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~ March – May 2019 ~

Here’s another great issue with lots of terrific articles including:
– Christianity in China Today – various articles
– How to Make Sure You Mess Up Your First Date;
– It’s Time for Revolution;
– Real Life Drama: They feared what might await them;
– 7 Pieces of Financial Advice that Forever Changed My Life;
– Is This the Greatest Easter Painting of all Time?
– The Agony of Waiting;
– What is Your Worth?
– How Transgender Ideology has Infiltrated My Field and Produced Large-Scale Child Abuse;
– G.O.D. Global Outreach Day – held in May each year;
– Is This the Greatest Easter Painting of all time?
– and much more

Our latest issue (March – May 2019) is available and has around 70 pages! SPAG is a free Christian publication, so why don’t you share it with your church, Christian friends and family? (Please note that this issue was updated 12pm on 25 March – so if you have the earlier version, please obtain a copy of the updated version below.)

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The previous issue (Dec 2018/Feb 2019) is still available until the end of April 2019, after which you can purchase it online through our shop, and such purchases will help to support this ministry.

It’s available to download in pdf form (link here) or to read online in ‘flippable’ version but isn’t downloadable:

Some of our articles in that issue included:

– How to Deal with Toxic Family Members Biblically;
– Anti-Semitism, ‘Perverted and Absurd’;
– Bridges for Peace: Blessing Brings Blessing;
– The Day I Saved Christmas;
– Domestic Violence and the Church: Part 3 (Final);
– Does Androgyny Presage Disaster? Or When Harry Thinks He’s Sally, is the End Nigh?
– How Can a Good God Allow us to Suffer?
– Compromised Churches Denying the Uniqueness of Christ;
– Should You Pray for a Spouse?
– The Message of a Martyr: The Legacy of Rev Haik Hovsepian:
– Quirky Valentine’s Day Ads
and more!

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Vicki Nunn

12 February 2019

Lori Yanez, one of SPAG Magazine’s writers who was based in USA, passed away last night – her pastor advised me earlier today. She was a widow with an adult son.

Lori had various health issues which meant she had to use a wheelchair to get around. She shared with us some terrific articles over the last couple of years, and will certainly be missed, though I’m sure she’s enjoying whooping it up in heaven right now.

You might like to pray for her son who went through some big struggles a few years back, but has gotten his life back on track, and also pray for her friends, family and her church family.

The September to November 2018 issue is now available to purchase from our online store, as are all of our earlier issues. Link here. 

Why buy it or any of our earlier issues? This is a way that you can support this ministry, plus of course, you get to read lots of terrific articles on a range of topics. If you want to be challenged, if you want to be inspired, if you want to grow in your Christian walk, then you’re in the right place.

Articles in issue 14 included:

  • Don’t get married;

  • Inspirational people: Dr Louis Appia;

  • Short story: The Toy Maker;

  • Open Doors: Five of the most powerful images from 2017;

  • Four things God says to singles;

  • What if the worst happens?

  • We’ve got to hurry;

  • What if was your church?

Along with many of our regular articles, trivia, puzzle page, Kristie’s Kitchen and heaps more


Calling all singles!

How Do You Respond to Those Dumb Comments?

How do you respond when other people make silly, annoying, rude or repetitive comments to you about being a single person? What kinds of things do they say? We had an article in the March/May 2018 issue of SPAG Magazine, sharing things that people have said to other Christian singles about their state of ‘unwedded bliss.’

If you’d like to share some of the comments said to you, please fill out the form on this page, or email us:

Becci and Robbo from the Rise and Show program on Vision FM interviewed me on 24 March about my near death experience, which I shared in an earlier issue of SPAG Magazine. Here’s a link to a copy of that interview:

Bridget Brenton from Christian Today wrote a fantastic review about an earlier issue of SPAG Magazine. You can find the review here.

AND FOR YOU: a FREE devotional booklet for one month:

We hope this book will bring you into a closer relationship with God through praise, prayer and worship.

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Praise To God Devotional Booklet No. 1

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One of the items available in our store is the gorgeous “Reflections” e-book which contains over 120 pages of beautiful photos and includes inspiring quotes and Bible verses to lift your spirits as well as to challenge you in your walk. Here’s the link to buy this lovely e-book through our shop. (At present it’s only available in flippable format to view on a third party website.)

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