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Medical Researcher Keyring: 5 items


Medical Researcher Keyring: 5 items

Cost includes GST and postage and handling in Australia.
This product is only available for sale in Australia.
SEE below for more details

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Product description

Medical Researcher Keyring: 5 items

Keyring - Medical 01   

Cost: $28.99 (includes packaging and postage within Australia & GST)
Medical Researcher Keyring – for medical researchers/personnel/doctors/nurses etc: 5 charms
Charms include DNA strand, microscope, nervous system, atom etc (Some styles/colours may vary, but will be similar. Please note that the colours shown here are an approximation only, and the colours showing on your monitor and/or the photo may not accurately reflect the true colour, or may be another colour.)
Hang around the handle of a handbag, school-bag or backpack, maybe display it at your desk or workplace – just use your imagination.
Keyring information (see details in sample image above). The larger keyring is wound wire which makes it quite strong. You can choose to either add your keys directly to the main (larger) ring, or add them to the smaller keyring and placed the the smaller ring onto the main ring.
Note: the charms are not sterling silver and may be broken if handled roughly or knocked around. They are not rust-proofed. The metals will likely tarnish and wear in time, or even some rust-spots may appear.
Cost includes GST and postage and handling in Australia.
This product is only available for sale in Australia.
This is NOT a TOY: to avoid danger of suffocation, keep away from babies and children. This items may break off or the item may come apart. Do not allow an infant or child to play with the item or place it in their mouth – objects or pieces may be swallowed and pose a choking hazard or may contain harmful metals if ingested. Do not place in or near cots, beds, prams or playpens, or leave anywhere that an infant or child may access it.
May contain lead.
Do not use as an item of jewellery as we do not guarantee that the metals used are safe to be worn on the skin.
Do not pull or tug at keyring, charms or links etc as it may break or cause it to weaken.
Do not hang from rear-view mirror in your vehicle as it may obstruct your vision.
Do not place on a hot or refrigerated/cold surface as it may affect the metal or other materials.
Do not immerse in liquids.
Do not use for any other purpose than that indicated.

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Weight 0.1 g
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 3 cm

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