How Do You Respond to Those Dumb Comments?

How Do You Respond to Those Dumb QuestionsSM

How do you respond to others when they make silly, annoying or repetitive comments about you being a single person?

What kinds of things do people say to you?

I had a couple of relatives who thought it was hilarious to regularly ask me, “So how’s your boyfriend?” I would often reply, “Which one?”

Or there was, “So when are you going to get married?” and I would occasionally reply, “I’m waiting for an archaeologist. After all, the older I get, the more interesting he’ll find me.” (Thanks for that suggestion Agatha Christie)

Or how about “I’m waiting for College to run the course ‘Christian Husband-hunting 101.'”

Or I might say: “I’m pretty amazing, so there’s no point in looking while I wait for God to send me Mr Amazing.”

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