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*Welcome to SPAG Magazine

*Welcome to SPAG Magazine


Thanks for dropping by!


Beginning in June 2015, SPAG Magazine provided a quarterly, international, inter-denominational magazine for all Christian adults, with a focus on singles. Our purpose was threefold:
* to honour and exalt God;
* to encourage, challenge and inspire all Christian believers, with articles suitable for all Christian adults; and
* to provide Christian singles, Church leaders, married couples and Christian counsellors with insight into the problems and needs of singles who can sometimes feel overlooked or even unwanted in their own church or Christian community.
We believe that the Bible is God’s inerrant Word. (Link to our Statement of Faith)
Due to the heavy workload placed upon our Editor Vicki Nunn, who also sourced articles, created images, put the magazine together and published it, and as a result of a serious illness in July 2021, by November after seeking God’s guidance, Vicki decided she couldn’t continue in her role as a consequence of her very slow recovery. Despite efforts to find others to take on her role with the magazine, so far this has been unsuccessful.  So it was decided that the December 2021/February 2022 issue of SPAG Magazine, would be the final one published.
As time and ability permits, Vicki will be working at providing all of the earlier issues of SPAG Magazine as a free resource for you, both through this website and through the Calameo website where the ‘flippable’ version is shared. 

You can read most of the earlier issues of SPAG Magazine in the ‘flippable’ version online on the following link which is a 3rd party website, so note there may be some advertising…
ISSUE NO. 27 – the final issue of SPAG Magazine is now available:
There are lots of fantastic articles in the final issue including:
• What a girl wants: attraction;
• Before I was a racist, I was a sinner;
• The Great Reset and the rise of the radical technocrats;
• The Springboard: truly receiving Christ;
• Creation Ministries: insects inspire a better sticky tape;
• Rule of Life: the silence that speaks; and
• 7 Things you should know about Dorothea Dix
Plus there’s more!
Select this link to download this issue as a pdf file:  Link to SPAG Magazine Issue 27
Or read it only in ‘flippable’ format here. Note this is on a third party website, so there may be some advertising:

The Sept/Nov issue is still available:

Here’s another great issue of SPAG Magazine, with lots of terrific articles including:
• Feature: Time alone with God;
• There’s more to your pain than meets the eye;
• Creation Ministries International: The first book of public hygiene;
• Is Jesus enough to get you through the lonely moments?
• Why shouldn’t Christians date non-Christians?
• Christian foundations count; 
• Virginity is not God’s Goal; 
and lots more!
Here are the links:
  • link to pdf downloadable format: link
  • link to online ‘flippable’ version below:



AND FOR YOU: a FREE devotional booklet for one month:
We hope this booklet will bring you into a closer relationship with God through praise, prayer and worship.
Here’s the link to the downloadable pdf (link here)
OR view the online ‘flippable version:
Praise To God Devotional Booklet No. 1

(Note: there may be some advertising on this third party website.)

If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Warm regards

Vicki Nunn
SPAG Magazine

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