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Ways You Can Support SPAG Magazine

Ways You Can Support SPAG Magazine

Ways to Support SPAG MagazineSM

There are five ways that you can support SPAG Magazine’s ministry:

1. You can promote your business in SPAG Magazine. Here’s a link to the page with more information;

2. You can tell others about SPAG Magazine and provide feedback about articles that you liked; or ones with which you disagreed; or if you felt challenged, encouraged and/or inspired by something that you read;

3. You can purchase keyrings or jewellery in our online shop which will help go towards the running costs;

4. You can pray for this ministry. In fact, this is one of the most important things you can do for us:

Specifically could you please pray for:

  • sufficient financial support to pay first for our ongoing costs and then for wages for our wonderful staff, and hopefully eventually enough income to entice even more great staff;

  • that more people will hear about the magazine;

  • that all Christian adults (single, married, divorced) will find SPAG Magazine a great source of knowledge, support, encouragement and comfort;

  • that other people will get on inspired to contribute in various ways such as submitting articles, photographs etc; and

  • that churches and Pastors will recognise the great worth of the singles in their midst and will also feel encouraged to support SPAG Magazine.

5. Your financial support would be greatly appreciated. In fact, we’d like to say thank you for your 73c!

Can just 73¢ a day really help?

Yes it can! If just ten people could contribute 73¢ a day for a year, all of our operating costs would be met.

While we’ve recently overhauled some expenses to reduce costs, there are still lots of bills we need to pay to ensure we keep SPAG Magazine available and to provide it to you for free. Presently all outstanding costs are met by our Editor, Vicki Nunn who has a limited income on a disability pension. Yep, it’s almost like she pays you to read it.

Our total operating costs per quarter are around AU$662. If ten people could contribute just 73¢ a day for a year, all of our operating costs would be met. Would you consider being one of those ten people? (Perhaps you could ask nine people from your church or singles group to make up the remainder.)

73¢/day x 10 people/year = all operating costs*


$26.48 x 100 people/year = all operating costs*


$264.80 x 10 people/year = all operating costs*

* (excludes wages)

Other costs:

There are also a couple of other costs as well including the Glasbergen cartoon and costs for promoting SPAG Magazine, which total around AU$100 per quarter. If ten people could contribute just 11¢ a day for a year, our remaining costs would be met.

11¢/day x 10 people/year = remaining costs*


$400 one off payment/year = remaining costs*

Your generous contribution can make a big difference! You can also help by purchasing items from our online store: www.spagmag. com/shop.

* (excludes wages)

Here are those 2 costs again:

73¢/day x 10 people/year = all operating costs*

11¢/day x 10 people/year = remaining costs*

Consider also that in the past year we’ve spent $2,000 for a new computer and monitor.

Would you make a commitment to help SPAG Magazine in its mission?

Our mission is to inspire, challenge and encourage Christian adults in their walk, and to honour and exalt God.


* (NB: Wages for staff have not been included.)

Thank you for considering how you can support SPAG Magazine.

Thank you neon light SM



SHOP – What’s For Sale?

You can help support us by purchasing from our online shop. All earlier issues of our online magazines and electronic book(s) are available to purchase by our wonderful supporters across the globe, but due to the difficulties and costs in setting up our shop to post physical items overseas, we have had to restrict the physical items to within Australia.

(If you absolutely HAVE to have one of our great items, please email us and perhaps Vicki may be able organise a way to send it to you.)

Our email address is: 

So, What’s Available?

Click on the links below:

Earlier issues of SPAG Magazine;
Gift Vouchers;

Jewellery; and

We need your support.

Why do we sell items through our online store? There are several costs to enable us to produce SPAG Magazine and to make it available for free, which include:

  • internet access;
  • computer backup costs;
  • post office mail box fee;
  • website costs;
  • domain name charges;
  • computer costs;
  • and more

Consider too that our staff are not paid for their valuable contributions, particularly our Editor, Vicki Nunn, who puts in hundreds of hours to provide SPAG Magazine, and on top of that she actually PAYS all outstanding costs herself, to keep it running. Unfortunately her income is limited to a small disability pension.

During the 2017/2018 financial year, Vicki was able to reduce some of those costs, and while we received some welcome donations and purchases (thank you so much), the outstanding costs were just over $1,600. That works out to around $4.40 a day.  If just ten people could contribute 44¢ a day, our operating costs would be met – that’s less than one small cappuccino a week!

Would you consider being one of those ten people? Perhaps you could ask nine people from your church or singles group to make up the remainder. Maybe you could put in a good word for us if you know a great Christian organisation that might be able to help.

Consider also that while we purchased a new computer and monitor back in 2016 (the $2,000 came out of Vicki’s now empty savings account), we’ve had to repair the computer mid 2019 and the costs came out of Vicki’s own account. So in the future when we need to replace the computer and monitor, Vicki has no financial means to purchase a new one. (The previous computer cost around $1,700, and the monitor was around $300.)

 Can you help? Email us for our bank details: