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Positions Vacant: Music Reviewer

Positions Vacant: Music Reviewer

Frog with headphonesSMSeeking Music Reviewers

Do you have an interest in Christian music? Do you regularly buy recent Christian music? 

How would you like to be a regular volunteer contributor to our music Christian page? 

You don’t need any qualifications but have a keen interest in Christian music and can write reasonably well. We are considering starting a new page in SPAG Magazine and would love to have you on board as part of our team!

Style-wise, it doesn’t always have to be middle-of-the-road Christian music, as we are happy to share a range of different styles, although middle-of-the-road should definitely be regularly included as well.

Unfortunately we can’t offer any remuneration at this time, but you’ll have the opportunity to show off your skills and share your passion with others through SPAG Magazine! Plus you’ll have your name and photo on our music page, both in the quarterly magazine as well as on your own webpage.

How can you find out more?

Please email us and tell us more about yourself. Do you have a reasonable camera? How are your writing skills – can you write reviews in your own words and thoughts?  If so, we’d love to hear from you. Our email address is: 


Contributing to SPAG Magazine

Contributing to SPAG Magazine

Contributing to SPAG MagazineSM

How would you like to contribute to SPAG Magazine and be recognised for your contribution?

There are several ways you can contribute:

Submit your contributions via email to SPAG Magazines Email Address2

We can’t guarantee that everything we receive will be included, but the more you can send on to us, the better our magazine will be. Of course, when your item is published, you can show it off to everyone you know!