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The June-August 2019 issue of SPAG Magazine is now available:

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Vicki Nunn

Are you a Christian? Do you love God?

Do you want to be encouraged, challenged and inspired in your Christian walk? Then you’ve come to the right place.

SPAG Magazine is a FREE quarterly, online magazine for Christian adults. While we have a focus on singles, our articles are suitable for all Christian adults. We are an international, inter-denominational publication, and we aim to honour and exalt God. We believe that the Bible is God’s inerrant Word. (Link to our Statement of Faith)

The June-August 2019 issue of SPAG Magazine is now available, with a good variety of topics including ones on current social issues.

Articles include:
– False doctrine is always a challenge;
– Liberals are destroying society … and anyone that disagrees with them;
– ‘I Wonder as I Wander:’ Define beautiful;
– ‘Diduno:’ Alfred Deaken;
– and an incredible Bible cross reference: a stunning image that demonstrates the complexity and beauty of the Bible;
AND heaps more!

We’re also holding a competition for our fourth birthday, which will run until the end of October, with lots of giveaways and a mystery prize …. Starting from 21 June, we’ll begin adding some new products to our online store, and every key-ring purchased until the end of October will automatically receive a free item to go with it.

We’ll also be adding in a small range of great bookmarks, so keep an eye out for those as we add more items to our range. You can still buy the lovely jewellery and keyrings we have remaining in stock, and still go into the draw for a mystery prize valued at $50**

Note that due to difficulties with overseas taxes and paperwork and other issues, we are unable to offer this competition outside of Australia.

Our birthday competition ends 31 October 2019. All costs shown include both postage and GST. Why buy or donate? It’s an easy way you can help support this growing ministry.

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The previous issue is still available until the end of July, after which it can be purchased from our online store. 

Articles included:
– Christianity in China Today – various articles
– How to Make Sure You Mess Up Your First Date;
– It’s Time for Revolution;
– Real Life Drama: They feared what might await them;
– 7 Pieces of Financial Advice that Forever Changed My Life;
– Is This the Greatest Easter Painting of all Time?
– The Agony of Waiting;
– What is Your Worth?
– How Transgender Ideology has Infiltrated My Field and Produced Large-Scale Child Abuse;
– G.O.D. Global Outreach Day – held in May each year;
– Is This the Greatest Easter Painting of all time?
– and much more

You can read and download the pdf copy on this link.

You can read it online in ‘flippable’ format here:

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Vicki Nunn



Calling all singles!

How Do You Respond to Those Dumb Comments?

How do you respond when other people make silly, annoying, rude or repetitive comments to you about being a single person? What kinds of things do they say? We had an article in the March/May 2018 issue of SPAG Magazine, sharing things that people have said to other Christian singles about their state of ‘unwedded bliss.’

If you’d like to share some of the comments said to you, please fill out the form on this page, or email us:


AND FOR YOU: a FREE devotional booklet for one month:

We hope this book will bring you into a closer relationship with God through praise, prayer and worship.

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Praise To God Devotional Booklet No. 1

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You can help us by submitting the following for our consideration:

  • your own article;

  • your scenery photograph for our back page;

  • your comments in response to an article or other item; and/or

  • your suggestion for a topic for us to consider.

One of the items available in our store is the gorgeous “Reflections” e-book which contains over 120 pages of beautiful photos and includes inspiring quotes and Bible verses to lift your spirits as well as to challenge you in your walk. Here’s the link to buy this lovely e-book through our shop. (At present it’s only available in flippable format to view on a third party website.)

Your purchase will help to support this ministry. Thank you for your kind consideration.

Join our Prayer Network Team

One of the most important things you can do for SPAG Magazine is pray for us. We need prayer to not only increase our readership, but to enable God to reach out to Christians and Christian leaders across the world, with articles which will encourage, inspire and challenge them.

We also need your prayers for enough finances to keep SPAG Magazine going.

If you’re interested in joining our prayer network, you can become a member on Facebook on this link.

Can 44¢ a day really help SPAG Magazine?

While we’ve recently overhauled some expenses to reduce costs, there are still lots of costs we need to cover to ensure we keep SPAG Magazine available and to provide it to you for free.

This is one of the reasons we sell items through our online store.

During the 2017/2018 financial year, we received some welcome donations and purchases (thank you so much), but still, the outstanding costs were just over *$1,600. That works out to around $4.40 a day.  If just ten people had contributed 44¢ a day for the year, our operating costs would have been met – that’s less than one small cappuccino a week!

Would you consider being one of those ten people for our current financial year (2018/2019)? Perhaps you could ask nine people from your church or singles group to make up the remainder. Maybe you could put in a good word for us if you know a great Christian organisation that might be able to help.

Consider also that while we purchased a new computer and monitor back in 2016 (the $2,000 came out of Vicki’s now empty savings account), we have to consider that some time in the next few years, we will likely have to replace our computer again, and with no extra money in her savings account, Vicki has no financial means to purchase a new computer. (The previous computer cost around $1,700, and the monitor was around $300.)

With the assistance of group of ten supporters such as you, putting aside 28¢ a day for the next two years (or 14¢ a day by twenty supporters), we’d have enough money to purchase a new computer tower and monitor as our current computer reaches the end of its life.

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Our mission is to inspire, challenge and encourage Christian adults in their walk, and to honour and exalt God.

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