schools, to pray. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

24th: 35 million Christian youths will leave Christianity by 2050, a new report predicts: founder of the youth ministry Dare 2 Share, Greg Stier shared that the report “The Great Opportunity” should encourage Christians to “flip the switch” to ensure that youth stay with their faith by rethinking and adapting youth ministry. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

24th: Muslim in Middle East says Jesus visited him, recited Gospel of John: ‘I couldn’t look at him:’ a Middle Eastern Christian shared that God is moving in miraculous ways among Muslims, sending “dreams, visions and personal visitations.” (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

24th: Johnson renews call for election after legal reverse, rebuffs calls to quit, UK: Britain’s highest court says PM’s suspension of parliament was illegal; he ‘strongly disagrees’ with decision; Corbyn urges him to resign. (The Times of Israel) [link]

24th: ‘Iran did it, A to Z’: Netanyahu blames Tehran for attack on Saudi oil: PM urges international community to back Trump’s pressure campaign, as European nations join US in accusing Islamic Republic of September 14 strike. (The Times of Israel) [link]

24th: first Arab astronaut set for International Space Station voyage, alongside a Jew: UAE’s Hazzaa al-Mansoori ready for takeoff Wednesday with Jessica Meir, whose father is Israeli. (The Times of Israel) [link]

24th: At UN, Trump calls on Mideast nations to fully normalize ties with Israel: President says sanctions against Iran will be tightened, not lifted, until it changes behavior, ends ‘fanatical quest’ for nukes; also stresses US wants ‘partners, not adversaries’. (The Times of Israel) [link]

25th: Iran’s president says Israel ‘undoubtedly’ backing Islamic State in Syria: on sidelines of General Assembly, Rouhani accuses US, Israel of ‘terrorist’ policies, says Jewish state targets Palestinians and neighbouring countries ‘on a daily basis.’ (The Times of Israel) [link]

25th: Outcry as Malaysia’s anti-Semitic PM to speak at Columbia University: pro-Israel groups say they don’t expect NY school to cancel address, but want speech contextualized and Jewish students to know their safety is a concern. (The Times of Israel) [link]

25th: Democrats intensify calls for impeaching Trump as transcript is released, US: after the release of a phone transcript of President Trump speaking with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, Democrats increased their demands to impeach Trump. (Christian Headlines) [link]

25th: Pelosi announces impeachment inquiry of Trump, who slams ‘Witch Hunt garbage:’ 2020 candidates also likely to give cautious support to proceedings; US president says he will release ‘unredacted’ transcript of controversial call with Ukraine leader. (The Times of Israel) [link]

25th: at Columbia, Malaysian leader says Holocaust victim numbers debatable: ‘Why is it that I can’t say something against the Jews?’ asks Mahathir Mohamad, citing right to free speech. (The Times of Israel) [link]

25th: Dutch radio show airs caller’s eight-minute rant about Jews: BNNVara broadcaster apologizes for segment in which man said world is being led by ‘money-grubbing Jewry’ who ‘must be annihilated.’ (The Times of Israel) [link]

25th: Alabama High Schoolers recite Lord’s Prayer at football game despite prayer ban, US: after an atheist group pressured the school to omit anything religious from their sports games, the students have been pushing back, including a group of students who recited the Lord’s prayer out loud just before the football game began on 13 September. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

25th: Texas high school football player saves mom, child trapped in floodwaters: ‘I had to make sure two of God’s children didn’t die,’ US: Jayden Payne rescued a toddler and his mother from swirling storm waters as they tried to get out of their car which had been swept off the road near the high school. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

25th: 200+ doctors call for Australian parliamentary inquiry into gender dysphoria: x as gender dysphoria is increasing rapidly in Australia, Dr John Whitehall, a professor of paediatrics and child health, is calling the Australian government to look into the increase, and seeks information on the  scientific basis for current medical treatment. (Binary) [link 1] [link 2]

25th: Dutch radio show airs caller’s eight-minute rant about Jews: BNNVara broadcaster apologizes for segment in which man said world is being led by ‘money-grubbing Jewry’ who ‘must be annihilated.’ (The Times of Israel) [link]

25th: Democrats have intensified their calls for Trump’s impeachment after the release of a transcript, US: the transcript of a phone call between President Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to ‘look into’ allegations that were made about Joe Biden’s son. (Christian Headlines) [link]

25th: At Columbia, Malaysian leader says Holocaust victim numbers debatable, US: “Why is it that I can’t say something against the Jews?’ asks Mahathir Mohamad, citing right to free speech. (The Times of Israel) [link]

25th:Israel, US urge EU to take action against ‘anti-Semitic’ boycott movement: Minister Erdan presents report claiming dozens of examples of anti-Semitism by key European promoters of BDS against Jewish state. (The Times of Israel) [link]

25th: UN expert calls on governments to take action against religions that don’t embrace LGBT rights: the UN ‘expert’ Victor Madrigal-Borloz said, “States should adopt decisive action when religious authorities, leaders or agents infringe on the rights of LGBT persons through violence and discrimination, including hate speech.” (The Bridgehead) [link]

26th: a former atheist who ‘Mocked’ Jesus now teaches at Christian seminary: ‘My eyes were opened,’ US: she grew up as an atheist in her former country of China and now resides in the US, and twenty years ago had mocked Jesus, until she heard a message about God’s love. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3] [link 4]

26th: A defiant Malaysian PM defends his anti-Semitism in the name of free speech: at Columbia University, Mahathir Mohamad tried to justify Holocaust denial and Jew hatred, without drawing condemnation from much of the audience. (The Times of Israel) [link]

26th: Mattel launches gender-fluid dolls ‘free of labels,’ US: the toy maker launched the new line this week which provides over 100 combinations in each set, so that children can make the doll a girl or a boy, or even a little of each. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3] [link 4]

26th: Australia is more open to Jesus than you believe: Scottish Minister David Robertson shares about freedom in his adopted country Australia and is launching a new national initiative which aims to invigorate evangelism with the purpose of encouraging more Australians to commit to Christianity. (Eternity News) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

26th: ‘deliberate killing’ of the unborn decriminalised as abortion bill passes in New South Wales, Australia: NSW has approved the new abortion bill which will allow abortion up to 22 weeks for any reason or even up until birth in some cases, Sydney Archbishop Anthony Fisher shared on his Facebook account that it was a “defeat for humanity” and a “dark day” for NSW, and stated that “Since the abolition of capital punishment in New South Wales in 1955, this is the only deliberate killing ever legalised in our state.” (The Catholic Leader) [link]

26th: Christians hit with more church closures, Algeria: a church building in Tigzirt was closed today after two other churches were closed recently, all without any notification. Police officers placed a notice on the building claiming the church had not been registered. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

26th: photo of young man praying over police deputy goes viral, US: the deputy’s wife posted the photo to a social media site, and she said, “Tonight was a night that I will never forget. This picture is a reminder of God’s constant love and perfect timing.” (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

26th: UN watchdog says Iran using advanced centrifuges, breaching nuke deal: IAEA says Tehran’s uranium enrichment at Natanz facility violates 2015 accord, as Iranian leaders rebuke US, European nations for economic sanctions. (The Times of Israel) [link]

26th: Iran supreme leader lashes out at Europe as nuke deal wallows: Khamenei castigates European powers for failing to ‘fulfill any of their commitments’ under nuclear deal, achieving little more than ‘long speeches.’ (The Times of Israel) [link]

26th: Israel’s population tops 9 million as Jewish new year approaches: population expected to reach 10 million by 2024; Jewish Agency says 14.8 million Jews worldwide, a slight increase from last year. (The Times of Israel) [link]

26th:   9th US town becomes a ‘sanctuary city for the unborn: x Gilmer, Texas is the sixth town in the state and the ninth in the US to pass this declaration, after council members voted it in. City Manager Greg Hutson said, it’s “a safe haven where the unborn has a right to come here and not worry about being aborted.” (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3] [link 4]

26th: a youth pastor from Honduras has been approved for asylum in the US: Douglas Oviedo arrived at a US border last November and under the President’s new policy, was asked to return to Tijuana in Mexico to have his case heard. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

26th: ‘OK’ hand gesture declared a white supremacy hate symbol by watchdog, US: anti-Defamation League says it was reluctant to include gesture in online archive, but was compelled to because extremists are using it; 35 other entries added to database. (The Times of Israel) [link]

26th: Bill passed to allow abortions up to birth – pro-abortion politicians hug and cheer, NSW, Australia: in New South Wales it is now legal to murder unborn babies up to birth, with abortion allowed up to 22 weeks for any reason, and up till birth if permission is sought from two doctors and a medical committee. (Life News) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3] [link 4]

27th: US politicians continue using the term ‘Jew down’ amid rise in anti-Semitism: council members in two NJ cities utilized the pejorative in government forums this month alone, causing a Jewish attorney to sever professional ties with Trenton. (The Times of Israel) [link]

27th: Iran president urges US to lift sanctions, drop missile issue to resume talks: Rouhani says new agreement possible, but American ‘maximum pressure’ campaign pushing away prospect of negotiations. (The Times of Israel) [link]

27th: at UN, foreign minister urges more pressure on Iran, taunts regime in Persian: Israel Katz, in short speech to General Assembly, says recent attack on Saudi oil facility was on ‘direct orders’ by supreme leader. (The Times of Israel) [link]

27th: Pakistani prime minister says Trump asked him to mediate with Iran: Imran Kahn says Saudi Arabia also requested he intercede with Rouhani in a bid to defuse tensions. (The Times of Israel) [link]

27th: new UN report on combating anti-Semitism warns phenomenon ‘toxic’ to societies: Israel praises ‘unprecedented’ document, while claiming it cites BDS as a leading cause of Jew hatred — which the report does not. (The Times of Israel) [link]

27th: Iran’s army chief warns invading forces will be defeated, captured: General Baqeri says enemies fear attacking his country, so are resorting to economic warfare instead; urges Saudi Arabia, UAE to cooperate. (The Times of Israel) [link]

27th: UN watchdog: Iran using advanced centrifuges in new nuclear deal breach: IAEA report says centrifuges installed at Natanz facility ‘were accumulating, or had been prepared to accumulate, enriched uranium.’ (The Times of Israel) [link]

27th: a defiant Malaysian PM defends his anti-Semitism in the name of free speech: at Columbia University, Mahathir Mohamad tries to justify Holocaust denial and Jew hatred, without drawing condemnation from much of the audience. (The Times of Israel) [link]

27th: government harvesting organs from thousands of persecuted people, new report claims, China: persecuted people in China are having their organs harvested by the government. Hamid Sabi, a lawyer with the China Tribunal advised that “Forced organ harvesting from prisoners of conscience, including the religious minorities of Falun Gong and Uighurs, has been committed for years throughout China on a significant scale.” (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

27th: Palestinian said killed, 28 injured in riots along Gaza border: 7,000 take part in weekly protests; several hundred riot, throwing explosive devices and rocks at troops who respond with tear gas and occasional live fire. (The Times of Israel) [link]

27th: sanity has prevailed with a High Court ruling that only ‘mothers’ give birth, UK: the ruling came after a woman, who chose to be known as a man, became pregnant and gave birth, then wanted to be recognised as ‘father’ on the baby’s birth certificate. President of the High Court’s Family Division, Andrew McFarlane has drawn the line that while a person’s gender may be ‘male,’ their parental status, which derives from their biological role in giving birth, is that of ‘mother’.” (Binary) [link 1] [link 2]

27th: US abortion rate has been cut in half since 1980 because of pro-life efforts: abortion rates are declining all over the US with a 20% decrease between 2011 and 2017, and an overall decline of 53% since 1980, although abortion activists claim that the trend isn’t related to the efforts of pro-life supporters. (LifeSiteNews) [link]

28th: Terrorist ambush in Egypt’s Sinai kills 7 soldiers, 1 civilian, Egypt: Islamic State claims attack in town of Bir al-Abed, which also injured 2 soldiers; Egyptian army says it has killed 118 militants in region in recent months. (The Times of Israel) [link]

28th:Top Iranian official: We’ll catch Trump, put him on trial, Iran: former IRGC commander Mohsen Rezaei mocks Washington’s lack of response to drone downing: ‘They cannot defend themselves, so how would they defend Saudi Arabia?’ (The Times of Israel) [link]

28th: Trump tells Jewish leaders in New Year’s call: ‘I don’t want’ war with Iran, US: US president tells nearly 1,000 prominent Jews that they ’embody the American dream,’ says he supports more Holocaust education in schools. (The Times of Israel) [link]

28th: Iran says allowing ongoing inspections shows it does not seek nuclear weapon: President Rouhani tells reporters Iran’s nuclear activities will continue to be monitored by the International Atomic Energy Agency. (The Times of Israel) [link]

28th: Report: Trump told Russian FM the US also meddles in other countries’ elections: President said to have cited US behavior as reason he was unconcerned over 2016 interference by Moscow; US special envoy to Ukraine resigns amid whistleblower scandal. (The Times of Israel) [link]

28th: Lebanese clear wartime mines from famed cedar forests: decades of internal fighting as well as war with Israel have left woodlands strewn with hundreds of thousands of deadly bombs. (The Times of Israel) [link]

28th: British-flagged tanker reaches Dubai coast after Iran release: company CEO calls ship’s return ‘a relief,’ says crew is safe and will be given recovery period with families. (The Times of Israel) [link]

28th: Nasrallah: Hezbollah will ‘enter occupied Palestine’ with improved intelligence: Lebanese terror leader says group has ‘unprecedented information’ on everything that happens in Israel. (The Times of Israel) [link]

28th: ‘Nothing will be left of Israel’ if it attacks us, Iranian commander threatens, Iran: IRGC’s deputy head of operations says ‘bits and pieces of Tel Aviv’ will have to be collected from Mediterranean if Israel makes ‘strategic mistake.’ (The Times of Israel) [link]

29th: Whistleblower allegations against Trump released as intel chief grilled: White House allegedly tried to cover up details of president’s phone call; intelligence chief Joseph Maguire calls whistleblower complaint ‘unprecedented’ amid impeachment calls. (The Times of Israel) [link]

29th: Trump dismisses grounds for his impeachment as ‘a joke:’ ‘I didn’t do it, I didn’t threaten anybody. No push, no pressure, nothing,’ US president tells reporters, a day after Democrats announce the launch of proceedings against him. (The Times of Israel) [link]

29th: Trump to supporters: ‘Our country is at stake like never before,’ US: responding to investigation of claim he tried to strong-arm the Ukrainian president into providing dirt on Joe Biden, US president says Democrats ‘want to take away your freedom.’ (The Times of Israel) [link]

29th: ‘Beware of parasites’: Anti-Semitic posters put up in Warsaw ahead of elections, Poland: flyers demanding an end to Holocaust property restitution show images of Israeli diplomats and Jewish figures. (The Times of Israel) [link]

29th: In Rosh Hashanah message, Boris Johnson vows to defend Jews from anti-Semitism, UK: amid rise in incidents, UK PM calls increasing anti-Semitism a ‘terrible blight on our country’; joins other world leaders in wishing Jews a happy new year. (The Times of Israel) [link]

30th: doctors calling for a Parliamentary inquiry into the transgender industry, Australia: Dr John Whitehall, professor of paediatrics and child health is calling for an inquiry into the the rapid rise of childhood gender dysphoria in Australia and the lack of scientific basis for current medical treatment,” which was signed by more than 200 doctors in just a few days. (Binary) [link 1] [link 2]

30th: LGBT lobby group proposes the United Methodist Church be separated into 4 denominations, US:  due to ongoing disagreements on LGBT issues, the group has suggested a split into 4 denominations, with each group having their own policies on the issue. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3] [link 4]

30th: Iran Guards chief: Destroying Israel now not a dream but an ‘achievable goal:’ in claim prominently reported in Iran, Major General Hossein Salami declares Tehran able to annihilate ‘the impostor Zionist regime.’ (The Times of Israel) [link]

30th: Teen diarist Renia Spiegel, ‘Poland’s Anne Frank’, gets her due after 80 years, Poland: now being translated into 15 languages, journal describes conditions in Nazi-occupied Przemysl until 18-year-old’s death in 1942, which was recorded by her boyfriend in final entry. (The Times of Israel) [link]

30th: teen boy saves neighbor trapped under car, says God helped him rescue him, US: Zac Clark heard his neighbour shouting after his car fell on him, and the teenager said he was able to lift the 1.5 ton car off with God’s help. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

30th: Tennessee students plan a prayer circle despite a complaint from an atheist group, US: after an earlier complaint was filed against their coach for praying before a football match, something they’ve always done, Rockvale High School students are planning to pray before the next football game in place of the coach. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]


1st: Bible Society plans reach 100,000 subscribers on YouVersion, Australia: bible studies written by Australians are “going off” on YouVersion’s Bible app with more than 100,000 subscribers, according to YouVersion’s Australian representative Mitch Hammond. (Eternity News) [link]

1st: US planning to roll out peace plan at meeting with Arab leaders, US: The United States is reportedly planning a conference on 17 September with Arab leaders at Camp David, during which US President Donald Trump will roll out his plan for Israeli-Palestinian peace. (The Times of Israel) [link]

1st: Israel’s UN envoy urges world to defund UNRWA over alleged misconduct, Israel: Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations on Tuesday appealed to the international community to defund the UN agency for Palestinian refugees and their descendants after an ethics report revealed alleged mismanagement and abuse of authority at the agency’s highest levels. (The Times of Israel) [link]

1st: warship commander says Iran trying ‘to test’ Britain in Gulf, London, UK: The commander of a British warship accompanying UK-flagged ships through the Strait of Hormuz amid heightened tensions with Iran said that Tehran appeared to be testing the Royal Navy’s resolve, 85 interactions with Iranian forces in 27 days. (The Times of Israel) [link]

1st: Head of UN investigators: put Islamic State members on trial like Nazis, Baghdad, Iraq: The head of the UN special probe into Islamic State group crimes has called for trials like those at Nuremberg of Nazi leaders to ensure the jihadists’ victims are heard and their ideology “debunked.” For a year, British lawyer Karim Khan has traveled around Iraq with a team to gather evidence and witness testimony for the UN body known as UNITAD. (The Times of Israel) [link]

1st: $100,000 tax-payer dollars for a year’s gender ideology promotion, Victoria, Australia: the City of Yarra will consider funding a $100,000 campaign to promote the public safety and equal opportunity of women and LGBTIQ community members. It will consider hosting “special LGBTIQ swim and gym nights” and raise a “rainbow flag for International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, Interphobia & Transphobia, and for Transgender Day of Visibility.” (Binary) [link 1] [link 2]

1st: UN experts warn Islamic State aiming for resurgence in Iraq, Syria: leaders of the Islamic State extremist group are aiming to consolidate and create conditions for an “eventual resurgence in its Iraqi and Syrian heartlands,” UN experts said in a new report. (The Times of Israel) [link]

1st: anti-Semitic incidents hit a ‘record high,’ says watchdog group, UK: the first half of 2019 saw a precipitous rise in incidents targeting members of the UK Jewish community, and  saw a record high total of 892 anti-Semitic incidents. (The Israel Times) [link]

2nd: US and Russia end weapons pact, sparking fears of new arms race, Washington, US. (The Times of Israel) [link]

2nd: Holy site shut down after Israelis visit, Jordan: Jordan closed Aaron’s Tomb to visitors without express permission to visit, after it said a group of Israeli pilgrims prayed at the holy site illegally. [link]

2nd: he was a drag queen for 20 years, then he found Jesus: ‘I Was Set Free:’ Kevin Whitt is organising protests against library-sponsored drag queen story hours. Whitt testifies that his new faith was life-changing. (Christian Headlines) [link]

4th after El Paso massacre, liberal US Jews say that Trump is fuelling white nationalism, Washington, US: liberal American Jewish leaders, are angry that the recent shooting was carried out by an alleged white supremacist, claiming that Trump had fuelled xenophobia and division. (The Times of Israel) [link]

4th Iran says will take ‘third step’ to reduce nuclear deal commitments, Iran: Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif announced that the Islamic Republic intends to take a “third step” under the 2015 nuclear agreement to reduce its commitments. (The Israel Times) [link 1] [link 2]

4th German Jews accuse Der Spiegel of spreading anti-Semitic stereotypes, Germany: representatives of the Jewish community accuses Der Spiegal of spreading anti-Semitic stereotypes . (The Times of Israel) [link]

4th Jewish group pans BBC for covering man who trained dog to do Nazi salute, UK: a Jewish group in Glasgow criticised the BBC after it aired a program of an online ‘celebrity’ who taught a pug to perform the Nazi salute using commands like “Gas the Jews.”(The Times of Israel) [link]

5th: Trump lists 4 ways to stop mass shootings: ‘America will rise to the challenge,’ US: in light of the shootings over the weekend, the President  condemned bigotry and white supremacy. (Christian Headlines) [link]

5th: Iran will increase Hamas funding to find out more intel on Israel, Iran: the Palestinian terror group will reportedly offer information to Tehran on the location of Israel’s missile stockpiles. (The Times of Israel) [link]

5th: ‘ Abandon your faith:’ China forcibly merging churches to curtail Christianity, China: four approved churches were shut down during the past few months, using questionable tactics. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

5th: Christian leaders on mass shootings: ‘Enough is enough,’ US: as the country reeled in shock over the latest two shootings, in which 9 were killed in Dayton, Ohio and a further 20 in El Paso, Texas, US Christian leaders called for change, and spoke out against white supremists. (Christian Headlines) [link]

5th: a transgender person sues their medical insurance agency for refusing to pay for facial surgery, Oregon, US: the person has undergone almost all that is required for them to identify as a woman, except for plastic surgery to appear more feminine, which is not deemed as a medical necessity. (Binary) [link 1] [link 2]

6th: Vice-President meets with religious freedom activists to discuss persecution in China, US: Mike Pence met with about 15 people from an interfaith group of religious freedom activitists and discussed how the US could challenge China because of it’s ongoing record of persecution of various religions. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

6th Pastor Rick Wiles asks for $100 million to set-up end times global broadcasting network, Florida, US: aiming to set-up the media platform, it  will “guide the public through the End Times.” (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3

7th: Member of Parliament, Jenny Leong, a member of the Greens party said, “There are people who have uteruses that are not women, Australia:” the MP’s comments came after discussions about the NSW abortion reform bill. (Binary) [link]

7th: celebrating her 104th birthday, holocaust survivor celebrates with her 400 descendants, Israel: her offspring endeavoured to meet her request to gather at the Western Wall. (New York Post) [link]

7th: as church worships, police arrive to seal building, Tizi-ouzou, Algeria: Pastor Messaoud Takilt said he wasn’t surprised, “…since other Christian places of worship have been closed and sealed as was the case today.’ (Christian Headlines) [link]

7th: forced abortion – pregnant women kicked, held down and tortured, report says, North Korea: analyst and journalist Dong Yon Kimm advised that women “are treated like an animal and have been put through forced abortions and it is done in many ways.” (Christiain Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

7th: school punishes 6th grader for using wrong pronoun for transgender student, Ohio, US: the student told his friends that the student “is a boy, not a girl.” (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

7th: Israel launches a satellite over Africa to give the continent internet access, Africa: the communications satellite was launched by Israel on Tuesday. Dubbed “Amos-17,” was launched at Cape Canaveral Air-Force Station. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

7th: more churches respond more personally to women facing crisis pregnancy, Australia: while there’s still some way to go, church leaders are “…finding new ways to put love into action.” (Eternity news) [link]

8th: ‘school prayer zone’ signs have been erected near schools, South Carolina, US: director and founder of ‘Christ Teens’ Vanessa Frazier worked with others to come up with the idea. After discussions with the South Carolina Dept of Transportation, Frazier hopes that the new signs will “create a wall of prayer around the schools.” (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

8th: Christian rapper has the no. 1-selling album on the billboard, US: “The Search” is NF’s new album and his earlier 2017 album Perception also hit No. 1 on the chart. His music is free from coarse language that is commonly found in rap music. NF said that he is “forever grateful” to his fans. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

8th: feminists oppose transgender self identification bill, Australia: both transgender and feminist activists are divided over a new bill on the rights of transgenders, particularly since neither side can have equal rights  simultaneously, as these rights conflict with the other. The impact on women will likely be enormous and aren’t presently being addressed. (Binary) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

8th: Christian speaker Beth Moore challenges Christian leaders to condemn white nationalism, US: Her comments followed on after the tragic shootings last weekend. (Christian Headlines) [link]

8th: Vice President Mike Pence is criticized for saying he prays for his critics, Washington, US: after making that statement, he received even more criticism. (Christian Headlines)[link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

8th: Christians beg for government protection after a Nigerian Pastor was killed in cold blood and his wife abducted, Nigeria: militants stopped pastor Jeremiah Omolara’s car, gunned him down and abducted his wife. Fortunately their son was able to escape. Omolara was the pastor of the Living Faith Church. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

9th: the Department of Education will investigate State rule which requires biological girls to compete against transgender girls in athletics, US: the investigation was initiated after three competitors complained that it is unfair. (Christian Headlines) [link]

9th: former Sheriff Deputy was fired after requesting he not train alone with a female deputy because of his faith, North Carolina, US: Torres follows Billy Graham’s rule to never spend time alone with a woman who is not your spouse, and after his dismissal is suing. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

9th:Cricket Australia announces a major transgender inclusion policy, Australia: the new policy will enable transgender and gender diverse people playing cricket in line with their gender identity. (3AW Football) [link]

9th: double shootings heighten fears of ‘white terrorism,’ US: politicians from both sides of the fence are calling for the federal government to seriously consider the breath, and some accuse Trump of encouraging racial tensions. (The Times of Israel) [link]

9th:: Judge blocks pro-life law banning abortion of babies with Down Syndrome, US: a federal judge has blocked three pro-life laws in Arkansas from going ahead. One law included a ban on pregnancies where the baby has been diagnosed with Down Syndrome. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

9th: Court rules that seal with cross can stay, Pennsylvania, US: after a seal in Pennsylvania County that included a cross symbol, was ruled by a lower federal judge to be removed, was reversed by a panel of 3rd Circuit US Court of Appeals. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

9th: Iran’s Rouhani rejects Israeli involvement in Gulf naval security, Iran: Iran’s president says that Israel should worry about its own defense, calling it the region’s ‘main perpetrator of terrorism, war and slaughter.’ (The Israel Times) [link]

9th: Hamas leader vows to shower Israel with missiles if IDF invades Gaza: Yahya Sinwar says the terror group will defeat Israeli military, while praising the Palestinian man who opened fire on Israeli troops earlier after sneaking across fence. (The Israel Times) [link]

9th: white supremacists have murdered at least 73 since Charlottesville, ADL says, US: a rise in far-right violence and racist propaganda over the  past two years has been tied to Virginia rally, says the Anti-Defamation League’s report, which traces fallout among extremists. (The Times of Israel) [link 1] [link 2]

10th: Iran leader urges Muslims to block Trump’s ‘doomed’ peace plan, Tehran, Iran: Ali Khamenei, the supreme leader of Iran asks all Muslims to oppose President Trumps Middle East peace plan. (The Israel Times) [link]

11th: Las Vegas man tied to white supremacists planned to bomb synagogue, US: Conor Climo, was charged with plans to target Jews or LBGT community in terror attacks as well as materials for making bombs. (The Israel Times) [link]

11th: mosque shooting was ‘attempted act of terror,’ Norway: a young man with ‘Norwegian background,’ holds ‘far-right, anti-immigrant’ views, police say. (The Israel Times) [link]

11th: North Korea’s Kim tests new weapon as Trump pushes nuclear talks, North Korea: after fifth launch in two weeks, US president says Pyongyang offered a ‘small apology’ for missile tests, and wants to resume talks once US-South Korea war games end. (The Israel Times)[link]

11th: ‘upgraded’ missile defense system with ‘high capabilities,’ Tehran, Iran:  Iran claims that locally reconstructed system can detect all types of cruise and ballistic missiles, and drones and has a range of 400 kilometers. (The Times of Israel) [link]

11th: Iran says Israeli involvement in US-led naval mission a threat to its security, Tehran, Iran: Iran warns it will counter Jerusalem’s presence in the region in self-defense after Israel’s FM reportedly said it was helping secure Strait of Hormuz. (The Times of Israel) [link]

11th: Iran’s navy chief warns any Israeli presence in Gulf could ‘spark war,’ Iran: this remark follows reports Israel taking part in US-led mission to secure Western vessels in Strait of Hormuz, where Iran has seized several tankers. (The Times of Israel) [link 1] [link 2] [llink 3]

11th: Court forbids gender-segregated concert planned by city of Afula, Israel: it ruled that the separating men and women contravenes the principle of equality. (The Times of Israel) [link]

11th: Poland honors World War II group that collaborated with Nazis: war veterans and officials celebrated the group which collaborated with the Nazis to stop their country from becoming communist. Poland’s chief rabbi said that the ceremony was ‘dangerous’ historical revisionism. (The Times of Israel) [link]

12th: ‘’In God We Trust’ signs to be posted in every Louisiana school this year, US: every school building in Louisiana must display the nation’s motto, “In God We Trust,” under a new law that went into effect for 2019’s school year. Additionally, classes must teach students by the fifth grade, about the motto. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

12th: 16% of Christians think the church should apologize for American’s racist past, US: out of 1,500 surveyed just a small percentage believes the church should repent of these past sins. (Christian headlines) [link 1]

12th: Brooklyn Jewish school installs bulletproof doors in wake of mass shootings, New York, US: ‘No weapon will open the door,’ head of Bnos Menachem girls school says of new safety measure, which was manufactured by Israeli firm; 50 other institutions will follow. (The Times of Israel) [link 1] [link 2]

12th: at the southern tip of the Red Sea, Iran poses a direct threat to Israel: an Israeli expert is warning that Iran is looking at ways to get out of the US-led economic sanctions through intimidation which would lead to Israel being vulnerable should Tehran choose to add another block to a second waterway. (The Times of Israel) [link 1] [link 2]

13th: Marty Sampson, of Hillsong says: ‘I’m genuinely losing my faith,’ US: Sampson wrote or co-wrote some Hillson’s most like worship songs, and shared on his Instagram account that Christians is “not for me.” (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

12th: pilgrims in Mecca call for Israel’s destruction, cry ‘Death to America,’ Iran: in their hajj ceremony at Mecca they said that Israel is the enemy of Allah, and calling for their destruction. The crowd chanted the crowd then chanted, “Death to America! Death to Israel!” (The Times of Israel) [link]

13th: New Jerusalem finds are evidence of Babylonian siege, archaeologists say, Israel: a jewel and arrowheads found buried in layer of ash at Mount Zion are part of jumble indicating a household ruined ‘following a raid or battle.’ (The Times of Israel) [link]

13th: clashes break out on Temple Mount between Muslim protesters, Israeli police, Israel: a report from the police stated that Muslim worshipers started making ‘nationalist calls’ and rioting on the Temple mount. The police used rubber bullets, tear gas and other non-lethal weapons to bring protestors under control. (The Times of Israel) [link]

13th: police temporarily bar Jewish visitors from Temple Mount on Tisha B’Av (day of fast), Israel: the closure came as both Muslims and Jewish people celebrated separate holy festivals on the same day, and the Muslims were rioting. (The Times of Israel) [link]

13th: man who denied Holocaust at concentration camp to face charges, Germany: holocaust denial is illegal in Germany. Reportedly a supporter of the far-right AfD party, commenter was one of several people who made remarks denying existence of gas chambers at Sachsenhausen. (The Times of Israel) [link 1] [link 2]

13th: Federal Judge rules that transgender students can chose which bathroom they want to use, US: Judge Arenda Wright Allen wrote that the  “… perpetuation of harm to a child stemming from unconstitutional conduct cannot be allowed to stand,” and that a Virginia school district’s board’s policy “discriminates against transgender students on the basis of their gender nonconformity.” (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

13th: evidence of Babylonian conquest of Jerusalem is unearthed, and fits with Bible description, Israel: archaeologists claim they’ve uncovered “clear” archaeological evidence of conquest from 2,500 years ago which is described in 2 Kings chapter 25. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

14th: Governor signs a law to ensure LGBT history is taught in all public schools, Illinois, US: J.B. Pritzker, Illinois’ Governor signed ‘House Bill 246’ which was introduced by Rep Anna Moeller to ensure the education curriculum is more inclusive. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

14th: Kentucky bans abortions after heartbeat detected, US: the sixth state in the US to ban abortions once a heartbeat is detected, (around 6 weeks of pregnancy), Kentucky’s Governor Matt Bevin signed the “fetal heartbeat bill.” (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

14th: school helping autistic girl become transgender against parents’ wishes, US: the girl is autistic and has some mental health issues, and despite being happy with being a girl, she only began desiring to be a boy after becoming friends with a transgender classmate, but her parents were ignored. (Christian Headlines) [link]

14th: Israel said bracing for likely Omar, Tlaib visit to flashpoint Temple Mount, Israel: during secret meeting of National Security Council, senior officials agree to allow congresswomen onto holy site, but not accompanied by PA officials. (The Israel Times) [link]

14th: the movie ‘Unplanned’ jumps up to no. 1 spot on Amazon’s best sellers for DVDs: while initially blocked by major movie distributors, and independent distributor ensured it was aired. Earlier after viewing the movie, around 100 people in the ‘abortion ‘industry’ chose to leave their workplace. (Christian Headlines) [link]

15th: Israel to bar US Congress members Omar, Tlaib from visiting, Israel: Democratic lawmakers will be turned back due to ‘suspected provocations and promotion of BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanction movement), unconfirmed TV report says. (The Israel Times) [link]

15th: Deputy FM confirms Israel will bar US lawmakers Omar, Tlaib from entering, Israel: ‘We won’t allow those who deny our right to exist in this world enter Israel,’ Tzipi Hotovely tells radio, after Trump urges Jerusalem to impose entry ban. (The Israel Times) [link]

15th: Police stop bus full of Palestinians en route to Israel to go to the beach, Israel: border cops thwart ‘infiltration’ of 56 West Bank men, women and children, with swimming gear, without permits to enter Israel. (The Israel Times) [link]

15th: Rabbi assaulted in Berlin — second such attack in as many weeks, Germany: incidents are the latest in a wave of racially and religiously motivated crimes against Jews in Germany. (The Israel Times) [link]

15th: teens on puberty blockers report an increase in suicidal thoughts and self-harm, UK: someresearch has indicated a significant increase in suicidal thoughts and self-harm in just one year with teens who are taking puberty blockers, according to the BBC, although the sample was only small. (Binary) [link 1] [link 2]

15th: after being banned from visiting Israel, US congresswoman Tlaib asks to enter Israel to visit her elderly grandmother, US: top Israeli minister urges for congresswoman to be allowed into the country after she vows to respect ‘any restrictions,’ refrain from promoting a boycott during her stay. (The Israel Times) [link]

15th: in back-down, Israel says Tlaib can enter to visit her Palestinian family, Israel: US congresswoman Rashida Tlaib will be allowed into the country after she vows to respect ‘any restrictions,’ and refrain from promoting a boycott during her stay. (The Israel Times) [link]

15th: after Israel allows US congresswoman Tlaib  to visit grandmother, Tlaib says she’s not going, US: she claims‘humiliating and oppressive’ terms for visit to family. (The Israel Times) [link]

15th: immigration officer who drove into Rhode Island Jewish protesters put on leave, US: five demonstrators with ‘Never Again Action’ were hospitalised after an immigration officer ran his truck through the group as they blocked an ICE detention centre. (The Israel Times) [link]

15th: Chinese Churches are forced to cancel children’s summer camps, China: the government has banned educational gatherings of children which means church summer camps will be cancelled, though camps being held secretly will likely go ahead and only those publicised will close. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

15th: Trump administration will spare Bibles from tariffs on Chinese goods, US: while there is an escalating tariff war between China and the US, Bibles have been given a free pass. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

15th: new Trump rule would protect religious freedoms of Federal contractors, US: the Labor Dept has proposed a new rule to broaden religious freedom of federal contractors, though cricis suggest it will allow discrimination against LGBT employees. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

15th: Jesus Global Youth Day sparks passion for the gospel in millions of youth worldwide, Manila, Philippians: church leaders and around 50,000 young people from over 30 countries, met for the first Jesus Global Youth Day. It’s aim to both teach youth how to follow Christ, and eventually become leaders. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

15th: court rules in favour of 24 hour waiting period for abortions, Florida, US:  a court in Florida has overturned a circuit judge’s ruling which earlier had deleted the 24 hour cool-off period before proceeding with abortion. The cooling-off period has been reinstated, to ensure that the woman was giving ‘informed consent.’ (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

16th: Pacific leaders, Australia agree to disagree about action on climate change, Tuvalu: South Pacific island leaders including Prime Ministers from Australia and New Zealand held talks about climate change, but differed in some views, and ultimately signed different climate change agreements. (ABC News) [link]

16th: thousands of Palestinians protest on Gaza border, Israel/Palestine: several hundred rioters throw stones and explosive devices at IDF soldiers, who respond with tear gas and occasional live fire; 16 reported wounded. (The Israel Times) [link]

18th: Islamic State claims bombing at Kabul wedding that killed 63, Kabul, Afghanistan: Sunni terror group says in statement that suicide bomber was targeting large Shiite gathering. (The Times of Israel) [link 1] [link 2]

19th: a  transgender book that describes oral sex by 6-year-olds, is being promoted to youth in libraries, Australia: experts are demanding an urgent enquiry into hormone drugs being given to young children suffering from gender-confusion. (Binary) [link 1] [link 2]  

19th: Methodist university in Virginia hires Muslim chaplain, US: while a Methodist school, Shenandoah University, dean of spiritual life Rev Dr Justin Allen claims that because the school is open to people of different faiths, it’s a place the ‘cherishes religious diversity.” (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

20th: Trump confirms peace plan to be released after Israeli elections, US: long-awaited proposal was to have been unveiled in summer, but was delayed due to fresh Israeli vote set for September 17. (The Times of Israel) [link]

20th: Iran says it has warned US against seizing oil tanker, Iran: Foreign ministry spokesman says action against ship which had been held by Gibraltar would be a mistake with grave consequences. (The Times of Israel) [link]

20th: Iranian tanker sought by US leaves Gibraltar: Local authorities reject an eleventh-hour attempt by the United States to re-seize the oil ship, said to be owned by Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. (The Times of Israel) [link]

20th:  Netanyahu willing to stand up to Trump on peace plan, says official, Israel:Senior Israeli official says PM has conveyed to US president what policies he’d reject, told him Israel must have ‘complete control’ of all areas west of the Jordan River. (The Times of Israel) [link]

20th: top security official says Tehran should not have signed nuclear deal, Iran: Ali Shamkhani, military adviser to Khameni, says Trump administration policies are endangering Israel, warns of proxy war if conflict breaks out. (The Times of Israel) [link]

21st: thousands gathered in last ditch effort to stop abortion bill, Sydney, Australia: the ‘Stand for Life’ protest was held in Martin Place, as the NSW Parliament debated the legislation to decriminalise abortion. The debate was delayed until parliament resat which is likely to be no earlier than mid-September. (Eternity News) [link]

21st: during a church service, a Pastor was shot and killed, Mexico: hosility towards faith leaders continues in Mexico with the point-blank shooting of Pastor Alfrery Lictor Cruz Canseco in Tlalixtac de Cabrera in the Oaxacs State. The assailant was captured by people in the congregation and held until he was arrested. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

21st: a woman who complained about noisy mosque, was jailed for blasphemy, Indonesia: by complaining about how loud the Muslim calls to pray were near her home, five times a day, Prosecutors claim that the Chinese Buddhist had blasphemed against Islam. She was led away from court in handcuffs. allege she committed blasphemy against Islam by complaining the Muslim call to prayer was being played too loudly near her home. (Independent) [link]

22nd: Trump declares himself to be ‘the chosen one,’ US: after promoting claim that Israelis ‘love him like he is the second coming of God,’ US president defends China trade war by describing himself as the messiah. (The Times of Israel) [link]

22nd: Chinese Church elder after imprisonment of 8 months:, China: one of many Christians imprisoned 8 months ago along with the Pastor Wang Yi and over 100 other church members, Elder Li Yingqiang was released and allowed to return to his family. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

22nd: a father will have to face a complaint lodged with Human Rights Commission after asking the gender of their babysitter, Canada: a complaint with lodged about the single parent after he placed an ad on a Canadian website. (Christian Headlines) [link]

22nd: a bill was passed in the lower house that wants to allow the legal definition of biological sex to be easily altered to something radical, Victoria, Australia: this bill allows individuals to change their sex on their birth certificate to one of many options such as ambigender, pangender or even wolfsbanegender, and many others, as often as they wish. (Australian Family Coalition) [link]

23rd: Hamas lauds ‘heroic’ perpetrators of bombing attack in which Israeli teen killed, Palestine:terror chief Haniyeh extols West Bank Palestinians for proving they’re ‘no less faithful, steadfast than Gaza brethren’; Islamic Jihad hails ‘natural response’ to Israel aggression. (The Times of Israel) [link]

23rd: beware of euthanasia by stealth, Queensland, Australia: despite the November 2017 election promise that the Queensland government had “no plans to introduce legislation to allow for voluntary euthanasia,” this week the Labor party is pushing to introduce euthanasia laws by the next state election in 2020. (Hope) [link]

23rd: US envoy suggests world should rethink PA aid after Israeli teen killed by bomb, US: Jason Greenblatt demands Abbas condemn ‘savage attack’ that killed Rina Shnerb, fumes that Ramallah uses donor funds to reward Palestinian terrorists. (The Times of Israel) [link]

23rd: it’s time for the Boy Scouts to reform, US: a lawsuit is claiming that during the past eight decades, around 800 boys were sexually abused by Scout leaders. (Christian Headlines) [link]

24th: Bolsonaro to send army to fight huge fires in the Amazon, Brazil: Brazilian president authorizes military to fight wildfires as international pressure mounts and protesters take to Brazil’s streets. (The Times of Israel) [link]

24th: Pompeo: release of Iranian tanker ‘very unfortunate,’ US: asked if allowing seized ship to sail from Gibraltar was a mistake, US secretary of state expresses frustration over British decision. (The Times of Israel) [link]

25th: Hezbollah chief threatens Israel with reprisal: ‘Wait for us at the border,’ Lebanon: Hassan Nasrallah warns that Israel’s ability to operate in Lebanon’s airspace ‘has ended,’ says UAVs in country mark first such ‘act of aggression’ since 2006 war. (The Times of Israel) [link]

26th: Israeli jets strike in Syria to thwart attack by Iranian ‘killer drones:’ Army says it carried out airstrikes near Damascus to foil ‘imminent’ IRGC plot to hit sites inside Israel with UAVs armed with explosives; Syria claims it downed Israeli missiles. (The Times of Israel) [link]

26th Minister after Israel preempts drone attacks: Iran now ‘directly confronting’ us: Regional Cooperation Minister Hanegbi claims site Israel bombed in Syria was preparing ‘hundreds’ of drones for attack, but IDF says figure was far, far lower. (The Times of Israel) [link]

26th: Thousands march against racism in Germany as far-right AfD surges in local polls: demonstration takes place in heart of Dresden, which has also become cradle of Islamophobic movement Pegida and a stronghold for AfD. (The Times of Israel) [link]

26th: Red flag laws’ offer way to stop some US shootings, including synagogue attacks, US: legislation allowing the court-ordered removal of guns from people who are considered to be dangerous is slowly spreading across US. (The Times of Israel) [link]

26th: Leader Kim Jong Un observes test of new multiple rocket launcher, North Korea: move by Pyongyang latest to put question mark over resumption of denuclearization talks with US. (The Times of Israel) [link]

26th: Pope, urging prayers, says Amazon forest vital for Earth: French president says world leaders nearing agreement on how to help battle blazes and repair damage, though it’s unclear whether Brazil will accept offer. (The Times of Israel) [link]

26th: Top Iranian general warns Israel that strikes will bring end to ‘Zionist regime,’ Iran: Israel blames Qassem Soleimani and his Revolutionary Guards for bid to launch killer drones into Jewish state from Syria; IAF airstrikes foiled attempt. (The Times of Israel) [link]

26th: atheists can be banned from delivering invocation payers, Appeals Court rules, US: the court upheld a policy requiring a person who prays as someone seeking divine intervention that is a member of a religious organisation or church. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

26th: Chelsea Taylor of Hillson is recovering after surgery for a brain aneurysm, US: the worship singer underwent a nine hour brain surgery and is recovering well. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

26th: Abby Johnson will send ‘Unplanned” to abortion workers, US: the Pro-life leader advised she will send the movie  to more than 800 abortion workers, which is based on her journey from her work in Planned Parenthood to when she left and why. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

26th: Yale Professor says ‘intelligent design’ is a serious theory, US: Profession David Gelernte claims that the theory of evolution contains holes and flaws, and asks that critics of intelligent design should stop attacking the theory simply because of anti-religious sentiment. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

26th: Israel alarmed by possible Trump-Rouhani talks, fears he’ll let Iran off hook, Israel: Ministers said to cite US president’s dialogue with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un as disturbing precedent, ‘but our capacity to influence and confront Trump is extremely limited.’ (The Times of Israel) [link]

26th: Israel will defend itself ‘by any means,’ PM says amid fears of border skirmish, Israel: as tensions skyrocket following several strikes on Tehran-related targets that are blamed on Israel, cabinet minister says some of the attacks ‘aren’t ours.’ (The Times of Israel) [link]

26th: Lebanese president says alleged Israeli strikes a ‘declaration of war,’ Lebanon: Michel Aoun meets with UN coordinator for Lebanon to discuss airstrikes in Bekaa Valley and drone explosions in Beirut attributed to Israel. (The Times of Israel) [link]

26th: ‘Save Medevac, Mr Morrison,’ Australia: Common Grace, a Christian social justice movement has asked that the Prime Minister not repeal Medevac laws which removes life-saving medical care for refugees who are detained. (Eternity News) [link]

26th: more than 150 Christians were arrested by government officials during the last two months, Eritrea:  some are held in underground prisons which are made up of tunnels and a recent group of Christians were arrested and taken to a police station on 18 August and are still in custody. (Eternity News) [link]

26th: recent evidence of the Babylonian conquest of Jerusalem confirms the biblical account: the evidence that was discovered on Mount Zion confirms the biblical account of King Nebuchadnezzar II, king of Babylon who laid siege to Jerusalem until they relented, and these details are recorded in 2 Kings chapter two. (Eternity News) [link]

26th: Move out sweetie! Find new parents! Transgender booklet guides teenagers, Australia: suggestions for transgender teenagers include “Tell them to f*ck off/teach them that it isn’t something you can control.” (Binary) [link 1] [link 2]

26th: Why Everything They Say About The Amazon, Including That It’s The ‘Lungs Of The World,’ Is Wrong: the forest fires in Brazil’s rainforest are not unusual and only 8% bigger than a fire of several years ago. The claims that this forest are the ‘lungs of the world,’ are wildly exaggerated and many photos of Brazilian rainforest fires were either not the current fires or were fires in entirely different countries. (Forbes) [link]

27th: Ariana Grande, Lady Gaga, and 140 musicians sign off on new Planned Parenthood campaign, US: their ad that supports Planned Parenthood’s new campaign asks fans to learn more about the restrictions on abortions and to sign their campaign. Some musicians will be actively promoting the campaign as they tour. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

27th: fourChristians were executed by Islamic extremists for wearing crosses, Burkina Faso, West Africa:  terrorists continue killing Christians in the area, and threaten others with death unless they reject Christianity and return to Islam. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

27th: Legal challenge over Minister’s decision to put potential mining jobs at Shenhua Mine before cultural heritage, Australia: a family is suing Environment Minister Sussan Ley because she rejected their application to protect their cultural heritage on Aboriginal land in favour of a Chinese coal project. (ABC News) [link]

28th: the Federal Court says that Idaho must pay for gender reassignment surgery for a male inmate who sexually abused a child:, US: xthe Federal District Judge ruled that “responsible prison officials were deliberately indifferent to Edmo’s gender dysphoria, in violation of the Eighth Amendment.” (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

28th: Democrats pass a resolution that applauds ‘non-religious Americans’ who criticize church attendees, US: the Democratic National Committee recognised the importance and ‘ethical soundness’ those who are unaffiliated with any religion and claim that they ‘share the Democratic Party’s values.’ (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

28th: Paris holds parade to honour fighters who liberated city from Nazis, France: WWII-era vehicles, people dressed in wartime uniforms march through French capital to mark 75 years since it was freed from occupation. (The Times of Israel) [link]

28th: Russia admits radioactive isotopes were released in missile test accident, USSR: National weather agency says blast at military testing range, in which 5 scientists were killed, caused brief spike in radiation, but levels returned to normal hours later. (The Times of Israel) [link]

28th: troops begin deploying to fight Amazon fires, Brazil: Some 44,000 soldiers to tackle blazes in six states as President Jair Bolsonaro tries to temper global concerns over fate of rainforest. (The Times of Israel) [link]

28th: Netanyahu offers Brazil help in fighting devastating Amazon fires, Israel: Israel to send aircraft, flame-retardant materials; PM joins global leaders expressing concern over massive blazes in ‘the lungs of the world.’ (The Times of Israel) [link]

28th: Trump says he doesn’t want regime change in Iran, but ‘too soon’ to meet Zarif, US: president says he supported Tehran’s foreign minister dropping in on G7 summit of world leaders, believes Iran ‘is going to change.’ (The Times of Israel) [link]

28th: Iraqi political bloc calls alleged Israeli strikes ‘a declaration of war,’ Iraq: Coalition representing Iran-backed paramilitaries calls for US troops to leave the country, says it holds Washington responsible for airstrikes. (The Times of Israel) [link]

28th: Trump may reveal peace plan before Israeli elections, thinks deal ‘will happen,’ US: On sidelines of G7 summit, US president says both sides are ready to negotiate a deal, Palestinians would like to get their US funding back. (The Times of Israel) [link]

28th: Israel warns Gazans: Islamic Jihad trying to ignite another war with Israel: Israel’s military liaison tells Palestinians that Iran-backed group ‘dragging you into violence,’ says local residents will ‘suffer the consequences.’ (The Times of Israel) [link]

28th: IAF airstrikes hit Hamas camp in Gaza after three rockets fired into Israel: two of the rockets intercepted by Iron Dome; barrage interrupts concert in Sderot, sending attendees running for cover. (The Times of Israel) [link]

28th: Israel limits fuel shipments to Gaza after rocket fire, curbing power production: officials say amount of fuel sent through border to power plant halved until further notice; Hamas warns move contradicts the understandings with Israel. (The Times of Israel) [link]

28th: Netanyahu: states hosting Iranian attacks on Israel will ‘bear the consequences,’ Israel: touring Golan with IDF chief, PM vows to ‘expose every Iranian attempt to attack us,’ praises army’s ‘perfect’ work in foiling Iranian drone plot. (The Times of Israel) [link]

28th: IDF footage shows pro-Iranian fighters trying to launch armed drone at Israel: army says Iranian-trained team in Syria attempted to launch explosive UAV from border town last Thursday, but Israeli troops ‘confused’ them and prevented the attack. (The Times of Israel) [link]

28th: Iran to further breach nuclear deal on September 6, Iran: Islamic Republic has twice scaled back its commitment to the 2015 agreement in recent months. (The Times of Israel) [link]

28th: as US-Iran tensions escalate, American Jews are warned they could be targeted: communities across country told to be on the lookout for threats — from terror to cyber-attacks – that could originate with Tehran or its proxies, like Hezbollah. (The Times of Israel) [link]

28th: Honduras recognizes Jerusalem as Israel’s capital; announcement from Central American nation comes ahead of Friday visit by President Hernandez to inaugurate diplomatic office in holy city. (The Times of Israel) [link]

29th: Most voters disapprove of Trump’s ‘disloyalty’ comment about US Jews, US: in poll for Politico, about half of Republicans approve of president’s questioning of Jewish Democrats’ loyalty to other Jews; Democrats disapprove by overwhelming 81% to 5%. (The Times of Israel) [link]

29th: Iraq accuses Israel of string of attacks on paramilitary bases, Iraq: in censuring Bahrain for defending strikes, Baghdad says it believes ‘Zionist enemy’ behind explosions at bases housing Iran-backed fighters. (The Times of Israel) [link]

29th: ‘Abortion Is a Blessing’ – Priest commits to providing pre-paid fuel cards to women who are seeking abortions, US:  Episcopal priest Reverend Katherine Ragsdale, along with her organisation, the National Abortion Federation, will be providing the cards for fuel so that women who need to drive long distances to seek an abortion, can do so. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

29th: more than 100,000 people attended the Harvest Crusade at Angel Stadium, Anaheim, US: around 8,670 people professed faith in Christ during the event which was held over three days. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

29th: a Catholic nurse was forced to assist with an abortion at the hospital where she worked, US: the Dept of Health and Human Services issue a notice that alleges it violated federal law by forcing the nurse to assist with the abortion. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

29th: is it really abuse to question the trans trend, Australia: transgender’s paper labels concerned parents that question their child’s transgenderism as ‘perpetrators of abuse.’ It warns that some supportive parents ‘gaslight’ their children into doubting their declaration of trans and the parents are guilty of a kind of ‘identity-related abuse.’ (Binary) [link 1] [link 2]

30th: killings, kidnapping target Christian leaders, Mexico: in August, an evangelical pastor and a Roman Catholic priest were murdered and another pastor was kidnapped in Mexico. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

30th: As tensions spike in north, IDF cancels leave for combat brigades, Israel: after Hezbollah threat of reprisal for Israeli strikes, Northern Command chief warns, ‘If an IDF soldier is so much as scratched, our response will be harsh.’ (The Times of Israel) [link]

30th: UN extends Lebanon border peacekeeping mission, urges full access to Blue Line: Security Council warns rising tensions can lead to war neither side can afford, orders review of UNIFIL amid Israeli concerns that Hezbollah rendering Blue Helmets ineffective. (The Times of Israel) [link]

30th: Israel offers Hamas economic benefits in return for long-term ceasefire, report, Israel: Lebanese newspaper says Egyptian intelligence officials has told terror leaders Jerusalem’s threat to carry out major military campaign if violence continues is serious. (The Times of Israel) [link]

30th: Jewish socialist philosopher who met with Hamas announces US presidential run, Israel: Jerome Segal, who also inspired PLO declaration of independence and is outspoken critic of Netanyahu government, says he can add to political discourse. (The Times of Israel) [link]

30th: Germany eases citizenship rules for descendants of those persecuted by Nazis, Germany: changes close loopholes that previously shut out some claimants; second, third, fourth and in some cases fifth generation descendants can apply, says interior ministry. (The Times of Israel) [link]

30th: rising seas threaten fabled port city of Alexandria, Egypt: home to five million people, urban sprawl is located on Nile Delta which is itself sinking due to erosion; government aiming to stem process with barriers, protective measures. (The Times of Israel) [link]

30th: UN watchdog: Iran continues to grow uranium stockpile in breach of nuclear deal: in confidential report, IAEA says Islamic Republic now holds 242.6 kg of enriched material at 4.5% purity. (The Times of Israel) [link]

30th: European leaders vow to step up efforts to get US and Iran talking: after Helsinki meeting, German FM says nuclear deal signatories want to build on momentum from G7 summit, where Trump indicated willingness to meet with Rouhani. (The Times of Israel) [link]

30th: split in Christian responses to religious discrimination bill, Australia: “…There is no robust protection for people such as Israel Folau or Archbishop of Hobart Julian Porteous,” ACL managing director Martyn Iles said. (Eternity news) [link]

30th: Doctor forbidden to practice medicine after telling patient ‘a fetus is a human,’ South Africa: Dr Jacques de Vos allegedly told a patient that “a foetus is a human” and that abortion kills a human, after which his employment was terminated and he’s no longer allowed to practise medicine. He’s facing four charges of unprofessional conduct simply for stating a fact. (Life Site News) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

31st: UK, France, Germany to hold talks on Iran nuclear deal, protecting Gulf shipping: foreign ministers of European parties to agreement will be joined by EU diplomatic chief Mogherini for discussions on sidelines of bloc meeting in Helsinki. (The Times of Israel) [link]

31st: IDF calls off major drill, puts forces on alert amid fears of Hezbollah attack, Israel: Lebanese terror group releases video threatening to attack northern Israel, warning ‘do not relax for a second,’ IDF spokesman to stay on in role past scheduled replacement date. (The Times of Israel) [link]


1st: energy crisis – hardest hit by high electricity prices are the elderly, Australia: radio presenter Steve Price received a report about people being hospitalised because they became ill when couldn’t afford heating/cooling. Report claims that visits to hospitals and even deaths have risen 34% in the past ten years. (2GB) [link 1] [link 2]

1st: Mossad intelligence service leader states Iran responsible for strikes on oil facilities and ships, Israel: Mossad’s chief Yossi Cohen, verifies that Iran is responsible for attacks on oil facilities and ships in Persian Gulf as well as on the Bahraini embassy in Baghdad in late June. (Times of Israel) [link]

1st: Jews locked out of own synagogue, Poland: due to a dispute with their government which the Chief Rabbi Avi Baumol claim raised the rent of the Izaak  Synagogue by 1,000%, the congregation was locked out because they couldn’t afford to pay the large rent increase. (Times of Israel) [link

1st: first artistic mosaics of little known Exodus story discovered, Galilee, Palistine:in 2011, a well-preserved Byzantine synagogue was discovered under the rubble of Yakuk, a modern Arab village. One of the mosaics is about Elim, who can be found in Exodus, and the other image is about the four beasts in the Book of Daniel. More evidence of the truth of the Bible. (Times of Israel) [link]

1st: anti-Semitism will likely create new tidal wave of immigration, Israel: the report “2019 Annual Assessment of the Situation and Dynamics of the Jewish People Today,” says that Israel should prepare for a possible mass wave of immigration due to increasing anti-Semitism around the world, and warned that Jewish communities could experience ‘significant harm.’ (The Jerusalem Post) [link 1] [link 2]

1st:Tehranofficial warns if US attacks, then Israel will be destroyed in half an hour, Iran: Tehranhas broken the agreed limit previously set for stockpiling uranium, and a senior Iranian lawmaker threatened that if the USA attacks the Islamic Republic, then they’d destroy Israel in “half an hour.” (Times of Israel) [link]

1st: Prime Minister claims Iran’s breach ofuranium cap indicates leaders lied about their intentions, Israel: Minister Netanyahu calls on European countries to sanction Tehran, and advises they’ll provide further proof of the Iranian lies. The UK’s Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt revealed they were  “deeply worried” by Iran’s announcement. (Times of Israel) [link 1] [link 2]

1st: mob demolishes Pastor’s home and beats family, Bangladesh: an angry mob of about 100, attacked Pastor Mokttakim’s home while he and his family were sleeping. The family were dragged out, tied to a post and beaten while others destroyed the entire home. (Open Doors) [link]

1st: church raises $30,000 and cancels $4 Million in Medical Debts, Indiana, US: the Northview Church regularly raises money for various causes, and recent funds were provided to the  charity RIP Medical Debt, that buys debts from hospitals, doctors, and even investors, usually for a penny in every dollar and takes their debts as low as possible or even to zero. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

2nd: school punishes Christian students for opposing LGBT lessons, UK: a teacher in Britain punished a 10 year old girl and boy after they objected to LGBT lessons. The teacher refused their request to leave, spoke inappropriately and then shouted at them. The children’s statements are backed up by other students in the class and disagree with the teacher’s claims. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

3rd: student social worker Felix Ngole won case, after being expelled for Biblical comments on social media, UK: the Court of Appeal overturned the High Court’s decision and upheld Ngole’s rights and the rights of Christians in the UK to freely express their faith in public including on social media. (Christian Concern) [link]

3rd: Christian doctor may lose job after praying with patient, UK: the doctor often prayed with his patients but after a patient complained, the General Medical Council which licenses and oversees doctors in the UK is now investigating him. (Christian Headlines)  [link 1] [link 2]

3rd: kids laid on top of a drag queen at a library, Oregon, USA: photos from the Drag Queen Story Hour at a public library in Portland were revealed and parents were outraged. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

3rd: Do Trans Activists Want to Erase Girls? UK: new statistics from Britain’s only gender clinic is showing disturbing results with around 54% of children aged 14 years or under receiving referrals. Of those, 74% are from girls seeking to identify as boys. Some experts are concerned with this increasing trend. Former governor of Gid’s parent trust, David Bell said, that this was exposing young people to “long-term damage” and that doctors are “afraid of being accused of transphobia.” (Binary)  [link 1] [link 2]

3rd: teenager unable to finish school since he’s now a Christian, Uganda: Asuman Kaire faces a bleak future if he can’t finish his schooling because he’s homeless and has no money after being thrown out of his Muslim home. He’s also having to face further reprisals from Muslims after being beaten unconscious, and later was attacked at a church compound where he was staying. (Christian Headlines) [link]

3rd: ‘legal’ anti-religious banners allowed to fly, Fort Worth, US:  the banners read, “In No God We Trust” and was sponsored by an atheist group whose purpose is to educate the public on the exclusionary and divisive nature of the current national motto, ‘In God We Trust.’”  While the mayor disagreed, the group had followed the correct procedures and couldn’t be disallowed. (Christian Headlines) [link]

4th: security operations in 2018 resulted in almost 5,300 killings, Venezuela: the human rights chief of the UN denounced the “shockingly high” number of extrajudicial killings, classed as cases of “resistance to authority.” This year there’s already been almost another 1,600 killings.  According to the Venezuelan Violence Observatory, numbers were actually higher. (PBS News Hour) [link 1] [link 2]

5th: 12,000 Christian high schoolers raise $57,000 for the homeless and battered women, Atlanta, US: around 12,600students from 32 US states and 5 nations attended the 4-day ‘The Forward Conference 2019’ in late June, where the funds were raised. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

5th: UN nuclear watchdog to hold emergency meeting on Iran: after a US request, the International Atomic Energy Agency’s board of governors, advised they’ll convene a meeting to discuss Tehran’s exceeding quantity of enriched uranium it can stockpile under the accord. The US statement described the breach as ‘concerning,’ and that “the international community must hold Iran’s regime accountable.” (Times of Israel) [link]

5th: young people not as accepting of radical gender agenda, USA: a new report finds that Americans between 18 and 34 are feeling less and less comfortable with the LGBTQ movement. In 2016, around 63% of this group felt comfortable, but by 2017 it was 53% and in 2018, dropped further to 45%. The suggestion is they’re becoming increasingly uncomfortable with the movement’s extremism. (Binary) [link 1] [link 2]

7th: PM says Iran trying to ‘blackmail’ world by violating nuclear deal, Israel: Prime Minister Netanyahu has called on the EU to follow USA’s lead to impose sanctions on Tehran. (Times of Israel) [link]

9th: Jewish-owned café sprayed with graffiti denying the holocaust, Melbourne, Australia: the anti-Semitic graffiti was painted on the café’s fence with a swastika and words stating “The Holocaust didn’t happen but it should have,” the second time in three days. The owner’s parents and members of her family were survivors of the Holocaust. (Times of Israel) [link]

9th: atheists must be allowed to pray at local government meetings, Florida, USA: the Appeals Court has ruled in favour of an atheist/humanist group, even though they don’t pray or believe in God, because Brevard County’s policy violates the US Constitution. (Christian Headlines) [link]

9th: Christian woman with schizophrenia held on charge of blasphemy, Jakarta, Indonesia: the mentally ill woman was suffering an hallucination, when she entered the mosque with her dog, and did not take off her shoes – both considered blasphemous. Although her mental illness was confirmed, she was still taken into custody. (Catholic News Agency) [link]

9th: Catholic Church opposes closures of health facilities, Eritrea: commencing in June, the Eritrean government began seizing and closing healthcare facilities and sites through the country as part of its ‘nationalisation.’ In some instances, police bullied, threatened and/or used force to remove nuns and others who worked there. Bishops have condemned the actions of the government, but still hadn’t received a response to their letter. (Catholic News Agency) [link 1] [link 2]

9th: pastor fined for holding a prayer meeting without state permission, Azerbaijan: the church has been seeking official registration for 25 years but were still fined for holding a prayer meeting. Despite the country having freedom of religion and freedom of assembly in their Constitution, few churches are granted registration and fines are common, with authorities carrying out regular raids. (Open Doors) [link]

9th: Israel intelligence foiled 50 Islamic State, Iranian attacks in 20 countries: The Mossad intelligence agency and the Military Intelligence Directorate supplied information that thwarted the attacks over the past three years by providing local authorities with key information. [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

9th: attendees hurl abuse and spit at Jews at a family-oriented event, London: the PalExpo event which is supposed to celebrate Palestinian culture, arts and history but had an underlying political, pro-muslim and anti-Jewish propaganda, which was to demonise Israel and to suggest that Palestinians are poorly treated. (Times of Israel) [link]

9th: Chinese Christians flee amid crackdown on churches, China: as China continues its crackdown on religion, Christians flee for their lives. A third of all religious believers in China were found to face high to very high levels of persecution, ranging from economic exploitation and bureaucratic harassment to harsh prison terms and even violence. (Fox News) [link 1] [link 2]

9th: gender ideology puts mine workers at risk, Queensland, Australia: elevating ideology over safety could be putting lives at risk in Queensland mines. The Australian has reported, “Queensland’s Mines Minister has been accused of putting gender equality ahead of miners’ safety, after revelations the government’s coalmining safety board did not meet for months because it did not have enough women members. …Six workers have died in Queensland’s mines and quarries in the past 12 months – the deadliest year in the state’s resources industry in nearly two decades. (Binary) [link 1] [link 2]

10th: over half of Americans Support Legal Abortions, US: a new poll from ABC News/Washington Post found that 60% of Americans believe abortion should be legal in all or most cases, the highest level since 1995. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

10th: archaeologists may have found the ancient Biblical city of Ziklag, Israel: the team of Israeli archeologists announced the discovery of Ziklag, an ancient Biblical city which is mentioned in 1 Samuel 30. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

10th: Dutch mainstream party activist says Jews came to Israel ‘to be Nazis,’ the Netherlands: Alireza Taimurizadeh, an activist in the Arnhem area for Green Left, called Israel “a country which makes a Jew feel shame.” (Times of Israel) [link]

10th: Christian doctor fired for not using transgender pronouns, UK: David Mackereth a doctor of 26 years of experience is suing the British government after being dismissed for not using the correct pronouns for transgender patients. He explained that as a Christian he couldn’t follow orders which required him refer to someone by a pronoun that is obviously not their real sex, and was suspended. (Christian Headlines) [link

10th: almost 70% of white evangelicals believe the US shouldn’t accept refugees, US: increasing numbers of evangelicals believe the US government has no responsibility to care for refugees, while only 31% of other religiously unaffiliated people agree. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

10th: Royal College of General Practitioners issues grave warning, UK: ‘The role of the GP in caring for gender-questioning and transgender patients’ is a new 12-page policy guide issued by The Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) to warn about the issues around transitioning children. The Daily Mail reported, “In a powerfully worded ‘position statement’, RCGP says there is a lack of ‘robust evidence’ about the long-term effects of ‘puberty blockers’ that stop the body maturing, and cross-sex hormones. …the RCGP also urges the NHS to record what it calls every patient’s ‘biological sex’ – in addition to their chosen gender identity – to avoid potentially calamitous medical mistakes.” (Binary) [link 1] [link 2]

11th: Facebook admits it blocked pro-life ads during Irish abortion vote, US: CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that Facebook intentionally blocked pro-life advertisements from running during Ireland’s abortion vote last year, despite Irish officials having no issues with the ads. Pro-life group Live Action present Lila Rose pointed out the inconsistencies between Zuckerberg’s admission and his recent testimony to Congress that “there is absolutely no directive in any of the changes that we make to have a bias in anything that we do.” (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

11th: Christian Leaders Gather to ‘Bless’ Texas Abortion Clinic: ‘God Is Already Present,’ US: Christian and Jewish leaders gathered at a Texas abortion clinic to “bless” it and show their support and was sponsored by Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice, Texas Freedom Network and Whole Woman’s Health. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

11th: Senator Eric Abetz pleas for our freedom of speech, Australia: freedom of speech, belief and association of freedoms for which our forebears sacrificed,  have allowed us to explore, develop and nuance ideas, philosophical, political, scientific and religious, amongst others. Our society is in grave danger of losing this rich heritage, together with its attendant benefits. (The Daily Declaration) [link]

11th: Ph.D. student from University of Chicago surveyed thousands of biologists and most agreed that life begins at conception, US: the student defended his dissertation which took five years of research, after angered academics accused him of dishonesty and compared him to the Ku Klux Klan. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

11th: university researchers propose ditching the gender binary in sport, New Zealand: “Researchers from New Zealand’s University of Otago have proposed a way to ditch with the gender binary in sports competitions… [by] replacing specific men’s and women’s sports with an algorithm which ‘takes into account gender identity, socioeconomic status and physiology’.” “The physiological parameters might include height, weight, haemoglobin levels, transition before or after puberty, testosterone levels with and without testes, bone strength, and so on. (Binary) [link 1][link 2]

11th: cyclist and surgeon speak out against transgenders in sport, US: cyclist and orthopaedic surgeon Dr Jennifer Assali has spoken out about transgender athletes after “immersing” herself in scientific research. Assali became the centre of a twitter and media storm and received threats, after placing third at the UCI National cycling championships and tweeting, “I was the third place rider, it was definitely NOT fair.” (Binary) [link]

12th: doctor says “propaganda prevails” regarding transgender agenda in sport, Australia: doctor, John Whitehall, claims wrote an article for the Catholic Weekly, highlighting what he believes will be the fallout of organisations adopting the new transgender sporting guidelines. “According to the ideology, gender is determined by feelings not chromosomes,” he wrote. Whitehall believes the guideline suggestions are disproportionate to the very small number of people who identify as trans in Australia. (Binary) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

12th: senior Hamas official calls on members of Palestinian diaspora to kill Jews, Palestine: Fathi Hammad urged members of the Palestinian diaspora to kill Jews around the world. (Times of Israel) [link]

12th: Christian flag banned but 284 others approved, Boston, US: a suit by Liberty Counsel was filed Monday on behalf of citizen Hal Shurtleff and his Christian civic organization, Camp Constitution. Shurtleff wanted to fly the organization’s flag during a one-hour event on Constitution Day in 2017 and 2018 to commemorate the contributions of the Christian community, but was denied because it is religious. (Christian Headlines) [link]

12th: court OKs Trump Rule Defunding $60 Million from Planned Parenthood, US: the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals handed a major victory to pro-lifers and the White House Thursday when it ruled the Trump administration can enforce a new rule that could result in Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers losing tens of millions of dollars. The new rule ensures that none of the money goes toward promoting abortion or conducting abortion. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

12th: American Psychological Association Launches Task Force Encouraging Non-Monogamous Relationships, US: the American Psychological Association has launched a task force that will encourage “awareness and inclusivity” for any kind of sexual impulse. The APA has said the task force is dedicated to “Consensual Non-Monogamy” and is advocating for “people who practice polyamory, open relationships, swinging, relationship anarchy and other types of ethical, non-monogamous relationships…” (Christian Headlines) [link 1][link 2]

13th: LNP members urge politicians to change state abortion laws, Queensland, Australia: LNP politicians have been urged to wind back Queensland’s abortion laws if they win the next state election. The issue has now resurfaced during a resolution calling for a future LNP government to legislate “that babies born alive during a late abortion (post-20 weeks) be given the same protection under the law as any other newborn child.” The resolution was overwhelmingly supported. (Brisbane Times) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

13th: adding P to LGBT, World:  the threat of pedophilia becoming acceptable isn’t going away. The sudden embrace of transgenderism didn’t come from nowhere, and it isn’t going to stop there. Targeting children comes in two general phases. The first involves bombarding them with LGBT messaging in schools and elsewhere. Appeals to ‘tolerance’ show their true colors when they are enlisted to support the blatant grooming of children – which also presents some commonality with certain elements in Islam. Many people in positions of authority are keen on protecting both Islam and homosexuality. (The Catholic Thing) [link 1] [link 2]

14th: destroyer being sent to Gulf amid Iranian threats, UK: due to growing tensions in the area, London responds to threat. Tehran warned the UK they’re playing a ‘dangerous game’ after they seized an oil tanker off Gibraltar. London announced it was sending a destroyer to the Persian Gulf. (Times of Israel) [link]

14th: two more F-35 fighter jets land, bringing IAF’s declared total to 16, Israel: two F-35 fighter jets landed in Israel Sunday, the army said, bringing the number of fifth-generation stealth aircraft that the military says it has in its arsenal up to 16. The Israel Defense Forces’ first two F-35 jets arrived in December 2016. Approximately a year later, the stealth fighter — known in Israel as the Adir – was declared operational. (Times of Israel) [link]

14th: Lone Christian in government sworn in on Bible burned by ISIS, Kurdistan: A new government official in a region affected by the Islamic State was sworn into office on a Bible burned by ISIS. Ano Jawhar Abdulmasih Abdoka, the new Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Transportation and Communications minister, used the Bible burned by ISIS in the Ninevah Plains, standing in solidarity with persecuted Christians and showing that believers in Christ will remain in a region once occupied by ISIS forces. (Fox News) [link]

15th: Jewish Labour member hosts Jordanian MP who endorsed terror attacks on Israelis, London: a senior member of the UK Labour Party met last week in London with a Jordanian lawmaker who has voiced support for terror attacks against Israelis and called for tearing up the peace deal between his country and Israel. (Times of Israel) [link]

15th: white supremacist faces second sentence for Charlottesville car attack, US: a man sentenced to life in prison on federal hate crime charges for deliberately driving his car into anti-racism protesters during a white nationalist rally in Virginia is set to face a state judge who could add another life sentence, plus 419 years. (Times of Israel) [link 1] [link 2]

15th: first evidence of Crusader siege from July 15, 1099, uncovered at Old City walls, Israel: 920 years ago, Crusaders breached Jerusalem and conquered the walled Fatimid city. The Mount Zion Project has found a chronicled moat. Prior to this “some scholars had even doubted its existence.” (Times of Israel) [link]

15th: Trump demands ‘Radical Left Congresswomen’ apologize to Israelis: US: continuing his comments on Twitter against progressive female members of Congress, US president slammed their ‘foul language’ and ‘horrible & disgusting actions!’ (Times of Israel) [link 1] [link 2]

15th: Israel and Korea appear to be strengthening their co-operation, Korea: President Reuven Rivlin’s visit to South Korea, underscores the significant improvement in relations between the two countries. Israel and Korea. (Times of Israel) [link]

15th: ahead of EU talks, UK calls for reduced tensions with Iran, London: British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt said Monday that Iran’s actions were “profoundly destabilizing” but said he wanted to reduce tensions in the Middle East, ahead of talks with his EU counterparts.“ (Times of Israel) [link]

15th: some women take off their hijabs as hard-liners push back, Iran: the simple act of walking has become a display of defiance for a young Iranian woman who often moves in Tehran’s streets without a compulsory headscarf, or hijab. With every step, she risks harassment or even arrest by Iran’s morality police whose job it is to enforce the strict dress code imposed after the 1979 Islamic Revolution. (Times of Israel) [link]

15th: Israeli Navy ship crosses into Lebanese waters, Lebanon: an Israeli Navy vessel crossed into Lebanese waters early Monday morning, breaching the contested maritime border, according to the Lebanon-based LBC TV news. The ship was detected by UNIFIL forces off the coast of the Rosh Hanikra land border between Israel and Lebanon. (Times of Israel) [link]

15th: Iran prepared to talk to US if it rejoins nuclear deal, Iran: in a televised speech, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said he was willing to hold talks with the US, if it rejoins the international agreement to curb Tehran’s nuclear program and lifts sanctions. He boasted that Iran “has resisted powerfully” the American sanctions. (Times of Israel) [link 1] [link 2]

15th: EU seeks to deescalate Persian Gulf tensions, Brussels: European Union nations were looking to deescalate tensions in the Persian Gulf area and called on Iran to stick to the 2015 nuclear deal, despite the pullout of the United States from the accord and the re-imposition of US sanctions on Tehran. (Times of Israel) [link]

15th: judge upholds ban on ‘dismemberment abortion’ in historical decision, Oklahoma, US: a state judge upheld the state’s ban on a common late-term abortion procedure, making it the first time a judge in the US has reviewed such a law and not overturned it. Oklahoma Attorney General Mike Hunter called Truong’s decision “a major victory for basic human decency in Oklahoma.” (Christian Headlines) [link]

15th: another gender dissenter gets sacked, US: a lawsuit has been launched by an American psychiatrist who was fired for promoting an opposing view to transgender ideology. (Binary) [link 1] [link 2]

15th: increased pressure and false accusations, Nepal: the situation for Christians in Nepal has deteriorated this year as the Criminal (Code) Act is used to target and accuse believers. Though Nepal is constitutionally secular, religious minorities, including Christians, are not afforded the same protections and privileges as the Hindu majority, and are often denied registration for their places of worship. Nepal’s Code forbids forceful conversion or evangelism. Those found guilty face five years in prison, along with large fines. However, these laws are being used to falsely accuse Christians of converting others in an attempt to silence them. [link]

16th: transgender athlete wins women’s weightlifting event at the Pacific Games, Samoa: a transgender woman won two gold medals and a silver medal at the Pacific Games in Samoa. Laurel Hubbard, a weightlifter from New Zealand, won in the snatch lift and combined and finished second in the clean and jerk for women weighing more than 192 pounds. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

17th: kids group volunteers banned from library for singing Christian songs with children, West Sussex, UK: a church-run kids group has been banished from a public library after being told that they were not allowed to sing songs that made reference to Biblical stories. The volunteers at the playgroup says it had been meeting at the Burgess Hill Library in the British county of West Sussex for eight years – they’d never encountered any issues until now. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

17th: 4 Christians Executed for Wearing Cross Necklaces, Burkina Faso: anti-Christian violence has continued to spread across the West African nation of Burkina Faso, with a further four believers shot dead in cold blood at the end of June. (Christian Headlines) [link]

17th: U.S. women’s soccer goalie: people who are not accepting of homosexuality ‘don’t belong’ on team, US: US women’s team goalie Ashlyn Harris on Tuesday criticized Jaelene Hinkle, a soccer player for the North Carolina Courage of the National Women’s Soccer League who has been outspoken about her Christian faith. In 2017, Hinkle declined a spot on the U.S. women’s national soccer team because the team was requiring players to wear LGBTQ Pride Month jerseys. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3] [link 4]

18th: there are 200 Asia Bibis in Pakistani jails, US: US State Department says there are “at least 77 individuals imprisoned on blasphemy charges, at least 28 of whom had received death sentences.” According to Voice of the Martyrs, the situation is worse, with its partners in Pakistan reporting there are more than 200 similar cases of imprisonment. (Eternity News) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

18th: at summit with Russia, Israel and US demanded Iran leave Lebanon, Iraq: during a trilateral meeting between the national security advisers of Israel, the US and Russia in late June, Jerusalem and Washington demanded that Moscow ensure the withdrawal of Iran’s forces from Lebanon and Iraq, as well as from Syria. The demand was seen as a condition for US and Israeli support for a long-term arrangement to secure peace in war-ravaged Syria. (Times of Israel) [link]

18th: China’s Schools Teaching Children to ‘Hate God’ and Distrust Christian Parents, China: children in China’s primary schools are now being taught that belief in God is abnormal and that parents who are religious should not be trusted, according to a report out of the country. The new direction is part of the country’s crackdown on Christianity under the New Regulations of Religious Affairs that took effect in February 2018. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

18th: Ambassador to Palestinians ‘likes’ anti-Israel tweets, Berlin, Germany: a probe has begun into Christian Clages, the German Ambassor to Palestinians, following a report that he had backed posts praising attacks on Israelis. “The Foreign Ministry disassociates itself emphatically from the tweets mentioned,” the ministry said in a written statement to The Associated Press. (Times of Israel) [link]

18th: Israel, Bahrain foreign ministers talk Iran in groundbreaking public meeting, Washington, US: Foreign Minister Israel Katz met his Bahraini counterpart for talks on Iran, which served as a boost in ties between both countries. The meeting was a rare instance in which a top Arab official is publicly documented meeting a senior Israeli figure. (Times of Israel) [link]

19th: Ancient Galilee church unearthed, said to be home to apostles Peter and Andrew, Israel: excavations in Israel’s Galilee have uncovered remains of an ancient church. The dig at nearby El-Araj confirmed it as the site of Bethsaida, a fishing village where Peter and his brother Andrew were born according to the Gospel of John, near the Sea of Galilee in northern Israel. (Times of Israel) [link]

19th: as Religious Freedom Summit ends, State Department announces new alliance, sanctions, Washington, US: Trump’s administration officials announced a new alliance with U.S. partners who are focused on religious freedom and new sanctions against foreign military officials that support countries the U.S. considers to be instigators of religious persecution. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced plans to create the International Religious Freedom Alliance. (Christian Headlines) [link]

19th: father of four can’t afford medication for his rare disease, so applies for euthanasia, Belgium: born with a rare genetic disease which eventually cost him his job, Christophe’s health insurance provider refuses to pay the high cost for medication would could ease his suffering and prolong his life. He doesn’t want to die – he wants to live for his children. With the disease ravaging his body, he feels he has nowhere left to turn except to euthanasia to ease his suffering. (HOPE) [link 1] [link 2]

19th: spyware firm NSO said to tell clients it can mine data from social media, Israel: Herzliyah-based company denies report that it claims its tech is able to secretly obtain all of an individual’s info from media giants’ servers. An Israeli spyware firm thought to have hacked WhatsApp in the past has told clients it can scoop user data from the world’s top social media, the Financial Times reported Friday. (Times of Israel) [link 1] [link 2]

19th: TV broadcaster airs ‘Jewish swine’ cartoon, Norway: TV official defends the clip, in which a man playing Scrabble with a Haredi Jew is frustrated that he cannot use the derogatory term to score points. Norway’s public broadcaster NRK has rejected accusations of anti-Semitism against a cartoon showing an overweight Jew taunting a man who is afraid to call him a swine. (Times of Israel) [link]

19th: a showdown is brewing between parents and the State over compulsory LGBT indoctrination in schools, UK: there is a showdown brewing in Great Britain: parental rights versus the State. While compulsory LGBT lessons are scheduled to begin in 2020 in the UK, 1,400 schools have said they will implement the teaching as early as September. Parents across the country have already begun planning and staging protests. (Binary) [link 1] [link 2]

19th: Christians plead with US to protect them from possible attack by Turkey, Syria: Syrian Christians are calling on the United States to help protect them after Turkish troops were seen gathering on the border between the two volatile nations. The Syriac Military Council, which is supported by the US government, has warned of a potential Turkish offensive on the Eastern Euphrates River region in Syria, (Christian Headlines) [link]

20th: Amid Gulf tensions, US to send troops to Saudi Arabia, US: first soldiers, patriot batteries arrive in kingdom as part of deployment that officials say will include fighter aircraft, missile defence systems. With Iranian military threats in mind, the United States is sending American forces, including fighter aircraft, air defence missiles and likely more than 500 troops, to a Saudi air base. (Times of Israel) [link]

20th: British FM warns Iran of ‘serious consequences’ if UK-flagged tanker not freed, UK: Jeremy Hunt says UK using diplomatic, not military options to seek ship’s release; owner of second vessel detained by Iranian Guards says it has been set loose. British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt warned Friday there would be “serious consequences” if Iran did not swiftly release a UK-flagged oil tanker it detained in the Strait of Hormuz. (Times of Israel) [link]

20th: US Orthodox rabbis condemn racism at ‘highest levels of government,’ Washington, US: The Orthodox Rabbinical Council of America said it “condemns the most recent outburst of racist rhetoric in the highest levels of government,” an apparent reference to US President Donald Trump’s call on four Democratic congresswomen to “go back” to unspecified countries. Jews in the US, including many who share Trump’s contempt for some of the four Democratic congresswomen – appear to be asking the president to leave them out of it (Times of Israel) [link 1] [link 2]

20th: Bahraini FM: If not for Iran’s support of Hamas, we’d be closer to Mideast peace, Palestine: official in Palestinian terror group lambastes Khalid bin Ahmed Al Khalifa for photo with Israeli counterpart, says it shows ‘just how pro-Zionist some Arab officials have become.’ (Times of Israel) [link]

20th: nearly half of young Jews victims of anti-Semitism in past year, Europe: newly released data from survey suggests people aged 16-34 are considerably more likely to face bigotry than older Jews. Researchers speculate that the results may reflect the growing problem of anti-Semitism on European campuses. More than half of the young people who participated in the survey were students. (The Times of Israel)  [link 1] [link 2]

20th: as sanctions choke Iran, Hezbollah reportedly deploying for war on Israel border, Lebanon: as tensions rose in the Persian Gulf over the weekend with Iran’s seizure of a British-flagged tanker, several commanders of Lebanese terror group Hezbollah, said they were deploying forces for possible war with Israel, warning that the growing pressure from sanctions on Tehran could trigger such a conflict sooner rather than later. (The Times of Israel) [link 1] [link 2]

21st: fate of seized British ship depends on crew ‘cooperation,’ Iran: Iran said Sunday the fate of a British-flagged tanker it is refusing to hand back after seizing it in the Gulf depends on the cooperation of its crew with an investigation. A senior official also said the entire crew of the oil tanker was in good health. (The Times of Israel) [link]

21st: UK tells UN that Iran seized ship in ‘illegal interference,’ UK: Britain’s United Nations mission sent a letter to the UN Security Council asserting that a British-flagged tanker seized by Iran was in Omani territorial waters and the incident “constitutes illegal interference.” “International law requires that the right of transit passage shall not be impeded, and therefore the Iranian action constitutes illegal interference.” (The Times of Israel) [link 1] [link 2]

21st: sanctions to be slapped on Iran as tensions rise after tanker seized, UK: London was reportedly getting set to impose new sanctions on Iran, as European powers urged Tehran to release a British-flagged tanker it seized in the Strait of Hormuz. (The Times of Israel) [link 1] [link 2]

21st: Netanyahu officially makes Israeli history as longest-serving prime minister, Israel: the 69-year-old premier has served as nation’s leader for a total of 4,876 days, overtaking founding father David Ben-Gurion, having notched up a list of diplomatic and economic successes. (Times of Israel) [link]

21st: ‘Slaughter the Jews’ painted on section of Western Wall in Muslim Quarter, Israel: at least one suspect arrested after graffiti found daubed on ‘Little Western Wall,’ considered by Jews one of most sacred parts of ancient structure. (The Times of Israel) [link]

22nd: Saudi blogger visiting Israel attacked by Palestinians at Temple Mount, Israel: Mohammed Saud of Saudi Arabia is a Netanyahu fan. While touring the country at the Foreign Ministry’s invitation, was heckled, spat on and had chairs hurled at him. (The Times of Israel) [link]

22nd: pregnant mother among 3 Christians slain, Jos, Nigeria: a Christian pregnant mother of two children, Margaret Wakili, was slain on her farm on July 15. The herdsmen attacked the Christian communities of Ancha, Tafigana, Kperie, Hukke and Rikwechongu, killing the three Christians and burning down 75 houses and two church buildings. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

22nd: Christian author Joshua Harris of “I Kissed Dating Goodbye’ has separated from his wife, US: “I Kissed Dating Goodbye”was a bestseller, and he and his wife Shannon were married a few years after its publication. On Thursday, the couple announced they were separating. [link 1] [link 2]

23rd: a radical view of surrogacy and family: feminist Sophie Lewis in her book, Full Surrogacy Now: Feminism Against Family says “If more children are born to surrogates, the capitalist notion that children ‘belong’ to those whose genetics they share will break down.” She looks forward to the dissolution of the mother-child bond, embracing “polyparental abundance”, and avoids using the terms “women” and “female.” In response, Binary spokeswoman Kirralie Smith said “This goes beyond breaking down gender norms.  Children shouldn’t belong to their parents?” (Binary Australia) [link 1] [link 2]

23rd: twelve philosophy scholars call for open debate, world: ‘Inside Higher Ed’ has published the open letter written by the 12 scholars expressing their concern about measures being taken to silence academics regarding gender ideology. (Binary Australia) [link 1] [link 2]

23rd: Christian singer Lauren Daigle’s album “Look Up Child” has topped the billboard charts for 39 Weeks, and set a new record, US: the album spent 39 weeks in the top spot on Billboard’s Top Christian Albums chart, the most in the Nielsen Music era. In total, the album has been on the chart for 44 weeks. The showing eclipsed secular powerhouses Ariana Grande, Drake, and Nicki Minaj. It debuted at No. 1 on Top Christian Albums on Sept. 22, 2018. Earlier this year, the record received critical acclaim when Daigle, 27, won a Grammy for best album, and a Grammy for Best Contemporary Christian Music Performance for “You Say.” [link 1] [link 2] [link 3] [link 4] [link 5]

23rd: judge bans prayer, religious music at graduations following atheist lawsuit, US: following a lawsuit from an atheist group, a federal district court has prohibited a South Carolina school district from including official student-led prayer and religious music in future graduations. Previously, the school system screened student’s printed remarks and prayers. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

23rd: 12 popular children’s TV shows that have gay characters, US: the PBS children’s show Arthur captured nationwide headlines and drew the consternation of many parents this year when it featured a same-sex wedding, but it’s not the only children’s show to include LGBT characters with three mainstream cable channels showing them as well. The 12 shows include: Arthur; The Loud House; My Little Pony (Friendship is Magic); Gravity Falls; Adventure Time; Star vs the forces of evil; Andi Mack; Clarence; The Lodge; The Legend of Korra;  Steven Universe; and Danger and Eggs. (Christian Headlines) [link]

23rd: Transgender woman asks for permission to host a topless pool party for 12 year olds, Canada: a Canadian transgender activist requested permission to host a topless pool party for LGBT youth 12+ and that parents be banned from attending the event. The request came from Jessica Yaniv, who is a transgender woman. She completed a request via the council to host the event a public pool. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

24th: Chick-fil-A worker prays over customer in viral pic – the ‘Spirit Led Him,’ US: Stephen Spray, a long-time employee of Chick-fil-A (restaurant) was seen putting his hand on a customer and began praying for her. Calden, a professional photographer, snapped a photo of the interaction, and it went viral. Spray said “People need prayer, encouragement, and love. That’s what we try to do here.”  Chick-fil-A’s corporate purpose is “to glorify God by being a faithful steward of all that is entrusted to us and to have a positive influence on all who come into contact with Chick-fil-A.” (Christian Headlines) [link]

24th: San Francisco bans official travel to pro-life states, US: San Francisco employees on official business won’t be permitted to travel to states with restrictive abortion laws under a new law passed, and also prohibits the city from contracting with companies headquartered in states with restrictive abortion laws. San Francisco supervisor Vallie Brown said, “It will expand the existing ordinance to states that have waged war on our constitutionally protected right to an abortion.” (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

24th: House rejects boycott of Israel in 398-17 vote, US: the U.S. House of Representatives pushed back against U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar’s views by passing a resolution calling Israel a “key ally” and criticizing a prominent movement to boycott the Jewish state. The pro-Israel resolution passed, 398-17 and was passed the same week that Omar introduced her own “affirming that all Americans have the right to participate in boycotts in pursuit of civil and human rights,” which was aimed at Israel. At issue is the pro-Palestinian Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement, which calls for a worldwide boycott of Israel. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

24th: woman forced to close business after refusing to wax a trans woman’s male genitals, Canada: an immigrant closed her home-based waxing business after a trans woman filed charges against her before the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal. Jessica Yaniv, a biological male who identifies as a female lesbian, asked the woman for a wax, which involves removing hair from the genital area. The woman initially agreed to the service, but later canceled it. Yaniv said it was because the woman learned of Yaniv’s sexual identity, but the woman claims it was because of safety concerns and Yaniv harassing her, the Toronto Sun reports. Many have rushed to Marcia Da Silva’s defence, arguing that since Yavin still has male genitalia, Yavin would need to get a different service that is aimed at men; one which Da Silva does not provide. Yaniv, is no stranger to the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal having filed 15 other complaints for refusing to provide the genital waxing service, claiming discrimination based on gender identity. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3] [link 4]

25th: city officials remove the word ‘Lord’ from fallen police officers memorial but eventually removed the entire memorial, Tega City, South Carolina, US: city officials first removed the word “Lord” from a fallen police officers memorial before ultimately removing the entire memorial which contained The Lord’s Prayer. The council received numerous complaints about the religious words on the memorial, causing city officials to cover up the word “Lord,” which appears three separate times, which sparked further controversy. On social media the council said that since they’d failed to find a suitable compromise to appease all, the memorial was completely removed. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

25th: veterans ministry says YouTube blocked their ad because it included the word ‘Christian,’ US:  Christian speaker and former Special Operations marine Chad Robichau says YouTube censored an ad for his ministry to veterans as the word “Christian” was deemed a violation of YouTube’s policy. The notice from YouTube said, “Please remove the unacceptable content to continue.” Robichaux wrote on his Twitter account. “Insane! #Censorship should terrify every American; conservative or liberal, Christian or Muslim. This bias is a dangerous course for America.” (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

25th: Israeli embassy in Finland was attacked for 15th time in 18 months, Helsinki Finland: the embassy was vandalized by neo-Nazi and far-right extremists when the glass front door of the embassy in Helsinki was shattered over the weekend, and images of swastikas and Adolf Hitler were hung in the entrance to the building. Israel’s Foreign Ministry called the attack “another link in the chain of anti-Semitic attacks targeting the embassy.” The Israeli Embassy in Helsinki expressed its disgust to Finnish authorities and demanded they act in full force to locate the culprits, bring them to justice and prevent similar incidents from happening in the future. (The Times of Israel) [link]

25th: pro-life billboard pulled down for being ‘offensive,’ Australia: a pro-life group is “disappointed” its outdoor advertising has been taken down by the billboard company that put it up, following public complaints about it being “offensive.” The billboard was paid for by Emily’s Voice, an advocacy and support organisation for “women experiencing an unplanned pregnancy.” Ooh! Media decided to take down the billboard on the Pacific Highway in Belmont, New South Wales, because it “could cause offence to a significant section of the community.” Last month, NSW Transport Minister Andrew Constance said he was “appalled” by the ad and had it removed from buses. (Eternity news) [link]

25th: Communist party orders towns to count how many citizens ‘Believe in God’ and then monitor them, China: China’s central government has intensified its crackdown on Christianity in recent months by pressuring local government officials to keep a count on the number of citizens who believe in God and to monitor them. The CCP (Communist Party of China) has threatened officials in towns and villages with repercussions if the number is wrong. “The government is taking the matter of religion very seriously now,” an unidentified local government official said. “If it is determined that we didn’t report the situation truthfully, we will be punished. Now, we have to report our work to the township government twice a day. We also need to fill out a form in the evening. We’re so busy that we don’t have any free time at all.” (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

25th: Professor lays out facts regarding transgender athletes, New Zealand: Otago University Professor of Physiology, Alison Heather co-authored a controversial study which finds “trans athletes have an unfair advantage over those born female.” The study’s comprehensively explains the advantages of the male musculoskeletal and cardio-respiratory systems over the female’s. (Binary Australia) [link 1] [link 2]

26th: a council takes a stand against puberty blockers, Italy: Friuli Venezia Giulia regional council approved a motion calling on their government to prohibit the prescription of drugs that prevent normal sexual development of adolescents. According to the council’s motion, “puberty is not a disease” and thus should not be prevented with surgery and medications that can produce irreversible effects. (Binary Australia) [link 1] [link 2]

26th: Egyptian photo editor quits CNN after anti-Semitic tweets surface, Turkey: Mohammed Elshamy, a photo editor who began working at CNN in January has resigned after anti-Semitic tweets he made in 2011 were discovered by an employee of Israel’s Government Press Office, and flagged some of Elshamy’s anti-semitic statements. (The Times of Israel) [link]

26th: city official celebrates his birthday with a swastika cake, Montpelier, France: an official in the  town of Montpelier celebrated his birthday with a cake decorated with a swastika, which he described as “a gift from my SS friend.” Djamel Boumaaz posted an image of the cake on his Facebook page. Boumaaz was previously fined for performing the quenelle gesture, an inverted Nazi salute, at a session of the Montpellier city council, a gesture that is illegal in France.(The Times of Israel) [link 1]

26th: ‘In God We Trust’ to be displayed in all South Dakota public schools, US: the law, which goes into effect in July, mandates that every public school in the state must display the national motto, “In God We Trust.” Governor Kristi Noem signed the law on March 18, and says that “The display shall be located in a prominent location within each school. According to the Associated Press, the lawmakers who proposed the bill believed it would increase patriotism. [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

26th: Illinois rules that it’s discriminatory to request transgender students change clothes behind ‘privacy curtains’ in locker room, US: an Illinois government board has told a Chicago-area school district it cannot force transgender students to dress and undress behind a privacy curtain. Lake Park Community High School District 108 in Roselle, Ill., had allowed transgender students to change clothes in the locker room that corresponds to their gender identity, provided they did so behind a curtain for privacy, but the Illinois Human Rights Commission ruled that the practice denied transgender students “full and equal access” to the locker room, and said that the policy was discriminatory. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

26th: Israel’s US envoy flies to Alaska to ‘upgrade’ cooperation against Iran, US: The Israeli ambassador to the US reportedly made a secret trip to Alaska to discuss Israel-US defense ties and cooperation against Iran. (The Times of Israel) [link]

26th: congregants walk out of church over Pastor’s controversial ‘Love it or Leave it’ sign, Virginia, US: after President Trump’s comments to the immigrants who don’t love the USA, to return home and fix up the problems in their own country, Pastor Lucas’s agreed and erected a similar message which was viewed as racist by some of his congregants. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

26th: Russia targeted election systems in all 50 US states, Senate report finds, Washington, US: Robert Mueller warned that Russian interference is still happening “as we sit here.” State election officials are anxious and underfunded, some running systems with outdated software and scrounging for replacement parts off e-Bay. The report from the Senate Intelligence committee concluded all 50 states were targeted in 2016 and ahead of the 2018 election “top election vulnerabilities remained. (The Times of Israel) [link]

26th: UN body passes resolution accusing only Israel of women’s rights violations, JTA: Norway and six EU countries voted at the United Nations in favour of two resolutions that singled out Israel for criticism as a violator of women’s and human rights. Israel was the only country named as a violator or trouble spot by the 54-nation UN Economic and Social Council during the session, according to the UN Watch organization, ignoring many other countries that deny women various rights.. (The Times of Israel) [link 1] [link 2]

26th: ancient letter between Christian brothers dates to Roman Empire, Switzerland: a recently discovered 1700-year-old letter between two Christian brothers living in the Roman Empire has ancient history buffs, early church scholars and trivia-loving Christians buzzing, providing new insights into the ancient lives of early Christians. (Eternity News) [link]

27th: Iran defiantly tests medium-range missile, Iran: after openly breaching the terms of the nuclear deal, also conducted a medium-range ballistic missile test in violation of Security Council resolutions. (The Times of Israel) [link 1] [link 2]

27th: despite censorship, Iranians manage to surf the web, Tehran, Iran: users search for the right workaround to bypass state censors, and has become second nature in Iran, where the clerically-led government restricts access to popular social media sites and where US sanctions create other barriers. (The Times of Israel) [link]

27th: North Korea says missile test was ‘solemn warning’ to South Korea, Seoul, North Korea: a day after two North Korean missile launches rattled Asia, it was announced that leader Kim Jong Un had supervised the test of a new tactical guided weapon, meant as a “solemn warning” about rival South Korea’s weapons development and plans to hold military exercises with the United States. The weapon could likely reach all of South Korea and would be extremely hard to intercept. (The Times of Israel) [link]

27th: From Europe to the Arctic, temperature records tumble in 2019, world: this June was the hottest on record, beating out June 2016, the hottest ever. Europe’s June temperatures were around two degrees Celsius (3.6 Fahrenheit) hotter than average, according to the EU’s Copernicus climate monitor. Record highs tumbled across France, with the mercury peaking at 46 C (114.8 F) on June 28 in the southern town of Verargues. The previous record, set back in 2003, was 44.1 C (111.4 F).(The Times of Israel) [link]

27th: new UK anti-Semitism adviser: Jews are the canary in the coal mine for humanity, UK: according to British Labour MP John Mann, “when it comes to fighting anti-Semitism, it’s not enough for us to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the Jewish community, when the anti-Semites are throwing the stones of hatred, of bitterness, of bile… We have to stand in front of [Jews] in this fight. This must not be only the responsibility of the Jewish community,” he said. {The Times of Israel [link]

28th: The Abraham Conference 2019, Parramatta, Australia: the conference aimed to bring together Jews, Christians and Muslims to acknowledge the unique bond through their common ancestor, the Prophet Abraham, while accounting for differences through dialogue and friendship. (National Council of Churches in Australia) [ink]

28th: Supreme Court OKs use of Pentagon funds for border wall, Washington, US: the Supreme Court cleared the way for the Trump administration to tap billions of dollars in Pentagon funds to build sections of a border wall with Mexico. Funding for the projects had been frozen by lower courts while a lawsuit over the money proceeded (The Times of Israel) [link]

29th: former ISIS soldier leaves terrorist group, wants to return to Israel: a former ISIS soldier says he now believes Israel is a democratic state and wants to return to the country. After he was later captured he told BBC correspondent Feras Kilani on BBC Arabic that he wants to return to his home, because he changed his mind about ISIS after seeing the injustices carried out by the group. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

29th: Egypt, Jordan leaders hold talks over Israeli-Palestinian peace, Cairo: Egypt’s President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi and Jordan’s King Abdullah II met on Monday to discuss efforts to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, reaffirming their support for a two-state solution. The meeting comes ahead of an expected visit to the region by US President Donald Trump’s son-in-law and senior White House adviser Jared Kushner, who is pushing a controversial peace plan. (The Times of Israel) [link]

29th: Chinese Pastor commits suicide over China’s restrictive control, Henan Province, China: as China continues its restrictive grip on Christian churches, believers are feeling the pinch. Reverend Song Yongshen, committed suicide earlier this month when discussions with the government over his church’s freedom resulted in “a failure.” “I wanted to work with the government, but it was a failure,” Song wrote in his suicide note as reported by AsiaNews. “I want to be the first martyr of this terrible situation.”(Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3] [link 4]

29th: street Preacher wrongfully arrested for Islamophobia receives payout from police, London, UK: Nigerian native Oluwole Ilesanmi was delivering a gospel message outside Southgate Underground Station in North London when he was apprehended for “breaching the peace.” When law enforcement realized that they could not lodge any charges against him because he had not committed any crime, they transported him to a remote location over five miles away and “de-arrested” him, and the preacher was left to find his own way back. (Christian Headlines) [link]

29th: courtship author Joshua Harris falls from the faith –  ‘I Am Not a Christian,’ US: Joshua Harris, the bestselling author of “I Kissed Dating Goodbye” who previously announced that he was separating from his wife, said Friday he no longer considers himself a Christian. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

30th: 40% of Americans believe in creationism and reject evolution, Gallup poll finds, US: they believe “God created human beings pretty much in their present form at one time within the last 10,000 years or so,” according to a Gallup poll, an increase from 38 percent in 2017, the last time Gallup asked the question. Their answers differed greatly based on their religion and church attendance. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

30th: Jordanian TV host says Zionists killed the prophets, Jews are our enemies, Jordan: A host on Jordanian television recently said the conflict with “the Jews” was an existential one and that “Palestine is not big enough for two peoples,” and insisted that “it is either us or them” in the land. (The Times of Israel) [link]

30th: Switzerland suspends funding to UN agency for Palestinians after damning report: Switzerland said it was suspending funding to the UN agency for Palestinian refugees and their descendants after an ethics report revealed alleged mismanagement and abuse of authority at the agency’s highest levels. The internal report by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency’s own ethics department, includes allegations of sexual misconduct, nepotism and discrimination. (The Times of Israel) [link 1] [link 2]

30th: California lawmakers pass resolution blaming religious people for high suicide rates in the LGBT community, US: lawmakers passed a resolution that singles out the state’s religious communities and forces them to fully support LGBT individuals. Additionally, they even blamed religious individuals for many of the issues faced by those in the LGBT community, including suicide. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

30th: celebrating new religious freedom law, evangelicals push for more, Bolivia: originally a Roman Catholic nation, Bolivia officially became a secular country in 2009, with a new constitution, which angered the protestant denominations who were ignored. Their ten year campaign brought them recognition. (Christian Headlines) [link]

30th:President Trump met with 20 African American pastors to discuss issues affecting minority communities, US: they met to discuss numerous issues facing the African American community. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

30th: reporting persecution to Police a vanishing option for Christians, India: violence against Christians in Bihar state, in India’s northeast bordering Nepal and Bangladesh, has increased in the past two years, sources said. Hopes for forming a Christian response center with help from legal aid and relief organizations has yet to be realized. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

31st: fires destroy six Christian villages, Authorities Suspect Arson, Turkey: fires ravaged six Christian villages along the Turkey-Syria border in southern Turkey, which many believe were started intentionally. According to International Christian Concern, “arson has become a recognized insurgent tactic which targets the agricultural resources of villages.” (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]


1st: Australian Medical Association warns government that legalising euthanasia and assisted suicide could lead to murder, Western Australia: doctors are demanding that there by stronger safeguards around the euthanasia laws, and called for those with mental health problem or other health issues be banned from accessing assisted suicide. (HOPE): [link 1] [link 2]

3rd: over 160 million females aborted, China, India and elsewhere: by next year around 24 million men in China will be unable to find a spouse, due to gendercide abortions. Abortion of female foetuses still continues today, and this ongoing imbalance will lead to even more human trafficking and forced prostitution. (Breakpoint) [link 1] [link 2]

3rd: ‘Transgender’ inmates moves to female jail for sex and/or to rape female inmates, UK: transgender male inmates are asking to move to female jails with the intent of having sex with females and/or to rape inmates. (The Sun) [link]

3rd: Dr Catherine Hamlin celebrates 60 years of service to women, Ethiopia: Dr Catherine Hamlin, gynaecologist and her husband Reg went to Ethiopia in 1959 and saw the need to help women who suffer terrible from obstetric fistulas. Eventually they opened a hospital for this condition, and have helped around 60,000 women get their lives back. Dr Catherine Hamlin is now 95 and still work in the hospital that she’d founded with her husband, the Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital. (Eternity News) [link]

4th: wife of president dies, Israel: President Reuven Rivlin’s wife Nechama dies after undergoing a lung transplant. (United with Israel) [link]

5th: Christian NBA star Stephen Curry writes Bible verse on sneakers, USA: it reminds him of “who I’m playing for.” (Christian Headlines)  [link]

5th: Bob Gass dies, , Atlanta, Georgia, USA: the author of Australia’s Vision FM’s daily devotional, “The Word for Today,” passed away. (Vision) [link]

5th: media condemns Australian Federal Police for raids targeting journalists, Sydney, Australia: media around the world condemned police raids on headquarters of the ABC in Sydney. (SBS) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3] [link 4]

5th: Pope approves changes to wording in Lord’s prayer, Italy: instead of “lead us not into temptation,” Pope Francis has swapped the words with “do not let us fall into temptation.” (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

6th: Christian family attacked by a mob at their home, Pakistan: a police officer who was passing by, rescued them, but they’re now homeless. (Voice of the Martyrs) [link]

6th: police demolish a school and hostel and snatched 12 students, New Delhi, India: Hindu extremists were involved in the demolitions, and police took orphans and other children away. (Christian Headlines) [link]

6th: 50 tied up and executed, Central African Republic: over 50 residents were killed and others wounded, in several villages near the town of Paoua, not far from the Chad border. (Open Doors, USA) [link]

6th: a Christian florist who refused to work gay wedding loses again in Washington court, USA: despite the Supreme Court’s ruling in favour of Christian baker Jack Phillips, the same court has ruled that this florist Barronelle Stutzman, was guilty of violating discrimination laws. (Christian Post) [link]

6th: Founder of Wendy’s seeks to support and save kids through adoption, USA: the founder of Wendy’s David Thomas, is encouraging his customers to financially support organisations and overworked social workers that help children be adopted, via a ‘snap’ code on their cups, where they can make an instant donation. (LifeSite News) [link 1] [link 2]

6th: Israel Folau’s brother John quits Waratah football team in protest, NSW, Australia: Israel Folau’s brother John has quit the Waratahs in protest over the sacking of his Christian brother Israel. (Daily Mail, UK) [link

10th: Jihadists massacre entire Christian village killing at least 100, many burnt to death, Mali: a Barnabas Fund contact said it was “well-targeted attack,” with between 100 and 135 people killed. (Barnabus Fund) [link]

7th: Joaquin Garcia, mega-church leader charged with  various crimes including human trafficking and rape, Los Angeles, USA: Garcia was charged with rape, production of pornography and human trafficking. (Local 10) [link]

7th: rival gang members risk lives to get baptised together in maximum-security prison, Texas, USA: Five men, were baptised at the jail, despite the fact it may lead to their deaths. (Fox News) [link]

7th: Chris Ford, a progressively social liberal writer and researcher now opposes euthanasia, New Zealand: he’s concerned that the government may force the elderly and the disabled to accept euthanasia, simply because of the cost savings in caring for them (HOPE) [link 1] [link 2]

7th: prisoners threatened and beaten by Muslim gangs to convert to Islam, UK: a Ministry of Justice report states “Violence, bullying and intimidation were prevalent with the (Muslim) gang, using religion as an excuse to victimise others.” (Barnabus Fund) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3] [link 4]

9th: thousands of Christians filled Trafalgar Square for Pentecost celebration, UK: the ten day prayer festival finished with a crowd of around 5,000. (Christian Today)[link]

9th: more than one million people filled Hong Kong streets in protest at the government’s plans to take away HK’s autonomy: the bill would also allow fugitives to be extradited to mainland China. (The Sunday Morning Herald) [link]

10th: Authorities raid Christian school demanding it change its beliefs on sex, California, USA: after raiding the school and not finding evidence of the crime they believed the school had committed, they tried to find evidence of other crimes.This case could lead to future problems for religious education in California.. (Christian Headlines) [link]

10th: Rabbi beaten in anti-Semitic attack, Rosario, Argentina: Shlomo Tawil a Chabad emissary was assaulted by thee men who first began by shouting anti-Jewish insults. (Times of Israel) [link]

11th: ‘transgender priest’ addresses Anglican Girl’s school assembly about LGBTQ and transitioning without parent’s knowledge or consent, Queensland, Australia: no-one was allowed to leave the assembly and parents are outraged that children as young as five were forced to listen to concepts not suitable for primary aged children. (Binary) [link 1] [link 2]

11th: Jack Phillips, Christian cake artist faces a further lawsuit, USA: Autumn Scardina, the transgender lawyer who’d sued Phillips in 2017 unsuccessfully for sexual discrimination, is making another attempt to sue him for discrimination for refusing to make her another cake. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

11th: a 100-year-old church was shut down and its cross removed from its tower, Iran: Christians are no longer allowed to worship there anymore. (Open Doors) [link]

11th: Pastor’s wife released on bail after six months, China: in late 2018, over 100 members of the Early Rain Covenant Church were arrested. Pastor Wang Yi is still in detention, but his wife Jiang Rong and another Christian were released. (Voice of the Martyrs) [link]

12th: up to 29 Christians killed in attack on villages by Islamic extremists, North Africa: nineteen were killed in Arbinda and up to another 10 the following day in Namentenga province. (Barnabas Fund) [link 1] [link 2]

12th: law passed to protect businesses that choose to support Christian organisations, Texas, US: the Texas Governor has signed the SB1978 bill into law which will protect businesses that choose to support Christian organisations or businesses, after a claim that Chick-afil-A was bigoted towards LGBTQ people. (Christian Headlines) [link]

12th: Jewish candidate for council subjected to online anti-Semitic threats of violence, Seattle, USA: threats included Molotov cocktails at their home and comments about his son. (Jewish Telegraphic Agency) [link]

12th: best-selling author and retired professor repeatedly accosted because he’s a Jewish supporter of Israel, Paris, France: with increasing anti-Semitism, Alain Finkielkraut cannot go into the street or attend engagements as a speaker, due to ongoing harassment, despite the laws which protect him. (Times of Israel) [link 1] [link 2]

12th: despite its own political unrest, Moldova will move its embassy to Jerusalem, Moldova:  Moldova is the first European country to decide to move their embassy from Tel Aviv in Israel to Jerusalem. (Times of Israel) [link]

12th: this date marks 70 years since the birth of Anne Frank: Anne’s famous World War II diary was written during the 25 months she, her family and others hid from the Nazis in Amsterdam.

12th: Iraqi man wearing a Jewish cap, and carrying knives was stopped at entrance to synagogue, Antwerp,Belgium: police took him away for questioning. (Times of Israel) [link]

13th: US Holocaust Museum is digitizing letters from Anne Frank’s father, Massachusetts, USA: Ryan Cooper will be donating correspondence he received from Anne Frank’s father Otto Frank, and mementos to the museum in Washington to commemorate Anne’s birth. (Times of Israel) [link]

13th: photo printing kiosks in K-Mart ban Christian words, Australia: a Christian woman found that she wasn’t allowed to add certain Christian words to some of her photos. The sales and marketing manager claims the profanity detecting software had an error. (The Daily Telegraph) [link]

13th: couple suing for ‘wrongful birth’ after Down Syndrome daughter born, Brisbane, Australia: couple is seeking to sue an ultrasound clinic after it failed to determine that their child had Down Syndrome otherwise they would have had an abortion. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

13th: Texas Town Becomes ‘Sanctuary City of the Unborn,’ Wasko, USA: the city council passed an ordinance banning abortion within the city limits, and prohibiting the opening of abortion clinics. (Christian Headlines)  [link]

13th: Teen Vogue column tells teens how to get an abortion without telling their parents, USA: while the columnist did encourage readers to speak to an adult, they also said there were ways around having to obtain parental approval. (Christian Headlines)  [link] [tweet link]

13th: a memorial to Jewish children who escaped Nazis was vandalized, Prague, Czech Republic: the Farewell Memorial recalls children who boarded trains at the station in 1939 and, and had to leave their parents behind on the platform, just before Nazis invaded the country. The artist who created the piece is hoping to be able to save it. (Times of Israel) [link]

14th: while Mosul in Iraq was freed from IS 2 years ago, Christians still live in fear, Iraq: Iran’s government has announced it will arm residents in villages around Mosul so they can protect themselves from ongoing attacks by groups of Islamic State fighters who remain in the area. (Eternity News) [link 1 ] [link 2] Christians now face a new threat from Iran-backed militia. (National Catholic Register) [link 3]

14th: My Little Pony children’s cartoon to introduce lesbian couple: writer and producer Michael Vogel said, “My Little Pony has always been about friendship and accepting people (or ponies) that are different from you.” (Christian headlines) [link]

15th: lawmaker says Jesus’ mother was ‘Palestinian refugee,’ New Zealand: a lawmaker for New Zealand’s Greens Party said Jesus’ mother, Mary, and her husband Joseph, were Palestinian refugees. (Times of Israel) [link]

15th: Samaritan’s Purse sends aid to the border to help with migrant crisis, US: Samaritan’s Purse has been 7ministering to migrant families at the Mexico/US border that are suffering from the heat, hunger, and exhaustion. Around 70 to 120 migrants pass through Del Rio each day. (Christian Headlines) [link]

15th: Netanyahu: some in Europe won’t wake up until Iran nukes land on them, Israel: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said some countries will only wake up to the Iranian threat when nuclear missiles fall on European soil. (Times of Israel) [link]

16th: Government restrictions on religion increasing worldwide, New York, US: government restrictions on religion have increased markedly around the world including democracies in Europe. The report document religion-based harassment and violence. (Times of Israel) [link]

16th: Israel’s Foreign Minister advises that Israel would participate in the US-led economic peace conference, Israel: Israel Katz advised that Morocco, Jordan and Egypt have agreed to attend the economic workshop in Bahrain set for late June. (Times of Israel) [link]

16th: Extradition bill not made to measure for mainland China and won’t be abandoned, China: while the new Chinese bill set to take away some of Hong Kong’s autonomy, resulted in many violent protests, these have now become more peaceful with Christian groups encouraging the singing of a simple song, that has now become almost like an anthem for the movement. (South China Morning Post) [link 1] [link 2]

16th: US President accuses New York Times of “a virtual act of treason,” USA: this was after they claimed that the US was increasing ‘digital incursions’ into the electric power grid in Russia because of concerns about hostility between the two powers. (Times of Israel) [link 1] [link 2]

16th: Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman accuses Iran of attacking oil tankers in a Gulf shipping channel, Saudi Arabia: he said he “won’t hesitate” to tackle any threats to the kingdom. (Times of Israel) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

17th: State of Vermont will cover costs for children’s gender-reassignment surgery on Medicaid under a proposed new rule, US: the proposal will allow beneficiaries to receive treatment for correctly diagnosed gender dysphoria. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

17th: Supreme Court over-rides earlier lower court’s decision that penalised Christian bakers, US: the state court had previously ruled against the couple and demanded they pay a penalty after they refused to design a wedding cake for a lesbian couple. (Christian Headlines) [link 1 ] [link 2 ] [link 3 ] [link 4]

17th: Israel’s Prime Minister urges international community to push sanctions on Iran: after Iran warned it could increase its uranium up to 20% – close to weapons-grade levels, Israel has encouraged sanctions against them if they chose to go ahead. (Times of Israel) [link]

17th: investigation demanded by atheist group because 18 football players were baptised, Alabama, USA: the Freedom From Religion Foundation took the matter to the Alabama High School and asked it no longer allows ‘illegal religious events.’ (Christian Headlines) [link 1 ] [link 2]

17th: New York could become first US city to offer free abortions through direct funding, US: if the council approves the allocation for low-income women it will be a part of their new budget. (Christian Headlines) [link 1 ] [link 2] [link 3

17th: legislators to tell Pastors what to preach from their pulpits on LGBT behaviour, California, US: Assemblyman Evan Low wants a resolution that restricts what religious leaders in California can preach from their pulpits, to stop perpetuating the idea that something is wrong with LGBT identities or sexual behaviour (California Family Council) [link 1] [link 2]

18th: Christian girls targeted for abduction, rape and forced conversion, Pakistan: between November 2018 and June 2019, 28 Christian girls were abducted and forced into marriages where they’re raped and forced to convert. (CBN News) [link]

18th: teen magazine encourages girls to send nude photos to boys, US: despite experts encouraging the opposite, Teen Vogue dating columnist wrote a guide on how to send nude photos to men and sexting. (Christian Headlines) [link 1 ] [link 2]

18th: US to deploy 1,000 more troops to Middle East as tensions with Iran rise, US: troops are being sent to ensure the safety and welfare of military personnel in the region and to protect national interests. Russia accuses the USA of inciting a war with Iran. (Times of Israel) [link 1] [link 2]

19th: lawmakers want to control the preaching of Pastors about LGBTQ, California, USA: the resolution put to the Assembly Judiciary Committee to control what religious leaders are allowed to say about LGBTQ identities and behaviours, and to stop conversion therapy was approved. More than 25 religious and non-profit leaders, and psychologists submitted a letter contesting the bill’s claim. (Christian Headlines) [link 1 ] [link 2] [link 3]

19th: Pastor arrested while protesting a Drag Queen Story Hour at local library, Washington, US: Pastor Yaghtin was arrested after he refused to away from the event There were also around 200 protestors. (CBN News) [link 1 ] [link 2 ] [link 3]

19th: armed guards should protect every synagogue, US: the US envoy against anti-Semitism, Elan Carr asked for ’a joint bipartisan fight’ against hatred towards Jews. (Times of Israel) [link]

19th: interfaith leaders gather to increase security for houses of worship, Washington US: the first meeting of its kind between Jews, Muslims and Christians was held at FBI headquarters after  ongoing attacks against religious institutions. (Times of Israel) [link]

19th: female athlete fights back after transgender athletes beat female competitors, USA: female competitors, missed out on major sporting opportunities and possibly college scholarships after two former male competitors who had not been able to win against other males, competed as transgender in female competitions. (Binary) [link 1] [link 2]

19th: two children’s books published to counter radical gender activism, Australia: Wendy Francis, the Director of the Australian Christian Lobby (Queensland and Northern Territory), has written the books to counteract ‘gender fluidity’ confusion caused to little boys and girls so they can “know exactly who they are meant to be.” (Binary) [link]

19th: legalising euthanasia seriously impacts doctor’s ethics, Victoria, Australia: the doctor’s oath to ‘do no harm’ and to work at healing patients can’t co-exist with laws that encourage euthanasia. Associate Professor Bernadette Tobin, Director of the Plunkett Centre for Ethics said, “Assisting a patient to suicide undermines the meaning of medicine.” (HOPE) [link 1 ] [link 2 ] [link 3] [link 4] [link 5]

20th: 3 million evangelicals march – ‘Our country belongs to Jesus,’ Brazil: the 27th march held in São Paulo, included over ten hours of worship and praise. (Fox News) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

20th: student kicked out of class because he said there were only two genders, Aberdeen, Scotland: after the incident, the student said, “The teacher …says there is more than one gender ‘by law’” and that the pupil hadn’t been ‘inclusive.’ (Daily Mail, UK) [link 1 ] [link 2 ] [link 3]

20th: Syrian refugee arrested after planning to bomb Christian Church, Pittsburg, US: the FBI arrested the ISIS terrorist after several months of investigation.(Christian Headlines) [link 1 ] [link 2 ] [link 3]

20th: singer Taylor Swift ridicules Christians and praises those who support LGBTQ, USA: Taylor’s video says that Christian protestors are stupid and ugly trailer-trash, and went on to praise those who support the LGBTQ community. (Christian Headlines) [link 1 ] [link 2]

21st: parents claim school lesson caused young daughter to question her gender, Canada: after being exposed to the concept of trans-genderism where “there is no such thing as girls and boy,” the six year old became confused about her sex. (Christian Headlines) [link 1 ] [link 2]

21st: meeting opens with ‘Hail Satan’ invocation, Alaska, USA: a public meeting commenced with a ‘prayer’ that included the “Hail Satan” mantra. Several officials and attendees walked out and others protested about it. (Christian Headlines) [link]

23rd: euthanasia now accepted as ‘solution’ for non-terminal patients, Belgium: Belgium isnow embracing euthanasia as the appropriate solution for healthy patients who suffer mental and/or emotional problems.” (Australian Prayer Network) [link]

23rd: British judge orders woman to have abortion against her will, UK: a pregnant woman with a learning disability was ordered to have an abortion even though she wanted to keep the child and her own mother (a midwife) said that she’d care for the child. (Citizen Go) [link 1 ] [link 2 ] [link 3]

23rd: Bishop wants to take down crosses from church so it won’t offend Muslims, Sweden: Bishop Eva Brunne proposed removing symbols of Christianity, and to open the church to worshipping sailors of all beliefs, and even mark the direction of Mecca for Muslim visitors. (Israel Unwired) link 1]  [link 2]

24th: Christian scout group banned from touring National Guard facility, Pennsylvania, US: the facility regularly holds tours for Boy Scouts group, but denied the Christian group simply because of their faith. (Christian Headlines) [link 1 ] [link 2]

24th: Reddit allows anti-Semitic group to flourish, before closing down: after 9 months of complaints, Reddit eventually banned the group. (Times of Israel) [link]

24th: ban on Government employees from praying at work, Sweden: the new municipal council guidelines are aimed at those who take time outside of their normal breaks, to pray. (Christian Headlines) [link]

24th: Law enacted permitting abortions up to birth, Rhode Island, US: Governor Gina Raimondo signed the Reproductive Privacy Act which allows dismemberment and part-birth abortions until birth. (Christian Headlines) [link]

24th: Church offers hope and healing to jail inmates, Illinois, USA: in just three months, there’s been a recognisable change at the jail after a church began to hold regular services. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

25th: drag queen reads story to children during service at a church, Cincinnati, US: the service began with the song “God Welcomes All.” Then a man dressed in drag, shared a book about an LGBTQ ‘hero’ who dreamed that everyone could “live and love as they pleased.” The congregation applauded. (Christian Headlines) [link]

25th: poll finds young adults becoming more conservative on LGBT issues, US: a survey suggests Millennials may be becoming more conservative about LGBTQ issues. (Christian Headlines) [link 1 ] [link 2]

26th: singer Madonna claims that Jesus would agree with abortion, US: Madonna claims that as a supporter of women, Jesus would have agreed with their right to choose abortion, and that she’d love to challenge the Pope about her claim. (LifeNews) [link 1 ] [link 2 ] [link 3 ] [link 4]

26th: pro-Life pregnancy centres will receive funding instead of Planned Parenthood, Ohio, US: the Senate passed a bill to provide increased funding to crisis pregnancy centres. (Christian Headlines) [link 1 ] [link 2 ] [link 3]

26th: 60% of people want to make abortion illegal in most circumstances, US: the poll showed a rise during past 8 years in preference to making abortion illegal. (Christian Headlines) [link 1 ] [link 2]

26th: politician who lost husband to cancer, opposes euthanasia, WA, Australia: after watching her husband die from pancreatic cancer, Liza Harvey saw how palliative care allowed him to die with dignity, and her experience has caused her to view euthanasia unfavourably. (HOPE) [link 1 ] [link 2]

26th: Google manipulated content on Youtube by blacklisting words and phrases during Irish abortion referendum: YouTube deliberately hindered search results to ensure that Irish voters would see only what they wanted them to see, and blacklisted 120 specific pro-life words and phrases. (Breitbart) [link 1] [link 2]

27th: US President threatens Iran if they attack ‘anything American,’ US: after placing more sanctions on Iran, President Trump said that “any attack by Iran on anything American will be met with great and overwhelming force.” (Times of Israel) [link]

27th: hackers from Iran have increased their attacks on government and other facilities, US: hackers increased their attempts to access oil and gas organisations and government agencies. (Times of Israel) [link]

27th: Bahrain’s Foreign Minister says Israel has the right to defend itself, Manama, Bahrain: Khalid bin Ahmed Al-Khalifa said “One day, when it’s all open and peaceful” he would like to visit Israel. “Let’s build trust,” he said, as there are those in the Arab world who are aiming for peace. (Times of Israel) [link]

27th: citizens believe small businesses should have the right to deny serving certain groups, US: a survey found that up to 30% of Americans believe small businesses should be able to refuse service to minority groups. (Times of Israel) [link]

27th: increase in white supremacist fliers on campuses in past year, US: the report shared information on a 7% increase in white supremacist fliers, posters and stickers in universities around the country. (Times of Israel) [link]

27th: US releases photos to support their claim that Iran attacked oil tankers, Washington, US: the Pentagon released photos that proved that Tehran’s Revolutionary Guard were responsible for the attacks on two oil tankers near the Persian Gulf. (Times of Israel) [link]

27th: widespread support that transgender people use bathrooms associated with their birth gender, US: people still fear that ‘transgender men’ who can access women’s toilets and other facilities, are a danger. (Christian Headlines) [link]

27th: disabled are fearful about how the introduction of euthanasia may impact them, New Zealand: the introduction of euthanasia is “overwhelmingly opposed” by the disability sector, and particularly that those who are vulnerable may be coerced. (HOPE) [link]

27th: calls to normalise paedophilia increasing, world: people will start pushing paedophilia as a “normal sexual preference that they don’t choose,” with a UK report suggesting that paedophiles should attend workshops and not be jailed. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

27th: around 100 Christians killed by Muslim terrorists this month, Mali, West Africa: Fulani Muslims attacked the Christian village and killed at least 95 people, then burned their homes. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

27th: authorities beat and arrest Pastor for not removing cross from church, China: after the Pastor refused their request to remove the cross. The authorities removed the cross themselves, then dragged the Pastor from his home and beat him, and demolished the church’s new building.. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2]

28th: Americans vastly overestimate percentage of population who are LGBT, US: while the LGBT community make up less than 5% of the population, around 90% of Americans believe LGBTQ people make up more than five times the actual number. (LifeSite News) [link 1 ] [link 2] [link 3]

28th: Chip and Joanna Gaines donate money to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, USA: Christian couple of ‘Fixer Upper’ fame, Chip and Joanna aimed to raise $230,000 for the hospital but eventually raised $1.5 million. (Christian Headlines) [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

28th: Islamic Jihad threatens they may strike Israel if the US and Iran go to war, Palestine: a Palestine Islamic Jihad group said, “If Israel decides to ally with the US to engage in a military confrontation against Iran, we will take a different stand.” (Times of Israel) [link 1] [link 2]

28th: extremists charged over plan to start violent uprising, Germany: authorities charged extremists of forming the terrorist organisation ‘Revolution Chemnitz’ who planned a violent insurrection. (Times of Israel) [link 1] [link 2]

28th: public schools are allowed to teach Bible courses, Kentucky, US: Governor Bevin signed a bill allowing Bible courses to be taught in public schools and would be an elective subject for schools. (New York Post) [link 1] [link 2]

28th: former human rights commissioner stands up for Israel Folau’s right to free speech, Australia: Gillian Triggs said she’s concerned about employers controlling the free expression of their employees. (2GB) [link]

29th: southern Israel resident may appeal to the UN against Hamas, Israel: their appeal is against the Hamas which controls the Gaza Strip, because of ongoing attacks using flammable devices against residents in Israel. (Times of Israel) [link]

30th: a new Auschwitz exhibit shares stories of 21 survivors and its impact on their faith, Germany: ‘Through the Lens of Faith’ shares videos of survivors who share how their relationship with God evolved while detained at the death camp. (Times of Israel) [link]

30th: President Trump to hold nuclear talks after meeting with Kim Jong Un, North Korea:  Trump invited the North Korean leader to the US for discuss denuclearization. (Times of Israel) [link]

30th: members of UK Labour Party frustrated at anti-Semitism within their group, UK: a senior member  of the shadow cabinetmade a claim that their group will lose the next election unless the anti-Semitism issue is dealt with. (Times of Israel) [link 1] [link 2]


1st: Queensland Reds and Wallabies player Tupou supports Israel Folau’s right to express Christian views, Australia (see first article on 4th April): Taniela Tupou posted, “Sack me and… other Pacific Islands rugby players… because we have the same Christian beliefs.” [link]

1st: Violent attacks against Jews rose markedly in 2018, world: highest number of murders in decades [link]

2nd: MP criticises Western attitudes toward Christian persecution, Canada: Candice Bergen made public statement on behalf of persecuted Christians [link]

2nd: Entire Bible read in 90 days in front of Capitol Building, USA: annual event commenced on 1 February and finished today [link]

4th: Rachel Held Evans dies at 37, USA: author of apopular blog and best-selling books including “A Year of Biblical Womanhood” and “Sunday, Faith Unravell-ed,” Rachel’s death was unexpected [link]

8th: Asia Bibi and family left Pakistan for Canada: Christian Pakistani woman acquitted last year after 8 years on death row after accusation of blasphemy against Islam. Her acquittal led to riots, death threats and murder [link 1; link 2]

10th: 141 Christians arrested in Eritrea, Africa: Police arrested 104 women, 23 men & 14 children, including several elderly, from Asmara – no charge. Eritrea is known for human rights violations including brutality of imprisoned [link]

12th: Six Christians killed at Catholic mass, Burkina Faso (Africa): 30 people entered church in Dablo and opened fire, then burned the church, local store and medical centre [link]

13th: Doctor on trial for refusing to perform abortion, Argentina: Dr Leandro Rodriguez Lastra being tried for  “obstetrical violence” and breach of duty [link]

15th: Asia Bibi’s life threatened, Canada: after acquittal, moved to Canada with family – threatened on video by Muslim who followed her to Canada to find and kill her [link]

15th: Appeals court rules no doctors can object to performing abortions or euthanasia, Canada: court claims patient’s rights trump doctor’s rights [link]

16th: Near total ban on abortion, Alabama, USA: Alabama Governor signs bill to criminalise abortion. Activists hope to overturn 1973 Roe vs Wade decision. Six states have now outlawed it [link 1; link 2; link 3]

16th: Asia Bibi’s lawyer taking on another blaspheming case, Pakistan: Saif-ul-Mulook to help Christian couple [link]

18th: Rugby Australia sacks Israel Folau, Australia: club argues it was breach of ‘inclusiveness’ policy (see earlier) Folau to take case to Supreme Court [link 1] [link 2] Martin Iles claims it’s an attack on religious freedom [link 3]

19th: Election surprise with Liberal/National party win, Australia: the continuing Prime Minister, a strong Christian man, and public’s fear over loss of religious freedoms were contributing factors [link 1; link 2]

31st: Pastor’s son helps save people & loses his life, Virginia USA: Ryan Cox was among 12 people killed during a shooting at a Virginia Beach municipal building [link]


4th: Rugby’s Israel Folau criticised for homophobia after sharing Bible verses, Australia: Rugby star and Christian, Israel Folau, heavily criticised for ‘homophobia’ [link a; link b; link c; link d; link e] Rugby Union served breach notice – management claim it’s nothing to do with religion [link f; link g; link h] Mainstream media silent about Folau’s 2014 support for inclusive and gay

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SPAG Magazine is seeking the services of a part-time qualified/experienced book-keeper, cognisant of Australian tax requirements and associated paperwork. 
Hours: Just ½ to 1 hour/week and perhaps a little more at tax time.
Task: To keep track of our ‘books’ including the standard income, expenditure etc.
Presently this falls to our Editor Vicki Nunn, who has neither the experience/knowledge nor the time to undertake this important task.
Can you help?
Contact Vicki Nunn via email on or
Phone: 042 44 33 772

rugby [link i] Former UK rugby player and Christian, Billy Vunipola, stood up for Folau, threatened with job loss [link j; link k; link l]  Alan Jones, former Australian Wallabies claims decision has ‘completely corrupted’ free speech [link m; link n; link o]

3rd: Rupert Murdoch’s power, USA: New York Times’ evidence that Murdoch and sons, enormous influence on politics in several countries [link 1; link 2]

6th: Debit cards, Australia: one third of Australians would be ok with a bank card implant in skin [link]

7th: Shots fired in protestant church, Burkina Faso (Africa): asked to convert to Islam, those who refused, including Pastor and 5 others, were killed [link]

Text Box:  News Snippets ✟

9th: Benjamin Netanyahu re-elected as Prime Minister, Israel:  Netanyahu now the longest serving Prime Minister in Israel [link]

10th: Former member of parliament condemns Tasmanian lawmakers, Australia: Paul Harriss criticised laws that remove gender identifying information on birth certificates [link a; link b]

10th: Transgender males may compete in female sports teams, USA [link a; link b]

10th: Appeals rejected of two pro-life supporters, Australia: after encroaching restricted zones around abortion clinics, both arrested and appeals rejected by Australian High Court [link]

11th: Joni Eareckson Tada, USA: after painful radiation treatment for stage 3 breast cancer, and experiencing breathing difficulties, Joni eventually released from hospital [link a; link b]

12th: Gender diversity not welcome in schools, New Zealand: petition with over 40,000 signatures requests that Ministry of Education “…remove learning intentions for teaching gender diversity in the sexuality education guide” [link a; link b]

14th: Fulani militants kill 17, Nigeria: Christian baby dedication, 17 people killed, including children, and others injured in Nassarawa [link]

15th: Holocaust was exaggerated, USA: one third of people believe numbers of Jewish people killed were exaggerated; 66% of millennials, don’t understand significance of Auschwitz [link]

15th: Notre Dame cathedral burns, France: church caught fire and extensively damaged. 500 firefighters and others, helped save many artworks and treasures [link a; link b; link c] Building may be restored due to extensive 3D scans [link d]

16th: Comedian Barry Humphries name removed from comedy award, Australia: name dropped by Melbourne comedy festival award – his comments infuriated transgenders [link a]; Binary Australia’s Kirralie Smith’s commented [link b]

18th: Arson at St Patrick’s Cathedral, New York, USA: man arrested after entering the church with lighter fluid, cans of petrol and lighters [link]

18th: Attacks on churches, France: during 2018, 875 churches were targeted and around 1,100 anti-Christian attacks recorded [link]

19th: 11 killed & 40 missing, Nigeria: Good Friday, Christians returning from service in Benue were ambushed [link]

21st: Muslim defence officer kills 13 Christians in night parade, Nigeria: officer argued with the group, returned to his car, turned off the lights and rammed the group killing 13 boys and injuring 32 more [link]

21st: Churches, hotels and zoo bombed, Sri Lanka: attacks against Christians in Sri Lanka with explosions in 3 churches at Easter [link a; link b] Further explosions at hotels and a zoo [link c]

21st: Christian apologist faces ongoing bans on Facebook, USA: FB bullying man for sharing posts against their standards, including banning the man’s evidence that he was the target of hate-speech on FB [link]

25th:Biology course teaches foetuses are like cancer/ parasite, USA: University of California, San Diegoteaches that foetus is “legitimate parasite” [link]

25th: Second cyclone in six weeks devastates Mozambique and surrounding countries, Africa: cyclone Kenneth stranded thousands, devastates island nation of Comoros [link a; link b; link c]

27th: Gunman opens fire in Jewish synagogue, California, USA: shouting hate speech,assailant opened fire during service on last day of Passover [link a; link b, link c, link d] woman, Lori Kaye killed protecting rabbi [link e], 3 others injured.


4th: Trans competitors, USA: female athlete speaks out about how trans competitors impact female sports [link a; link b]

4th: reporting Christians encouraged, China: Chinese authorities promise rewards for those who report Christians [link]

15th: Cyclone Idai causes devastation in Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi, Africa [link a; link b; link c]

16th: Former ISIS leader becomes Christian: has dream from God, and “saw a love that didn’t exist in Islam” [link]

17th: Father Joël Yougbaré, missing, Burkina Faso, Africa: attacks against Christians increasing near area where Father Joël Yougbaré disappeared [link]

18th: 280 Christians killed in attacks, Nigeria: Since February, Fulani herdsmen have killed as many as 280 farmers, many are Christians [link a; link b] information on 2018 killings [link c]

19th: 85 year old pro-life Christian man assaulted outside abortion clinic, USA: same assailant may have attacked others [link a; link b; link c]

20th: one week, 12 churches vandalised, France: anti-Christianpeople/groups desecrated 12 churches and tried to set fire to the Saint-Sulpice church [link]

22nd: Johan van Hulst, saviour of 600 Jewish children, dies aged 107, Netherlands: during World War II, van Hulst, with the help of volunteers and students, rescued many Jewish children, who were going to be sent to concentration camps [link]

26th: Deny older people surgery, Netherlands: environmentalist legislator proposes doctors deny surgery to patients over 70 [link]

26th: Christian teacher wins $1-million Excellence in Teaching award, Kenya: mainstream media ignores any reference to his faith after winning the award [link]

29th: “Unplanned” pro-life movie released, USA: based on true story of former Planned Parenthood director who quits, joins pro-life movement [link a; link b; link c]

30th: Trump’s faith is real, USA: Pastor says the President’s faith in God and opposition to late-term abortion are genuine [link]


24th: Catholic church fears holding Christian views seen as hate crimes, Scotland: there needs to be “room for debate and a robust exchange of views” [link]

28th: Cardinal Pell, Australia: evidence that sent Australia’s Cardinal Pell to prison for sexual abuse was implausible [link a; link b] WorldOver interview about the flawed trial [link c]


11th: Shirley Boone dies, USA: Shirley Boone, philanthropist and wife of Pat Boone, the singer and actor, passed away [link]

22nd: Little Athletics embraces gender dysphoric children in any sex category, Australia: Little Athletics, Victoria, now allows gender dysphoric kids to participate in any category [link]


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*Welcome to SPAG Magazine

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