Various Short-Stories from My Life


by Vicki Nunn

Following are various stories from my own life, or fascinating stories and facts which I have discovered, and while some personal stories may include some slight exaggerations, nevertheless, they’re all true, and include the time when I was a foster-carer, beginning back around 2008.

A-Musings began with the very first issue of SPAG Magazine in 2015, and as at 2019, there are sufficient true stories for A-Musings to continue for several more years. As each story is shared in future issues, I will continue to add them for your enjoyment.

These are in order of publication date rather than alphabetical order. Following are links to each article:

  1. Black Hole;

  2. Weird Movie Titles;

  3. Bad Habits;

  4. Monsters for Sale;

  5. Whimsies about the World;

  6. Troubling Toilets;

  7. Christmas is Weird!

  8. Verily, Scarily!

  9. The Dance of Life;

  10. Men are from Mars;

  11. The Advantages of Going Through Menopause;

  12. Kooky Cars;

  13. A Concentration of Curiosities;

  14. Close Encounters of the Cockroach Kind

  15. Birthday Blunders