Happiness Habits – Articles on Learning How to be Happy
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Just because you’re a Christian doesn’t mean that happiness comes automatically as part of the package.

Society tells us that happiness comes from being successful, famous, young, slim and/or attractive, but it’s an illusion. Those things don’t buy happiness. In fact, happiness is not a destination, ie you don’t reach a state of happiness and stay there forever. Rather, happiness is a choice. It comes from regularly practising good mental, emotional and physical habits which you maintain for a lifetime.

There are various happiness habits that mental health professionals suggest you undertake regularly. A different one will be provided with  each issue of SPAG.

Select from the list below for different articles on happiness habits:

  1. Keep a happiness journal;

  2. Forgiveness and friendship;

  3. Difficult decisions;

  4. Friendship;

  5. Understanding yourself;

  6. Putting off procrastination;

  7. Derailing Depression Parts 1-3;

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